2020-05-23 - AIMing for Answers


RESCUE and a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man band together to intercept an AIM convoy.

Log Info:

Storyteller: None
Date: Sat May 23 18:03:27 2020
Location: RESCUE Campus

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The intel's still solid. Two 'lightly' armored vehicles on a regular circuit within and around the city, the routes themselves not exact save for a couple of key areas. One of them is the mile and a half stretch of Lincoln Tunnel beneath the Hudson River. Two lanes wide running at just shy of 22 feet in width and a clearance of a mere 13 feet it's a snug fit for city busses and the LAPV's in question only barely make it through.

Traffic is light, at least. The drivers were smart in waiting for the dead of night to make this journey. Isolating them from other civilians shouldn't be difficult.

With so much of the tunnels now routed and operated electronically it's also a simple matter to shut the tunnels down once the small convoy had passed inside!

This operation is strictly under RESCUE's control. Domino's around to help and is prepared for a rapid Plan B but with concern of collateral damage and civilian proximity it's better left under their guidance. Regardless, the targets are the same across the board. Stop the two vehicles, breach and extract all occupants before they can start destroying any data. The two armored vehicles also need to be collected intact. There's no telling what secrets they might hold.


Put the big brains of RESCUE onto something like this, and they have done all they could to attack the vulnerabilities and risks of this plan with care and said big cerebrums. Humblebee flights have been tracking and scanning the vehicles for days, with a wide array of incredibly detailed external sensor data on them: mass, suspension ratios, armor composition, EM signatures, communication signals and encryption codes, fuel patterns, thermographic scans, detailed acoustic mapping and audio surveillance. It's scary what they have.

Dr. Kelsey and Dr. Ho have also prepped their plans for interdiction. Io is present to route the tunnel control systems and back them up on interdicting any onboard electronics. Toni has assembled a pair of short-term large-ish scale forcefield generators to close off the tunnel, bottling up the enemy and protecting civilians. REACT is present, with Iron Patriot and Augmenta and all of their toys. And they have not been shy about recruiting all of the help they can get. THe hope is that those trucks have tech, or even better that they have data that can be of use. But that means that they must do this fast, to prevent AIM from wiping or otherwise destroying that data before they can get it.

As soon as the last vehicle ahead of the convoy gets through the tunnel, the forcefield ahead of them snaps up in place; those behind have already been subtly halted, and the force field generator for that entrance is waiting to bottle up the REACT team inside with AIM as soon as they are through, which starts as soon as that far end of the tunnel has been sealed. "We are go!" comes the shout.

Orders start to flow sharply now. "Comm disruptions, up! Humblebee lead elements, launch modified Screamer pods, one at cab and one at rear for each vehicle. We need holds fast. Wasp, pick one, light it up on the monitor, and get in as fast as you can; we'll concentrate on the other."


So, let's review. Over the past couple of weeks, in addition to the normal level of street crime to cross Spider-Man's radar, he's also:

- Had to defend a blind busker against a handful of suits of autonomous armor, with firepower that most supervillains would drool over;
- Been at the Horizon Academy opening gala when it was invaded by what he can only think of as terrorists and their overly-augmented mega-mastiffs;
- Gotten caught up in (and helped to fight off) not one but *two* dimensional incursions, source unknown, intention unclear but probably Very Big.

And now, in the middle of his nightly patrol, a couple of panel vans which don't *look* all that distinctive are still spurring his curiosity, by way of his spider-sense, to the point that he's idly shadowing their course around the city. On the other hand, pursuing them *into* the Lincoln Tunnel will be, while not impossible, something of a logistical humdinger. Catching them at the other end would be easier …. but that assumes they don't just stop inside the tunnel and unload, or somehow get off the road entirely.

Well, popping a spider-tracer should alleviate THAT worry - if they disappear from the road, he'll know what to look for. So two of the little doohickeys are launched, one per truck, and with a little luck they'll latch on with the vehicles' occupants none the wiser.


Knowing that the lady doctors have planned for using force field barricades, Hank's first thought of 'ten ton slab' is shelved, and not even mentioned. Instead, he focusses on getting all the blue prints of the tunnel and more importantly mapping out and marking all the service entrances as well as the plans for the service tunnels and areas. Tunnel like this? Has to have those things in case of flooding.

While the others are dealing with re-routing traffic, and sealing things, he is inside the service tunnels, making sure that there's not bystanders to be accidentally caught in any cross fire. He'll also be in communication with the team via a humblebee as a router. Over the Comms. «Beast; I am in place in the access tunnel near the far exit, civilian personnel have been evacuated.»

Waiting, he hunkers down in the shadows between two external lights, costume full coverage at the moment and colored for urban camouflage. Man he LOVES him some morphing tech.

