2020-04-21 - Jail Break


A jail break and jell-o wrestling

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Apr 21 03:46:16 2020
Location: Greenwich Village

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Being semi-divine has some drawbacks. It has a lot of advantages. Shapeshifting, long life, mild chaos effects, spirit sight and all the rest but it comes with some family baggage that just sometimes… well. It makes for a really bad day.

Today is one of those days. It started with some old magic from this land. Lenape, if she had to guess but possibly from some other tradition. It's part prayer, part legal speak invoking ancient contracts and part straight up magical compulsion. Normally Jesana is a literal free spirit and can give anything like that the middle finger. But then they'd invoked her father's name. And that, unfortunately, had sealed the deal. Her task was to sneak into a prison and break out an old nazi.

Seriously some days…

Unfortunately Jes being Jes, she'd managed it. She had tricked, shifted and lucked her way in where the smirking, hideous HYDRA leader - a man named Zemo - had been waiting. Then she had tricked, shifted and lucked her way back out with the guy in tow, unable to hurt him or raise the alarm. She and he are just closing in on the docks now where there is a boat waiting for him.

"You should come with us. I could use some company on the trip out of here." Zemo is saying. Ew gross. And also going with him is not part of the deal. Sadly, getting him out safely is.

Oh. Oh. She is gonna fucking *MURDER* these assholes. Once they are safely away and the deal is done. Well, actually first she has to finish her current job, training those citizens and hunting down that freaky handed bastard threatening them. Then, she's gonna drink her way through half the bars in the city. After that, these guys are gonna die. In very horrible, very painful and very creative ways. Why oh why couldn't her luck have gone bad when she needed it to?! Somewhere her father is either laughing, or, hiding. Cause after all that is done she's coming for him!

Jesana looks the creep up and down, her expression a sneer of disgust. "I would rather rip your balls off and feed them to you. I would rather mate a wild coyote! Or even a freaking wolf! Not if you were the last living being on this gods forsaken planet!"

Because right now that is her opinion of the world. Who the hell enabled this to happen?? Why was this guy even still alive? And that they used native magic of all things to free a friggin' nazi. If she were any angrier her head would explode. That might still happen. The night ain't over with yet. "Get on your damn boat and get the fuck out of my city. I hope your boat sinks and you get eaten by sharks." Being nice was not part of the cursed deal. He'll just have to live with it. For now. Jesa vows silently. Oh she is gonna kill her damn dad.

No one had raised the alarm yet that Zemo had gone. It was too soon but when they did, they'd be sure to let Mari McCabe and T'Challa know. The man had a beef with the ex-model at least.

As it is, Mari is at the docks, inspecting one of the warehouses McCabe Industries rents there - well the contents of it. She may or may not have company - whichever it is, she's taking some air on the docks, watching the waiting boat and … "Jesana?" She calls to the native american woman.

She does have company and it's company of a slightly unusual sort. Someone had been testing some upgrades to a black cat suit and that is the man who steps forward out the the shadows to peer at Jesana.

And her guest. "Isn't that… Zemo?" The cat suited man tenses. "Jesana what are you doing?"

The tone is tight and warning. Zemo turns to look at them, not quite to the boat yet. "Mmmm. It looks like you shall have to protect me while I depart. A pity but probably for ze best. Now, off vith you. Do your duty."

She doesn't really have a choice.

"I'm going for Zemo. Mari… deal with her." Whatever is going on they'll put an end to it now and sort it out later. And then the cat suited man is moving, climbing upward and letting Mari deal with Jesana.

One of these days she'll learn to knock it off with the wishing. It never goes the way she wants. Shit. Yeah she wanted caught but not by Mari! She's trying to befriend her and T'Challa for crying outloud. How the hell is she gonna explain this?? For now she can't. So she tilts her head and tries a minor illusion, she looks native still but older, thinner, her cheekbones higher. Then someone else steps out of the shadows and startles her and the illusion fades. "Oh fuck a duck!" She snarls. How does this guy even know her.. Jesana's nostrils flare and she blinks. Ohhhhkaaaayyyy. "Look. I don't want to fight you, either of you. I have to do this. Just for now. Please. Just pretend this isn't happening."

"Oh you sonofabitch." She turns and snarls at Zemo. The rest of what she says is in a variety of tongues no one here is like to understand. "Wait! Oh this is not my fucking day." Of course they've got some beef with this guy. He's a godsdamn nazi! "I hope you kill him." She mutters just loud enough for T'Challa to hear.

Now she's gotta stand here and get her ass handed to her. Hey, if Mari wails on her enough maybe she'll have a reason to go look up that cutie doctor from the other night. She brightens slightly at the thought. What? Girl's still gotta get some. Especially after days like this. She wishes she could say that this kind of day was few and far between but…wait no, no with the wishing dammit.

"What on earth … is he doing out of the cell?" Mari shakes her head like she's clear to it. "If you don't want to fight us, then don't. Grab him. He's an international terrorist, for Anansi's sake." As she's talking, the glowing silhouette of a rhinoceros appears behind the ex-model. Jes should probably thank her lucky stars, Mari doesn't have her costume - it's going to be … woman on woman … ahem.

