2020-04-22 - Peaceful Protest


A protest outside the Church of Bright Light turns nasty

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Apr 22 23:47:26 2020
Location: Lower East Side

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The feeling on the street in Lower East Side and Mutant Town is a little tense. There's been problems with the subway, the burst water main, the attack on the clinic and the murder - it is now classified as murder - of a prominant business man who is also a known mutant.

The charges for the murder have been laid against two people, both connected with the Church of Bright Daylight. This is not a church in the *true* sense of the word - it is the remnants of a bigotted group who lost most of their political capital when the Registration Act was repealed. Political capital and funding.

Which is why it is baffling that members of this Church have even tried to launch an offensive against the mutants in Lower East Side.

The initial hearing for the bail of one Lucas Michaels and Brian Frances is today. The media have been reporting that the gentlemen, ahem, in question have connections to a local rotary club and there's some questionable dealings between them, Gregory Thames - the Deacon of the Church of Bright Daylight and Leland Hadrick, a Vice President with Lobo Technologies. It's hard to hide connections like and this is *juicy* news.

Anya Corazon, aka Spider-Woman, has been able to track some of this information down herself. It's led her to the Church, of course, which is housed in a building next to a mechanics, where Ford Bennet works.

With the court hearing underway, the good people of Lower East Side have turned out to protest the Church's existence. It's a peaceful protest, mostly, so far with mutants and locals waving placards and singing songs.

This *might* not make Ford happy as it's blocking the entrance to his garage.

Also - there's been no appearance of any of the Church members. Yet.

There's good reason for Spider-Girl to be spending more time downtown these days. Things have been relatively quiet up in Harlem, after all.

The young woman's mask is off, and her black and white costume concealed by ratty clothes purchased at a thrift store and run over a few times by a mechanic uptown. She'd promised him a free round at Luke's for he and his buddies. Luke's not gonna be happy about that, but whatever.

Now posed as a homeless and dopesick girl, considering the clothes are a size or two too large for her, she plods along outside the church in thespian misery, seeking the handout of a good Samaritan. She reeks of cheap, corner store liquor, but it's all a ruse.

A small earbud in one ear, concealed by the hoodie upon her head, sends sonic tones at varying frequencies and rhythmic intervals. An interpretation of code packets, being delivered by a stealthy drone that has infiltrated the building. Arana, Spider-Girl's drone, is creeping along the hallways, using her IR sensors to avoid human contact while searching for conversations to spy on with her enhanced microphones.

Ford was both shocked and not at all surprised that the asshats behind the attack at the festival he'd been attending had set up shop LITERALLY right next door to his work. He was decidedly displeased with the turn out for the protest, and fighting those little voices in the back of his head that, once again, mutants seemed to bring trouble to wherever he seemed to work. Still, at least they were doing it peacefully, and not with bombs or weapons. THIS, he could tolerate. And as far as he was concerned, they had every right to speak up about something they didn't like.

Under normal circumstances, Ford would be less than happy with having only a few cars in the shop today - getting through a protest is a challenging prospect that deters business. But in this case, he was content to finish what work he had and stand at the entrance of the garage, watching the building and ocassionally searching the crowd. Anyone willing to kill someone and injure perfectly innocent bystanders with explosives was not the sort you could challenge with holding hands and bright signs. The Church could call itself whatever it wanted - Ford knew perfectly well this whole group was nothing, but sickos.

Hank has been known on more than one occasion to protest things - well, one thing: The Registration Act. He even spent some time in jail for failure to register. Blogs, podcasts, letter writing campaigns…the whole nine yards. He too has shown up for this protest, and he *does* agree with it, but he's not here primarily to protest the false church - he's here out of a concern for the safety of the protestors.

One thing has been a common denominator - mutants. So, he is using a phone, or more precisely an app on it tied into the mini-Cerebro unit on his belt under the jacket he's wearing, to scan for mutant presences. If he's right there will be several present in the crowd.

He's dressed in a grey suit, a brushed silk black shirt with a white tie, and size twenty-dress shoes. The suit is well (and necessarily!) tailored, and he wears a fedora of grey with a black band. Not that the blue-black fur, fangs and claws are going to be hidden or anything, he'd need a tarp for that!

