2020-04-14 - Bone Knitting Group


Martin's got plenty of work ahead of himself in getting Domino's deeper injuries sorted out.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Apr 14 21:11:51 2020
Location: RESCUE Campus

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Considering the technology of this place, the examination room likely isn't standard for most of the hospitals in New York. But it does have some things in common.. such as not really being large enough to pace well. An examination bench, lots of screens, a terminal, storage, etc. Martin has been trying to learn the layout of the place, and is going to leave you waiting a few minutes more than he intended. Still, there's eventually a knock on the door, and a muted, "May I come in?" Male voice and not one known to you.


Most patients would probably give the familiar call of 'sure, come in!' but such isn't the case with the peculiar albino. Martin barely has a chance to speak up when the door suddenly opens -for- him which leads to a momentary stare which most sane people would consider 'unsettling as hell.'

The exchange doesn't go unnoticed to Karl who had been patiently waiting outside of the room His contribution is to raise a brow slightly at Neena as if to ask 'really?'

Glancing to Karl soon brings a faint sigh from Neena before she steps off to the side and motions Martin into the room with a quick twitch of her head.

If the posture or her actions aren't an indication that something -other- than physical injuries are in play then such evidence could be made out in her eyes. Something's shorting out in the albino's brainpan.


Well then. Martin arches a brow into that gaze. Sure it's unsettling, but this man has faced down strange, unsettlings things nearly every week working in New York's hospitals. And in the face of that he smiles. The red-head is pretty average in every way, not tall, nor handsome, nor even superhero like. He's wearing the normal uniform for the medical staff, and his ID clearly displayed. "Hello." Offered a little slowly even as he glances to Karl. And then you are stepping back. "Thank you. I'm Dr Almer." Totally not liking the energy coming off you, but he feigns otherwise. "I've been told you were hurt. May I give you a once over and see what I can do?"


Given the pale lady's attitude it won't be any surprise why there's a REACT guard outside of the room or an ankle bracelet on the patient in question. Neena makes a point of backing up further then pinching her eyes shut to, in turn, pinch the bridge of her nose.

"I've survived two close proximity explosions, a building collapse, half-assed field aid and four cage fights. Consider it a small miracle if something -isn't- out of whack. Just..do whatever you need to do."

With that said she finally settles onto the edge of the exam bed. The typical RESCUE casual attire should be a lot easier to work around compared to the clingy thermal suit she typically lives in but one detail will quickly become apparent once the door to the exam room is closed.

It's pretty freaking warm in here.


Considering his experience in emergency rooms, Martin doesn't try to corner you. Merely shuts the door behind him and waits for you to settle. "Sounds like you've had a rough time of things." Given gently as he settles in front of you, standing near the exam bench. But instead of looking for files to read, or turning on machines, the man holds out his hands. "May I take your hands?" He pauses a moment, putting on a smile, "I need to touch you to work."


"It hasn't been a walk in the park" Neena admits as the earlier bout of aggression seems to sink back inside. Where only a moment earlier she had been all confrontational with the eye contact now it seems she's having trouble looking to the Doctor at all.

At least until he requests both of her hands. This earns him a curious look before both hands are presented, and maybe..she's more comfortable with the idea of staying -away- from all of the machines.

Her hands don't look too bad on their own, probably all in part due to Thea and her own abilities. But they're just the tip of the murderous iceberg.


Martin smiles and patiently waits. The lax of tension means a lot to him and his own posture relaxes some. When he is given hands, he rubs his thumbs over the backs of your knuckles if allowed. Not in any lecherous kind of manner, but trying to give assurances that things are alright. It'll be okay!
You won't feel anything as his gift spreads out and over you, telling him in detail what's wrong. What you will feel is a lack of pain creeping in. Martin doesn't force relaxing, or try and change moods, but he can try to share a reduction in the ouch factor. "Hmm.. This will take me a bit, and you'll have to lay down." Given as his eyes refocus on you and he stops listening to something internal. "I don't need to touch anything more than your hand though, so just stretch out for me?" Will grip your hands and then let you go.


It's..really kind of a mess inside. While her skin has all been knit back together there's still signs of a large amount of very recent wounds, some of them having gone quite deep. The scar tissue is fresh and there is an overall feeling of unease, her system is running on empty from several layers of trauma and fatigue.

The skeletal realm is where the deep rooted evidence yet remains. Numerous fractures and impact marks can still be found, most the result of blunt forces. It fits the story which Neena had presented about explosions and a building collapse, alright!