Subvocalized, he adds. «Ready. Awaiting go command from strike leader.»


Not part of the main assault group, Martin feels decidedly nervous about this. Been a long time since he was involved in anything combat related! He's dressed as a 'normal' member of the support team, including the helmet and face mask, but carries only a holster at his side with a modest, non lethal, fire arm. No big weapons here. Instead he has a medical satchel hanging off one shoulder and resting against his back. His job for the moment is to wait and be ready. In a few more months, after some retraining, maybe he'll be more involved. Right now he'd just be a hinderance. "Sure hope no one starts using fire." He mutters to himself, trapped inside of a cement tunnel with a bunch of super heroes.


Braced and waiting just past the outside bend of the tunnel exit, Posse's eyes are closed within her helmet as she watches the two-truck convoy through humblebee cameras. Besides leading the overall mission she's also volunteered herself for a dangerous slot in the group's array: lead breacher, sandwiched between two armored cars and taking the doors off the one in front to (hopefully) pacify anyone inside before they can do the same to her. It's also why her armor is sporting a forcefield "can-opener" and a more traditional breaching charge, along with her ever-present trauma kit.

And then it's go time. Ava's green eyes snap open with their subtly different hues and look to the tunnel entrance while listening for the telltale sounds of screamer pods launching, and then she takes off at a super-human sprint. Precision might be a difficult job for such a disparate group but the timing for the assault is too tight to let everything flow slowly and safely in sequence. Posse's taking a calculated risk that the teams in charge of disabling the fronts of the vehicle don't hit any snags.


One tracked convoy, none the wiser. Hopefully those Spidey trackers continue to work well beneath the Hudson but they should light up again at the other end of the tunnel, right?

Humblebees are really quite versatile little guys, aren't they. Unfortunately they aren't the most subtle of creations as they fly toward the convoy from inside of a tunnel. Still, the trucks don't have anywhere to go but straight toward them which means the Bees have a chance to connect and deploy.

Then comes the first wrench thrown into RESCUE's plan. When a tech giant like RESCUE squares off against a tech giant like A.I.M. there's bound to be sparks. Perhaps in a literal sense! The two armored vehicles have an electrified hull, frying the first wave of Bees upon initial contact. Unfortunately Spider-Man's trackers also get caught in the shock. The convoy saw the Bees coming and had the right tool to intercept..and now they know something isn't right.

The big turbo diesel engines open up as the pair of trucks begin to accelerate, the lead vehicle's floodlights coming to life and filling the tunnel with a dazzling illumination which would surely lead to temporary blindness for anyone looking at it. Posse'll be in for a big surprise!

They're still cut off from comms while in the tunnel..probably..but if they make it to the exit their distress call is sure to be heard!


The bees themselves are fine, but the lead screamers have been fried. "Wasp, watch out! The vents may be electrified. Fire the goop!" Dr. Kelsey orders from within Augmenta as she leap-bounds at incredulous speeds down the tunnel from behind towards the trucks.

What happens next is that every air vent on the vehicles is splattered with goop. Electricity? Great! That just smokes the stuff, which accelerates its penetration as the machines of the trucks, and the cabins, suck in trying to get air. And what they get us an anesthetic-laced smoke … that also happens to include conductive carbon nanoparticles. Which is when all of those electronics, including sensors, engine controls, and everything else start shorting out in droves.

"Keep the scans going! As soon as the electricity drops off, launch the second round of screamers." Here comes REACT!


Losing the tracers' signals while they're en route under the Hudson River doesn't surprise Spider-Man all that much … but when those signals fail to sow up again on the other side of the river? *That* is when Spider-Man starts worrying, or at least wondering. And seeing the roadblock around the exit of the tunnel, complete with an honest-to-God *force field*?

Well, at least he knows the trucks didn't get away clean. And it makes more sense out of the armored figures he thought he saw chasing the vans into the tunnel, before he swung away to make it across the river *above*-ground.

Key takeaway: He's not the only one with a vested interest in whoever, or whatever, is in those vehicles in the first place. But now he's REALLY curious about what's going on in the tunnel, especially if the vans were carrying something dangerous enough to ping his spider-sense out of the usual pattern of traffic. Maybe leaving this to the presumed professionals is the better idea, but - still.

Spider-Man wastes little time in ascending to one of the ventilation towers above the tunnel's exits, finding a hatch big enough to slip through and speedily wending his way down along, through, and eventually around the machinery. From there, it's a quick scurry to a maintenance door, and he quickly emerges into the tunnel proper, making his way up to the tube's ceiling just as fast as he can. He'll still be *noticeable* but he'll be harder to, say, run over.


