2020-04-12 - After Arena Report


After Action Report and discussion in the wake of the Arena mission.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Apr 12 00:00:00 2020
Location: RESCUE Campus

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Touchdown in the underground landing pad of RESCUE HQ and it's time to disembark. Following a couple guided routes there's easy access to the Proving Ground's equipment lockers, its showers, its game room, and of course the rest of RESCUE campus. Now the dead of night, foot traffic everywhere has slowed to almost nonexistent, making it a little speedier than usual to get around. Rather than guiding the occupants of the Bearcats anywhere directly, all Posse's done is set a half hour time limit to meet in room 7E down the hall for a mission debrief and then promptly disappeared towards the ready room.

And promptly, twenty minutes later, anyone early will find the cyborg in the small and plain breakroom 7E sitting on a counter. Not any kind of large, well-equipped tactical center, its comparatively small and unimportant-looking door matches the mild, almost office-like interior. Besides a water cooler, vending machines, fridge, and very basic kitchen, there's not much to the room beyond a couple tables and a calendar on one wall.

Fitting the new decor, the green-eyed vet has dumped literally all of her mission gear including her vest in exchange for a denim jacket, white hi-tops, and a desert-tan shemagh around her neck, leaving the woman looking distinctly casual as she twirls a blue plastic pistol on one finger.

Io walks into the room with a notepad computer in one hand, the other hand filled with fries, as behind her a drone is hovering and carrying a few bags from Big Belly Burger stuffed to the brim, the whirling sound of it's blades not exactly quiet - but not too loud for indoors, either. The drone drops the bags and the tray they're on onto the nearest table.

Io stuffs a hand into one of the bags, pulls out a burger and then flops onto a nearby chair and begins concentrating on the notepad in front of herself without so much as a greeting to anyone else in the room. How she managed to get all that food in so short a time is anyone's guess.

It's an odd but nonetheless key factor in Domino's mind that when returning to the RESCUE grounds it feels in some part like returning home. Even if it means going back to a limited access badge and never-ending armed escort and the occasional dirty look from some people who may still hold a teensy bit of a grudge for various shenanigans she had been in the center of.

Her first, and only, move is to shower. It takes all of the available time for the water to start running clear.

When she stiffly makes her way to the meeting room Karl is close at hand. With her thermal attire completely ruined she's rocking casual RESCUE attire with a couple of extra layers involved but she's still looking cold.

The albino mercenary pauses as she takes one look with Ava and that plastic pistol before stating "I'd give you shit about trigger discipline but I do that with the real ones."

Then she takes a seat, still moving stiffly but as quiet as a mouse. At least until she sees unguarded food to which she immediately darts out a hand and almost savagely drags a burger back into her 'den.' Someone has generated something of an appetite.

Toni is….late. For several reasons, mostly that it takes time for water to drain away, far enough that she could get a humblebee down to the forcefield dome, carefully make a small hole so it could spray enzymes to counteract the sarin gas and negate, then time for it it to break down the materials until her sensors announce that things are….safe.

Because of that, instead of her showing up, instead, a little droid comes rolling in, with a screen at about head height showing Toni's face and sweat-tousled purple hair, apparently from the internal camera on her armor as she works. The droid rolls over and parks itself where she can see everyone in the room.

Hank arrives, having cleaned up as well as he could in the time allotted, he'll have to make sure that he puts in the reqs to upgrade his shower facilities in his quarters to accommodate his particular furry needs. "Hello Posse." Hank says with a hint of smile. He's still waiting to be issued his own Orange Badge now that Dommie has been recovered, so there's a bit of trepidation. This is also the reason for the 'Posse' instead of Ava, he's not sure he gets to use that anymore.

A friendly nod to Io, and a snort at the burgers. Yeah, he'll be partaking in a few moment. It is when Domino arrives that he looks up, and tosses the Hellbino a box, she might recognize it as identical to the first one he gave her with the new thermal suit in it some while back. "I ran off three when I made the first one, this leaves one in reserve." Nostrils flare as he takes in her physical state, but he says nothing further at the moment.

