2020-05-30 - Reconnect


Thor and Mera reconnect, in more ways than one.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat May 30 07:44:37 2020
Location: RP Room 3

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A small ways from New York City…well, actually, a long ways from New York City, is an island in the middle of the ocean. Having thundered down there a long time ago, Thor had been dressed in some of the more relaxed wear of Asgardian fashion, having planted Mjolnir in the stone some ways away from him, he walks bare foot on the sand, perhaps looking off into the horizon for Mera.

….whom he had developed a romantic attraction to.

All the same, a few days prior to this, he had sent her an invitation to join him in such a place, for he had even prepared a kind of picnic like setting for them, with all the royal care it could provide. Alas, he still waits.

A romantic attraction? Well…Thor is only human. Umm…the saying applies to Gods too. The invitation had somehow made it through the Asgardian bureaucracy, and paranoia, to reach Mera. Some were insistent it was a trap. Some were insistent that this would a good diplomatic opportunity. Regardless, no one tells Mera what she should, or shouldn't, do.

It is a noble woman's prerogative to be late. In fact, to not be late would be a scandal in itself. It is fifteen minutes after the invited time before Mera is emerging from the ocean. She is in her green Atlantean bodysuit cum armour, a trident in one hand in case this is a trap, but it seems it is only Thor that awaits. She offers him a warm, if slight, smile before a curious look at the preparations.

"You wished to see me, Asgardian?"

Technically…Thor is a lot of things. Human? Perhaps. But in the end, arn't we all? We still make mistakes and we still act on our impulses either way. When he sees her emerge from the water, green bodysuit or no, Thor looks very happy to see her. The trident does offer some minor concern to be thrown her way, but Thor makes no mention of it.

"I did wish to see you, Atlantean. Thank you for accepting my invitation." He seems to go quiet for a long moment.

"You still look as lovely as the moon when it replaces the sun over the horizon." in truth, she was more like as lovely as a dream of Heven, though Thor didn't want to sound weird.

"I have set up a picnic down that way, if you would like to join me. The island is practically abandoned. I do not believe you'll need your trident, Lady Mera."

"There are those in Atlantis who would call me a fool for coming here" Mera smirks. "They are idiots." The flattery has her looking a little surprised. "Thank you?" She isn't sure how to react. The moon are pretty, certainly, but Atlanteans don't spend a lot of time looking at what is in the sky.

Mera looks to her trident and snorts with humour. "I would not use this in battle. I have other talents." She slams it, points first, into the sand before setting off in the direction offered. "A picnic?" she asks, walking slowly to allow Thor to join her. "I take it this is not an 'official' assignation" she deadpans, quirking a sly eyebrow towards him.

"And why would that be? I know for certain there are some in Asgard who question my decision to come here to meet with you at all. I too agree that they are idiots." Thor smiles softly. "You're welcome." Even though it was a thank you given in the form of a question, Thor approaches Mera to close the distance between them.

…which may or may not be okay.

But, he smiles when she plants the trident down. "I would certainly hope so. Much like I don't need Mjolnir to still be a warrior." he gestures to the hammer that was lain on a rock some distance away. "A picnic indeed." he walks with her, though when she asks if its an official assignation, he smirks. "I'm uncertain I would consider asking a beautiful woman to eat with me to be a casual assignation, unless you would prefer it to be." He makes no shameful look about giving her a full once-over.

"So then I would ask you this: which do you prefer?"

"Atlanteans have many reasons not to trust the surface world. But you are not from that world, are you. You are from another world. Do you treat the oceans of Asgard better than the humans treat the oceans of Midgard?" Mera asks lightly, not minding his closeness for now. They were even closer in a closet in the past.

Mera eyes off the mystical hammer, pursing her lips a little. "I wonder if I could life it" she muses amiably before shaking her head. "No, I would rather believe I am worthy than take the chance it does not think I am." Another curious look for the handsome Asgardian. "I meant official as opposed to personal, rather than an official or casual personal meeting. What do they call it? A…'date'? Is that official or casual? Since neither of our families or nations determined this meeting, then it could not be considered 'official', could it?" Those are the kinds of 'dates' that Mera is used to at least.

Ah, that closest had been used quite a few times in Thor and Mera's care where he had a personal conversation explaining the nature of his hammer.

But as they walk together, he does smirk just a little bit as she speaks. "If you would like to stay confident, I wouldn't risk it." he chuckles then as she explains more fully her word choice.

"Ahhh I see. No, then this is not an official meeting between our nations nor a courtship. Though I did offer to Odin that I could see about uniting our Kingdoms." He winks at her, wondering if she would take him seriously and perhaps how she would even feel about that.

"Alas, this is a date between ourselves. Unless you would rather burn thy energy rather than fill thy stomach." he teases her playfully.

"Unite our kingdoms?" That has Mera actually laughing, in a fond way. "You are aware that I am a mere noble? A mutant noble that is barely trusted at that. It would not be me that could unite our nations. I could ask my King if he is interested…" she teases before the innuendo of energy and stomach makes her smirk. "I cannot do both?"

Reaching the picnic spot, Mera looks over what has been laid out. An impressive spread, fit for a God. "Alas? Is a date between us only so regrettable?"

Thor chuckles softly. "Alas, even still, the union of an Atlantean and an Asgardian would not be something to scoff at. And I could think of none better than you, Mera." He smiles at her, lifting a finger to give the softest of caresses to her back if she allows him to do such. "But of course, we very much so can."

As he reaches the picnic spot, he takes a seat, gesturing for Mera to do the same.

"I could think of nothing better to do than court you. I mean that, all jests aside." he looks her in the eyes. "But…perhaps a discussion for later. Please, eat. You must be hungry."

"How many Atlantean females have you met, Prince Thor? How do you know there is no one better?" Mera asks, before adding. "There isn't anyone better, but how did you know?" The caress is accepted with a demure smile before she moves to sit at her place.

"My king was courting me for a while before he moved on" Mera explains, "What if I bore you too? I will start to get an unwanted repurtation." She is happy to lock eyes with her host. "If you wish to court me, that would be acceptable." Mera starts picking at some of the food, particularly the seafood selections, before casually adding, "Or we could have sex."

Thor seems to nod softly to her. "Because there is only one Mera in all the world." Thor says with a smile as she seems to accept his caress and loving touch. When she sits though and reveals her own King had abandoned her, Thor lifts a hand to move a stray lock of hair from her eyes. "Then he is a fool to leave you behind, if I may dare say so, my lady."

Thor does scoot over to her though, so that their sides were touching.

Her offer does make him smile. "I don't see why we can't do both." he grins.

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