As Jes moves, so does Mari - using a simple charge to try and slow the woman. It will hit like a truck though and send the two of them into the wall behind Jes. "Are you in league with that … *man*?"

The Black Panther makes the rooftop and leaps but is actually knocked out of the sky by an honest to god missile from the boat. The explosion is going to get a lot of attention. Zemo has made the boat and it is making to pull off but that still leaves it untying and so on for a few minutes. There are still chances to get him, but now it seems like Mari is going to be in the better position to do that. Of course Jes HAS to fight her. She has to buy time for Zemo to escape. It really, really isn't her day.

"Why isn't she grabbing him?!" Panther says as he gets back up. As if Mari has any kind of answers to that. It doesn't look good no. Surely she can explain later but it really doesn't look good right now.

"I knoooow." Jes wails. "I'm so sorry!" She oomphs as Mari tramples her and knocks them both into the wall. She'd really rather it were jello. Chaos can be fun. It's not like she can control it, it's more like it picks the most random awkward times possible to manifest, like now when her idle thought as she hits the wall turns into reality and she and Mari are abruptly encased in a semi-solid mass of strawbery goo. "Really!? Really?!" Jes exclaims.

"Not in league with that fucker. Gonna kill him six ways from Sunday when this compulsion breaks." Jesana growls and tries to get ahold of Mari without actually hurting her, if she can just hug her, she might have a chance at keeping her from chasing after..Catman?? Does Mari even know who that is? She does but she's sorta got other problems now. "Oh my god! Is he okay??" How is she going to make this up to them? At least it looks like T'Challa is still alive. Desperate, she lobs a wad of Jello at T'Challa's eyes and then tackles Mari and tries to wrap her arms around her front and tangle up their legs. "Never gonna get the smell of this crap out of my hair." Jes growls. Fake strawberry for days. Yay.

Never in her wildest dreams has Mari dreamt of jello wrestling. The impact takes her breath but it's scants moments to recover. Far fewer than Jes might want … until the wall and ground turns to … goo (that smells disgusting).

As the transformation comes, Mari is stepping in to 'throw' the trickster demigoddess in a judo style throw. She does, but slips and lands on top of the woman.

"Anansi save me, what's going on here?" She's scrabbling to hold Jes and get some answers.

"Like I know, Panther … look at this…"

It's just not her night at all for just as Jes thinks things can't get any worse, they do! She is herself after all and she's wresting in jello with a very attractive woman. So despite the circumstances she can't help but sorta wish that was all that was going on right now. Part of that wish comes true. The dark clothing Jes had put on after getting free of the jail turns into her usual white shifter getup and now she looks like and Indian stripper covered in Jello and Mari is wearing a little bitty yellow polka dot bikini because she was listening to that old song on a record this morning before her day went so very very wrong. Or at least that is the only reason she can come up with for that particular outfit. Okay less of an outfit and more of a "Ow!" Her distraction as she pauses to admire their change in attire leads to Mari getting an elbow in. Right to her face.

Jesana just starts laughing, no, it's not really funny but what else can she do? She couldn't fuck this night up more if she tried! And she can usually *TRY* like nobodies business. "Huh." Jesana looks towards the boat and focuses all her considerable Will on the hope that as soon as they are safely out of range the ship it struck by lightening. Repeatedly. What? It's worth a shot. Though the way her luck is going she's the one gonna get fried. "I'm so sorry!" She tries to apologize again, still attempting to keep Mari from chasing after the ship. She is so screwed and not the good kinda screwed! The absolute worst kind! No, she's beyond that. So far beyond that the light from screwed will take a million years to reach her.

Well now both women are slick, slippery and covered in red goop. They look like they've been on a Nickelodeon show and they smell like fake strawberry. Just… what?

The Panter makes another leap but the boat is too far out. He lands on the water's edge just shy of the quay. Damn. He's gone. The Panther hauls back and throws a tracker. At least they can find out where that asshole is going.

Then he turns to deal with… "Um."

The Panther just stares. By this point Zemo is 'safely' away and the compulsion fades. The Panther will probably be asking pointed questions in a moment but for now he's just staring at Mari and Jes… jell-o wrestling.

It's a good song. A little too old for Mari's tastes but she appreciates good music all the same. And hey, yellow looks good against that ebony skin of hers. "What is going on here …" She slips again and the elbow does indeed land in Jes' face.

"How could you help him get away?"

It is with *great* dignity that the ex-model manages to stand and grab Jes, dragging the woman to the edge of the goop and handing her to the Panther. "Please tell me there are no reporters around. My Board will have fit if this makes the feeds …"

"If it helps modern cameras usually mess up around me." Jesana says helpfully. Then she sighs and slumps to the ground. "I had no choice. Normally no one can make me do anything. I'm like, free will incarnate. Or whatever. These scum sucking turd eating who-uh.." She suddenly recalls she's in front of a lady. "Sorry, anyway. They used native american magic and invoked my father and I had to do what they asked. Do you have any idea how *WRONG* that is?! Using ancient native arts that most have forgotten ever existed to make me free a nazi?! I'm gonna kill them! The compulsion is over now. I am so sorry. THere was nothing I could do but free him."