The proxy-Toni is offered a nod of greeting. "Good work with the gas, Toni. Very well done indeed." Even Hank can be killed by Sarin gas if he doesn't get the antagonist fast enough.

One of the radio techs walks into the room, pausing at the rather interesting arrangement, and then crosses the room to stand in front of Ava. "'Scuse me, Ma'am. I have someone isolated over to radio link beta who will not talk to me. I'm pretty sure it's a woman's voice. But all she says is 'Posse.'"

Not quite sure what's going on, and mostly because he didn't try to find out, Martin finds himself joining the group in Hank's wake. He's got himself a tablet he isn't quite sure what to do with, so has it tucked beneath an arm. While he waves to everyone, that droid rolls in and there's a moment of staring. This place is so going to take getting used to. Martin finds himself a seat and digs into that assortment of food. Totally glad it's there.

"Some of us don't have your luck. That's why this one's fake," Ava quips to the cleaner-looking albino before turning to show the replica side-on. Except that it all seems to be a single piece of plastic, it's an admirable replica of a Glock. As the cyborg notices eyes turning towards the burgers, she waves her off-hand to the side. "There's food in the vending machine too ya' know. The stuff's healthy around here."

Her green gaze runs smoothly over each new entrant to the room without marking anyone particularly well or ill except for Toni's drone-proxy, who earns an appreciative wave. "Ya okay over there, Toni? All green?"

And then, to Posse's surprise, a regular from the com center. "That'd be our taciturn outside help. Tune a prick to that band and leave it on the table here. She's part of our debrief too."

It takes Hisako a little more than the designated half-hour to take care of her post-mission tasks: making sure Mr. Tire Shoulders (real name to be determined) is comfortably ensconced somewhere secure for medical treatment, taking a quick shower of her own, and grabbing a more substantial supper than the glorified snack she had to keep her stomach content during the mission. But she does arrive, carrying a tray with several still-wrapped onigiri, likely from one of the vending machines Posse mentioned. "Sorry I'm late," Hisako apologizes with a brief bow, then settles into a chair as near to Hank's as she can manage.

At about this point a rambler comes in which has apparently been outfitted with a multi-decker tray frame, loaded down with healthy option foods: salads, sushi bento boxes, lettuce wrap sandwiches and more, as well as a wide array of healthy juices, hot and cold tea, and more. The rambler then beeps its little horn once and parks itself to the left of the doorway, just out of the way if the door swings open or closed.

"Yes, Ma'am." the radio tech offers, and then pulls from his helt a handset, which he then connects to a small portable battery-powered speaker, and sits in the center of the table. "Ma'am, Posse is here now."

An exceptionally deep, growly voice responds, "Posse?" coming from the speaker. The slushy, slurry edge to it still comes through, but what comes through more is 'cripes, the source of that voice has to be ginormous, and trying to whisper.'

"Uh-huh," says Io, sounding vaugely distracted when Posse kicks in about the stuff in the vending machines being healthy, and all. The sort of comment that a young person might make if faced with a choice of broccoli on the table, or a butter bacon burger for dinner.

She doesn't know much of what's going on either, but then, she's guessing that's what the debrief is for. Briefly, the girl with the electric blue hair and dressed like she literally picked up the first thing her hands touched in the clothes drawer without even looking at it looks to Martin, squinting, somewhat suspiciously. She shrugs, then gives the 'thumbs-up' to Domino again, winks at her once, and then glances aside to Hisako. "Wanna hit the arcade after this?"

While the others start filing in Neena's devouring that burger like it's the only meal she's had in over a week. Her peculiar eyes do frequently jump around from person to machine to person, immediately attracted to any flicker of movement as if she's permanently stuck on guard.

