2020-04-27 - After Midnight Snacks


Backdated Scene: Isis returns home after checking out the Church and shares her findings with Nick

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Apr 27 07:10:20 2020
Location: Paragon Investigations

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Isis has been going out a bit without Nick. Mainly because they've got investigation to do and not much time to do it. It's late when the slim feline lets herself in the door, dropping her backpack on the ground and kicking her shoes off. She's … not overly tidy.

Padding quietly into the kitchen, she rattles around in the fridge and starts pulling out left overs. There's never many but tonight there's some and she feels like a snack.

If 'snack' is the size of a normal dinner.

Nick comes down the stairs and turns the light on. He's in sleepwear because it is quite late and he knew she'd be back eventually. He yawns and blinks as he sees Isis putting together what certainly looks like a four course meal.

"What time is it?" He says, his voice thick with fatigue.

Isis looks up from the plate she's put on the counter. "Um. A bit after midnight. Hank and I had some success at the Church and something strange." It doesn't occur to her to ask if she disturbed him, instead, she pushes the plate towards Nick, making an offering.

"Hank found some recordings on a hard drive, Nick. Hadrick saying he was sending money to the Deacon if everything was in place."

Nick takes a little bit to eat but he's not really hungry. Just a couple of bites and then he pushes it back toward Isis. "Hadrick… is sending…" Nick blinks a couple of times as he tries to follow everything. Then he's sitting up, much more awake.

"Wait. Hadrick is paying the Deacon? Did Hank send that to the police?" That's everything they need or… well maybe it's not. It depends on how they got it but… there's a good chance that this will blow the case wide open.

Isis doesn't even try to touch the food until Nick pushes it back. It's such a change to how it was a few months ago. When the food comes back, the slim mutant doesn't hesitate though - she tucks right in. Which means she's eating when Nick perks up.

"MMmmhmmm." Isis says around a mouthful of food. It's take a few moments for her to be able to speak "The recording seems to be synched from his phone to a harddrive - I didn't know you could do that, by the way. The recording, or the part that we heard said that someone named Phillipa was on shift at the transit authority and everything was in place."

Oh yeah, they've got a smoking gun there's a small problem though.

Isis looks up, eyes ever so blue and wrinkles her nose. "Hank is sending the recordings to the Detective, yes. But … we didn't get them get … legally. And we might have been seen."

"Which means they'll be inadmissible and that the police might not be able to use them to get a warrant. Damn it." Nick growls a little and leans forward, rubbing his muzzle with the palms of his hands as he thinks. "There must be something else we can use. Phillipa…"

He thinks about that. "Transit authority. I don't suppose there was anything more specific? Something we could use to identify this person and tie her to Hadrick? Or anything illegal?"

"Not yet, but Hank gave me a copy of the files he copied." Isis says, still eating like she hasn't eaten for days. "I was going to get you to go through them with me. Show me how to do it. Hanks decrypting the rest of the recordings though." Fumbling in her pocket, Isis holds up a thumbdrive and glances towards their computer. She knows it's late but the information they're looking for might be there.

"How's Six?" That's … Isis hasn't been very keen to discuss her doppleganger. Not that Nick can blame her for that.

"Safely with the other mutants we've helped to the safe houses. I had to explain why she looks like you and I didn't want to explain much." Nick isn't really very suited to watch over someone like that. There's a reason beyond just being homeless that he had not taken on Isis when she was first rescued. He just isn't the right person to teach someone how to be a person. The X-School is the best for that and when this is over he may have Six moved there.

"I can help you with that yes. Tomorrow morning if you like." It will probably get priority because, well, this seems important. It may be the best lead they have.

"Not now?" Isis isn't sure they should look now, Nick looks tired and she is as well. She's really hoping there's something about Phillipa there - this is what they've been looking for. "Do you think this will give us Lobo Tech, Nick?" She asks quietly, finishing that plate of food and pushing it to the side.

She's thinking about Six, it shows on her face. "Do you think I was a clone, like she was, Nick? We know I was an experiment but what if … I'm not me?" beat "And is this why they want me back?"

Padding around the bench, the feline-like mutant clambers onto Nicks knee. She doesn't think much about personal space.

"Not now. After we sleep and when we're both rested. That way there's less chances that we will miss things." Nick yawns a little bit and rubs his eyes some more.

"I don't know Isis. It's possible but… I don't think so. We rescued a few mutants with you and never saw any evidence of anyone like you. You've been out of their hands for a while. If I had to guess I'd say that they didn't want to lose the research you represented and cloned you off of an old blood sample or something." Because cells generally have all the information you need to build a complete person - more or less - if you know where to look for it and how to activate it.