Once the go command is given, Hank pushes off the wall he was perched on, thankful for the flash protection he built into his visor so he wasn't blinded immediately. To say he pushes off the wall is a bit misleading, what he actually does is launch himself like a four-hundred and change pound missile clad head to toe in a skin tight costume, greys and whites and black in urban camo, save for the visor, which is amber hued. His body proportions way off, more ape-like than human, Spidey will not likely recognize the Beast based on present attire.

Hank's flight-path is a little off the mark, but should still do the jot, he had intended to go /over/ the LAPV and hook the roof on his way by, tugging it with him. Instead he plows INTO it, along the top edge even as the foam is deployed by the drones, and he gets a bit of a jolt for his efforts. Still, he hits with sufficient force to knock the thing on its side as it slams into the wall. The guys inside? Yeah, probably not too happy even with the smoke being sucked in.

Speaking of inside - three AIM agents - Murphy and Oslow manage to get their filter masks operational in time, but due to the tumble, Dupree does not, and so is overcome by the fumes and the pounding. "Murphy…we need to use the stuff." Says Oslow. "I hate that crap, Megadrenaline Sigma leaves me with a hangover for /days/." Of course even as he is complaining, he is picking himself up and dosing himself with a foul looking reddish fluid, even as Oslow does. "I'll cover the back, you check on Dupree up front." Murphy nods. "On it."

Meanwhile, Hank is shaking off the jolt he took, the impact? That didn't phase him. He's actually tougher than he can easily hurt. Alas, he did not yet notice the Spider on the ceiling. Not yet.


Screamers are aptly named Martin finds, and he doesn't have to be anywhere near them right now. Wincing, the doctor kind of wishes for a paid of ear plugs, and some popcorn. It's kind of fun to watch from safely back where he is. Especially when one of the others back where he is manages a tablet with footage from some of the bees.
But that other is surprised when Martin reaches over to grab the tablet and look at it more closely. Ignores the protest that follows. « ..I think we have a random super. » Is given over comms. « Side tunnel exit. I can't get a good view. » Can't be a normal person if only because someone came in through a door and jumped up to the ceiling. But since Martin has no control over the drones, he can't tell more.


Tactical vehicle interdiction, at night, with drones and force fields? Okay, RESCUE might look a little suspicious from the outside. The news of an unexpected super isn't exactly news to Posse's ears but at the moment she's more worried about the dazzlingly bright armored truck in front of her. « Wasp, look into it, » she tosses back tersely. Stunningly lit in the headlights, the cyborg's all grey armor panels shine at their edges and bring out the dark REACT lettering that make up her urban camo. The one thing that doesn't light up is her face, as it's instantly shielded by a reflexive coating. REACT suits are designed to handle flashbangs and more - compared to that, the headlights are a dim candle.

Advantage, RESCUE tech.

Vaulting as Beast successfully topples the first truck, Posse pulls the breaching field from her back with one hand while snagging the rear wheel well with the other and swinging around to slap it on the back door. Anyone trying to climb out is in for a surprise.


These vehicles have an air circulation system which can be sealed for use in gas attacks, a feature which has already been discovered and documented in advance. Those buried circuits which handle the shutters aren't meant to be armored -against- the very aerosols they are intended to intercept. Add in the conductive nature of the smoke and several of the vents quickly short out the moment they try to engage.

There is some concern about those conductive nanoparticles, however. Inside of the trucks there's no way to discriminate against which systems get zapped. Knowing A.I.M. there are plenty of devices inside, some may not take to such treatment as well as others…

Posse will know something's amiss when the lights of the lead truck start flickering as internal systems start to short out. Soon after the truck gets freaking plowed over by a Beast, the resulting thud slamming within the tunnel and shaking the ground. There's some mass behind those rigs and more than a bit of kinetic energy at play!

The second truck dips forward as it goes hard on the brakes -until the brakes fail- and the rig swerves and starts skipping across the tunnel wall, breaking chunks of decorative tile off the surface as it goes.

'Tis but a scratch! No risk of flooding yet.

Spider-Man pops into the scene right in time to see the two behemoth SUV things rumble past before going a little..crazy? Smoke is wisping off of their tough hides and the engines are sputtering in a most unhealthy sounding way before the lead vehicle gets sledgehammered off of its wheels. Spidey's in a good position to cut off the second vehicle!

From the passenger side of the second truck stumbles another masked AIM agent, he might have been a little slow in masking up against the gas. Some crazy looking rifle-like contraption is in his hands, brought up -over- his shoulder to take aim at the engaging Posse. Before the sights can be leveled upon the cyborg the device explodes in his hands a split second before the *snap!* of a rifle shot rebounds through the tunnel.

