2020-04-08 - Upgraded Touring Test


Upgrades to the Cyborg security chief, tour of the facility for one doctor Almer. :) And a fuzzy blue guy. Also, some 'splody, just a little.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Apr 8 14:33:41 2020
Location: RESCUE Campus

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Upon Marin's call, Veronica was happy to make arrangements and an appointment for his visit. Upon his arrival, driving across the spit of the drawbridge from the Disaster Zone's river border to approach the entry gate, Martin is matched with his ID and checked on his appointment; then he is handed a pass for the parking garage, given pointed directions to it, and told how to cross the campus from that garage to the entrance to the Wellspring and the Spire.

As soon as Martin pulls away a Humblebee drone lifts off from the guard post to follow him and his car along the way. Meanwhile a message is sent to Dr. Kelsey informing her that her guest has arrived and passed Campus security. She acknowledges the message, and then closes up her lab. "Cassandra, put the isolation chamber on standby, and bring up the stabilization fields. Initiate shutdown. Set security to full in ninety seconds." That said, the wheelchair-bound doctor gathers her tablet and then rolls for the airlock-style doors to cycle out of her lab as the lights dim, the screens go dark, and the lab shuts down. Five minutes later Veronica comes rolling out of the Wellspring's front entrance, past a series of stylized statues representing human anatomy in motion, and waits there for Martin to approach.

"Good afternoon, Doctor Almer. Welcome to RESCUE. If you'll come with me, we'll get you passed through security and get your visitor's badge. Then we can take a bit of a tour, and let you get a feel for this place, our people, and our mission."%rOf course, Roni wasn't the only one informed of a new person arriving at the facilities.

Good thing Martin is what he appears to be, eh? All this security is a bit daunting! Following the rules, he parks where he's told, and will meet the good doctor herself. "Hello, Dr. Kelsey. Good to see you again." Smiling, and offering a hand to shake, he's wearing casual business attire. As in a white shirt and slacks. No tie and nothing fancy. Sorry, he's even a little wrinkled. So not good at the domestic stuff. "You have some serious security here. This where you make those fancy cybernetics you gave me a glimpse of?" And he's only completed part one of said security? Egads. Not that he won't go along with things. Not armed, not here to make trouble, so hopefully it works out.

Speaking of advanced Cybernetics, Hank is presently happily at work - ANYthing to divert his attention from the other crud going on. THIS he can do without worry. There's a happy sounding ding from one of the fabricators, and he takes out the various key components for the SAHI - Substrate Anchored Holographic Imager. "Delightful." He bounces, literally…zoom—deflects off the ceiling and lands with a head bob like a cheerleader, because he's a goof, and then takes all the various components and assembles three devices - first, the module that would socket into Posse's cybernetic leg, or arm. Second, a charger, and third a basic backup unit that can be worn on the wrist - a sort of oversized looking watch.

Tests done to verify function, he activates his comms. «Security Chief, Hank here…do you have a moment? I could use you in cyberlab three, if you have a bit.»

There's a few second delay over Hank's comm channel before a familiar voice answers back. «Armed or unarmed?» the chief of security asks while, on the other side of the line, a virtual keyboard and display disappear from the cyborg's vision as she opens her eyes. Reorienting herself in the room, she heads out the main door and into the main hallway of the Proving Grounds, heading towards the Foundry without even waiting for the furry doctor's answer. In what's become a familiar look recently, but still jars the more long-serving RESCUE members, the chief of security is out of armor and in a normal REACT uniform - with her own personal addition of a pistol holstered to both thighs. But as she walks, the green-eyed amputee is visibly moving better than she has in weeks.

"Amongst many other things, Dr. Almer." Veronica offers warmly, without bragging. She doesn't have to, frankly. "We maintain this level of security for multiple reasons, not the least of which is because we continue to maintain a few active federal contracts." She is legally prohibited from saying to someone who is not properly cleared that they are DARPA contracts, but that's what it is and why the initial requirements for security. Those needs have only grown in recent years as their technology has continued to advance.

