2020-05-19 - All Natural Coffee, Honest!


A convenient meeting of the Thunderbolts in the coffee shop…

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue May 19 14:24:17 2020
Location: Cafe Wha?

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It's a Tuesday morning, and spring is finally here, after a lot of fits and starts as the winter just never seemed to really end. Eventually, someone (probably Storm) put a stake in its cold bleak heart and flowers are blooming and plants are growing once again.

Which is probably why Doctor Pamela Isley (or Poison Ivy) is in such a chipper mood as she drinks a cup of coffee in the beatnik shop. It tends to be pretty quiet after all, at least in the mornings, and it's a good break from people. Particularly as she is still recognizable, even though she's currently not green-of-skin and wearing a simple green blouse and black slacks. She's absently reading off her phone, sighing a bit in exasperation, then typing something back in. Rinse, repeat.

Looking very much as if she is suffering from an excess of haemoglobin in her caffeine stream, Scandal pushes open the door and makes a beeline for the counter. As is customary, she's clad almost entirely in black - though a bandana around her throat matches the warm blue streak in her hair, and more observant viewers might notice that her unadorned black leathers are expensive (possibly even custom) items rather than conventional biker gear.

Perhaps it was fitting that the weather had turned itself around and brightened up…because the 'Sun' was well and truely up. Or at least, it's 'goddess' was, and she too was hunting for a hot drink. With her practically glowing blonde locks currently tied into a loose ponytail behind her head, Sunny pushes through the door a few moments later. Compared to the other two, the black yoga-pants trimmed in yellow and her midriff-bearing activewear top visible beneath as simple black hoodie jacket left unzipped clearly looked like she had been actively engaged in working out moments before.

Strangely though, she wasn't showing any signs of fatigue as she moved into the cafe and took a space in the line…only to blink. She might not know Pamela, but Scandal? That was a familier face she thought she'd glimpsed.

Pamela doesn't recognize Sunny right off, though she feels a bit of a jolt that's more than just the caffeine from her espresso. Arching a brow slightly, she then sets the phone down and smiles over at, "Scandal? Is that you?" Pam's head tilts, ever so slightly, her red hair spilling over her shoulders as she has it loose today, looking fondly over at the woman in the biker gear.

Distracted though she is, one of the few merits to the name Scandal's father chose for her is that it is very hard to mistake. Rousing herself from her caffeine-anticipating daze, the Thunderbolt glances around, blinks, and then grins wryly. "Long time no see…." A swift survey of the rest of the room for what (or who) else she might have missed earns Sunny a surprised look and then a grin, too.

Quite the gathering! Moving up to retrieve her own drink, Sunny noticably came away with a hot cocoa regardless of the current hour and the lack of caffine within. Obviously the Sun goddess had a preference for sugar! "Oh hey, that -was- you!" she calls out, gesturing to Scandal as she steps closer. Apparently Sunny was just inviting herself over to the table, but she does tilt her head lightly a offer a little finger-wave towards Pammy. "Who's your friend Scandal?"

Pam flashes a sly grin over towards Scandal, "Indeed, it has been a while." She glances curiously over towards Sunny as she comes over, rising to meet her and offering a hand in greeting, "Doctor Pamela Isley." Which, well, her name is a pretty mundane one, though her identity isn't exactly a secret… ex-supervillains tend to be slightly notorious, but Pam's not bothering to hide right now.

Scandal fortunately remembers to collect (rather than just pay for) her own drink, cradling it in her hands as she joins Ivy. "Yup. It's me," she agrees. "Some of me, anyway. Those bits not powered by caffeine. I'd much rather be in bed, still, but had appointments to get to this morning." The (other) former supervillain grimaces. "So I apologise for being semi-conscious."

"Sunny Harlow," the blonde offers in return, reaching out a hand towards Pam and offering a polite squeeze and shake. Her knowledge of notorious outlaws was…decidedly outdated. Pam's identity was safe from the former 'law woman'! With introductions offered Sunny couldn't pick anything particularly abnormal about Ivy, but the 'Chlorokinetic' may very well be able to 'feel' that aura of life radiating from her. It wasn't the same as Ivy's own…truely, it felt like her namesake!

