2020-04-13 - Compromised


Immediately after Bearcat retrieval, a few of the RESCUE team have a brief conversation on the short ride back to campus.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Apr 13 01:08:31 2020
Location: The Disaster Zone

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Once inside the Bearcat there's a lot of fumbling around as the disoriented albino both tries to get out of the way of the others filing onboard and attempts to not trip herself up as fatigue really starts to settle into place. First it's to a free seat where Neena can crash the hell out.

It takes another few moments to remember that she had been handed a pistol down there and it's still in her hand. Without giving the idea any real consideration she ejects the mag and brings it closer to her face, a little curious about what it was that Posse had handed to her.

"You never told me you could go invisible" she absently remarks in a dead tired tone. Three guesses who she's referring to.


Uninjured herself, Posse takes up position at the albino's side and gives her back and sides a cursory triage for wounds that require immediate attention. Needless to say Neena's seat is getting sterilized after they get her home.

"I've got a lot of tricks. Any injuries beyond superficial?" the bionic woman asks with a metal hand on the albino's shoulder - steadying her for inspection of course.

The pistol's grip is comfortable, its heft and balance natural, and the fire controls right where SIG likes them. Once the adrenaline begins to wear off the all black P226 is almost hard to mistake for anything else, comfortably familiar from end to end… except the three-notch stubble of bottom rail and the boat anchor on the slide. When did those get added?


Hisako is still focused on making sure her prisoner - and any other bad guys who were brought out alive, as opposed to the prisoners who needed rescuing - are comfortably secured for the ride, but once that's done, she makes her way over to Domino and Posse. She's close enough for them to take note that she's there, but she's not butting in on the conversation yet … and willing enough to be asked to back away, if the two other women don't want her eavesdropping.


It's a magazine Neena would recognize anywhere. Now that she's able to see and some of the jitters and physical injuries have been dealt with she soon finds herself looking at the slightly customized model dubbed the Mk 25. A thin smirk crosses the albino's face as she reloads and leaves it in one hand draped across her lap while slumping back into the seat.

Only to have a cyborg -right there- taking a closer look at her injuries. It's..a mixed bag, and the ragged state of her attire makes almost every major injury suffered since the explosions at the kennel easy to find. Thea may have sealed up the exposed cuts but it's clear that a lot more is going on deeper than the skin.

When those pale blue/silvery sheened eyes open again and see the other woman in all of her white stubble-haired glory there's a sudden jump from the pale merc, every muscle drawing bowstring tight as she sits up straighter in her seat. For a passing moment there's a look in those eyes that she's not..all there…

She's also staring at that white stubble atop of Posse's head for a count of four before proper eye contact can be made. Dom's mouth hangs open as she struggles to find the words then closes it without uttering a sound. Another glance down has her focusing on that sidearm again. With some amount of effort she carefully rolls it around in her hand and offers it wordlessly back to Ava, grip first.

"Compromised," she quietly mutters.


Io remains seated where she was, having obtained a soda for herself and she says, "Glad you're all okay." She frowns, vaugely. "Wasn't expecting to run into another damn technopath." She chuckles, wryly, "Pissed 'em off somethin' fierce, though."

She streches out, to look over the 'motley' crew assembled, then offers to Domino a simple thumbs up, sips her soda again and looks over at Hisako. "'Least one went right, yeah?" A wry chuckle.


"Compromised or not," Hisako speaks up, "I'm glad we found you, Domino. When I realized you didn't make it out of that lab …"

She trails off, partly because the memories are *still* raw and terribly unhappy; part of it is because Domino - Neena - will need to do a full debrief at some point anyway, and she might as well wait for that. There's one question that's teasing too hard at her thoughts to ignore, though.

"… how did Chalk figure into things? Or would you rather wait until you're in decent shape to make a full report, or whatever?"


Ava's expression flattens intently when she sees Neena tense up, but then with visible difficulty the wave passes, and in response the cyborg takes back her pistol and returns it to its holster, flipping its cover down over the grip. "Good girl. Your freeloader's not the problem for now, we'll fix that after you're secure and healthy again." As if it were as simple as giving the albino an overdue haircut.

"We can save that for later," she suggests to Hisako, gauging perhaps the albino's shaky grasp on her consciousness. "You both did good out there. And Io, upload what you got to REACT so our keyboard wizards can start analyzing. We can do the full round of back-patting later, but make sure to check for injuries before getting too comfy. Adrenaline's a heck of a drug." Speaking less to the young woman in front of her and more to the whole cabin, the chief of security continues, "For anyone who doesn't need care, the after action review will be 20 minutes after touchdown. Drop gear, hydrate, head call, whatever you need."


Again Neena's response time is muddied, it takes longer than it should for her to notice Io and the thumbs up. The technopath is given a thin smile in return but the haunted look remains.

Hisako gets some of this attention as well, though with the benefit of some offered words. The first bit comes with a note of regret, "I shouldn't have gotten you involved." What they had all witnessed in the kennels had been difficult even for the seasoned vets! Then to her question, Dom slowly cants her head as regret is replaced by confusion. It seems she has more questions than answers, herself.

The bigger surprise is yet to come when Posse openly mentions her 'freeloader.' Neena..never mentioned anything about that to Ava before… Not directly. Now Ava's talking about 'fixing' it later? "Av — Posse, that's not what …"


Dom slowly leans forward and drops forehead into awaiting palms, fingertips running lines through her ragged hair. This is going to get a lot more complicated before it's over.


"Gotta make sure the data's clean first," comments Io mildly to Posse, shrugging her shoulders. "Won't take long. Also going to have to beef up our firwalls and detection software. Already got some good shit in place, but - the little friend I made is going to be pretty relenetless, I think."

If there's social complications going on, Io seems clueless to it. She leans back in her seat, "Going to take a quick nap, before I'm up for three days straight."


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