Domino brought some of her own toys, one of them a suppressed rifle now tucked against her shoulder while she hangs upside down at the tunnel exit. "Gotcha covered, Posse. Give 'em hell."

And THEN..! The second wave of screamers.

Sorry, Spidey.


Right behind Posse comes the bounding form of Augmenta. "Doc, pull up my visual feed and split off. There's your super. Matches a visual I've seen for Spider-Man." Dr. Kelsey's voice expresses real concern; she's never met Spidey, and so all of her knowledge of him comes through J. Jonah Jameson's medica companies.

Sorry, Spidey!

"Goons in the back are suited. Recommend switching magazines to the enhanced neuro-disruptor darts." Augmenta comments as she bounds up and watches the breaching field unit deploy projected forcefields right through the seam of the rear doors and then whir with mighty force, revealing that the unit is actually built on the principles of the Jaws of Life; just a heck of a lot stronger, way, way lighter and more portable, and using force fields instead of actual pincers. The plan? Ripping the doors wide open by directly attacking their weak points in the way that sheer physics works against the armored doors and entirely in favor of those jaws.

Hint: RESCUE is really dangerous given time to plan!

"No more goop. Posse, this truck is yours. I'm going to try to catch the other one if I can." Augmenta offers, as she keeps bounding forward faster and faster down the tunnel. As she bounds past the AIM trooper in his beekeeper suit, there's a soft PFFT sound, as her magneto-launcher fires a small pod at his back. All it does when it makes contact is adhere … and then with a soft glow and a whirring sound, it lifts him off the ground. Anti-gravity pod is go!


It's still all kind of a confusing mess, but Spider-Man swiftly deduces that letting either of the SUVs continue on to plow into the force field is not likely to be a good thing. That's all he needs to know to make with the webbing; good guys or bad guys, he can at least cut down on the odds of anyone dying here tonight. So when one SUV takes a Beastly hit, Spider-Man focuses on the second one - jumping down from the ceiling, spraying a thick fan of webbing to absorb as much of the SUV's forward momentum as possible, and dropping down behind it, hanging on for dear life as the screamers suddenly go off.

"Ghnnngh!!!" Slapping your hands over your ears when you're holding two fistfuls of custom-synthesized polymeric adhesive is not really the best way to deal with a sudden earsplitting sonic barrage, but the webbing helps muffle the noise a *little*, and may be a factor in retaining his ability to hear anything for the next few minutes. His mask's lenses are narrowed, not very helpflly, as he looks back along the tunnel; he manages to pick out a rather acronymic-looking "REACT" on a suit of powered armor, decides these aren't the Avengers, and wonders if somebody launched yet another anti-vigilante initiative that he hasn't had the chance to hear about yet.

Then, finally, he gets a look at one of the other guys, the ones who were in the vans and whom REACT is apparently trying to apprehend. Yep, that sure looks like an A.I.M. field uniform all right, and handily confirms who are the bad guys here.

He'll worry about his ears later; Spider-Man grits his teeth, trying to ignore the noise which is already making his head hurt, and sprays more webbing - trying to make what had been a simple if impromptu 'sheet' into a fully-encircling 'sack' of webbing, trying to hold the SUV's doors *shut tight* and keep one carful of A.I.M. goons pre-emptively bagged up to go.

Unless of course they try coming out the back hatch. They probably will. A.I.M. is kinda bad about not giving up - but hey, who's Spidey to criticize super-determination in this field?


Having (mostly) recovered from the electric shock, Hank leaps onto the side of the LAPV with an audible thud, and then he thanks goodness he's got the standard REACT counter-screamer gear, because those things SUCK when you have super senses as he found out the first time he encountered them, in the Ukraine mission where Dommie was playing both ends against the middle.

Landing in a crouch, he braces with one hands flat, then drives his fingers into the the door, squeezes, and rips the side door free of the vehicle and drops it on the pavement as he makes sure the driver isn't dead, or an active threat, either way, he needs to act. Fortunately the driver is KO at the moment. UN-fortunately for Hank AIM agent Murphy takes the law into his own hands as he opens the connecting door, and blinks at the masked and visored — someone there.

Shuddering as the MS Serum kicks in, he snarls and backhands hank as the good doctor McCoy was reaching for the other AIM Goon. A solid hit, Hank is hurled from the cab into the wall of the tunnel, tiles rupture, and they and he drop, though Hank lands on his feet with a snarl. Over comms. «Driver is out, at least one of the agents is active and appears to be a super. Be advised he hits /hard/." Report done, Hank leaps to bounce off the ceiling and kicks at the head of the emerging AIM agent, driving the man back inside. "Down boy." Agent Oslow is actually an Operator, even raging with the Megadrenaline Sigma, he knows the protocol, he starts working on wiping their sensitive data when the breaching field rips the doors open at the back. Ut oh.


