2020-04-16 - Hosed Down


A fair goes terribly, terribly wrong

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Apr 16 23:03:07 2020
Location: Lower East Side - Location 2

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There's a bright festival air in Lower East Side today. The Chamber of Commerce and local business owners have decided to put on a fair. The 'main' street is blocked off, there's amusements for the kiddies, food carts line the pavement along with stalls showcasing the wares of the local businesses.

There's also a band playing.

To one side, just in front of Dales Delicatessen, the President of the Chamber of Commerce taps on a microphone. "Hello, everyone! Thank you for coming. It's great to see such a good turn out to todays little soiree. If I can get your attention for a few minutes, we'll get the stuffy part of the day done with …"

To the side, Dale Buchanon stands. Local business owner but also a prominent mutant supporter. That might be because he's a mutant himself - and doesn't hide it.

Carin can't really hide being a mutant either…comes with the albino skin and bright red hair, but also the huge lightning bolt across the right side of her face tends to stand out. She's dressed casually today, jean shorts a hoodie tied around her waist and a midriff top with Hello Kitty on it in pink, and canvas sneakers that look a bit worn but serviceable. She's mostly wandering down the area, looking at the food carts and amusements as she tries to decide which thing she can afford to spend money on today.

It's not as if the Atlanteans don't have festivals themselves - the Caribbean Crazies a particular favorite - but Mera is interested in how the surface world parties. So far, she is not impressed. It seems to have a stultifying atmosphere around the festivities, like some kind or political requirement overlays it all. The redhead glances over at the microphone tapping and it seems she was right. Mera is dressed human casual today, though her green scaled armor is beneath her cream colored pants and blouse. Her fellow Atlanteans consider her a mutant so it seems she is in good company.

Ford was in attendence for the festival, but not supporting it or going just for the sheer fun of it. No, he was there on business. Specifically, the business of leaning halfway into the open hood of a food truck that, from the smoke in the air, had a bit of an engine issue. Considering it was in the way of a few booths, it was a job that couldn't wait. He wasn't exactly THRILLED to be there - if anything, he kept glancing around with trepedation once in a while - but a job was a job. And he was nothing if not professional.
Pulling back out from under the hood, Ford wiped his hands with a rag and nodded at the driver to test the vehicle. He couldn't help, but smile when it roared to life. "Hot damn, I'm good! Alright, let's get her off the jack and on the road again…" he stated, before glancing at the stage as the President spoke. He fought the urge to roll his eyes… you hear one speech, you kinda hear them all…

Rebecca Gadison is also browsing the food carts, seeing what's on offer and enjoying the aromas of the various cuisines. Not dressed to attract attention nor to particularly avoid it, Becca's wearing a grey hoodie unzipped over a dark marooon tee and a pair of nicely-fitting faded, slightly-frayed jeans, with her red Converse high-tops on her feet and her black nylon day pack slung over one shoulder.

The rest of the crowd mostly settles down as the prattles on about the important of community and support local business. It's all very much boilerplate material for those who know things go. For those that don't - it's boring.

"And now, I give you Dale Buchanon. A staunch and avid supporter of the local community here. Not just business but Dale has made a study of outreach to our mutant population …"

It happens without warning. One moment, Dale is walking up to microphone next to the president and then… BOOM … the noise is deafening and there's bit of debris showering everywhere.

Interestingly - if anyone has the wherewithall that moment - the damage is very contained. Just the stage and areas near where Dale *had* been standing is destroyed and affected…

Rebecca and Fords area is the worst affected - huge bits of debris falling on people. Something needs to be done to protect them - or that young boy is about to be flattened.

Mera can see the fire that's starting in the delicatessen that this was all set before - the explosion has caught things alight. Fortunately, there's a hydrant not far away.

Carin can see the supports of the makeshift stage start to topple - there's a family about to be caught.

What the hell just happened?