Brandon's not there to take part in any protests. With the hearing scheduled, he's fairly certain there's going to be violence. It would make as little sense as what they already did but they're trying to make a point and send a message. So trying to break them out, martyr them, or just continue the violence seems likely. He's several buildings away leaning against a wall and watching and waiting.

On the outskirts of the crowd, perched on a wall, is Isis Marik in her black jacket with hot pink piping. If that's enough to mark her out, the cats ears on her head do. She's not watching the crowd, she's watching the door to church. Suddenly her head swivels to the back of the crowd, almost going 'on point' as she peers.

She's not far from Anya, but doesn't recognise her. The smell of the alcohol is enough to disguise her scent.

"Move aside, let us through!" One of the protestors stumbles as they're jostled - or is shoved? Hard to tell. "You've no right to be blocking our entrance." It's a woman, well dressed, trying to get through the crowd to the church. She's belligerent but entitled and that's not playing well as the crowd around her mutters and seems to 'swell'. This is happening right in view of Brandon.

The woman heads towards Fords garage trying to get through. "You there!" She calls out. "You have a way out the back. I want to use it." That … brings attention to Ford and the mechanics. The crowd doesn't seem to like that.

Inside, Arana is picking up snippets of conversations. Mutters about damn mutants and the like. Nothing serious or anything less than expected given the situation. Except in a room that looks like a filing room. There, several shredders are running and people look stressed.

"Get it destroyed before they supeona our files." One of the men is saying to others in the room. "Or we're overrun." Sounds like something they might be interested in.

Hanks mini-Cerebro hook up gets several pings. Some are obvious mutants with glittering or scaled skin, wings or just strange head ornamentation. Others are not - they'd pass for human any day.

Anya's data stream is peppered with dialogue picked up by Arana's microphones, but something disturbs the data stream; a signal unlike anything she's ever encountered. The drone has a momentary error and flags the signal, unable to interpret it as it is in a language no other technology could understand. It draws Anya's attention to Hank, and the little "dopesick" girl smirks.

She's halfway through forcing her way into Hank's comm system when a conversation and a sound draws her ear. That smirk suddenly fades, replaced by a bitter frown. Her hand moves, momentarily visible beneath the dirty cuff of a sweatshirt too large for her frame, encased in black, fingers dancing.

Hank. Anya's telltale, accented voice crackles into his comms. They're shredding documents inside. I'm going in.

The little dope sick girl takes advantage of the commotion and slips into an alleyway. There, the clothes are ripped free, taking the scent of Wild Irish Rose with them; Spider-Girl is soon scaling the walls, closing in on the location where those urgent voices have been flagged.

Brandon has no intention of getting involved. Let the woman bitch; it's public property and even if it weren't, she can call the cops. So long as it looks like no one's going to get killed, he'll just stay where he is.

Ford's hearing catches on to the verbal battery of the older woman. But it's when he's called out directly by her that catches his attention. His lazy posture is dropped for a more attentive one, arching a brow at her comment. "…we do?" Ford immediately began wracking his brain… oh yeah! That door! "Huh… forgot all about that way. Of course, ma'am. See those jacks? Left of those through the door is a water fountain. Head past it, to the left is a door with 'Exit Only'. Can't miss it. Should lead you right out the back." Ford assisted, pointing as helpfully as he can. Ford was nothing if not a consumate gentleman.

Turning back, Ford noticed that a number of faces in the crowd were looking his way… and none of them looked happy. But Ford was not about to apologize for showing some manners. His back straightened up, his arms folded over his chest and his expression was firm. "Go on! Lady has a right to get into her place!" Ford called back.

Taking out his reading glasses, Hank dons them, murmuring quietly to Isis over comms on a fairly exotic frequency. «Several mutants present, some few can pass for normal humans.» Unfortunately for Hank his senses, though keen, aren't super enough to sense anything inside the building. Nor can he scent Anya, unless she gets very close, then he might be able to make her out through the fog of cheap alcohol and grimy clothes - which is surely part of the plan, she's so method!

Not knowing Ford, he is noted but seems ordinary enough, and Brandon is outside his scanning range on the mini unit, though Isis is not. Having confirmed which of the protestors are mutants, he tucks his phone away just in time for Anya's break in to the comms. Ah, hello Spider-Girl. If he's nonplussed he doesn't betray it. I'll cut my colleague Miss Marik into this feed. Out comes the phone again to mask his synching their comms. </Isis, we have an ally, Spider-Girl, now in communication. Spider-Girl, my friend and colleague, Isis. There's shredding in process inside, she's going in./>

The entitled woman draws his yellow eyes, and then when the mechanic accedes to her demand, so too does Ford. Still, she and the mechanic are within their rights.

