2020-04-08 - Derbyvengers


Jimmy and Darcy go out for shawarma after a roller derby practice.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Apr 8 20:50:27 2020
Location: Shawarma Palace

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It's just after a roller derby practice, and they have some nutrients to replenish. Tonight, that means shawarma. An unseasonable chill hangs in the air — seriously, it's April, winter should shut up already — so Jimmy and Darcy drive to the Shawarma Palace rather than flying. It's not as crowded as Katz's had been, making for a more relaxed evening. Jimmy holds the door open for her. "That one collision was insane. You ended up with, what, a four-girl pile-up?" He's so caught up in talking about the practice that he for once doesn't realise how it sounds to outsiders.

"Fuck that was awesome. Fucking Glitter and her sparkle-spanx," Darcy adds pausing to smile brightly at then elder couple who look shocked and confused by her and Jimmy. She steps clear to let them pass, and when Jimmy's back at her side, she collects his elbow for her own.

"Fuck, I am SO hungry. I'm gonna die!!"

Jimmy leans into her, smiling at the close proximity, and leads the way into the queue. He's still carrying the exhilaration of the derby girls' moods during the practice, even though he hadn't gone on the rink himself. "Sparkle spanx. Is that what her shorts are called?" Soon enough, they're at the front. Jimmy nudges Darcy to order first, and himself gets a chicken kebab with a mix of barbecue and garlic sauce. "Is your hip okay, though? I swear, it looks like a bruisier bruise than usual."

"Yup. They are actually hooker shorts, but she's wearing actual spanx underneath," Darcy says on a laugh, eyeing hte menu so that when it's her turn she can order. The faster the better because she's sofa king hungry!!! She orders like two things, because indecisive and hungry are a bad combination, before running her hand on her hip.

"Hmm… It's not broken. You might need to check me out later though, just to make sure I'll be okay, Doc."

"Hooker shorts," Jimmy echoes. "I didn't realise there was a defined uniform for that." He peers at her hip while she's checking it, nodding. "Yeah, definitely. A full-body examination is in order."

Then he notices the looks he's getting, and a blush finally starts to break through. "…for injuries. From sports." His head goes full tomato by the time he finds a table and pulls a chair out for her.

It all just makes Darcy laugh brightly. Not only is there not really a uniform for that but she's going to seem like there is, she got him to be oh so suggestive in PUBLIC! She pops up to tiptoes to give his cheek a kiss before easing herself down to the chair.

"Thanks. Get me a Arnold Palmer?" she asks him, so he can take a moment to compose himself… and she can watch him walk away for a little bit.

Jimmy's cheek is particularly warm under that kiss. Not as warm as when he goes 'full glow', but still hotter than baseline. "Arnold Palmer, got it." He kisses her cheek in return and goes to hide at the soda fountain. That only occupies him for a brief moment, but he is blushing a little less by the time he arrives, settling in beside her. "But yeah. Good practice today."

Darcy, very openly and very unembarassedly, leans so she can watch Jimmy's rear as he walks again. Chin in hand, she leans up as he starts back. Her smile is angelic when he sets her drink down in front of her. A long swig is taken.

"Ah! Thanks. Yes. Practice was awesome. Felts so good! I hutr in all the best places."

Jimmy doesn't need to see her to know how she's watching him. He can feel it. And perhaps disappointingly, it made him move in a slower, more stoic kind of way, rather than showing off.

He nods firmly as he gets in close beside her, an arm draping around her shoulders. That'll make kebab-ing a bit trickier, but he can manage it. "Awesome. When's the next big game, again? Need to see if we can wrangle Peter for it."

"Couple weekends from now. They'll be blasting social media with the game dates tomorrow. If he has a date to bring, you can grab him.. her.. it as your plus one, if he mentions," Darcy says, happily leaning into her boyfriend's warmth.

Jimmy strokes down her back, simply enjoying the proximity and how much she enjoys it in return. "Right. Just as the way to put it 'on the books' so they both get in. I'll have to ask him if he's bringing a date." He gives her a wily grin, and though he blushes, he still makes a comment. "If he does, try not to be too disappointed about the 'sexy nerd' being off the market."