Martin keeps that tablet, sorry, not sorry, and starts pulling up the footage that he's being fed. « Yeah, that looks like Spiderman. Be careful out there. » While he knows far better of Spiderman than some others here, he knows that mistakes often happen during chaos such as this. « I doubt he's a hostile. » Is given, but after that the doctor goes quiet as he continues to watch, grimacing for some of what he's seeing. Looks like he'll be busy later.


"Roger, Augmenta," Posse responds as she pulls the SMG from her left hip and performs a quick mag swap with one of her pockets. With no small satisfaction the cyborg notices with a fraction of her focus the AIM-shaped threat appear in her panoramic HUD, lose its distinctively gun-shaped outline, and then float harmlessly off the ground as the suited doctor passes it. Good, less for her to worry about.

When the armored and bolted rear door of the transport is wrenched apart with a screech that nearly rivals the screamer moments earlier, it might be a great opportunity to greet Agent Oslow's with a zippy one-liner. Instead, the AIM operator receives a spray of neurodarts up his centerline. "Front truck engaged."


Too bad for the one goon, an anti-gravity pod isn't going to spare him from the Screamers. He's one floating ball of agony for the forseeable future!

Without anything left to interfere the wailing of the Screamers turns the tunnel into pure concentrated audial Hell with plenty of strobing thrown in for good measure. The AIM masks might negate SOME of the effects but not ALL of them. The driver in the second truck actually reaches over and pulls the passenger door closed trying to seal himself away from all of the noise! That he immediately gets webbed inside of the cabin is almost a blessing! Though who knows -what- he might be up to inside of there.

"Give a shout if you need a kneecap taken out, Bazooka" Dom comms back to Beast about the Beefy AIM Goon he scared up. Mustn't be the first to make with the blood spillage! They need everyone alive and w—

That's a Spider. That's… That's a Spider.

Oh CRAP. Okay yeah, scopes are -really good- for enforcing tunnel vision. She's going to avoid aiming at Spider-Man as much as possible. Hey, what's Posse up to?!

Yeah, she's being Posse.

The immediate threat are the two MS-hopped up Goons, one about to get a handful of darts point-blank to the torso while the other's dancing with the Beast. The back truck has a driver sealed inside the cab by webbing while someone else is still holed up in the back and currently finding it impossible to erase the data?! WTF is going on here??

That'd be Io's doing. Go Team!


"Roger, Doc. Tagging neutral, concentrating on AIM." Dr. Kelsey radios from inside Augmenta as her bounding progress reaches the lead vehicle … to find it dragged to a halt by an agonized Spider-Man and his amazing webs! Honestly, seeing that Veronica is wishing she was carrying a spare REACT headgear she could toss to the poor guy. Note for later!

"Closing on Vehicle Beta. Toni, please tell me the signal jammers are holding? Are you seeing any backup incoming?" That said, Augmenta reaches the rear doors, jumping over the webbing because that's just how she runs and because she doesn't want to get tangled up. Then she yanks a big backpack off her back and slaps it onto the back of the truck. The alert will notice it is identical to the one Posse slapped on the other truck a few moments ago, as it whirrs mightily, and forcefields thrum into existence, sliding between door plate and armor, ratcheting wide open with incredible force.

Augmenta hops back and brings up her enhanced rapid-targeting mode as both arms raise, waiting for the moment the door is ripped clean off … and she fills the air inside - or at least every inch of it with AIM trooper - with enhanced-penetration neuro-disruptor darts. They hit harder, have longer tines, and stronger powerpacks. But they are much shorter-ranged, and potentially their duration of effectiveness can be much reduced.


Fortunately, Dr. Kelsey doesn't have to personally wrestle her way through the webbing; when Spider-Man sees her reachong for the door, he helpfully pulls the fans apart so she can reach her objective; she might, in turn, notice that the strobes from the screamers have left his mask's eye-lenses thoroughly narrowed. He can't do anything about being kinda deaf but at least his eyes have *some* measure of protection.

The barrage of neurodarts which Augmenta then introduces to the interior of the armored AIM vehicle are given a brief but critical look, and a nod of tentative approval. Just in case that's not enough to actually *subdue* the goons, Spidey anchors his webs to the roadway as best he can, gestures from his chest into the vehicle's cabin where the power-armored figure of Augmenta *should* be able to notice …

And unless Augmenta stops him, Spidey dives into the vehicle to *personaly* make sure that the AIM goons within are either unconscious or disabled, by means of a mix of scientifically-applied knuckles to noggins and some strategically placed webbing, pinning hands and arms and feet away from anything that looks even vaguely control-like. If the goons cling to consciousness, he doesn't want that to do them any good.