THe main campus appears to he comprised in this area by three large buildings: a multi-story spiraling Spire in the center, with a triangular low-profile building - the Wellspring - on one side, and the slightly higher-profile sandy-colored stone - and recently rebuilt from scratch! - Foundry, largely rectangular in shape. Veronica rolls with Martin across the pathways from the front of the Wellspring to the front of the Spire, and leads the way inside.

There he is greeted by name by one of the royal-blue with brilliant safety-orange highlights-uniformed security officers. "If you'll just walk slowly through this passage, Dr. Almer, I can get your image, and append your biometric scans to finish preparing your badge." A short walk through a glassed-in ten-foot corridor, and then he is presented with a clip-on badge with a lanyard. "This badge will grant you free access to our public spaces. Beyond those areas, please stay within sight of your escorts at all times, please. Thank you, and enjoy your visit, Sir."

Beyond that, Martin is then greeted again by Veronica. "So, how much do you know now about RESCUE?" Translation: how much web browsing did you do before asking to visit?

"Please, call me Martin?" Is asked of the woman. "It's okay, I totally can see why. Caught me by surprise was all. I'm not used to this kind of thing." Martin is intrigued though. "Pretty sure you all work at levels I can't even dream of." Feeling pretty small already, but he's still here to see if he can help. The corridor is met with a bit of hesitation, but after a glance to Roni, he'll walk down it and hopefully pass. Praying no one minds that he's a mutant. "Thank you." Given to the security officer as he accepts the badge. Clips it onto his breast pocket so that it's obvious. Now that he's used to. And once cleared he gives, "I did a little research. Not a lot, but what I saw made me intrigued. This could be a better fit for me than the hospitals lately." Albeit he doesn't say why.

«As suits you, Chief. It is not a combat, sim, however.» Hank preps an exam table, and sends a text to Roni & Toni /SAHI system fabrication complete, will be installing and calibrating in Cyberlab 2/

And then he preps the exam table with any tools he thinks he might need, and a few he hopes he doesn't, because yes, he was in fact a Boy Scout, and an Eagle Scout, and definitely believes in their motto: Be Prepared.

In a bit of a mood, he queues up some music, one of his favorite songs of all time: The Middle, by Jimmy Eat World. In fact he has massive playlist of such upbeat tunes all queued up.

It might be a surprise to Hank how quickly his door chimes with a visitor, but then, Ava had a head start. Despite having badge access to the entire campus, the cyborg still waits to be admitted whenever it's not an emergency. Proper manners are like the ironed-in creases of her uniform; if they're missing, something has gone wrong.

"What's up, Hank?" she asks upon entering the room, then pauses to look upwards at the background music he's left playing.

"Certainly, Martin. You can feel free to call me Veronica if you would prefer. Don't be surprised if some of my colleagues here call me Roni." the wheelchair-bound doctor offers. She leads the way through the interior of the Spire, through the green-tinted hallway that leads to the ground level of the Wellspring. "Our campus is divided into several segments. This Spire is intended for business and operations. The Wellspring, where we are entering now, is our hospital and biological laboratories facility. The Foundry, the sandy-colored building across the way, is our materials science and mechanical fabrication facility. Beneath us are a series of tunnels which interconnect the facility and also lead to the Proving Grounds, where we do a lot of our testing of new designs and improvements. It's also where REACT and its various elements can be found, including training facilities. And beyond the lake, barely visible from where you were is the Swamp, which is our dormitory space, and includes our various dining facilities."

Matrin nods, "Thanks." For being allowed to use her first name. After that he's all ears. There's a lot more here than he had originally expected. Of course he's far more interested in the Wellspring than he would be the rest. He couldn't design a proper paper bag, and won't be pretending he could, never mind cybernetics. "You've put quite a lot into this, haven't you?" Given in admiration. "Haven't seen a setup this complex in years." Not that he's seen SHIELD or anything, so he's just remembering the army from many years ago. But the man is smiling. This is neat. "How much can I see today?"