One such flicker of movement comes in the form of a small but familiar looking box..which soon earns Hank the Hellbino's attention. "Thanks. I'm gonna need more."

Because of course she is.

"Thank you. I should be done with the cleanup in another hour…I'm waiting until the water has finished draining before I drop the field. No sense being careless." She glances to the side of her HUD. "I have a few humblebees flying around down here, but it looks like everything was a total loss…not sure we're going to be able to acquire much we can pass on to the police. Or the FBI, in this case…I suspect this crap was happening across state lines."

She frowns faintly. "Everyone else is okay? You all did an excellent job. It would have been nice to save more of the fighters, but we got Hunter's people out at least with Neena. Good job, all around. The authorities can handle investigating from here."

"Hello Doctor Almer." Hank says with a toothy grin. "Welcome to the tea party, Alice." This with characteristically rich intonation and enunciation, his voice a deep bass as he teases. Hank's still in costume, his visor on, and lines of scrolling text visible on the inside HUD.

Taciturn…oh! Hank smiles. "Hunter." And then he connects the dots as to the mega-kitty hybrid beastie that evacuated, of course—the Pride! Feeling a bit stupid that he didn't connect the dots until now, Hank says nothing more.

As it happens the chair right next to Hank is available, that was holding Neena's boxed replacement thermal suit, and he even pushes it back for his former student as she joins the briefing. "Hello Hisako." He greets with a smile for the girl.

Hank turns to the mic for the voice attendee. "Privyet, Okhotnik." Surely she'll recognize Hank's voice - and it is no secret she speaks Russian considering her bellowed warning about the Sarin gas, so he's not revealing anything.

A snort at Io's deep level of interest - still - the girl is /here/, that's sort of a prima facie indication of her interest.

Hank nods to Domino. "I'll fabricate a few and have them shipped to your quarters here. Give me a few days, the remaining one I'll have to you tonight, Neena." He is /glad/ that she got healing from Thea in situ, still, she clearly needs more help.

"I agree completely, for a right mess, things did go very well. Everyone is to be commended. And Toni, Hisako managed to rescue one other fighter, also Hunter got several mutants out, who might be willing to be questioned." A pause. "And if they need medical help, Hunter, I will be at the Clinic later, and will see if Doctor Almer can join me, he too is a mutant."

Hisako blinks at the catering rambler as it arrives, and - seeing as the actual 'meeting' doesn't seem to have kicked off yet - slips out of her chair long enough to procure a bento and a bottle of juice. She also grabs a cookie or two, passing one of them across to Hank - and an onigiri as well. Mutants do not live by Twinkies alone, even when you're the bounding brainiac called Beast.

Io's invitation to hit the arcade draws a slight wince and a soft wave of Hisako's hand, along with an apologetic, "I'm really not much of a gamer, I won't be much fun to play against." She keeps her voice down somewhat, partly due to the radio being turned on, partly to Toni making 'we're getting started' conversation.

Which earns an inquiry of, "Would the FBI pay attention to our informing them? Or anything we can get out of our newest guest?"

Having just bitten down into some of that stolen food, Martin merely smiles at Io. Nope, not an ounce of shame there. Then he returns to chewing. Hank mentioning his name and he smirks, "That's what it sure feels like." Having gone through the looking glass! It should be said the red-head is wearing a RESCUE uniform and proper ID. He does work here now. A nod to Hank about later. Sure. He'll be there.

Posse nods to Toni's summary and gives her fake pistol just a couple more twirls before returning it to a holster hidden somewhere inside her jacket. "What Toni said. And Io with what you've gathered we should get their attention, but any more intel we extract from the heads we brought back will help." Hopping down from her countertop perch, the nearly bald woman smiles as she walks over to the rambler and snatches a sushi bento of her own.

"I copy, Hunter, reading ya' licky chicky. We've got your radio in the debrief room, just passing food around," she calls, somewhat louder to ensure she's heard by the bestial woman on the other side. "You and your rescues are welcome to come over for provisions and medical. I'll cover your six."