The explosion causes Carin reflexively to dive for cover, her first reaction to get herself safe as she hits the deck. And things just…seem to slow down for her in that moment as her powers kick in as she tries to figure out what just happened. Some sort of explosion? Did a propane tank blow up?! The food trucks are over that way….

But then she notices the stage starting to topple…and the unsuspecting family still frozen in reaction to the explosion, the parents covering the children reflexively.

A deep breath, then she blurs, shooting out as she zooms back in, snatching up the kids, then the parents to move them to a safe location in a nearby alley.

She doesn't stay to explain…she'd probably just freak them out more. But at least they're safe…

Why can't surface dwellers ever do anything without explosive violence? Thankfully, it only takes a moment - and the screams - for Mera to realise this was not meant to happen. This was not one of their firework displays.

Mera can feel the water linked to the hydrant and she begins to draw it forth. Concentrating as the building liquid struggles to break free. Her eyes turning pure blue just before the water erupts from the ground, sending the heavy hydrant through the air. A tendril of water whips out from the mass to grab it and lower it to the ground out of harms way. The rest of the liquid gathering in mass - hanging in the air like a tidal wave.

If there are still people in that deli, they are about to get very wet.

Ford finally failed the task of not rolling his eyes, going back to close the hood of the truck and wrap up his little operation. But that's when he stopped. He caught the faintest whiff of… gunpowder? A split second later, his suspicion is confirmed, as the stage behind him suddenly erupts! Naturally, Ford's first instinct was to roll on out of there. He had no plans for heroics today - or ever.

But his sharpened sense of hearing caught his attention. A young boy falling to the ground. Debris spinning wildly in the air. Ford's feet began to carry him one way, until his instincts kicked in, cussing under his breath as he dashed forward to tackle the young boy and roll him to safety. "Dammit! C'mon kid, on your feet, let's go!" he ordered, immediately trying to usher him to safety… and more reliable hands.

The sound of the explosion, naturally enough, is what first gets Becca's attention. "What in…?" But turning to look in the direction of the sound — and the surge of fight-or-flight adrenaline that comes with it — gives her the chance to react as she sees the oncoming debris. "…SHIT!" The young blonde steps toward the falling bits, throwing up a gravitic shield as she does. The 'bubble' shimmers into existence with a momentary rainbow of lensing effect, sheltering those beneath it from harm.

The parents yell when the kids are taken from them. The final sounds of that falling as Carin deposits them with the kids. "Thank … who… what …" The mother says shakily, drawing the young ones to her as the father looks around trying to work out just what happened.

Mera's waterspout rather blasts through the deli - soaking everything that stands in the way. Yes, there are people in there. Very frightened people who couldn't think straight. She just saved them from a rather painful death. Of course, at least two of them were caught in the blast of water as it came through the window - they look like limp dolls against the counter.

Ford manages to get his kid out the way, the child snatched by an adult. That's *probably* his father, right? While Rebecca's bubble catches the debris and has it floating above the group she's sheltering. Now … what is she going to do with that? There are the paramedics who were present … they seem to be unsure of whether to approach.

It's then, those who are paying attention will see the man, slipping away from the edge of the crowd. That is not the actions of someone who was caught unaware by all this.

Carin zooms back into the area, looking for anyone else who might be in trouble…but hey, it looks like things are more or less under control…other than, well..the guy who's in pieces who was on the stage. Ew. She shivers. Not much she can do there.

he guy almost casually creeping away, however..that draws her attention, her brow furrowing. He's not panicked like everyone else…he's not running away, he's not moving to help, he's just…sneaking away. "Hey!" she calls out, pointing at the guy.

She hasn't really thought things out beyond pointing him out, really.

Surface dwellers can be so fragile. Mera forgets this sometimes, so she quickly follows her blast of water into the delicatessan to assist the fallen. A quick check for signs of life - she will extract the water from their lungs if need be. But with the battering this building has taken, it would be best to get them out quickly. Flinging a person over each shoulder, she quickly takes them out into the 'safety' of the street before returning for more. Mera is a bit too preoccupied to notice the suspicious man slipping away. "Where are your healers?" she yells out to the surface dwellers.

