2020-05-09 - Meant to Be


Priscilla and Sarah finally get to spend a special day off together, which starts with breakfast in bed and a chance to catch up on what's going on in each other's lives.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat May 9 19:33:36 2020
Location: Sarah's Apartment

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The door to the bedroom opens, admitting Jonesy who immediately sprints to the bed and hops up, seeking the form of his particularly chosen biped. A cheek must apparently be laved immediately, for some reason only the feline mind can comprehend. This may prove as a momentary distraction from the absence of the warm curvy form that was curled up against Sarah when last she was aware … and barely precedes the richly layered tapestry of scents that flow from the tray now being carried by the admittedly barely-clad mocha-skinned woman padding barefoot across the bedroom towards the bed with said large tray in hand. A stack of pancakes, warm maple syrup, eggs, bacon and other goodness - woman even includes fruit and vegetables in her sinful breakfasts! - all greet the senses along with a warm smile.

"Good morning, honey. Jonesy, sweetheart, move your furry butt. You're in the way of the tray.""

As she attains feline-assisted wakefulness, Sarah becomes aware of those lovely aromas, a warm smile forming as she sits up in bed. "Good morning, my two favorite sweeties. Wow, love, you've outdone yourself. I hope you're planning on sharing that, because there's more there than I'll finish by myself." She looks to Jonesy for a moment and adds, "And no, that does not mean I am asking for your help."

There are no kippers on the tray, so only a modicum of discouragement is required to get Jonesy to give up his spot to allow the tray into place. But he does situate himself against Sarah, perhaps resenting that such a nice warm comfy spot was occupied by someone else all night? Who knows?

"I'm sure I can find it in me to help out a little bit." Pris offers. Once she gets the tray settled she climbs into the bed and situates herself astride Sarah's feet on the other side of the tray. Handy, all that flexibility, right? "Hope you slept well?" she inquires.

"I always do, when you're here with me," Sarah replies. "Especially when you've helped tire me out like last night," she adds, with a playful look of mischief. She does give Jonesy a 'peace offering' by breaking off part of a strip of crispy bacon and setting it on the corner of the tray for him. "Here you go, fuzzy," she says, before looking back up and across at Pris. "You are the best. I just wanted to say that again."

Priscilla reaches across the tray, letting her fingers trace through Sarah's hair and along her cheek as her purple eyes gaze adoringly at her girlfriend. "You deserve the very best, and are pretty damned amazing yourself." She winks, and then waggles her finger at Jonesy, grinning. OK, fine, the cat can have some bacon.

While they gaze adoringly at each other and work on feeding Sarah breakfast, Pris relaxes into less emotionally-fraught conversation. "We didn't exactly talk much, last night." she confesses teasingly. "How are you doing?" They don't get to spend every day and night with one another, so some measure of 'catching up' is required. It also serves as a chance for each to vent about challenges and feelings. Go figure, the empath thinks this is great.

"Well enough," Sarah answers, after eating the rest of the strip of bacon she shared with Jonesy. "Work is looking to get 'interesting' again. Are you familiar with the Wild Hunt?"

Priscilla listens, canting her head to the side curiously and attentive. "Mmmm. I've heard of it. I don't know much, though. I read in a book that it's something related to faerie magick? Supposedly wickedly scary." That seems like the last she has to offer. "I hope there hasn't been any blowback on you after last weekend? I don't want Emma's stuff, or mine, to cause you trouble."

Sarah shakes her head. "No, no trouble. All in a day's work. Between the overlap between SHIELD and the Avengers and other personal relationships, it almost seems more often than not that someone's girlfriend, boyfriend, or whatever is involved in some way when anything connected to people with powers happens. As for the Wild Hunt, that's more or less accurate. A hunting party of Dark Elves, that usually sticks to the other branches of the Norse World Tree, but once in a while decides to visit Earth — or 'Midgard', as that whole lot calls it — for whatever reason. We don't know yet why they're here, but there have been enough sightings to confirm that they are. They're nasty pieces of work, all of them, though some are worse than others, according to the reports I've read. I've never had the pleasure to encounter them in person. At least not yet."

Pris decides to feed Sarah, since her girlfriend is too busy imparting wisdom to take care of herself. Also: it's fun! She starts with a tiny wedge of pancakes, liberally slathered with that warm butter and the warm maple syrup. "Mmm. OK. That does sound 'interesting' in the classically dangerous sort of way. And I know you have plenty of backup. But if you get caught out, I hope you'll consider calling me." Better to confirm to certain parties in SHIELD that the mysterious alien-hunting ninja vigilante Voodoo is also Priscilla Kitaen and Sarah's girlfriend, than to have Sarah get hurt.

"Things at the school are getting very dangerously complicated. The hit was very professional, and they spent a lot of expensive muscle on a diversion op not caring one whit the number of people who could have been killed." Pris offers. She's going to return the favor and keep Sarah up to date on her messes as well. "And apparently they used teleportation tech to get in, and to get the one valuable resource out. We're struggling to find anything to track. Emma built this place to be a haven. The last damned thing we want is to turn it into an armed camp."