A sip of her drink, Sunny gives a little chuckle at Scandal's words. "I think we'll forgive you."

Pamela grins at Scandal, "I dunno… I'm a bit picky about forgiveness. Though I'm sure you can think of something to get back in my good graces, Scandal." She gets a bit of a smug look at that, sitting back down and tossing Scandal a wink. Then, her eyes flicker back towards Sunny, "Well, nice to meet you Sunny… you definitely seem to have a fitting name, that's for certain."

Scandal arches a brow, while peering - somewhat fuzzily - over her coffee at Ivy. Then she snorts, chuckles, and shakes her head. "I *definitely* need this," she mutters, taking a sip of her drink before folding herself onto a chair, expensive leathers creaking in quiet accompaniment to the motion. "Mmmm. It is *really* nice to have someone else's name be the one commented on," she observes.

"I mean…" Sunny shrugs, gesturing to herself and then pointing towards Scandal. "Both she and I have probably had to qualify introductions with 'I'm serious' more than once. Right?" A tilt of her head, the bombshell shrugs lightly and properly claims a seat rather than continuing to just -lean- over the back of the chair. "What has the two of you our and about?"

Pam sips on her espresso, "Just getting a bit of caffeine before work today. Doing some stuff in the Disaster Zone, which is my lot in life." She passes a wry look at Scandal, "That's been keeping me busy enough I haven't really been at the team meetings. Do we actually still have those?" One eyebrow arches, as she looks curiously at Scandal… technically she's with the Thunderbolts, but… well, that's been more of a guideline than an actual team these days.

Still cradling her coffee, Scandal laughs softly before grinning over the precious liquid at her companions. "Yeah… there're certain merits to spending time in non-Anglophone countries. As a child, I didn't even realise that my name was anything other than 'exotic'…. But, ahh, yes. We should probably try to collaborate on things. I've pretty much worked as a lone ranger, when it comes to the job. My own appointments today, however, are academic. Hooray for 'little chats' with one's academic supervisor."

Meetings? There's a raise of her eyebrow before mention of the Diaster Zone brings a sudden 'gasp' of suprise that was perhaps startlingly loud and excited. Sunny's eyes come back to Pam and she points with a finger from the hands holding her mug. "THAT'S where I know you! Christmas, with the tree in the disaster zone you were just sort of…setting up."

Just like that, she'd already skipped over pondering what the pair would be meeting about.

Pamela blinks, then smiles, "Oh, right! That was you. Yes, I was putting the tree up there as a Christmas gift for… well, a friend." She gets a bit of a wry look on her face, "Someone I haven't seen in a little while, but… it is what it is, I guess." She looks down at her espresso with a touch of a frown. Everything is clearly fine. Just fine.

At least while caffeine-assisted, Scandal can read *that* kind of expression. She arches a brow, then offers a - perhaps surprisingly - gentle smile. "It sounds like a nice gesture. I'm sorry to have missed it. Most of my time in there is spent, well… chasing trouble. I'm not the most *creative* of types."

"It seems like a lifetime ago," Sunny muses, taking another sip of her drink with a little frown behind her cup. She knew what it was to have friends seperated and missing of late…but she wasn't going to comment aloud on it right now. Instead she just sort of sips her drink and closes her eyes. When Scandal speaks up? It's a good distraction and one Sunny was quick to pounce on.

"There's plenty of trouble to be found out there these days."

Pamela grins over at Sunny, "Indeed. I've been thinking about getting into a bit myself… nothing too serious, but I feel like I've been in a bit of a rut, you know? Maybe shake things up a bit." She gives Scandal a curious look at that, but doesn't add onto her thoughts as she takes another drink of the espresso. "Oh, well, I should get a refill. Sec." With that, she stands and brushes past Scandal on her way towards the counter.