And with that, the bionic woman walks back to her perch, almost side-stepping as she leaves her torso half-facing the crowd, before hopping back onto the counter and leaving her legs to dangle. "So," she begins, addressing the briefing room as a whole, "as some of you've guessed, this ain't the same formal jaw-jack we do on the way out. That was a FRAGO, this thing most of you've never done is a debrief. The goal here's three points," a metal hand raises to tick across three carbon-fiber fingers and, in canvasing the room, the cyborg's green eyes pass over Martin in particular. "What we did right, what we did wrong, and how to do better. Everyone saw things from a different angle so everyone contributes. I've only got a few rules for it: no personal attacks, have a thick skin, and the most inventive cuss I hear gets a cookie."

"Beast?" the voice on the radio growl-questions curiously. So many voices, so much cross-talk; one can almost feel the ears lower and flatten themselves against the tiger-woman's skull. Remember: super-exceptional senses, especially hearing. She waits as patiently as she can - it's a lot harder to do in her current state - until finally Posse speaks. "Safe?" she questions. "Poison?" Hunter honestly had one reason to reach out despite having run away from everyone else with her people in tow. And now that reason has been revealed.

Conversation is not Hunter's strong point.

"In clinic." that super-deep voice murmurs. Of course, the clinic should be closed at this hour, but no one here expects that to stop the Pride in need, right?

Io shrugs at Hisako's rejection, apparently neither offended by it or seeing any reason to further persue the matter. Her eyes move back to her screen. Any looking on the screen would see she's playing a video game, but she's not tapping any buttons or controls with her hands, yet the characters move, and fight the npc monsters.

She looks to Martin very briefly, and asks, "So who're you, anyways?" Then looks back to her screen, muttering, "Bullshit," to herself at something happening. As she watches the screen, she unwraps the burger from the wrapper and takes a juicy bite of it.

Then, as Posse begins to talk - well, she at least stops the small amount of chatter she'd begun. Though she still seems to be concentrating on her game more than listening to Posse.

Domino's burger has already pulled a vanishing act, the wrapper all but licked clean before it gets wadded up and carelessly tossed over the back of her shoulder. That it bounces once off of the wall and lands neat as you please into the garbage probably won't come as any surprise to anyone who's spent time around her.

"Yeah..I've got a thought" she speaks up while raising a palm away from the table for a moment. "And this is coming from the impulsive loner with a questionable sense of self-preservation, but if there's any intention to completely blow the tits off of the building we're infiltrating then -maybe- give the rest of the crew a heads up before it's zero-shit thirty? Would have gone a long way. Just sayin.'"

She doesn't even sound all that mad about it. Maybe because she's -done- that more often than not!

"Don't get me wrong, I'm here because you all came for my sorry white ass, but maybe I wouldn't have needed as much of a rescue." She pauses and gently half-shrugs. "Okay, scratch that. In -this- situation it wouldn't have made any difference. Things were already bananas."

"If you mean the sarin gas for poison, it's been broken down safely; no danger of contamination." Toni says in answer to Hunter. "As for the FBI, hell yes they will. They don't want these dog things and people being kidnapped for underground bloodsports spreading any more than we do. They might even bring SHIELD in on it, considering the powered aspect, and the presence of a very powerful teleporter willing to drop sarin gas on the location to cover their tracks. And having a survivor to question will hopefully help."

Toni mmms, considering. "Doc Almer should look you over as well, and the others rescued, speaking of which Neena. I wouldn't put it past these bastards to add other implants for control. As for explosions…I didn't think that was the intent? This particular group seems happy to blow their shit up whenever it looks like they might be discovered. Ruthless as hell, but unfortunately very effective."

Hisako is listening and thinking as she eats, going back over her part of the operation and picking apart her own performance first, and second, what she saw or heard out of others. But there are other questions about which she's intensely curious - and Domino alluding to maybe not having needed a rescue (or maybe she did) draws Hisako's attention first.

