2020-04-14 - Why Do I Have a Poltergeist?


Nico and Eve discuss the poltergeist at an ice cream parlor.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Apr 14 06:16:10 2020
Location: RP Room 2

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"…So, have you ever had a poltergeist before?" Nico has insisted Eve come with her to a local malt shop. The decor is 50s inspired but otherwise it's a fairly normal place. She's rather pointedly taken up a spot near a jukebox and stuffed in a few quarters. It's currently blaring Sister Sledge.

"Nope! This is a first and, I assure you, I eat a lot of monsters and never had one come back to haunt me before." Eve is seated herself with a milkshake already delivered and layered in syrup. "So what do I do?" She seems… vexed.

"We need to figure out who the poltergeist is and why they're so… attached… to you," nico replies, making a face. She covers it with a hand for a second, and then lifts two fingers to signal a young man who is passing by. After ordering onion rings and a milkshake she turns back to Eve and rests her gloved hands on the edge of the table. "Did you eat anyone who might have… Liked you for some reason or anything? Did the last resident of your apartment die…? I don't know, I'm not an exorcist."

"… no? I don't think so," she admits, thoughtfully."I've got no idea here at all. Usually, they just, you know, die. Most of them are well beyond human." She has a sip of her milkshake. "Maybe in the building. I'll have to look into that." Thoughtful finger tap against her chin.

"You know what! That could be it," Nico agrees abrupptly. "Maybe we should just, you know, saunter into your downstairs neighbor's place andask them if there were any murder victims in there i nthe last few years. Search their cupboards." She shakes her head and then twist s slgihtly to scan the restaurant. "Hope the milkshakes come soon," the young woman mumbles. "Anyway, if it's not you it has to be someone in one of the adjacent apartments. These things can't wander that far. The bad news is that II don't think I can deal with this problem for you. I could get rid of it but it might… You know. Just come back? We'll need to find an actual exorcist. …Where's John Constantine when you need him? Anyway."

"…you know, okay. I can do that. I can look at things and see if someoine died recently. It shouldn't be too hard." Eve is thoughtful on the matter. "I don't know why they'd be bugging me unless it's because I'm, you know, not completey, you know " AT ALL, "human." She waves her hands airily in a dismissive way. No big deal. Just your gaeden variety eldritch abomination.

"Maybe they noticed you had some affiliation to the Goat with One Thousand Young or the King in Yellow," Nico replies drily. She raeches up to accept her milkshake and begins to sip on strawberry malt through a red and white candy striped straw. "I guess you know what to do, at least. Gives us somewhere to start?"

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