Agent Oslow is /not/ a happy camper. His awful, bright yellow bee-keeper outfit is however fairly tough, only one of the darts penetrates, and were he not roided up on the mega-adrenaline compound sigma, it would have been a done deal right there. Alas, at the moment he IS roided up on mega-adrenaline compound sigma. His system flooded with an amped up synthetic adrenaline that vastly increases his strength, his stamina, and renders him virtually impervious to pain.

The amped up neurodarts /are/ also quite a bit stronger, which helps a lot. In a rage he leaps for the cyborg, launching a titanic haymaker, and then goes to one knee, a bit woozy after and getting woozier, but not down for the count just yet.

Up front, the other goon, Murphy, surges back at Hank with a snarl, plowing into the Beast with a shoulder, grappling him about the torso and trying to squeeze the life out of the very powerfully built fellow.

"Ooomph!" Hank is hit, the pair of the driven back to the wall at ground level this time, the impact shaking loose more tiles. "I said /down/ boy." Hank mutters, and locks his hands about the bull neck of the goon in the fashion disaster armor, squeezing in turn. It is a race! Who will pass out first?


Still way in the back, Martin finally returns that tablet, and settles in to wait out the rest of the fight. The way things are looking, it won't be too much longer. Doesn't say anything more so that he isn't a distraction.


Posse sidesteps past the edge of the front truck's distended doorframe and fills Oslow's side with another burst of darts as she backpedals along the side of the vehicle. "<Mine resists darts, keep cautious. I've still got 'im,>" she warns in the terse, sharp voice that's adapted to far noisier radios than the insulated and filtered RESCUE comms. Keeping crouched to be both ready to leap from another charge and concealed from the fight going on to her right, the cyborg pivots as she clears the passenger door and presents her gun over the truck's hood to give Hank the aid of a few more darts. She's in a giving mood today.


Inside the back of the second truck Augmenta's going to find a somewhat smaller AIM-suited goon with one hand poised over a keyboard and a grenade clutched within the other with her thumb on the detonator. It's a tangle grenade, meant for subduing or capturing a targ—hey wait. That sure looks like something out of RESCUE's toybox! There's earthquake foam in there, how'd they get hold of that??

With a panicked look over a shoulder that very tangle grenade is going to get thrown at Roni. ..Kind of. This person clearly doesn't know how to throw very well. Even less so as she gets riddled full of neuro-disruptor darts. Down she goes, right along with the armed grenade.

Up front Spider-Man won't have to worry about the tangler but the one occupant inside of the cabin is going to have to worry about a Spider. He's got some manner of sidearm but it doesn't do him any good when the webslinger barrels inside and knocks his teeth in, completely unexpected-like. Done and out!

Hank's in a bit of a tough spot. That AIM goon is -strong- to be going toe to toe with the Beast! It draws the focus of Domino's rifle. With the two gridlocked it gives her just the opportunity she needs.

"Fire in the hole, Pinky!"

As Posse runs another zipper of darts at the MS-jacked goon a spark lights off of one of the LAPV's before a metallic *whrr!* zips toward the group. There's enough oomph left in the rifle round to puncture an identical grenade attached to the AIM dude's belt, causing more earthquake foam to explode in a *Pop!*

Posse is spared with her spot of cover. The AIM goon has half of his body coated in the stuff. Beast..somehow manages to avoid quite a lot of it.

Martin gets one hell of a show.


As soon as that goon goes down, grenade incoming, the comms are filled with … inventive cursing. Really, really inventive cursing. Apparently Dr. Kelsey is really, really cheesed off. Is it about being hit with an earthquake foam grenade? Don't be silly, she popped an AG pod on that thing and sent it to the roof. No. This is purely because she knows where they got that formula. They did add the effort of developing a smaller delivery system. But they stole that formula from RESCUE. And Roni is angry. Like almost Hulk Smash levels of angry.

"#&*&*&$*^! Io! Tell me you have the data?" Roni barks sharply. Behind her, a blob of super-fast hardening foam cement drops to the ground. Grrrrr!


Fortunately, Spider-Man isn't on RESCUE comms, and even if Kelsey's string of invective is audible outside her helmet, the web-slinger is still hard of hearing thanks to those screamers. But his spider-sense is working just fine, thank you, and in addition to a continuing buzz from the other van, it looks - upon direct visual inspection - like the big guy in Post-Urban Sprawl camo might not be having the best of nights.