"Ah, there you are, Ava. Welcome!" Hank looks up from the exam table and his tray of instruments. And yes, he is a little surprised at the swift response, but it is a good thing, he's only just finished with the setup. "I can kill the music if you like?" Yellow eyes meet Ava's and then he nods. "I have completed fabrication of the SAHI system, did you want it external, on a wrist mount, or socketed into one of your cyberlimbs? I also prepped a backup unit and a charger in case you didn't want it running off internal power or in case of an emergency."

He pats the table. "If you want it installed…we can do that, and then see about getting it configured to your desires."

"It's fine," Ava dismisses of the background noise. She actually lights up at the mention of SAHI - at least such as the cyborg does to anything. Her eyebrows are higher than they were a second ago at least. "Damn that was fast. You've tested it too? I'll take integrated, in the leg; less chance of it coming off that way."

Walking over, the bionic woman examines the table that's set up along with the tools beside it. "You know how to wire into my systems or does that wait for Roni?" she asks, and true enough, the blue-furred scientist modifying her hardware would be a first. Hardly anyone's even touched them except for the chair-bound doctor herself… and maybe an albino.

"We do a lot, so we need a pretty complex arrangement." Veronica admits as they walk the halls. Martin will get to see the drones that function as the orderlies, medical beds which drive themselves with their patients aboard, others that propel food and drinks around to the rooms, others that bring in and dispense drugs, as still others take vitals readings and the like. He'll also get to see the wide array of different cases being treated at the Wellspring, from burn victims rescued from a forest fire in California to two victims with extensive crush injuries following an earthquake. All are getting beyond top-flight medical care here, with a much smaller staff than an equally important hospital. But no one here is wasting his or her time.

"This surgical suite is where Kelly will be given her new arm, and most likely where her subsequent replacements will be attached as she grows. This is where my friend and head of security, Posse, was recently upgraded after an EMP incident during an operation in Ukraine. She is the model for Guard Girl, whom you met." Veronica explains. "You should be able to see most things here. There will be some labs you will only be able to see in passing, or with the screens turned off or secured. But with my escort, everything should be fine."

Now, Martin will have many questions about the medical facility. About the drones, practices, expected workloads, etc. He's kind of excited about it all to be honest. Not often you find a group that wants to help, not make a group of people rich by charging those who can barely afford it. He is, simply, quite impressed with it all. The man laughs about the model for the doll. "Now that's awesome. I knew why you'd given her one with prosthetics, but it was a surprise to find she was based off a real woman. I look forward to meeting her." As for the places he can't go, the man nods, "I'm good with that, and frankly I wouldn't have a clue about such labs anyway. The medical facilities are where my skills lay. But.. there is something I think I need to admit. Nothing drastic, I promise, but before you really consider someone like myself.. I am a mutant."

The music stays on then, Hank does turn it down a bit more though so it doesn't irritate the woman. Not like he can't hear it still!

Eyes of yellow are bright. "Ah, then we'll use the thigh mount point." Hank says thoughtfully, and calls up images for the limb in question on the monitors of the lab. "I know in theory, but I was going to ask Roni to join us and supervise…" He looks to the cyborg security chief assessingly. "…unless you prefer she did the work and have me as observer instead? The procedure is a relatively simple one, though I don't wish to proceed if you'd be more comfortable otherwise."

He activates his comms, tying them into the sound system in the lab, which suppresses the music softly playing. «Roni, any chance you could swing by Cyberlab 2?»

Ava's face doesn't betray any ill feelings towards Hank's expertise with tools but she still concludes, "I'd rather she install it and you supervise your half." Glancing back at the table, the cyborg sets a hand on her hip. "So… strip down and hop on the table?"

And Veronica just smiles and nods to Martin. "Yes. I am aware. Or at least, I have been sure of it since your security scan earlier." Oops! Better explain. Veronica shrugs slightly as they continue rolling along. "I noticed how rapidly Kelli's more minor injuries recovered, and discovered all of that happened while you were visiting that day. That made me suspect a link. Your increased bioelectric field was noted in your biometrics, which confirmed my theory."