Sarah happily lets Pris feed her, while listening not so happily to her love's description of what went down at the school. Nodding, she says, "The reports from the agents on site said pretty much the same thing. I wish I could have been there, and not over in Staten Island still dealing with what's left of Fantasyland."

Pris continues to entertain herself by feeding Sarah, one lovely and delicious mouthful at a time. "I wish you could have been there for the party. Admittedly, you'd have been amazing to have around after that, too. But I was so busy fighting …" She shakes her head. "I got really bent, that night. It was hard to walk that down to a slow simmer." Sarah's girlfriend has a temper. It may not show often, but it's there and it's a doozy.

Which is something else they have in common, though Pris hasn't really seen Sarah in full fury, either. "You had every right to be worked up, love," she says, gently but firmly. "I know I would have been. I'd wish I'd been there fighting at your side."

Pris pauses to reach out a hand and grasp Sarah's, giving a squeeze. "I don't know. You haven't seen the 'geigerpuppy', as my old team used to call it." she teases. "I wasn't exactly geared up, and I don't have cute spells to summon my gear when a fight drops in my lap. So I had to rely on shapeshifting." And apparently whatever form she assumed is nightmare-fuel enough that it earned the moniker of 'geiger-puppy'. This from the woman whose adopted sister turns into a ginormous purple lion. "Gargled for ten minutes after the fight was over."

"Don't forget who you're talking to, bae," Sarah replies, grinning. "In my line of work, you tend to see some things. And that's even without invoking The Sight, which is sometimes a Not Terribly Good Idea."

Pris chuckles and nods, winking at Sarah. "True." 'The Sight' happens to be what Pris herself was trained to call her own ability to pierce the Veil and see the Truth of things and people. And she would agree; sometimes being able to see that sucks. It is what has made her hated and hunted by the dire wraiths, after all. "Still. Someday I should introduce you to the geiger-puppy. Just because." Ooh, look! Omelete incoming.

Sarah opens wide for that morsel, mmmming once shes tasting it. Once she's done savoring it, and has taken a sip of juice to wash it down, she smiles and says, "You make me feel like the luckiest woman in New York, you know. Everything I do, all the insanity work throws at me, it's all easier to deal with because I know at the end of it, there's you."

Pris chuckles wryly and winks at Sarah. "Bae, that's the same with me. Everything going on, and I know I can handle it all. Because at the end, there's my new family, and you." Never a dull moment, these two. Pris sips some milk, after taking a bite of those pancakes. "I will admit, it's been an adjustment, dancing as little as I am now. But it's a good adjustment. I hated getting the lawyer involved to renegotiate the contract, but at least they're not losing money." Indeed, Priscilla's fewer shows are bringing in even bigger paydays for the club.

"If they could only see the shows you've put on for me in private, they'd need a bigger club," Sarah teases, before getting a bit of omelette on her fork and holding it out toward Pris.

Pris leans forward, grinning impishly at her girlfriend, and opens her lips to accept the forkfull of omlette. "Those shows, though, are only for you." she answers, offering a little wink. "I'm happy to show off, but there have to be some things that are only for very special and private audiences."

"Which is too bad for everyone else, but I'm beyond happy to be your 'very special audience'," Sarah says, grinning. "I'm glad to be your very special everything, and you definitely are mine. I never would have guessed that one of the worst experiences in my life would lead straight to the best."

Pris lowers one hand to brush it along Sarah's leg as she sits between them on the other side of the tray table. "I never would have imagined holding onto a versin of you that literally blew up through me, and within a week helping to get you and Jimmy back. It was all quite an experience." For all concerned, too. "But it was really lucky and amazing." They're so in love; it's adorable, really.

"I'm not sure luck had anything to do with it," Sarah says, her eyes adoring her love. "What are your plans for today? I'm off duty, unless actual hell, or something close to it, actually breaks loose, and even with the Hunt prowling around, that's not likely."

The mocha-skinned woman smiles back, a twinkle in her purple gaze. "Mmm. I'm off, too, unless I get a call from Emma that there is trouble. But we think they got what they wanted. Not that we are at all sure why they wanted it, or what they're going to do with it. But investigation kinda isn't my thing, unless we're down to tugging it out of their minds." And to be fair, Emma won't need Priscilla's help with that unless it has to be done in mind-combat. "I was toying with the idea of spending most of the day pampering you, honestly."

"I rather like the sound of that," Sarah replies, with a slightly-wicked smile and a matching gleam in her eyes. "But only if you let me indulge you as well. A day of shared hedonism sounds like what we both could use about now."

Pris grins and winks at Sarah. "Sure, that sounds great." And it all begins, apparently, with sitting here and feeding each other. "We should spoil Jonesy a bit, too. Just so he won't get so jealous he starts stalking us in our sleep." Pris is wise to the way of cats, it seems. Perhaps having one as a sister is helpful?

Turning to look at Jonesy, Sarah says, "What do you say, fluffbutt? Can we bribe you with more bacon to be a good kitty? Not that you're not always a good kitty, right? Just ask you, hmmm?" She laughs, while breaking up another crispy strip and then setting the bits out on a paper napkin. Which promptly, of course, has full and complete feline-feeding attention.

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