She's trembling with rage and honestly, a bit of fear. She's never been compelled to do anything before. At least not that she remembers. It's an incredibly unpleasant situation. "Is this what it's like for normal people every day? Having to go to work and follow laws and..all that junk. Jesus but I think I'd rather just stay dead." She shudders and hugs herself. "I will make this right. I will. I swear it." She takes two of the silver and torquise bracelets from one of her wrists and offers one each to Mari and T'..Panther man. She still isn't sure if she's supposed to know who he is. "Here. This means I owe you, both of you. I'll do what it takes to fix this bullshit. Then I'm gonna kill whoever decided they could use Lenape ritual and my asshole old man to make me do all this. Then I'm going after rmy old..wait..how the hell did these people even know who I am?" That's a good question. She remembers being in Vietnam, vaguely. Is it possible she was in to it with the nazi's too?? But that was… well they're certainly the kind of people she'd go hunting but really how old is she? Jesana just sighs and covers her face with her hands. "I am so sorry." This has got to be a record on the apologies. Her usual version of one is a rather rude gesture. These have all been sincere though! She really likes these two.

The Black Panther looks around. Nnnnnooooo. There are no reporters. Thank Bast. The cat suited man reaches up to tap his hood and the cat helmet just melts off revealing his face.

Apparently this cat is out of the bag. He takes the silver bracer and then looks at Mari. "I'll be content with you making it right. We'll help but… we're going to have to tell SHIELD if they don't know already and that means that they're going to want to ask you questions."

Of course if she insists on owing him he's not going to turn her down. She clearly feels awful.

"Mari I got a tracker on him. We'll need to hook it up to a good receiver. Don't you have a satellite phone uplink that we can use for that? For talking to overseas contacts where there isn't any cell service?"

She probably doesn't own her own satellites. Neither does he though… now that he thinks about it that could be useful. It can't cost THAT much to get one launched, can it?

"What… why Jello?" Both women are still smeared in it.

"Lord have mercy." Jesana begs in Siksika. Or the equivelent of those words. "I..uh." …"It was a random thought. It manifested. I can't control the chaos much. Stuff just happens. Usually at the worst possible time. I was wishing that this wasn't happening. That uh..I'd rather be wrestling for fun." Close enough to the truth. "Not helping some nazi bastard escape!" Great. SHIELD. She's trying to stay under their radar. Oh man. She's gonna have to come up with something truly horrifying for these people for all of this. Something like painting their naked bodies with honey and staking them to fire ant hills!

"I can't believe this. I just can't.." This is a first probably. Normally she'd hear her old man laughing at something like this. Only she's pretty sure by the silence that he know exactly how pissed she is and how badly he screwed up somewhere in order for this to happen. "You…look really nice though." Jesana tries a weak smile at Mari.

Thank goodness there are no reporters. Mari looks good, she knows she does - well except for the pink goop. Taking the bracelet she looks at it and then to the Panther who reveals his face. "There now, isn't that better? And yes, I have a link on my pho—- Where *is* my phone?" It had been her pocket before Jes had transformed her. Fortunately, there's a pile of clothes right near T'Challa, he can get the phone - Mari's not touching anything while she's coated in Jello.

"You … were … " the dark skinned woman chuckles at Jesana "Never mind. I don't swing that way, I'm sure you realise."

"We should let SHIELD know though and … do you think we have to tell them about Jesana's involvment?"

"You do look very good though." T'Challa chuckles as he leans down to pick up the phone. "Lets get you washed off and dressed. I'm sure we can… find some place with better water than the river." Even if he has to kick over a fire hydrant.

"Then we can go…" Mari's question has him pausing and he considers it. "No. We don't have to tell them. But I think it's best that we do if she's willing to come with us."

The Panther looks at Jesana. Either way they'll get going in a moment here.

"Yeah. I can be *very* convincing though." Jesana grins. Then sighs. Now is not the time. "Sorry. I know I said that but i really am. I tend to not do things I feel a need to apologize for. If anyone has ever bbeen able to make me do something liek this before..well that, I think I'd remember. I even tried to off myself in the jail. It didn't work. It was that strong." She shakes her head. It had been so very very frustrating. "Yeah. I'll come. I kinda wasn't wanting to meet them so much but.. I gotta make this right. What a freakin mess."

While she's sure she doesn't want SHIELD as an enemy it's really only because there are so many of them and she doesn't want that hassle. The only time she goes after humans is when they're real monsters like rapist and child abusers and then they kinda have to be right in her sights or she'd not notice. She doesn't go looking for human trouble. She finds enough other trouble on her just by breathing.

"All good then. There's a shower in the warehouse, I believe…" Jes can use it, then she can. And then they can go.

They've got a HYDRA madman to chase.

T'Challa just chuckles at Jes's confidence. He's sure she can be quite convincing. "Let's go then. I'll give your clothes back once you're clean and call a car." Because you know. He can do that. He's going to want to change though. Fortunately that is easier for him than Mari.

And it looks like it's going to be a long night. There is so going to be wine after this.

Like, really good wine.

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