Ford didn't exactly have time to concern himself with if the adult snatching the kid was his father. He listened and smelled only long enough to confirm the kid was safe. Besides, it wasn't exactly his department to babysit kids in a crisis. As more debris starts to fall, Ford is immediately assessing how to address the crisis, before realizing that it had /stopped/ falling. His eyes trailed around to see what was exactly stopping it, only to see Rebecca, hands in the air, clearly keeping the sky from falling. "…sure. Shouldn't be surprised, honestly." Ford quipped. Frankly, when things like that happen almost every other week, you tend to accept it.

Gathering himself to his feet, Ford glanced over at the paramedics clearly trying to move in. "Hey, sweetcheeks! Keep the sky from falling a bit longer, will ya?" he called out, before trying to help herd frightened festival attendees out of the way. But out of the corner of his eye, his sharp senses catching sight of the guy slipping away… no, no, that's not his job. Besides, he might be just like Ford, decidedly not wanting to get involved in any of this. His ears had more important things to address, like the lovely voice asking for medical help. "This way, siren!" he called out, waving Mera over in his direction… though he did keep tracking the sneaky fellow.

"I've got this! Go, y'all!" That would be Becca, her Texas twang clearly obvious as she directs those under her shield to depart, gesturing toward the open side of bubble, in the direction directly away from that of the explosion. Until the civilians are clear, she'll continue to maintain the shield, keeping the debris sitting on it from falling on anyone.

There's not much left of Dale, or the president for that matter. Or the others who had been on or near the stage at the time. It's … tragic.

"Over here…" someone calls to Mera, just as Ford does. "Thank you." She's told as they relieve her of her burden. Rebecca's actions gets the civilians clear and she can let the field go when she's ready. There's still chaos, but it's slowly organising - as much as it can under the circumstances.

As Carin calls out, the man turns, his eyes full of … hatred, and draws a gun. Pulling the trigger and fires at … Rebecca first and then Carin. "Filthy mutants…" He casts a hateful look at Mera as he starts to fall back. Ford - doesn't look or act like mutant - he's ignored at the moment.

That might have been a mistake.

Carin's eyes widen as the gun comes up, starting to aim at her…then past her…and she blurs as it aims at Rebecca, shooting across the available space to tackle her to the ground as the man opens fire. "Look out!" Of course, then she's on the ground…and a much easier target to be shot herself as she tries to scramble up.

Mera seems content that the injured are being seen too. A nod of thanks to those who called out as she calms the hydrant waters down. And now there is gunfire. Even Atlanteans know hatred when they see it. And Mera has seen that look from her own kind - the look driven by fear of the different. It is not time to calm those waters after all.

Mera draws her arm upwards, water rising with it in a twisting tornado shape. It rises and rises before she unleashes it upon the armed man. Precise and targetted to slam him into the ground and keep him there.

And NOW he's a problem. Ford's problem. Because a nut job with a gun and explosives getting loose means he could wind up in Ford's neighborhood. Congratulations, gunman! Ford was willing to be the voice of measured reason on this matter. Now you're a crazy guy who needs to be stopped. Ford knew that gun wasn't going to be an issue with his thick hide. But the others present? Not so sure.

Thankfully, one of the mutants present - quite the spectacle, honestly - was a speedster, tackling the Gravity Gal safely to the ground. Good, that's two taken care of. And that's when the water tornado pins the gunman to the ground. "Hot damn… slick stuff, siren! If you've got time, how's about you and I grab a bite to eat after this? You like Greek?" Ford asked, giving Mera a finger gun and wink… before sobering up and marching quickly towards the gunman. Time to address some personal issues. "Come on, on your feet, buddy…" Ford ordered, reaching down to grab the pinned assailant by his shirt and pick him up.

