2020-04-10 - Orange Marks the Spot


The missing Pip has been found! Or at least her security badge, chalk that one up to favors owed.

Log Info:

Storyteller: hank-mccoy
Date: Fri Apr 10 21:24:31 2020
Location: RESCUE Campus

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Hank McCoy says, "Tasha!"

Domino has been missing for literally days…no sign of her, the trails from the Kennel having both lead to a spherical, mildly radioactive teleportation point of some sort. In the meantime searches continue, and the dearth of clues is pretty disheartening. For Domino the time has been…busy, bloody, full body bruising, and dark. But! Hey…the Hellkitty is pretty happy, there's food here!

Hank had returned to base the other night with a number of chunks having been taken out of him by bugs, long story.

Regardless, one of the tech-sergeants, Walter Chen, is on monitor duty. Bored, he is sitting with feet up on the console and twirling his pen when a singularly unique transponder code goes active. He blinks, and then feet hit the ground as he leans and runs three confirmations.

Over comms. /Sec-Chief to monitor room, stat./ Tech-Sergeant Chen broadcasts to Ava. /Got a hit on the missing orange badge, ma'am./.

It's a testament to how well she's adapted to her new cybernetics that the chief of security arrives only seconds later, having managed a 'walk with a purpose' that almost ran over an intern. Posse scans the monitor room as the door hisses shut behind her, then makes her way to TSC. "That was your broadcast? Go," she instructs with the impatience as if he'd just interrupted her in the middle of a juicy novel. Oddly, the green-eyed cyborg always seems to have that impatience.

Being the intern who almost got run over by the recently-upgraded security chief is a pretty good excuse for Hisako to follow Posse. Armor's actually in her field jumpsuit (or as she and Hank would refer to it, her X-Men uniform), but she does have her ID badge on, as usual for when she's at RESCUE.

As to *why* Hisako followed Ava? She'd been looking over some supplies for her current project of reconstructing a test-firing range, and the announcement about a 'missing orange badge' caught her attention just in time to nearly get bowled over. 'Orange badge' sounds an awful lot like the probationary status they gave Domino on Hisako's first day, and 'missing' *definitely* points to the super-lucky mercenary who didn't come back from the Kennel raid. So it's not just curiosity that spurs Hisako to follow, but personal concern: if they've got a fix on Domino, then Hisako wants to be part of the team to bring her home.

Even … or rather, in this case, *especially* if they have to go through the bad guys to retrieve her.

Tech-Sergeant Chen grins to his boss. "Yes, Ma'am, that was my broadcast." He nods to the steady transponder reading, and then it goes off and on, in a rapid sequence…that repeats, yup…some sort of code. In fact /Morse/ code. C-H-A-L-K. Then it goes steady after three repetitions, and holds. TSC blinks at that weird display. "Chalk?" And then shakes his head, and reports. "Ma'am - at fifteen-oh-two hours during routine monitoring of comms per my assigned duty shift I noticed a new signal in the clear. I ran the signal identity, and it corresponded to Orange Badged Neena Thurman, callsign Domino. Triple verified, signal checks out one hundred percent, Chief. Location show is four-point-seven-five klicks from base, approximate eight clicks from last reported transponder location. Report ends."

"Good work," Ava responds short, simple, and with a purpose. "What's at that location?" Then turning outward to the room she adds, "Is there a humblebee flight that can be ready in four hours for night surveillance?"

"Four-point-seven … which direction again, Sergeant?" asks Hisako. "The E and M subway lines intersect a little inside five kilometers from here, so if that's the right direction, maybe that's where Domino wound up."

Then she looks up at Ava. "Should I let Hank know we might have found her?" Four hours for surveillance seems like a long time, but if Domino's still around, the extra time for reconnaisance might be better safe than sorry.

"Due east, Miss Ichiki." And then the Tech-Seargeant nods. "That's confirmed, that location was in fact the E-M Terminal. Nothing survived above ground, the station itself was leveled in the event by an air strike on one of the Sentinels, Chief." He offers Hisako a nod of respect for knowing her geography so well though. He turns to his duty station, fingers dancing an arpeggio across the keyboard. "Affirmative ma'am, can prep Humblebee drone flight Alpha and deploy for night time overfly."

He even sends the commands off though the system to prepare the alpha flight drones.

He'll leave Hisako's questions to Posse to answer.

"Good times," Ava reflects on the Sentinel event before turning over her shoulder to Hisako. "You know him? Good, tell him to summon Hunter two klicks south of that station at 1800. Do /not/ tell him where she is." Then, it's back to Chen. "Add the rally point to a humblebee patrol - choose a route that keeps two klick minimum off-set from that fix."

Hisako nods to Ava, "I'll let him know in-person. Two klicks south of the old E and M station, 6 p.m. this evening. And I won't mention who we're looking for."

They may have four hours' prep time, but she heads for Beast's lab right away to pass the word along that Posse needs them for a mission.

"Humblebee path to stay 2 kilometers from rally point, pattern programmed…sending to flight gamma, already deployed, adjusting flights sigma and tau to maintain coverage until flight alpha can launch, Chief." He does wonder why the security chief is keeping McCoy out of the loop…and then he just does his job, trusting that Posse is making the best call possible. He has faith in his boss, and trusts in his training - Tech-Sergeant Chen is a good soldier, even if he was Air Force.

"Good, now I've got a team to assemble. Radio if that RP is anything but quiet as a tomb," Posse answers. No deeper explanation is given but then, they rarely are. Turning on her heels, the chief of security heads back out of the comm room and towards the armory while a hand goes to the radio in her ear. She needs a drink, but first she needs to ready some back-up.

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