</How can we assist, Spider-Girl?/>

The woman pushes through the crowd towards Fords shopfront but the crowd swells and shoving starts. The woman is caught by the hair and dragged back from the building. Tempers are rife and she was the last straw. They also start to spill into Fords area as scuffles break out.

To make matters worse, the doors to the Church open, several men step out onto the steps. "Get away with you. This is private property and we won't have the likes of you here." Oh dear. It's on. Some of the crowd rushes towards the church intent on overrunning it.

That's when gunshots are heard. The men … are armed. Not well, it has to be said, those are simple rifles or shotguns. But they'll still put a hole in someone no matter what.

From his vantage, Brandon can see people go down under the crowd. Shot? Possbily. Or just trampled. He can also see Isis hop from her ledge to the eave of the Church.

Anya can scale the walls easily enough. She even finds an entrance through a window three stories up. She'll have to come down through the building - dressed as she is. Uh oh - someone just entered that office as she climbs in. And … they're armed as well.

Shredding? Interesting. Try to get what they have. I'll go in too. With a simple leap, Isis reaches the window behind Spider-Girl - just in time to see her slip inside. She'll be a few seconds behind - who knows what she'll come in on? Are they shooting out, Hank? Don't get hurt.

A SMS pops up on Hank's phone, coming from Spider-Girl's number, because they've totally exchanged digits. It simply contains a link to http://www.gofuqurself.mx/, which, when accessed via SMS, will bring up a simple webpage with a map that denotes Spider-Girl's GPS position. Pinch and zoom, just like google maps. Route to a HUD? No problem! Try to access it without clicking an SMS that was either sent or forwarded? You're routed instead to the following link:


Go ahead, click it. We dare you.

Follow the link. Spider-Girl replies to Hank while climbing the outside wall. Just in case I need backup while shutting down Shred-Gate 2020.

After slipping through the window, Spider-Girl encounters the bad bad man in all of her black and white, skin tight websuit glory. "Uh oh!" she exclaims, and whips her hands up into the air. "Don't shoot! I'm a girl!"

But a left wrist flicks, and a webline zings forth, snatching the gun and whipping it right up into the assailants nose with bone-crushing speed.

"I think you have a broken nose!" she exclaims, while rushing across the room, leaping over the man, catching the ceiling with all fours, and crawling as fast as she can into the hallway. "Better get that looked at, asshole!"

Meanwhile, a simple command is subvocalizes into her mask. Arana, gritar.

The Spider-Drone, now just outside the room with all the shredders, emits an ear piercing sound that's immensely painful to bear… for anyone in close proximity and without ear protection, of course. From outside, it may sound as if a burglar alarm has just gone off or something.

Of course they have guns. Almost certainly they're not licensed given NYC gun laws but that's not going to help now. Brandon's go to form seems to be the more or less man sized power armor which is exactly what he changes to. Then striding into the fray, he gently pushes the protestors out of the way till he can blast the firearms out of the hands of those firing them. Those close enough, he just squeezes the barrel shut. If they choose to fire them anyway, that's their decision.

'Dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit…'

Such was Ford's mindset. A constant stream of cussing, exasperation, and being thoroughly fed up with this crap. And a little voice in the back of his head going 'This always happens when mutants are involved.' As the older woman's hair is used as a rope to drag her back, Ford immediately rushes forward to aid her, looking to slug the offender and attempt to move the older woman to safety. Frankly, with over 2 tons of strength backing him up, shoving back a few unruly protestors shouldn't be too difficult. "Is THIS how you asshats conduct yourselves!? Man up and step back!"

And then come the gunmen. /Of course/ they have guns! Ford knew full well something like this would happen! Despite his better judgement, Ford starts to yank back protestors closest to him and try to shove them into the garage. At least there, the bullets couldn't reach them easily. "Dammit! Mr. Babal! Call the cops!" Ford did his best to shout over the din of the crowd to his boss inside… with any luck, he was already reaching for the phone thanks to the gunfire. "Put the damn guns away, you s#1712^ baskets!" Ford's yells were likely drowned out, however, thanks to one member of the crowd just up and transforming into a damn mech! Because that should ease the tension!