How wickedly evil! RESCUE are a much of mutie-hating freaks!

Nope. Not in the slightest. "I can assure you, that biometric data is maintained only in an encrypted form, both in our database and encoded on your ID. We have less than no interest in making that information public for anyone, patient, staff, or potential staff." Roni glances down at her tablet, and then changes the direction of her rolling. "It seems you will be meeting Posse and Hank a bit sooner than I expected. Hank needs me to visit his lab. This way."

Veronica leads Martin to one of the elevators and then rolls inside as it opens to admit her. Once he is inside, she taps the control, and they travel down one floor to the first of the underground floors. Once they exit, she turns right and follows signage towards 'Cybernetics Labs 1-3', turning the corner as she approaches #2, where she taps on the panel by the door. There's no hint of the chime sounding inside; Roni's badge means she could just override the door at any time. But politeness counts.

And maybe seeing Hank will reassure Martin that his mutant status is safe here. Or maybe not?

Martin can't be too surprised, but that doesn't mean he has to like it either. Not that he'll raise that issue. Seems eminently reasonable they would scan for something of the sort in today's world. There's a slow nod, "It's not like I'd really lose anything for it being admitted, but if we could keep it on the low? Things have been crazy concerning that." The man is nervous, for all he is trying not to freak.
There's a nod about following her, and he does. "My power concerns healing. So better you know about it if you want me hired for such things. We can go into details later." The man has told maybe a handful of people his whole life, so he isn't about go singing it from the rooftops.

"Mm…yes, please, Ava. There's a gown behind the screens over there, once you're comfy I'll get you prepped, and hopefully Doctor Kelsey will be here soon." Hank is clearly not in the least bit worried about Posse's preference - she has only ever seen him at work like this once, during that marathon of her limb and stentrode replacements, and he was assisting, not primary care. Though…Roni /did/ let him help, that speaks to a considerable amount of trust for the guy's abilities. She's VERY proprietary about 'her' patients too.

Hank continues the prep work until the door chime sounds. A glance outside and he'll see Roni and a guest. "Enter."

Nigh six feet and over four hundred pounds of blue-black furred scientist, dressed in a visor and lab coat, approaches the pair. "Doctor Kelsey, excellent. Posse requested you be primary for the installation of the SAHI system, she opted for the thigh mount, I apologize if I interrupted anything?"

He smiles then to Martin, rather an impressive set of dentition quite at odds with the rich, cultured bass of his voice. "Hank McCoy." He offers along with a hand fit to palm a watermelon.

From outside the building, there's a sudden *WHUMPH* that rattles the glass on the outside window, followed by a brief fire alarm from the Foundry which gets quickly shut off. A moment later the public broadcast system for the campus kicks in, showing a slightly dust covered Toni in her lab coat, coughign a bit as she peers down into the camera. "Ah…nothing to worry there, just a slight miscalculation…nothing to see here…"

In the background several robotic armatures are frantically spraying down a large hole and what's left of the layered steel target in front of it…which also has a hole.

Several humblebees are more sedately spraying down a bank of electronics that's sparking and partially on fire as a assistant staggers around, looking a bit stunned and covered in dust. "Right Frank?" Frank turns. "EH?!" Toni speaks a bit louder. "EVERYTHING OK?!" Frank blinks, rubbing at his goggles, then gives a double thumbs up.

Toni turns back to the camera. "So, ah, false alarm, go back to what you were doing." Then she twitches, looking at something off camera. "NONONO, don't spray the-" There's a flash and the screen fuzzles then goes out.

"Sure, but my stim suit'll cover as much as a gown," the bionic woman answers to Hank before walking over to the curtain and ducking out of sight. With how much is attached to her uniform it doesn't take long for Ava to make a pile on the floor and the cybernetic vet pads back into view barefoot on metal legs sheathed in carbon fiber shells. Her two arms /almost/ match thanks to the tight black suit covering one side up to the wrist, leaving her unbalanced in detail but at a glance perfectly symmetrical in a testament to modern medicine and engineering.