"That's it, huh" she replies in an exhausted sounding voice before turning and lying back on the bed. "Didn't know they brought in a healer." Clearly the idea sits well with her, it's easier to relax when both in the company of your own species and when not having to worry about being wired into various devices.


"That's it. I'm pretty new to RESCUE." Martin chuckles. "It's weird too, this whole being honest about the healing. Had to hide for years." Helping with the pillow and such, the man then pulls over a stool from where it rests in a corner. Will take up your hand again, if allowed, after he's seated himself. "I'm going to start with your bones. Most of the soft tissue damage will heal on it's own, but I'll give it a nudge here and there so that it heals right." Of course the healing itself isn't entirely comfortable. Martin does warn as best he can now and then, but it means a good couple hours of your insides twitching and aching fiercely at points. Bones reshaping themselves and knitting back together just isn't a lot of fun.


"That's some real fortunate timing" Neena suggests with a humorless smirk. "Welcome to the crew. These people are really into transparency. You'll be doing yourself a favor by being up front about it."

Once more her hands are offered, uncertain of what to expect but trying to cut back on as much of the tension as she can.

"So is this gonna be like …oh. Okay, uh" she mutters before sucking in a quick breath. "Yeah" is said next with a slight edge to it. "It's gonna be like that. Forward through."

For as run down as the albino is there's no doubt that she's spent a lot of time in the company of pain and has a number of tricks for dealing with it. While they help with the process the toll of the last week and change also plays its part. Being healed in such a fashion may not be fun but it is quite effective!


Martin assures, "I've been up front about it, and everything else. I couldn't see working here and hiding that." He smiles and rubs her arm, then gets to work! "Sorry." About it being like that, and he means that. "I have to rebreak some of the bones." Of course, even with that being said, it's a far cry from the pain one experiences while actually breaking bones. He's dampening that a great deal. "So why'd you have a wall dropped on you anyway? That doesn't sound like a good idea to me." The man's tone should make it clear he's trying to make a funny about it. "Sure it'd make a good video, but I can't imagine the views are worth this." Now, this all takes a toll on Martin too. A long heal such as this saps his energy hard. Little by little he'll go from normal looking to a man who hasn't slept in a few days.


Neena snorts out a quick laugh, "Oh, you know. Just doin' it for the gram. It was an unexpected present left from the owner of the facility we had been clearing out. It wasn't my intention to become roommates with a set charge any more than I had planned on being buried by the place we were sent to clear. Though after it was ..pretty damn clear. Just another nameless crater in the disaster zone. Seriously, someone should clean that place up already."

Yeah, having bones rebroken isn't enjoyable through any means. Even with both of their tricks combined she still feels every bit of it, though it also tells the story of just how much she -had- gone through to end up like this.


"I'm sure you'll be internet famous in no time." Martin snorts about doing it for the gram. Some of what you say he doesn't understand, but that isn't asked about. Not today anyway. "I wish they would, but that costs money." Said of the disaster zone. "And we both know that won't happen soon." The people with the money never share it. Finally, the pain fades away entirely, and he sighs. "Okay, that think that's all I can do for now. You need some serious sleep, so try and get it? I can tell you are struggling, but some rest will help move things in a better direction." He himself will be getting a ton of sleep once this is over. "Do you want me to put you to sleep? I can't promise it'll last, and I won't do it without permission."


"I was kidding about the 'gram' thing" Neena dryly explains while momentarily digging fingernails into her palms. "That's something kids say these days..I don't know. Fame and I aren't on speaking terms."

At the 'all done' call the albino's eyes slit open and blink a few times, vision not wanting to focus right away. When she does manage to clear out some of the fog it's like she's looking at a completely different Doctor. "Ah… You grow back, right?" she asks, suddenly finding that her own voice seems hazy and drawn out.

The suggestion of getting sleep is acknowledged with a gentle nod but a spark of energy comes back around long enough for her to say "No—no help. Can find my own way. Please..let Karl know so he's ..not standing out there waiting for me for the next ..six hours. I'm..I'm good here."


Martin chuckles about you kidding. "I know." He assures warmly. The man has perfected the calm, warm persona for medical care. When asked if he grows back, there's an easy nod. "I'll go eat someone out of house and home, then faceplant in a corner for some hours. Tomorrow I'll be good as new." Is promised. That you don't want help as Martin nodding and easily accepting. He does put the stool back in the corner. "Want a blanket?" There's sure to be one in here. A search of drawers and cabinets is made. But the room is fairly warm, so not going to stress it. "I will. You sleep well." A final pat on an arm, and this doctor will take himself away. While he does tell Karl, who's likely to stay regardless, Martin goes to eat and pass out.


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