2020-04-13 - Catching up


Luke and Thea catch up

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Apr 13 19:08:30 2020
Location: Luke's

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It's past lunch, and Thea is starving. She's not about to go home and stare at bare cupboards (she really needs to get some food in her place), and fancy is just not the ticket today. So it's to Luke's she heads, more and more a regular with every passing week.

Strawberry blonde hair is straight today, running loose over a black leather jacket with a dusty violet silk t-shirt beneath. Some well loved jeans and comfortable boots finish the outfit, and the boots make muted thuds on the floor as she swings in. She'll beeline for the bar, happy anticipation of having her hunger handled making her eyes bright.

As always Luke is behind the bar polishing away, making sure the quality of his place is kept up to his standards. Dressed as usual in a tee and jeans, the large black man looks up as Thea arrives, the little bell above the door announcing her presence. "Yo, Thea. What's up?" he exclaims, already moving to get a glass and bottle of bourbon from the shelf. "What will it be today?"

There's a cock of a brow, and a quick grin. "You, clearly." She's teasing about his height, of course, as she hops up onto a stool. She laughs at the sight of his forethought with the bourbon. "One of those, and some of the nachos, please. I'm starving today. Just one of those days."

Pouring the glass of bourbon, Luke chokes a bit as she says 'you', not catching the reply was meant to be for 'What's up' and not 'What will it be'. In the half-second it takes for him to realize the truth, his skin flushes a bit darker and he clears his throat, passing off the awkward interpterion as something caught in it. "Right. Nachos. Coming up." A beat. "So, what is going on? Today just hectic or…?"

Eyes widen, before Thea is cackling, rocking back on the stool just a bit. "Oh Luke, you are too much, sometimes. Didn't we talk about me not being quite to the level of ready for your sort of one night stands?" She's all but glowing, flushed with laughter and… something. "No, nothing really. Just been busy, and missed lunch. So, here I am, starving and begging for sustenence."

"Hey, I had a misfire in the ole' noggin. It's all good." Luke says about the whole one-night-stand thing, shrugging a shoulder as he moves over to the POS machine to put in an order for the nachos. "A man can dream, right?" He causally tosses a wink over in Thea's direction, leaning against the POS console and folding his arms in front of his chest. "Your nachos will be ready in a moment."

The biokinetic will sip at her bourbon, eyes on Luke with suspicion. "Of course it's all good. I'm friends with Anya, for the love of sweet baby cheezits. It's super hard to offend me, you know that, right? Not that the idea of sleeping with you is offensive." She smirks, a faintly amused note to her voice. "Though my main issue about working up to that heavyweight level of a Luke one night stand has been dealt with, so… look out. I may come for the championship belt. "

Luke Cage arches a brow at Thea, "Oh, I wasn't worried about offending you, hell you have seen me in…well nothing. Stupid fire. Anyway…" he says clearing his throat assuming the conversation is at its end, when Thea continues and this causes him to blink. "What?"

"I may or may not have been not paying attention that day. You got covered up quick anyhow." She gives a sweeping gesture with her hand as if to brush that all aside. Then she's looking at him with eyes slightly wide, her face the study of innocence. "What what? I mean, I figured you knew /why/ I wasn't up for one nighters."

Luke Cage shrugs a shoulder, "Just assumed it was a personal preference, and that is fine. I know I am not the best person when it comes to relationship material, I don't take offence to it. You don't have to explain yourself to me, Thea." *DING* Saved by the bell, as the cook on the other side slides the plate of gooey cheese, meat and chips through the pass-through. Luke moves form his position and picks up the plate in his hand bringing it over to place in front of Thea, "Careful, the plate his hot."

"More like lack of experience. I didn't figure a virgin would be up in your alley of interests." Thea's blunt, as usual. "I'll figure out my preferences from here, I guess." She finishes the bourbon, nudging the empty glass towards the edge of the bar. "Another bourbon, please?" She asks, before she's diving in.

"Oh…" says Luke, flushing again and clearing his throat. "Um, as I said, you didn't need to explain yourself. But, uh, good for you?" he says with a hesitant smile. Awkward… "I mean, at least I hope so?" The bartender clears his throat again and turns to get himself a glass of water from the tap, keeping his back to Thea for a bit, but the biokinetic can easily tell he is flushed, probably in embarrassment.

There is a chuckle around a mouthful of nachos. "You're cute when you blush." She says after she swallows, while reaching for another loaded chip. "And yes. Well, even I can be nervous about things, turns out. Who woulda thought?"