Running a hand over the faint white stubble sprouting from her head, Ava leans herself back against the operating table wait - though she doesn't have to wait long. "Oh good that was fa—" The tell-tale crash of something large and super-sonic has the chief of security rushing right back into the changing area, probably for her guns, when Toni chimes in over the campus' broadcast system. Sighing though out of view, the cyborg can be heard muttering. "Need to teach that girl about protocol for field-testing artillery on campus… every time I think the site rules are enough…"

Veronica is ready to continue introductions … and then the world shakes. She is instantly spinning around, very nearly running over poor Martin - out of the way, walky boy! - as her hand slaps her tablet. "Give me a sitrep!" she shouts …

And then Toni comes on the PA and announces her full faith and credit for the gigantic kaboom.

And Veronica slumps, tiredly, in her wheelchair. "Nevermind, Karl. Thank you. Can you please deploy a fire team to the Foundry and make sure all of that is contained? And file a full incident report, please. Thank you." she murmurs quite tiredly.

She was feeling good. Doing well. Now, she looks like she's just run a marathon on her hands. All her energy just sucked right out of her.

A deep sigh.

"Dr. Martin Almer, Dr. Henry McCoy. Hank to most, and Beast at times for obvious reasons. Hank, this is Martin, the doctor I met with Kelli last week." Veronica lifts her head and squares her shoulders. She can do this. She can do this. "And this is Posse." She knows well Ava hates being introduced as 'Ava' to strangers.

Martin is feeling so out of depth here! The security, the technology, and now Hank. There's a blink at the obvious mutant (Or alien. He doesn't know..), and while there's a bit of short circuit in his brain, a life time of manners takes over. Martin grips that hand. "You must be Hank." If only because the woman likely isn't a Hank. But in hearing about some of the reasons for being here, he asks, "I can go if my presence bothers you." Said directly to Posse.
But that's when the WHUMPH happens and he ducks somewhat, getting out of Roni's way, looking around for the sound. Thankfully the broadcast system explains things. He's a little wide-eyed after as he returns his attention to Posse. "Um.. Right." He's going to fit right in. "Good to meet you both." Since introductions have been made. To Roni, the red-head turns, "You okay?" She's kind of deflated over all that.

Hank is about to shake hands when there comes a giant earth shattering kaboom…he's SO going to use Marvin the Martian as Toni's profile pic! Just see if he doesn't. HIS reaction? He mutters a ridiculously long string of syllables, his labcoat morphing into his costume, his visibly armored costume, and…then the good Doctor Ho checks in, and Doc Kelsey issues her commands, rubbing the back of his neck, he once more offers that hand, and shakes Martin's. "Welcome, Doctor Almer. Thank you for taking interest in Miss Lindstrom's case." Kelli. If Hank suspects anything there's no sign of it. "And yes, I'm Hank, please."

Hank shifts then to rest a hand on Roni's shoulder, a brief squeeze eloquent of 'yes, in fact you CAN do this'. He grins toothily over to Ava then. "Do you really think that will help?" He asks, pretty well knowing the answer is no.

Or maybe 'HELL no'?

He motions then to the table. "Sit, please." To Ava, then looks to Roni. "I've assembled the SAHI unit and prepped all the instruments already…" Knowing that nothing will get Roni back to herself faster than work.

Posse steps back out of the changing area shaking her head with a rueful smile until he notices the new face beside Roni - only barely seeing the man around the wall of blue between them. "Dr… Almer. It's a public procedure now," she assesses, and moves on just like that, walking over to the table and hoping easily onto it with her prosthetic legs. Despite appearances the cyborg really does seem to move naturally with her hardware.

"Chief of security and RESCUE's product demo," she self-introduces before raising her fully robotic left arm.

Veronica sighs again and shakes her head, trying to clear it. "Alright. We will be implanting a series of add-on modules across Posse's subdermal carbon fiber nanomesh, and connecting them with a new unit socketing into a prepared space in the thigh of the left leg, tying it into the power source there. We will need some local anesthetic for the other implantations, but not much I imagine."