"I'm glad you were alive to *be* rescued - and it was your signal, and the word 'Chalk,' that told us where to look for you. Which I'm still wondering about - was your informant, or contact or whatever, actually connected to that underground arena somehow?"

"Da, Ohkhotik…Beast." Hank confirms to the were guardian of Mutant Town. He nods to Martin when he accepts the invite. "And I will bring Doctor Almer, he is a Healer as well as a physician."

Hank is quiet a long time. "My biggest mistake was in not revealing key intel prior to the Kennel mission." Hank states, and no, he's not looking at Neena. At all, because he also feels guilt for revealing what he promised her he would not.

A text to Io. «Have you scrubbed the intel you pulled yet?» He's sure she'll know he sent it!

Hank then nods to Toni. "Not only did that, they had multiple different means to destroy the place, the sarin gas, the flooding…that speaks of careful prep and planning. Their Cyberpath may not have been the equal of ours, but that does speak of VERY methodical planning and prep. That alone makes them dangerous."

He lets Neena field Hisako's question, and then taps into one of the humblebees to start a sensor sweep and scan — of Neena.

"Dr. Martin Almer." That's who he is! Beyond that he doesn't say more because he's actually listening to Posse and the rest. Sure he has very little clue of what's actually going on, but he won't learn by rambling! That and he doesn't want to disrupt the flow any more than he already is. The man does steal half of Hank's cookie though. Sorry, Armor. He's chewing on that when Toni mentions him. There's a lifted hand to show Domino who's being mentioned, and that he heard. Then back to cookie. The man does not eat like cookie monster however.
Being volunteered for things gets Hank eyed, but the red-head shrugs and will go with it. Extra work is something he lives for. "Just message me about it?"

"You're talkin about that base-shattering kaboom that got you caught in the first place?" Posse guesses as her eyes turn to Domino and holds her bento just a little closer. She's lit the fuse, now she's got fish and rice to eat while monitoring the fallout.

"Hunted hellcat." the rumbly on the radio comments. "Could not find. Glad back." Yeah. Turning into a bipedal tigerwoman did not make the laconic Hunter any more talkative. It's like she's allergic to words.

A few beats later, the rumbly voice returns with one more comment. "Change new. Not planned." So suddenly being angry, in-pain gigantic tiger-woman was not the plan, ever. She just adapted and adjusted after it happened. Perhaps she needs to start packing acid sprayers or something with her tactical gear?

Io gives a brief nod towards Martin, the information has been processed. She either doesn't have much to say about the big-kaboom. She does, however, look up from her game to consider Domino, frowning thoughtfully for a brief moment. Her glance then strays over to Hank whom she finally seems to see - and even half-smiles at, before returning her eyes to her screen, looking for all the world like a bored teenager in a room full of adults talking about gas prices or the stock market.

Silvery eyes narrow slightly as they zero in on Hank. "We'll talk about that point later" she promises in an icy tone.

Looking to Toni and glancing to Posse with a head dip, Neena explains "The kennels. Where I went missing. Someone on the team tossed a set charge and yelled for everyone to run. By that point I had discovered -another- charge already primed with seconds left on the clock all while being fortunate enough to be caught between the two. I yelled back to abort but it was too late. Nowhere to turn, nowhere to run."

"Not that running was an option, by the time I found the blast door override to try and contain the existing charge it dropped and locked with serious determination. Someone rigged itquit scanning me Hankas a trap if anyone tried to interfere."

Mention of Martin being a healer causes one of her brows to curl upward slightly as she regards the man in question. It's always good to know who'll potentially be mending her broken butt tomorrow!

Then to Hisako's question, Neena eyes the other mutant as if trying to figure out -how- to respond. "He's a contact. That he managed to send a message is news to me. Sounds like I owe him some brandy." She avoids being any more specific about his potential involvement.