He's not called the "friendly neighborhood Spider-Man" for supporting local businesses; Spidey bounds across the tunnel with approximately one leap, taps the jacked-up AIM goon firmly on the shoulder, then decks him nice and hard under the chin, staying alert and ready in case one punch isn't enough to defeat him … and for good measure, whether that did the trick or not, starting to web the guy up.

He might get interrupted by a different 'roided-up AIM goon, of course. Won't help either goon too much, but it'd give them an extra bit of time to make life difficult, but the day Spider-Man can't take down two goons on superroids is the day he confesses his true identity, in person, to the editor-in-chief at the Daily Bugle. And retires.


See, the problem with how much stronger the guy got - when the stuff wears off nothing else really changed, he's like one of the guys hopped up on PCP when they punch through a car windshield, and pulverize the bones in their hand. Another unfortunate side effect - Megadrenaline Sigma kills the user about one time in four, not that they tell their goons this. Murphy and Oslow have been pretty damn lucky so far! They've each survived multiple uses of the stuff. Of course luck runs out - the second round of nuerodarts manages two more hits on Oslow, and that's enough to fell the guy. He manages to crawl towards Posse, but…slumps, going to take a nap right now.

Murphy and Hank are in locked tableau - until pft-pft-pft, three darts hit the guy from behind, and then as he starts to slump, Domino's shot encases the goon in foam from his own (stolen tech) grenade

And on top of that, the darts, being choked…then he gets a not so loving tap to the chin by Spider-Man.

Hank is so so glad that he is full coverage right now - the thought of trying to get that stuff out of his fur? Horrific! Leaping back when he's released, he ends up with a foot encased, so *thump*, right on his ass before he breaks free. "Well, that was dignified looking, Hello Spider-Man." Now, the VOICE is one that Peter has heard, Hank McCoy. Goodness! That is a new look for him. Very off-putting.


Looks like it's safe enough now and so Martin takes the time to jog himself over. He's medical crosses clearly marking his person, so it won't take a genius to figure out what he's there for. "Anyone you think needs my attention first?" Is asked as he puts his medical kit down near one of the vehicles. Somewhere there isn't a ton of webbing or goo or anything else. His focus is on his team and the other hero here. Sure there are thugs on the ground, but he knows Spiderman likely needs some care.


With her goon date down for the count, Posse relaxes her focus outwards, first to Beast and his now - oh wow /thoroughly/ dominated AIM goon, plus a new spider. Next comes the sideways Gurhka as a fresh magazine finds its way into the cyborg's gun. She won't assume there's not a bomb in the cabin or something auto-deleting itself without checking personally.

"<Got your six, Beast,>" she offers over comms, then snaps, "<Roni! Clear comms - what's your status?>"


The MS-boosted AIM personnel may take some more darts to put down good and proper but there's not much of a struggle left for team RESCUE and fire support Spider-Man. A bit of foam to clean up. A little debris to sweep aside. An LAPV to put back onto its wheels. Also a whole lot of questions to work through.

Fortunately there are also MANY opportunities to find some answers. Six AIM personnel and two trucks full of data, all ripe for the taking.

Domino drops down and follows Martin onward, providing cover if necessary though it's -really- not looking like it will be. "On your seven, Doc."

Posse will find that both of the trucks are surprisingly intact, though more the one which fender-checked the wall than the one Beast cannonballed into the side of. Why, between the two there's more than enough spare parts to make one perfectly functional LAPV! Thanks to Wasp and Io the systems inside are stable, if not a -teensy- bit fried from the electrified aerosol from earlier. The data should be largely intact and nothing is in danger of getting time-erased, incinerated, vaporized, or detonated.

Really it's a pretty clean sweep all in all. Even the damages done to the tunnel aren't all that bad. The worst part is the backed up traffic waiting for half of the Lincoln to open back up!


"Mine is down in the rear. Main cabin reads subdued, I think the Spider-Man punched him. Internal systems seem functional now." Veronica responds when prompted. She pulls the female AIM goon out of the back of the van and tags her with an AG pod, letting her float up to the ceiling and out of the way as they work to finish securing the scene. She walks around the truck towards the front to check on the driver. "No hard trauma detected." That's the end of her report.

Toni reports in. "Iron Patriot: no sign of AIM backup incoming. But I'm picking up NYPD interest in the delays at the tunnel. We should probably clean this up as quickly as we can so we can re-open before they get here and get cranky. We didn't pick up any alert signals sent out."

"Roger, Iron Patriot. Let's get these back on their wheels. Base team, get the flatbeds ready. I'll AG-pod the trucks and we can push them out. We're going to need our capture bonds for the ones floating around." Veronica reports. She'll empty out her reserve of AG pods to get the two LAPVs floating, but that makes it easy to push them out of the tunnel back the way they came and onto the flatbeds REACT personnel are manning.