The instant that gunfire is heard, Hank taps the side of his glasses and they morph into a visor of see-through yellow. "Zed-zed-nine-plural-zed-alpha." He murmurs - and then his attire also morphs into a clearly armored costume that leaves both hands and feet bare. </We have gunfire, I will endeavor not to get get perforated, yes./> On the hud of his suit is soon projected showing all of their positions and fed to other comms as well. Even outside the building, Hank winces at the high pitched whine. Unaware of the side command to Arana, Hank assumes. </Someone just triggered a sonic-weapon! Careful, Isis!/>

With a prodigious leap, he's leaps to back up Brandon's armored form, putting his own bulk (and less armored form) between the crowd and stray bullets. He's also a very effective roadblock standing shoulder to shoulder with the living mech construct. "Hello Sarge." Should any guns still be in working order he'll do his best to correct that oversight…liking Brandon's style, he will content himself with crushing the weapons in his vice-like grip.

Hisako's had a busy few days, acclimating to a new school and doing her best to act like she belongs there as much as any other teenager - but it seems, so far, to be working.

Fortunately, when Hank let her know that he was headed to the protest to keep an eye on things, Hisako was able to extricate herself from hanging out with her classmates, and made her way to the periphery of Mutant Town as well - not blending into the crowd, but finding a decent rooftop overlooking things, and hunkering down to watch things unfold, praying she wouldn't need to get into things.

It's a prayer which, sadly, must have gone to some god's already-full voicemail, as gunfire rings out. Hisako - or rather, Armor, as she's made the subtle flip in how she thinks of herself - just lets out a breath and leaps from the rooftop, her armor flaring yellow around her on the way down, and expanding - carefully; she doesn't want to squish anyone! - so that her armor is about ten feet tall when its feet hit the pavement.

The extremists may or may not recognize the power in use; Armor's actually wearing goggles of her own this time, rather similar to Beast's visor. They don't do *much* to hide her identity, but even a little bit of confusion can be enough to deflect suspicion. Armor's not waiting to see whether the gun-toting bigots *recognize* her, though - she's already picking her way towards them, whether she can go through the crowd or has to detour around the edges.

Hanks warning comes too late for Isis who lands on the floor behind Spider-Girl just as the sonics go off. She yowls loudly, canting her head left and right and trying to cover her ears. Not that it helps - it *hurts* and leaves her dizzy and off balance for a moment.

Oh yes. Hank gets that yowl through the comms system.

Blood flows from the guys nose that Spider-Girl hit. There was definitely a satisfying 'crunch' when she did - she might not have heard it over Isis' cries. Before Anya knows it though, there's a blur of black and pink, as Isis sails over her shoulder and tackles the next one entering the room.

That *looks* like it leaves the way clear down to the lower floor where Anya can hear people in pain.

Sarge barrels into the frey - carefully. Protestors lifted out his way as he does. They complain and fight, thinking he's one of the 'church' for a split moment. A bullet hits the armour and stops dead. People dive behind the armoured man as he manages to disarm one of those of standing on the stairs, the crushed remnants of what was a gun in their hands. The others just turn their fire on him directly. Now … there's one less as Sarges aim lands true.

More join those on the steps. There must a half dozen there now. One uses the butt of his rifle as a club on Hank. That's probably a bad move.

That's when they're joined from the other side by Armor. The group now has to split attention between the three. Unfortunately, the three have to deal with the protestors as well.

Ford is left dealing with the crush at the mechanics. The older woman is pulled free but soon is lost in the commotion as the garage fills with angry and scared protestors. One of the Church sees the woman being yanked away and pushes his way towards "Hey you, mutant lover, leave her alone." Because yes - anyone who isn't with them must be against them. That's the way it goes isn't it? Ford now finds himself looking down the barrel of a gun.

From behind all this the NYPD move in, riot shields and visors at the ready.

How stupid do you have to be to keep firing at someone when they just bounce of him? Pretty stupid. Not that Brandon's going to educate them about it. Instead, he just uses the repulsors in his palms to blast more firearms, targetting them directly instead of the ones wielding them. He's not going to give them more ammunition for their claims of being oppressed as tempting as it is to crush their skulls.

"Shit! Sorry!" Anya's head is craning to see Isis, a grimace on her face. That's me! she reports over the comms. My sonic weapon!