"Yeah. Thanks, Hunter. As for what -I- could have done better, I shouldn't have gotten RESCUE personnel involved with my contract work. You shouldn't have had to see that" she tells Hisako with a meaningful look.

"You're part of RESCUE now. You're one of ours." Toni says to Neena calmly. "You're saying someone threw high explosives into the facility from our team?" Her brow furrows as she turns to look at Posse. "Was that part of the plan, to destroy the facility? We are NOT a special ops force. I would not have agreed to that, had I known." She sounds more than a little upset by the idea now. "Stopping those involved does not involved us blowing everything to hell, especially when it puts our own people in danger!"

"Not us" Neena corrects while motioning toward the device which Hunter is joining their meeting through. "Her."

"Until I was talking to Hank after the 'kennel' raid," Hisako clarifies, "I didn't even know there were two separate explosions. I was too worried about keeping the 'Hounds,'" she enunciates the word with clear distaste, "from escaping or ripping me apart to see who was setting bombs. About all I came away from that with was that somebody on that side was a classic movie nerd."

She pauses, wiping her hands off with a napkin; her first onigiri is already gone, along with a significant portion of the sushi from the bento.

"As for the 'arena' … as far as I can tell, what we did right was coming out with more people than we went in with. My own focuses were taking out the oversight unit - that thing, robot or whatever, with all the cameras and lenses - and then making sure their big heavy guy, the one with tires for shoulder pieces, didn't have a chance to flatten any of our people in the melee. I'm open to hearing what I could have done better."

Hank only now notices that half his cookie, that kindly given cookie from Hisako, has been absconded with already. A faint brow furrow to Martin, but…the guy DID agree to help out at the clinic, he'll let it slide. Hank rises, and gets himself some burgers, and some fruit, and a replacement cookie and some drinks, one for him one for Hisako before he returns to his seat next to the girl.

He gently rests a hand on her shoulder as the talk goes to the Kennel, and the sights she should not have ever seen.

A blink at the Hellbino as she interrupts a sentence to order him to stop scanning her. He looks at her steadily. "No."

He is glad that he knows about the dual charges, he was curious about that.

"Your performance was flawless, so far as my rage addled brain recalls, Hisako-Chan."

A snort at Io's /focus/ on him and faint smile, and then he nods. She'll reveal when she does. Or doesn't, he guesses.

All this is rather disconcerting. Combat arenas, kennels.. and that implication that Domino was fighting there? Martin is sure he doesn't like that. Not that this matters to any of it, but he sure will be happy to help later. Going to have to ask someone later on about more details. For now he has his tablet in his lap and a neat pile of wrappers before him. He will attempt to steal more from Hank though. Just because.

After a while, Hunter does growl up a response. "Hunt Pride. Stop. Leave ruin. Warning. Crippling." She is not one of these silly namby-pamby non-violent non-lethal people; you hunt hers, she will take you off the planet one damned way or the other, and make sure whomever tries to take your place has to start the Hells over. Period. There is no inch of wiggle or apology there. Anyone who doesn't like it? Tough toenails. Giant, black tiger toenails.

"Tonight … good. After change, mess." Hunter offers. If they really want an after-action evaluation? That's hers, for what little it is worth.

Posse shakes her head to Toni while eating her sushi. No explosives from her - this time. "That was good teamwork taking out the super-sized threat," she affirms to Hisako. "But that was an improv evac to get you back out. Maybe we can get you a super-sized rope off the Bearcat or a hardpoint to hang from," the cyborg guesses while glancing to Toni's video screen for feedback. She is the team's resident mad genius.

"Let's set that 2nd explosive aside for this debrief, and Diya, what can we do to help ya control that change next time so it's under your control? And we got along like shit before you went Rambo and drew fire from the whole fuckin' arena for us. We've got some things to hug out."