From there, quick medical checks, then clean up the mess so that driving is safe, and they can pull out their forcefield generators and depart.


Now that things have settled down some, the tunnel feels … really, weirdly, incredibly *quiet*. And none of the tunnels in and around the Five Boroughs are ever really *quiet*. Fortunately, Spider-Man's ears don't need to work that well for him to realize Beast is talking to him - and yep, that certainly looks like Beast behind the translucent amber visor.

"Hey, Doc McCoy!" Spider-Man replies, waving (and grinning behind *his* opaque mask; it's good to see a familiar face). "Didn't know you were with - uh, who are these guys …"

He trails off with a groan, then gestures at his ears, shrugging helplessly. "Can't hear you well enough to do more than say 'hi,'" Spidey follows up apologetically.


Over comms. «Thank you, Posse. Greatly appreciated.» As to Roni's swearing - yeah, he figured it was the stolen-foam tech, so didn't comment. And then as Spider-Man asks, he produces a faint sigh, and then Hank murmurs a voice command, his costume morphing back to the default 'base' costume, the *translucent* visor is the same, however. Alas, the fur? BRIGHT NEON PINK. That's /definitely/ new. "RESCUE, actually…" He grips Spider-Man's shoulder a moment, clearly they know each other, and is about to say something when the AIM Goon by him, Agent Murphy, though folks don't know that yet - starts to seize. "Doctor Almer…over here, stat." Hand keeps the guy from biting out his own tongue with the only thing handy that is (literally) to hand - in short, one of his claws…he extends them, three inches of a material strong enough for him to rend steel, this is put between the guy's teeth to keep him from injuring himself.


Martin glances back and gives Domino a thumbs up for her notice. Always nice to know. Unlike many others here, his face plate is see through. Sure his attire covers everything, but seeing the face of your medic is important. And he is waving at Spiderman, trying to get attention. There's a smile though, and the doctor simply holds out his hands to Spiderman. There's a motion to encourage taking those hands. Martin also feels of calmness. No threat here!
Of course if his hands are taken, for he won't force that, he will repair the damage to Spiderman's hearing. And ease any of the pain that still lingers. "Keep up the good work!" And if Spider man doesn't? Well, there are other things to deal with.
Martin won't linger with Peter. No, he's hurrying over to help Hank. "What the fuck?" The fit is something of a shock, yet doesn't stop the doctor dropping to a knee, and putting his hands on The AIM guy's chest. Yep, going to need a good dinner after this one! Calms the reaction of the body, then gets to work repairing what the drug has done.


"Truck 1 secured. Good job, team," Ava adds after canvasing the vehicle across the various sensors of her suit. With the engagement over her gun returns to her thigh holster and she takes stock of the tunnel at large with eyes wide and bright from a fresh adrenaline dump and the high of a (so far) successful mission. "No injuries here Almer, I'm good to go," she adds, freeing the doctor to the care of others. The suddenly-seizing AIM trooper gets the cyborg's brief attention but only that. Among RESCUE company she's only a third-string healer; she'll come when called.

"Don't do drugs, kids~," she teases in a chipper tone. Finding Domino's two-tone silhouette, she offers the albino a thumbs up before keying her radio for a last message. "<Toni, get the forcefields ready and contain these vehicles when they leave the blackout area. AIM's not getting the satisfaction of remote self-destruct with casualties.>"


The team's all united, Domino is doing her darnest to completely avoid Spider-Man (nothing personal, honest!) Martin's doing his good deeds. The LAPV's are LEVITATED onto flatbeds. No baddies left. Cleanup's going well.

All that's left is for Domino to stake her claim, and give Posse a thumbs up in return!

Out of the six AIM personnel there's only one female. So long as she's knocked out she won't complain about having the beekeeper helmet removed. The lady's a blonde underneath with an abundance of shoulder length curls. "There you are" the albino quietly says.

"Augmenta, I'd like to spend some quality time with this one when she comes to."


Augmenta comms over. "Martin, do you need any help? Or is it handled?" SHe inquires over the handling of the seizing goon. Meanwhile, she does exactly as earlier commented, pushing floating LAPVs out of the tunnel onto the flatbeds. She leaves the other REACT members to secure the goons and clean up the place as they prepare to mobilize and get out of here.

"We can worry about that in a bit, Dom. But noted." They have established a secure location for containment and review. The expectation so far is that they will turn these people over to SHIELD - AIM is kind of their bailiwick - once they have their answers. "Drop the tarps over them, and let's get rolling." Veronica orders, as they tarp the LAPVs and then erect forcefields around them and put signal jammers in place.

RESCUE really has tried to think of everything.


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