Nick loops an Arm around Isis waist and smiles a bit at her. He's tired.

"Alright then …" Isis might prefer to do this tonight but she can't do it without Nick and … his lap sort of warm and comfortable. "But they made so many. Six, at least and we don't know how many more." She doesn't like this, not at all. "I …won't have to see her, will I?"

"Can I go and help Hisako at the University, Nick?" She's been meaning to ask this for a couple of days. "Hisako wants to find ways for people to get in and I'm … kind of good at that. I know you're worried that if I do, I'm at risk but there are mutants on the scholarship that Hisako has got. She said one is sort of animal like, a bit like you and me." beat "Maybe you could take me down, to meet Hisako and say that you're considering sending me there…." He'll have to not laugh when he says that, Isis going to school - much less University, is a recipe for disaster.

Nick shakes his head. "You won't have to see her if you don't want to." He assures Isis. It's awkward enough just knowing she's out there. And as to why? Well he's not sure he really wants to find that out, all things considered.

"You… want to go help Hisako?" Nick doesn't think that Isis will interview well but as long as Hisako is about to be the 'safe bet' then it should be okay. Provided Isis doesn't give up the entire ruse. Which IS a bit concerning but… he'll let that lie. She'll probably be okay.

"I could do that, yes. You really want to go interview on the university though? Or were you thinking of something else?"

"I don't." Want to see Six. At least not yet. "I don't want to think about the place I grew up." It says a lot for how far she's come since they rescued Isis. They probably do need to work out why - but that's a discussion for another time.

Isis rubs her ears under Nicks chin and sniffs at his fur. "New shampoo? I like it…" beat "I … Hisako was worried and with the people who attacked the Medical Clinic being out on bail, I can't blame her. But no, I don't want to interview or anything - I thought that I could say I was interested and have Hisako and you show me around … Or do you think that's a bad move?"

"New Shampoo. I like the way this one smells." It's sort of… pine and a few other things. It smells nice and it doesn't have any of the stickiness that normal pine sap comes with. And it doesn't smell like disinfectant the way pinesol does.

"We can certainly show you around. And it's not a bad idea, Isis I'm just curious what information you wanted to get. Did you just want to get a second set of eyes on it and see if you could pick things up? Or were you hoping to catch someone alone and convince them to trust you."

Which she is good at doing it's just if she gets caught… oooh.

"I like it. Smells like the woods where you run your classes." The ones at the Institute she means.

"Do you think so, Nick?" It's a tired kitten who settles against Nick, idly playing with the fur on his arms.

"Second set of eyes, maybe get into places and see what they're doing. I hadn't thought about finding someone, but that's not a bad idea. Maybe an Administrator or something. I could distract them while you and Hisako go looking for information." She's done that for Nick before.

"I think they're using the scholarship program to find mutants, Nick. I don't know why, but it seems like a good way to do it."

"I agree. I think they're looking for targets. Or maybe recruits." Nick thinks about it for a couple more minutes and then nods to himself. "We'll do it. We can go talk to Hisako and then find an excuse to get you onto the campus and show you around." There's a risk but everything they're doing at this stage is a risk and they are not going to be able to close this case out without taking some.

"I'm glad you like it. That is part of why I picked it." That and he likes pine. It reminds him of simple things and better times.

"Really? I wasn't sure you would let me. You seemed worried the other day when we were talking about it." Isis knows she's at risk and things are dangerous, particularly with that 'homing signal' but this is what they do, isn't it?

"I'll let Hisako and Hank know in the morning. Now tell me what you did this evening, while I was breaking and entering."

She smiles when Nick admits to choosing the scent partly for her. Maybe they can go camping when they get a chance.

"I am a bit worried but… well I think it's important that I let you try. After all you're in this with me." It's not him and Isis following, it's the two of them trying to figure this out. Sure he's the only licensed PI but if he keeps her in a perpetually dependent state is he any better than the people he found her with?

"Well I was doing cross checking on some public databases looking for stuff on Hadrick. Then I ordered Chinese, watched some Hogan's Heroes and then went to bed. Much less exciting than breaking and entering, relaly."

"Did you find anything? And what was Seargeant Schultz up to this time?" Isis likes Hogans Heroes even if she doesn't understand half the humour.

"Do you want to go back to bed, now?" She knows they'll look at that data stick in the morning and hopefully find out about 'Phillipa'.

"Seeing nothing and knowing nothing as usual." Nick chuckles. "And yes. I think if you're done eating it's time to go back to sleep." Because he had been asleep when she got home. And the warm confines of the blankets sound good about now.

"Tomorrow morning we'll go over those documents together and see if we can find anything we can use for the police." Because they need that or all of this will have been for naught.

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