She didn't have to brush by Scandal, of course. It's not that crowded. But still…

Oh, trouble. Verily, thy name is redhead! Scandal quite evidently hadn't anticipated the contact - and turns her head, brows arched, to gaze after Pamela for a moment. Then she looks back to Sunny and chuckles softly. "Trouble seems to find some people almost everywhere they go," she notes dryly. "Do you find yourself in it a lot, yourself?"

Pamela grins as she returns, fresh espresso in hand, "Trouble, me? Well, maybe… I find I don't have people keeping me out of it often enough it seems." She sits down next to Scandal, giving her a curious expression. "How about you?"

Scandal blinks, then laughs. "Is that a subtle hint that you want someone to watch over you and try to make sure that you behave? I could talk to my boss about finding you a supervisor, perhaps…"

Pam chuckles, "Maybe, but I suppose it would depend on the proper individual to work… closely, with me. The Disaster Zone can be a bit boring sometimes, and it'd be nice to have a partner to work with there." She grins slyly at Scandal, "Can you think of anyone that might be interested?"

"Sadly, I haven't seen your particular friend among my colleagues for… ages, to be honest." Scandal's tone is quite sincerely rueful. "Though I admit that appointing her to a supervisory role might not be something that it would be easy to talk my bosses into. Still, I could see if I could come up with any ideas. If you're sure you want me to…."

Pamela grins wryly, "Actually, I was thinking maybe you might want the job. Get out of the office once in a while and breathe in some relatively fresh air." She arches a brow, "I think I need to be less subtle about that sort of thing." Because yeah, the brushing and glancing wasn't subtle at all, as she gives Scandal a bit of an impish grin.

Laughing, Scandal ducks her head. "I didn't want to read too much into… anything," she says dryly. "People tend to seek *me* out as backup if they think that they are completely out of other options. But if you'd like to… go exploring with me, then we could certainly see what sort of trouble we could get into."

Pamela leans forward a bit, resting her head in her hand as she chuckles, "Scandal, I'd love to get out and into some sort of trouble with you. I think it'd be a lot of fun, especially if that meant we escaped the city once in a while. You'd think I'd grown literal roots at this point."

Scandal slowly tilts over to one side a little way, opening up a line of sight so that she can peer down towards Pamela's feet. Then she rights herself, grins, and shrugs. "You don't seem *completely* stuck, just yet. And I've, ahh, got *commitments* here" - such as government oversight and restrictions on her movements - "but should be able to manage an occasional escape of some sort. If you'd like a bit of a road trip."

Pamela does have very nice feet, currently tucked into a comfortable looking pair of dark green flats. And she chuckles, "I would love a road trip with you Scandal. Just let me know when you can get out of here, I'll make some arrangements."

Chuckling, Scandal inclines her head. "I'll see what I can arrange. Field trips to the Zone, we should be able to manage a *lot* more easily. I spend a certain amount of time roaming around in there as it is."

Pamela snorts, "The Zone? Scandal, darling, I live there. Literally. My grotto is out there, and I have a small apartment set up for the winter months." She smiles over at Scandal, "You should come over for a visit. It'd be nice to have someone out there to talk to."

"I tend to avoid anywhere in there that looks as if it might be doing all right," Scandal admits sheepishly. "It feels as if I'm more likely to find the problems in the nastier parts. But I could be talked into changing that policy, I should think…"

Pamela grins, "Well, there's plenty of nasty to go around in there, but it never hurts to have someone watching your back." She gives Scandal a wry look, as well as a bit of an exaggerated once-over, then winks. "But, I think I've kept you long enough, and I need to do a bit of work today over there. Stop by later, though?" With that, she slips a card out of her blouse and slides it across the table to Scandal. GPS coordinates.

Not like there's street corners out there anymore…

Scandal nods agreement, quickly reading the card before making it disappear into the depths of her jacket. "I need to get my head in order for a conversation about neo-realist theories of power," she grumbles, eyeing her coffee for a moment. Then she chuckles, lifting her gaze and flashing a warm smile. "Thank you. I'll try to find you later."

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