2020-05-29 - A Marvelous date


Luke and Carol head out on their date

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri May 29 17:56:19 2020
Location: Angelo's Italian Resturant

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It's Friday night, and per a certain wager, it's time for a dinner date. Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, could have flown to Luke's directly, but that seemed a bit showy. Plus, she spent the afternoon working on her hair and flying can always muss that up.

So, instead she broke the Mustang convertible out of storage, driving that along the streets and parking it in front of Luke's. The red and blue/gold paint job were pretty distinct, and the license plate of 'CMARVEL' was a dead giveaway on top of that. Stepping out of the car, she wears a crimson dress that seems to shimmer, taking advantage of the occasional light motes that she emits as her blonde hair is styled just so. She definintely has the look of a Hollywood starlet right now more than an Avengers as she steps into Luke's, looking around with a grin…

And giving the bouncer a fistbump, since he was the one that saw the arm wrestling first hand.

For his part, Luke has been ready himself for a while, but old habits die hard and the Owner/Bartender is behind the bar in a dark blue suit, the lines perfectly tailored to his unique form. He is in the process of pouring a shot for one of the regulars as Carol walks in. He looks up and stares long enough for the shot glass to overflow.

"Damn!" he exclaims as he shakes the excess liquid off of his hand, sliding the shot glass up onto the bar before wiping his hands on a bar towel.

"Carol, you look marvelous…no pun intended."

Carol laughs at that, "None taken, then. Looking pretty sharp yourself, Luke." She smiles and saunters over to the bar, tilting her head, "Whenever you're ready. Figured it's close enough we can just walk." Since, well, she does like driving the convertible… but come on, it's New York City.

Who even DRIVES around here unless they have to?

Offering his arm to the stunning blonde, Luke smiles. "Yeah, I tend to clean up pretty nice, I just don't have the need very often." Luke chuckles as he heads towards the door. He gives the bouncer and rest of the staff a quick wave of his hands, "Don't burn the place down."

As they start walking, he grins to Carol and starts to walk in the direction of the restaurant, "I don't even own a car. I live just upstairs, no commute to speak of and anywhere else I need to go, I got legs. So do you, nice looking ones at that."

Carol grins, "Well, when I was flying, I had my baby… I mean, I was a fighter pilot, of course I had my car." She takes the offered arm, and chuckles a bit at the compliment, "Why thanks. Nice to know they still attract some attention." She winks over at Luke, hmming a bit as she doesn't mind walking alongside him.

"And well, I have my own place, but when you can fly… more often than not I just zip around that way. Easier than breaking out the car, and better for the environment too." She grins, "But there is just something about getting out and driving the car around. It's nice."

Luke Cage says, "I've never flown. Not in that way, anyway. The closest I have come to flight without the use of a tube with wings is being knocked back in the air for a good distance. The landing wasn't all that great," smirks Luke. "I'm not sure the dust and debris cloud I generated was all that great for the environment either, but at least my face ended up saving a building from collapsing so I have that going for me."

Luke glances down at his companion, and slows his long steps to make sure she doesn't have to rush or anything to keep up with him, "I don't think I have driven a car in, well longer than I can really remember. Haven't had a need." And spending a few years in prison doesn't exactly give the opportunity for cruising. "But I seem to recall the feeling was nice. I would assume flying would be equally nice.""

Carol chuckles, "Well, maybe I can take you flying sometime. Though I wasn't thinking of picking you up. I have an arrangement with a local airstrip. I have a Cessna parked there that they let me use, and it's nice to get up and just fly." She pauses, "Probably sounds a bit weird, that I still do that when I can do it myself a lot easier, but it's not quite the same thing that way." She grins. "Plus, this way I don't have to worry about carrying you." She chuckles, not seeming to have any problem matching Luke's stride, but she does lean in slightly, enjoying the loitering pace of the walk.

"Lady, I have no doubts you could pick me up and carry me easily enough," the large man says with a chuckle. "But if you want to bring me up in a plane sometime, I'm game. Never been in a Cessna? Are those things big enough for a guy like me? Anytime I've seen them they look pretty cramped in."

They walk a bit farther, Luke keeping his head on a swivel. This still does happen to be Harlem, so it's always good to keep an eye open. "But I will admit, if I could fly I'm not sure I would bother with the plane. I get that it is different, but hey, if it makes you happy why question it ya know? Ain't my business. So, Air Force? What lead to that decision?"

Carol smiles wryly, "My dad was a jackass." She chuckles, "Okay, that probably sounds unfair, but he just told me my whole life that I just needed to be a good wife for somebody and I didn't need school or have ambition or…" She wrinkles her nose, and looks over at Luke with a wry expression, "I bet you can guess how well that went over. So when I turned 18, I filed my application for the Air Force Academy and went right out to Colorado pretty much after graduating high school."