Thats right, shake it off. She hates to do that to poor Isis, and the thought does cross her mind that Hank, and anyone else with animal-like ears, might be suffering a little, but it's a sacrifice they'll all have to make. Undoubtedly the document shredders are in a much worse state.

Spider-Girl scrambles along behind Isis, switching from the ceiling to a wall, then down to the floor, then back upon a wall. The leaps and bounds are faster than running, a sort of parkour she's developed from chasing bad guys down narrow, NYC hallways such as these.

Bounding down a stairwell in similar fashion, she triggers Arana to cease her screaming a moment before coming upon the room in question. She takes to the door feet first, hell bent on bashing it in and webbing up as many people as she can.

Yes, the guns were definitely an overreaction. But you know what else is an overreaction, by Ford's measure? Two giant psionic robots and a blue monkey-bear! Setting off an absolutely awful alarm! Could nothing ever just be one crisis at a time!? Now Ford had to figure out how to deal with a garage full of likely spooked and still angry civilians while- was that a gun? Indeed, Ford's new view upon turning around was a lovely scenic view of a civilian model rifle. Now, granted, it probably wouldn't kill Ford, but it would certainly leave at least a nasty bruise or maybe even a cut. He was only bullet proof up to a point as a human.

Still, Ford glared daggers, even letting his demon yellow eyes slip out a little as he spoke, his tone that of a stern father who is trying really hard not to spank a misbehaving child. He reached up slowly, placing his hand over the barrel of the rifle and lowering it, speaking loud, clear, and barely restrained. "Do. Not. Call. Me. That. Again. Now be a man and see to the lady. Take her upstairs, get her some first aid, and make sure she's alright."

Not even waiting, Ford raised his voice again to try and call over the crowded garage. "People! I need you all to get down on the ground and remain quiet! Everything is under control! The police will be here soon!"

As soon as he sees the golden shimmer of Armor's power in use, he adds her to the comms, thankfully after Isis yowls into them. </Spider-girl, just…be advised, Isis and I both have super keen hearing, those weapons are rather…unpleasant for us, a heads up in the future if you plese./> Ears ringing still, from Isis' yowls, Hank looks to Hisako. </I have added you to comms, Armor…in link are Isis Marika and Spider-Girl Black./>

Ten feet of Armor is definitely better than a mere five-feet elven of Beast. "Armor…welcome to the party." Hank ponders a moment, then braces before bringing his hands together before him in a mighty slap…like ten tons of force worth, intent on sending a compression wave into the gun and club toting idiots on the steps. Not likely to be lethal, but sure to be unfun. Seems he's not so worried about being though an oppressor. The guy who hit him with the club? Yeah, front and center for that blast and even before that…he was /growled/ at, some fairly serious fangs bared in the process.

The mechanic's calm in the face of a gun in his is not lost on Hank. Brave or super, that's still takes some cojones of brass.

"Sorry I wasn't in motion faster," Armor says apologetically to Beast as she closes in on the gun-toting extremists. That compression wave of Hank's *should* leave the idiots off-balance more than adequately, but Armor's protective construct leans in to forcefully collect the rifles - and to keep those muzzles aimed at the armor's torso. Which means they're pointing dangerously close to Hisako herself, hovering inside the exo-armor.

It's not like these goons can afford adamantium or lasers, though, so she's not especially worried for her own sake - just the sakes of her allies and her friends.

The rifle isn't lowered as Ford hopes it will be. At least it isn't fired on him, though. It's used as a club instead. This guy is angry and angry people do dumb things. At least the others in garage are hitting the deck?

Brandon gets four more disarmed - with *little* damage to the people. Well, there's a little bit. They look at the man murderously. "Damn fucking mutants. We just wanted to be left alone …" Sure, sure they did. Oh, well, they probably did - they just didn't want to leave others alone.

The remainder are sent stumbling by Hank and Hisako does a good job of collecting the weapons. The only thing left is to stop the protestors overrunning the stairs. The police are slowly getting order back into things.

Inside, Anya and Isis meet a little resistance, mostly in the way of foul words and insults. Isis decides to follow Anya's path - she doesn't stick to walls but cat will cat. One guy swings for Anya, only to be tackled by the cranky cat-like woman with bright blue eyes. Blood wells from a three gashes on his cheek - Isis just swiped him with those razor sharp claws of hers.

