2020-05-07 - Breakfast at Angie's


Kurt makes breakfast for Angie, and serious talks are ahead.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu May 7 23:20:43 2020
Location: Carpenter Studios - Loft

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Sizzle. That is the sound that the bacon makes as it fries on the skillet that is sitting on top of the stove. That sound is accompanied by the copping of onions and peppers being diced along with a good helping of potatoes.

Kurt Wagner is dressed in a pair of short and an apron, his two hands working on slicing and dicing the components for the potatoes O'brian he is making for breakfast as his tail works at flipping the bacon to make sure it gets cooked on each side.

Angela steps into the kitchen, grinning a little as she yawns, her eyes flickering over the fuzzy elf as she mmms, "Cooking me breakfast? I'm going to be positively spoiled love." She walks over and plants a kiss on Kurt's cheek, her eyes dancing a bit in amusement.

"Need any help with anything, or did you have everything in hand?" Or tail, as the case may be.

Kurt Wagner says, "If you wanted to squeeze the orange juice, you could" Kurt says with a smile as he looks over his shoulder and returns the kiss. The demonic elf tosses the cubed potatoes, peppers, and onions into the oiled cast iron skillet and lets them start to sizzle and fry as he continues to watch over the bacon. "You sleep ok? Not that you sleep, but just seems to always be the question to ask in the morning.""

Angela chuckles, "Certainly, and I did. And yes, I actually did sleep, as it was a very comfortable position." She grins and gets out the juicer, taking care of the orange juice as she glances over at Kurt, "You seemed to sleep pretty well, at least. Most of the time." A pause, as she looks over at Kurt with some concern, "Bad dreams?"

Kurt Wagner shrugs a shoulder, combing his three fingers through his mop-top of hair. "Not sure. Don't remember." the elf says as he looks back over his shoulder with a smile. "Just was restless I guess. Sorry if I bothered you."

Angela mmms, "Never a bother, love. Just I worry sometimes. I mean, you have so much on your shoulders. I like relieving it when I can." She chuckles, leaning back against the counter to look over at Kurt, "Did you have a chance to talk to Toni and the others about RESCUE? I haven't really had a chance to talk to Hank again."

Kurt Wagner sighs as he looks over, "No, I haven't. I've been busy with things at the institute. I've only had that one conversation with you and Hank about it, but I am all in. You know that."

Angela smiles, "That's great to hear, and well, I can't wait to work more closely with you." She chuckles, and then sighs a bit, "Still a little sad that I can't come up to visit you at the Institute, but I understand the reasons why."

"Yeah," sighs Kurt. "If you ask me, I think it is a bit overkill. But rules are rules. I'll see what I can do about staying in the city more. I like being here, and I don't mind a warm body to wake up next to."

Angela chuckles, "Same here. I do find it… a lot nicer, when you're here with me in the morning." She tilts her head, "Or the evening. Or really, any time of day. It's just so much better when you're about."

Kurt Wagner smiles, sliding over to give her a hug, "Maybe I should just quit the institute and come be your live in whatever. I don't mind being a kept man. Personal goals!"

Angela laughs and slips her arms around Kurt, kissing his forehead, "You'd be /miserable/ if you did that, love. I see how you talk about the school, and it means a lot to you." She grins, "And I suspect if you were around here all the time I wouldn't get nearly as much work done." A pause.

"Not that I wouldn't be having fun… but still."

Kurt Wagner says, "One of us still has human stamina, Angie. I can only do so much before I need to sleep, or eat, or whatever." Kurt says with a genuine laugh. "But you're right. I would regret it if I did that. I will just have to make the commute more often, traffic be damned. I'd rather spend the time here with you.""

Angela chuckles, "Well, I guess I could always get a storefront by the school, Salem Center, right? That's not too far out of town for me, though it'd be a bit of a commute for someone who couldn't fly." But, well, she /can/, so that's another option too, as she smiles at Kurt. "Sounds like… we're getting pretty serious, if we're talking about these things." Not that she seems to mind, but well, she looks curiously at Kurt at that.

Kurt Wagner says, "Maybe we are. Perhaps we should discuss things over breakfast." Kurt says, looking over at Angela with a smile and a flicker in those glowing yellow eyes."

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