She looks a little wistful at that, since… well, sure, her dad was an idiot. But still, that IS her father. Idiot or not.

Luke Cage ahs and nods. "One of those 'I'm gonna prove him wrong' kind of situations. I can't say I am unfamiliar with that train of thought myself." the bouncer says as the continue to stroll leisurely down the street. "So, did he ever apologize? Tell you he was wrong? Anything like that?"

Carol nods, "Yeah, he did… took a while, though. But we eventually made a bit of peace about it. Of course, the fact that I could benchpress semi-trucks might have had something to do with it." She snickers a little, "Sometimes I still can't quite believe it myself, honestly. It's definitely been an interesting trip so far."

Luke Cage says, "It sounds it," admits Luke with a nod. "But if I had a little girl and she could go toe to toe with someone like Thanos, I'd damn well give her the respect she deserves. I'd be one proud papa to be sure. For what it is worth I'm sorry it took you getting superpowers for your dad to come 'round to that way of thinking. But sometimes family sucks." The large man shrugs one of his shoulders, "My family wasn't exactly the Cleavers either, so I get it.""

Carol snickers, "I don't think anyone's was, but yeah… would've been nice." She glances over at Luke, "And then the whole registration stuff happened, and I… well, thought it was time to see what the rest of the universe had to offer. So I spent a decade out there, getting into all sorts of trouble." She smiles wryly, "Was pretty fun, but man, I missed Earth a lot."

Luke Cage snorts, "That must have been nice. Just being able to pop off like that. Wish I could have done something like that a time or two myself." The bartender shakes his head, "I just had to deal with things as they came, ya know? I just happened to make it out the other side 'new and improved', but I was a lucky one. Others weren't so lucky." He shrugs his massive shoulder and puts on a smile, "So, what did you find out there? For someone who hasn't really made it across the country I must be boring as shit to someone that has been across the god damn galaxy."

Carol laughs, "Actually, you'd be surrpised how little it changes, once you translate things. People tend to be people, more often than not. But there's so much that's out there… I mean, space is magnificent and glorious and just so big…"

She pauses, then grins at Luke, "Still though, wouldn't trade it for Earth and being able to see the Red Sox thoroughly crush the Yankees." Her Bahston accent isn't too pronounced. But it's definitely there.

Luke Cage gasps. "Hush your mouth! Those are fighting words around these parts," Luke says with mock offense on his face. "People might expect me to have it out with you, and we already know how that would end. I'd rather you not embarrass me in public. I have a reputation to uphold." The bar owner smirks, "Ok, no, I really don't have a reputation, and I am man enough to take a beating by a girl. 'Scuse me, a /woman/. But dissing the Yanks? Really? Low, Carol. Low."

Luke grins as they round the corner of the street, "You know I went to the bank the other day to get a loan to try and reinforce the structure of the bar? I figured if I was going to start catering to the known powered crowd like you and your buddies, I should beef up the superstructure and get some more insurance. Turns out I walked smack dab into a bank robbery being pulled off by minotaurs of all things. Ended up with me bracing up the bank with my face…not my proudest moment, but it beat being buck ass naked after assisting with a fire and having my clothes burn off. Havin' spider-girl web you some britches is…well, it was an experience. Where do you get your indestructible clothes from? I could use that number. I go through so many shirts and jeans."

Carol grins, "Hey, I grew up in Boston. I'm not turning on my Red Sox just because I'm an Avenger." She chuckles, and looks at Luke with a wry expression, "Don't worry, I won't beat on you too much." A wink at that, as she chuckles, "Yeah, I think some of my earlier costume choices were based on the fact that my skin was a lot tougher than most fabrics. I'll get you the number of my supplier, they'll be able to hook you up with something good I think." She nods a bit ruefully at the going through clothes thing, as she definitely relates to THAT.

Luke Cage says, "I don't care if it is just some underoos. Just something to keep the modesty ya know?" chuckles Luke as they make it to the restaurant finally, Luke stepping ahead and opening the door for Carol. "So does being an Avenger pay well? I can't imagine you all have day jobs…""

Carol chuckles, "Well, it pays… it's definitely pretty good, since technically it's Stark's payroll. Plus I've got a few side hustles going on from my time in the Air Force and everything else. Nothing major, but it gives me the chance to do some test flying now and again." She grins, "Apparently there's a popular need for a pilot that can bail herself out of things, who knew." With that, she steps through the door that Luke holds for her, placing her hand lightly over his as she does so.

Luke Cage nods, the corners of his lips curling upwards at the touch. "Stark's payroll huh? That man has more money than I'd would ever know what to do with." the urban hero exclaims with a laugh. "Certainly pays better than being a bar owner I'll wager. But I like the bar business, it has its perks. I get to meet interesting people, and I am not often shot at or hit."