That leaves her back exposed to the one who tries, on very unstable legs, to drag her away. Anya might have some fun with that one and … in the room, there's a box of paper that's not yet been shredded - and a disk drive with the Delete All Now prompt blinking.

All that's left really, is the clean up and to work out what they've found here.

Brandon just looks back at the church members impassively. Easy enough since he has no facial muscles to change his expression one way or another. As the police start getting things under control, he looks around to make sure he doesn't need to do anything else. Then giving Beast a nod, he flies off.

Ford was at least grateful for the other folks in the garage following orders, intentional or not. He would almost smile a little bit if it wasn't for the rifle being used to club him in the side of the head. Not that he feels it very much. But it's now making /Ford/ angry. His hand snapped up to the rifle barrel, grabbing it tightly and yanking it from the man's hand. His other hand grabs the man's shirt and drags him up in the air slightly, his eyes glowing yellow slightly as he spoke.

"Listen here, you four-flushed sack of crap. The next time you want to tussle with someone, make sure you do it with your emotions in check. Otherwise, you might be on the bad end of a guy who would spitroast you with this rifle." And possibly eat him. Ford would be lying if he denied that thought crossing his mind once in a blue moon. He shoved the man back, forcefully relieving him of his weapon in the process. "Upstairs. Now. See to the lady. And do not come through that damn door again. Clear?"

Weblines zig zag across the room, taking great care to avoid causing interference with her partner's movements.

Spider-Girl lands on all four, very much like the insect she's become fashioned after. A sneer forms are the one who tries to take Isis by the rear, and a pair of weblines snap out to catch the shredder by his legs. That oughta throw him off balance, and though he might catch the floor by his nose, he's being drug toward her anyway.

"Shred this," she quips, and flings him upright. Webbing forms around him, as she spins and flips from her feet to her hands, wrapping him in a makeshift cocoon.

Coming to a rest upon a nearby wall, she sighs. Sorry about that, you guys. I'll totally share my ear buffer tech. And… well, free drinks. Somewhere special.

The young heroine vaults from the floor to come alongside Isis, looking toward her with a slanted smirk. "Thanks for the backup," she says. "And, uh." A foot drops back to toe at the ground, her lips wrapping into a partial frown. "Sorry about those ears."

"Not to worry, Armor. You're here in good time, that's what matters." Looking at the disarmed gunmen, he grins over a shoulder to Hisako. "See what you can do with the crowds, I will deal with this lot." He will simply use gun barrels torn from the guns as improvised shackles, bending them like they're pipe cleaners in his rather huge hands.

Over the Comms, </Situation in front is stabilizing, police are en route, ladies./> A moment to tie up another goon. </And yes, I think a round of drinks would be good…and give us a place to discuss your findings. Isis, Armor, can you join us?/> Not like Hank doesn't know where Anya's likely to suggest.

As Brandon nods. Hank smiles. "Go…we'll handle it from here, thank you for your assistance." A pause. "I will email you, we should talk, Sarge." And then he watches the man soar off.

If the police want to collect those weapons, they may need to reconstruct a bunch of them first; Armor is *not* gentle about handling them, so there are likely to be broken stocks, crushed receivers, and other damage to the guns. Not that Beast seems worried about that either - in fact, he's being even less careful with the weapons than Armor herself.

"You sure about letting me try to talk them down?" Armor whispers as she finishes rendering her collection of guns unusable, save perhaps as post-modern art. Admittedly, *she* doesn't want to simply leave the bigots at the crowd's mercy, either …. so she scales her armor down (to six and a half feet or so, maybe seven at most) and turns to face the crowd, looking them over - and pointedly making the expression on her face a peaceful one. Stern, not necessarily happy, but … she doesn't want to threaten anyone right now.

"I think the situation is handled now. The police should have enough evidence to make sure that the leaders of this 'Church' are properly tried, and with a little luck, convicted. More importantly - these people aren't worth dirtying your hands on. Better if they learn the error of their ways in prison, yes?"

It's over, bar the shouting. And there's a lot of that. Isis offers Anya a weak smile and rubs her ears. "It hurt." Is all she says, cancelling the 'delete' option. "Hank, we've got a heap of stuff in here, they were trying to destroy."

A drink? "I uh. Think so? I'll let Nick know…" He'll worry a bit.

Ford has to put the garage back to rights and Sarge, Hank and Isis can follow up later.


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