"Hey, I'm only human. It happens to the best of us…" Luke says as he turns back around with a smirk on his face. "And you being able to read body temp is fuckin' annoying." He takes another sip of water, shaking his head and leaning back against the racks against the wall. "I think everyone is nervous about that, especially the first time…nothing shocking about that really."

"Well, some of the best of us. Some can control it, if we want to." There's that mischief in her eyes, before he's calling her powers annoying, making her giggle just a bit before there's more nacho shoved in. She shrugs, chewing for a long moment. "I was worried about powers going wonky or whatever. Totally useless worries. Now I just have to navigate the after."

Luke Cage shrugs his shoulders, "Well, just talk about it with your boyfriend? Girlfriend? Whomever. Since you got over that hurdle I am pretty sure you and they can work out the rest." The bartender moves to pour another bourbon for Thea in a separate glass, "Here. A 'congratulations' shot, on the house. Just be glad I am not being an asshole today and putting 'I just had sex' on the sound system. Because if this was Anya, I totally would."

"I… don't think you could call him a boyfriend." Thea says, reaching for the glass. "For one, there's no talking about anything serious. We just have some activities in common." Like taking out groups of sex traffickers, and other scumbags. She laughs. "Anya is gonna get a spanking. It's all her doing. She's gonna crow about it forever."

Shrugging his shoulder, Luke smiles. "Well, that is a start anyway. Still, conversation is the key…and if you spank Anya, I want to be there for it. Not for any kinky fetish reasons or anything, I just want the laugh…because the thought itself already making me grin."

There's a twitch of a smirk, before the biokinetic makes another inroad on her nachos. Luke's never seen her quite this ravenous. There's a snort, a look up from under lashes. "You think I can't take her?"

Luke Cage shrugs. "Hell if I know. People walk around these days looking like that kid from that nerd movie, only to get all big and strong and able to toss cars around. I take nothing for granted anymore. Nothing." Luke watches Thea eat, a snort of his own emitting from him, "Do you want another plate? I can ring it up now so it's ready when you finish devouring that one."

"She'd be tough, but I might be able to manage it. She might /submit/ for spanking." Thea says with a smile, before she looks down at her plate. "No, I think I'm good on nachos. But if you can get me a burger and fries to go, that would be great." There's a quick grin, erased as she drinks bourbon.

"Sure, sure." Luke pushes off against his spot and moves back over towards the POS machine to submit the order. "You might be right. Hell, if you just mention it Anya might be down for it, no combat involved. She is, as far as I can tell, a rather free spirit. Though I will admit I don't think she strikes me as much the submissive type."

Thea will lay down money on the bar, more than enough for her drinks and eats. "She is a force unto herself, our Anya. It's one of her more endearing traits." There may be just a hint of wistfulness in that. "I think she likes to play whatever role suits her in that moment, myself."

"Ok, this is starting to border on the line of interesting information and too much information, and I think I have crossed that line once to many already today." Luke says with a chuckle as he goes to pick up the cash and ring out the tab. "But yeah, she is a force. No doubt."

"I only say that, having see her in some serious club gear and flirting with… people." She will spare Luke that little bit of TMI. The nachos are being finished up, and there's a sigh from the biokinetic. "Mmm those were perfect. Talk abou hitting the spot. Of course, the burger will be gone before I ever set foot in my apartment."

"Oh, I know all about Anya's flirting with…people. I am not shocked by that." Luke says with a chuckle as he moves to bag up the burger order. "And none of it will go to your waist or hips. Must be nice not having to worry about things like that miss little I can manipulate my metabolism. That is something you can do, right? I just assumed."

"The first time I saw it.. I was a little shocked. Now I know it's just Anya…" There's a soft smile there, affection for their little fireball spider. Then she's chuckling, looking at Luke with just a hint of smug. "Well, women in my family never run to fat /anyhow/, but if I went on a real bender? Yeah, I could maipulate it. Could do it to you too."

Luke Cage arches a brow, "You callin' me fat? Hun, I am one hundred percent USDA prime grade A over here. The only fat on me is..I don't know, I am sure I have some somewhere. You'll have to point it out." The bartender winks, passing over the to-go bag, along with the change. "You have yourself a good evening, Thea. I'm sure I'll see you around."

Thea laughs, shaking her head. "No, but if you want to pig out and skip gym day sometime, I'm you're girl." She'll wink at him, as she finishes her drink. "You're completely solid grade A, Luke." She will blow him a teasing kiss as she gets her to-go. She leaves the change. "I'm sure. It seems like I can't stay away!" She'll toss over her shoulder as she heads for the door.

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