Becca had just finished relaxing her shield, allowing the heavy debris to crash harmlessly to the ground, when the gunman made his attempt — and then she abruptly found herself being super-speed tackled. "Wha— Ano… no…" She looks a bit confused once she's able to focus on Carin, as if she was possibly expecting someone else.

The bullets fly over Carins and Rebecca's heads as they fall in a pile of arms and legs. "Miss, miss, are you ok?" It's a paramedic hurrying over to see them. "The lady and the gentleman has the shooter contained…."

Mera's water jet splats the shooter against the ground. "Thank you." Another paramedic says to the redhead. "That was going to get messy … "

The guy Ford has shirt fronted sputters. "You mutant lover. How can you consort with the vermin?" Oh. He's one of those. Those who aren't so common in the city anymore. "Our church will root the evil out." Ugh. Church. Weren't the Purifiers broken when the registration laws were revoked?

The first of the police start to arrive and are directed to Ford, Mera, Carin and Rebecca. "Well done and thank you. I'm Officer Novis and we'll need to get statements from you all." He tells the group. "Is anyone here hurt? Except for him…"

Carin ducks again as the gun nearly come sup near her before the water smashes the guy to the ground, then whews, before she looks down at Becca. "Um…you okay?" she says, scampering off, then offering the other woman a hand up as she looks back at the rest.
And promptly gets a very nervous expression as the officer starts talking about giving statements. "Um…" She takes a few steps back - if she goes on the grid again, will they find her again? But if she runs, she'll get in trouble…

If only Atlantis was recognised by the world, then Mera could claim diplomatic immunity from such interrogations by the local authorities. Alas, she will have to go along with it…but not before she wanders over to check out the man that Ford is holding. "Church? Which church is this? I thought your churches professed love…except for those of other churches." As for Ford's offer of meal, she gives him a curious look in return. "You eat Greeks?" The thanks sent her way are met with an imperial nod of acceptance and a little confusion. What else was she supposed to do? Run away? Not get involved when wrong was being done? Surface dwellers are confusing.

Ford snarled as he lifted the guy off the ground and glared him in the eyes, hand immediately grasping for the gun… and restraining the urge to bend it and give himself away. "You think I love mutants? Believe me, buddy, of all the people here? I would've been your best support. But then you had to go blowing $#!* up and firing into a crowd. That's. Not. How. You. Resolve. This." Ford shook the guy vehemently at each word to make his point get across, his voice hovering at the edge of a growl. "And I /hate/ you for making me the voice of reason on this matter."

Ford let out an exhale as Mera approached, glad to have a distraction… and a bemusing one at that. He let out a laugh at her question… somewhat ironically. Eating people has crossed his mind more than he'd care to admit. "No, no, Greek /food/. Dinner dates? All that?" He pushed the gunman's arms behind his back and marched him forward. "Believe me: any church who says blowing folks up and spitting hate at someone is not a real church. Just a bunch of jackasses." He assured Mera, shoving the perpetrator at the cops. "Here ya are, gentlemen. One certifiable nutcase. Freshly bagged, ready to go."

"No new holes in me," Becca replies to Carin, as the speedster is helping her up. "Thanks to you."

And then there are the cops. Well. This poses a problem. Given the reasons she now lives in New York and not where she grew up, she is less than eager — to put it mildly — to identify herself as a mutant. Particularly to police or other government authorities. But… murders — plural — have just been committed, and apparently in the name of the kind of hate that forced her to leave home. Only worse.

After a moment more of indecision, the Texan blonde shrugs, and chooses to wait her turn and tell the officers what she knows.

Fords speech gets a look from the Officer but no comment, as the suspect is put in handcuffs and taken away. "If you'll all come with me." Carin could slip away now, if she wanted to. Though she might notice the big blue mutant just over there, speaking with another officer who is cuffing another guy.

"Let's get the paramedics to check you all over and I'll do my best to get you going. I don't know about churches - but it doesn't make sense. The purifiers have absolutely no funding or support as far as I know."

That said, Officer Novis, drags the suspect off.

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