Jimmy is rewarded by a shower of bright giggles from Darcy as she turns to rub her nose against his jaw just as a worker brings by their food.

"Only if you promise to be a sexier nerd for me later tonight." Did she time that?

She totally had to have timed that.

Jimmy acks when she nuzzles into him, and in so public a space. He gives the worker a look half-embarrassed and half-apologetic, but still doesn't actually ask her to stop. "Psh. Borrowing a pair of your glasses, you mean? Quoting some technobabble from movies?"

"Oh baby. Talk medi-chlorofill at me," Darcy purrs as the worker rolls his eyes at the antics but says nothing. He just leaves the food and walks away. Is she aware she screwed that up? Possibly. Does she care? Not even slightly.

Jimmy laughs. "Oh, how friends of mine raged when they introduced midichlorians." He shakes his head. A shy, guilty glance around makes sure nobody's too close, and so he lowers his voice. "Of course, if I'm dressing up, so are you."

Where he lowers his face, Darcy doesn't. Not as she looks up at him with a false innocent in her eyes.

"You sure you don't want me to dress down for you?"

Jimmy thought he could keep up. He was wrong, and he ends up letting out a soft whine, his chin ducking. "Meanie." Because of course it's 'mean' to put suggestions and images like those into his head.

Meanie is not hte same as stop, so…

"Slave Leia or Award Ceremony Leia? I heard there was no underwear in space, so…" Can she make him completely scarlet? It seems she never tires of trying.

Jimmy at least has a second or two of warning that she's going to try something like that, so he makes sure not to have a mouth full of anything. Good thing, because he chokes as much as he'd expected, his eyes wide as he stares at her, turned to mute silence.

"Award Ceremony it is," Darcy quips, smiling as she sits up. A quick peck on his cheek and she turns to her meal to give Jimmy a chance to compose himself again. Unless he'd like to take this meal to go.

Jimmy's whine turns into a soft grumbling, his eyes narrowed and his lips pouting when she continues the tease. But he still hasn't said 'stop', or anything else meaning it. He does, however, give her a light nudge with an elbow, as he starts eating again.

Darcy giggles at it and elbows back.

"Eat up. You're gonna need your energy," she states, grinning hugely around a bite of SHAWARMA!

"My energy isn't in question." Jimmy boops her nose. "My energy's plentiful. You're the one who's just finished a derby practice; you'd better make sure you're ready to put your money where your mouth is." Probably a poor choice of phrasing on his part.

Will he realize that the moment her smile goes to Loki levels of mischevious? She licks her lips, brows bobbing. Does she need to say where she plans to put her mouth now or can he pluck that from her?

And so, without actually saying a word, she manages to get his blush roaring to new heights. He hides it behind his kebab, grumbling under his breath while he eats.

And Darcy laughs brightly, leaning over to kiss his shoulder before turning back to her meal.

"Hmm…. Don't say anything, but I got Loki to come to an open skate night. She was SO damn hot! I'm trying to get his schedule to be normal so he can come skate with me more and we can start a supers league or soemthing. Sif, Loki… some other punch people through walls types…"

Jimmy lifts an eyebrow, but takes the pronoun shift in stride. Of course Loki can change gender; Jimmy just hasn't seen it for himself yet. "Sounds like the insurance for that would get pricy, but… I bet the viewership would be way up. Hm, do you think Priscilla would be up for it?"

"Can Priscilla do the wham bam clock 'em ma'am with the rest of them? Because we can make it co-ed and YOU can skate," she says, having more than enough sense to keep her voice conspiratorily low now.

"I'm not sure how strong she is," Jimmy says, "But she's pretty strong. And she can heal better than I can, to boot." He keeps his voice just as low. "But… I think at this point, we should take this to go and head back? More privacy there." And that's important for talking about supers colliding with each other.

And to further throw anyone off the trail - or just because Darcy - she cackles brightly and moves to wrap up the rest of her meal.

"And if you're a good boy I'll lick you light saber too."

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