Luke follows behind and speaks to the front of house staff about a reservation, trying to downplay who his date is as best he can so they don't get special treatment, but little light emotes don't always help. Soon they are seated at a table by the front window, menus placed before them with Luke taking the initiative to order a bottle of sparking cider. Picking up a breadstick, he starts to look through the menu, "So you picked the place, what do you recommend?"

Carol grins, "The lasagna, definitely. I know it sounds a bit mundane, but it is exquisite. Plus, they pack it with extra protein, which is nice since… well, metabolism tends to burn pretty fast, at least for me." She shrugs, "Not sure if you're similar, since well… one thing I noticed is that powers tend to make you use more fuel, if you aren't careful. Or if you have to fight Skrull battlecruisers on alternative Thursdays."

"Honestly, I never really though about it. I just know I eat and I don't pack on the pounds, so maybe that explains things." Luke says with a shrug. He sets the menu down in preparation to order the lasagna, "Lasagna it is. So, tell me a little bit more about Carol Danvers. Does she have hobbies outside of flying? Does she have any pets? What does she like to do on her 'off time', when she can just be herself and not have the eyes of the world on her…which by the way I am astounded at how well you handle it. Fame is never something I seek, but for you it just come with the job and you handle it with grace."

Carol smiles, "Thanks, Luke… well, hobbies? Let's see, really bad karaoke singing, I like to travel, occasionally read when I can, and I have a cat. Chewie." She grins, "Total cat person, I love my little fuzzball, even though they can be a real pain in the ass sometimes." She chuckles, "They tolerate the superhero life pretty well, though, all things considered."

As Carol rattles off her hobbies, Luke nods and looks like he is making mental notes of it. "Karaoke huh? I've held a karaoke night once or twice. I should probably make that a weekly or monthly thing. I've had some pretty talented singers end up on that little stage. I suppose cats would be good for that kind of life. Much more independent than a dog would be. The only thing you have to do is feed them, and clean the litter box…and depending on the cat feeding may be optional depending on their hunting instincts. Chewie huh? As in a big furry Wookiee?"

The waiter comes over to the table and asks for dinner options, "I'll have the lasagna, and not to presume speak for the lady but I believe that is her intention as well?" he says as he looks over to Carol for confirmation.

Carol grins, "Nah, they think they are, but they're just a little fuzzball." She nods over at the waiter, "Yes, lasagna for me as well. That'd be perfect, thanks." She glances back at Luke, "Well, unless you want everyone to run screaming you don't want me singing for that." She snickers.

As the waiter heads off to put the order in Luke grins back at Carol. "Oh you can't be that bad," chuckles Luke, "Trust me, I've heard some screeches that can shatter glass, and not in that classy operatic way neither. Most people don't care what the people sound like, just as long as they are having a good time. Besides, we are always our own worse critic. You're probably not as bad as you think you are."

Carol chuckles, "Flatterer, but I apparently sing and dance like Commander Shepard, whoever that is." Carol, not a big Mass Effect fan. And why should she be? She lives that life already. Give her Animal Crossing or something instead.

She chuckles, "So, what about you? Mind telling me a bit about you, Luke Cage?" One brow arches curiously, as she tilts her head, holding that glass of sparkling cider in her hand.

"Compared to your life in the Air Force, traipsing around in space, and being an Avenger my life is downright boring." says Luke with a chuckle. "I was born and raised here in Harlem. Wasn't the best of kids. Truth be told I was a bit of a hooligan, spent some time in Juvie…you know the drill. Eventually I got smart and decided that I was going to turn my life around, ended up an LEO."

It's at this point Luke kinda shifts his eyes about a bit, moving to take a sup of water from his glass. "I, uh, had something happen around that time of my life I really can't talk much about. Not yet. I'll go as far as to say I wasn't born like this. Things happened and I ended up like this. Obviously, not doing the LEO thing anymore and I keep a low profile for a reason." He sighs, "I know that makes me sound as shady as fu…" He stops himself, and sighs, "I'm sorry. But I have reasons I can't talk about all of that."

Carol nods, "Hey, no worries Luke. There's a lot I can't talk about either." She grins, "Remind me to tell you about my time at the CIA and SHIELD… just so I can tell you that I can't tell you about that." A wink at that, and she reaches across, placing her hand on his if he allows it. "Trust me, I get it." Better than most, no doubt.

Hearing the understanding come from Carol, and the pat on the hand, seems to put Luke more at ease and the smile returns to his face. "Oh, good. Sometimes I hate talking about things because it gets into that black area, but the more you get to know me the more likely I am to open up about it. It's not so top secret at your stories are, but I have reasons. I'm sure you will find out eventually."

As the plates with the lasagna arrive, Luke reaches out and picks up the glass of cider and holds it aloft towards the center of the table, "Here is to a wonderful meal with even better company. I've never been so happy to lose a bet before."

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