Io reaches to the table, to grab a few more fries, but otherwise remains quiet while the discussion of explosions is given. She does give a 'thumbs-up' in Hisako's direction as the girl gets some praise for her efforts, not that Io saw it or was really aware of everything that everyone else was doing. She had her own battle going on.

Toni grumbles a bit as Hunter is fingered as the person using explosives. "Blowing things up nearly got one of our people killed. It's one thing to demolish a lab or something after it's evacuated, another to do it while our people are still on site." She nods absently to Posse. "Not hard to do a line like that, or harness or something. I can install it." Her little screen swivels back and forth as she talks. "And do we have any idea if there were any other prisoners in other locations we need to go looking for?"

There's still unclaimed food..and Neena may be dead tired and look like hell but she's also still -really- hungry. There's not any care given toward what she might grab but -something- is coming back to her end of the table and it is not long for this world.

This also works out in that she's said what she felt the need to say. Now she can play the weary observer, though to Toni's question she does offer "I don't have any further leads."

"We have two people we can try talking to," Hisako offers. "Three, if Neena is willing to try and drag Chalk out of hiding for a friendly little chat. But independently of him, we've also got one guard from the 'kennel' survived his nebulous bosses' attempt to scorch the earth behind them, and if Mr. Michelin Epaulets remembers enough about whoever might have worked on *him* for the arena, we might be able to get a few more pieces of the puzzle."

This was, in fact, about half of why she went to the trouble of rescuing either of them from a base that was about to be blown up, flooded with sarin gas, or simply flooded as the case may be. The other half was 'leaving someone to die doesn't sit well with her,' but being able to get useful information about the real enemy is always a useful bonus.

"And we have the data dump that Io took, once the data is scrubbed it can be analyzed. I concur with Armor, interrogation of the prisoners, and if possible a talk with this 'Chalk' person, is our best hope for leads. Of course the prisoners will need to be turned over to the authorities, which part I'll be happy to take care of." He does have ties to SHIELD after all.

Hank finishes a burger in two bites, and then drinks a bit of Cherry Doctor Pepper (his favorite!), and then continues. "Neena…is is possible that there's some contaminated particulates, or possibly tracking isotopes under your skin." He stops the scan then. "Also…there's some very unique elements in the tattoo over your eye." No, he doesn't know the significance of the tattoo, he just thought she might want to know. "Hunter, you evacuated some mutants from Kennel as well, are they available to talk to, are they in need of medical assistance? I know it is late, I should have asked sooner, my apologies, things have been hectic."

A nod of approval for evac changes for Hisako. "Perhaps some sort of jump-jets in your boots for power assisted leaps?" He looks to the proxy-Toni a smile offered, one that offers his aid if she'd like to collaborate.

Martin uses his time to make some notes on his tablet. Mostly about the mutant area and reminders that he wants to learn more about this whole situation. Also concerning Domino so that he looks for additive things. If he can, he'll keep whatever he finds. Mostly just staying busy as he listens.

As Hisako talks about having two leads all on her own Neena actually gives a soft but thoughtful "Huh," looking..rather impressed. Io managed to snag something worthwhile, too! Good job, girls.

Hank's complete out of the blue observation about her tattoo suddenly causes the albino to go very still, her eyes darting from one detail upon the table to another before eventually drawing upward long enough to catch McCoy's look.

As much as she'd like to think he wouldn't realize anything is amiss the mutant with the hyper-acute senses will have no trouble at all getting a scent of hardcore fear almost as soon as he states his findings.

"It's a very unique tattoo" she nonchalantly replies before turning her attention back to the continued destruction of edible materials within her reach.

Posse glances wordlessly at the radio as she continues eating her bento box down to naught but biodegradable bamboo-based polymer, then shifts her gaze to look between Neena and Hank, holding eye contact with the furred scientist long enough to be noticed. "We can talk later… either way we've got some good data to work off and it's o' dark hundred. Anyone who wants can turn in. Thanks all for coming out - now you can say you've been in a firefight and come out the other side."

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