Then Roni rolls over to the chair/bed where Posse is situated while her hands are busy attaching velcro straps around her thighs, ankles, and then waist. She locks the chair in place … and then she stands, the chair shifting into position as an exoframe surrounding her hips and legs, enabling the paraplegic not just to stand, but to walk. "Hank, I assume you have already run the final signal tests on the components?"

Martin really wants to help Roni, but decides now is not the time. He nods and watches in amazement as the chair allows her to walk. Now that's some seriously cool tech. He'll take himself to an out of the way spot where he can watch. "Thanks." Is given to Posse for being allowed to remain. After a moment he admits, "Um.. I can make it so she doesn't feel any pain." Kind of uncomfortable, but considering everything else, what's another weirdness thrown into the mix? "Or take infection."

"Thank you, Posse." Hank knows she prefers that name to Ava when strangers are about. What might be really interesting is just how perfectly 'Guardgirl' replicated the woman, in fact the /cybergear/ is visibly a match even to Martin's untrained eye, that's impressive work! Roni did a great job with the action figure.

"Ready to assist, Doctor." A nod about the module. "The components all tested nominal, a bit higher than expected, in fact."

And then Martin makes his offer of anesthesia and infection blocking, and the burly blue furred fellow quirks a brow up. "So…you /are/ responsible for young Miss Lindstrom's remarkable improvement? Excellent…mutant then, mutate, alien?" Not like he's red the man's files or anything! "If you don't mind me asking, of course."

He is standing by patiently as well, ready and eager to get the SAHI installed. A smile to Ava. "Once it is installed we can test the connection and the field. I've programmed five presets, we'll go over how to activate them and you can add more if you need them, Chief."

"Other implants?" Posse questions to Roni as she finds herself eye-level with her doctor - yes, hers. A nod is given to Hank in acknowledgement before a curious and somewhat intense look turns to Martin at the mention of a mutation. No pressure at all.

"Yes. There are small units we will be embedding in the subdermal carbon fiber mesh." Veronica explains to Posse. "They won't compromise the mesh. But you should be aware that in another EMP event, SAHI's emission repeaters will not be shielded. The main component will be, inside the thigh. But you'll need new replacements for these." Veronica holds up a small stack of nine glittery circuit 'coins' in a small tube.

"Martin, I certainly will not say no to reducing even further the chance of infection. And it might do you good in the future to have a feeling for what a body with cyberware feels like. If you think you can mimic the local anesthetic, let's forego that. Just let me know when you are ready, and we will begin." That said, Roni points to a spot on Eva's fleshy bicep, and waits.

When Martin indicates he is ready, Veronica preps a probe and connects the first of the nine tiny discs. Then a harder-than usual injection follows, as the chip is folded, injected, and then unfolded inside Ava's arm to embed itself into the carbon fiber nanomesh inside. Another for her forearm, then attachments for her mechanical arm. Then one in the flesh of her right leg, another into her right cyber-calf. Another in her cybernetic left thigh, and in her cybernetic left calf. Then one injected at her sternum. Then Veronica rolls down the carbon fiber sleeve over Ava's leg, exposing literally cybernetic muscle fibers, bone and the like. She opens a compartment near the bone, and inserts the control module, using tiny probes to attach it to power nodes in there. Then she closes up the space, seals it, and rolls the sleeve back up into place.

All in all, it's a procedure of just over forty minutes' time. "Hank, please confirm each unit is still sending and receiving signal. Run individual self-tests and compare for nominal function."

Martin feels like he's taken a dive off the frying pan right about now. He shrugs and smiles sheepishly at Posse. "Mutant." If she doesn't want to, he'll totally respect that. Doesn't mention Kelli's recovery because that's pretty obvious now. "You okay with that?" Asked of POsse. If she is, the man simply puts a hand on her. Even just holding her hand. "Ready, Drs." Since there are multiple doctors in the room. There's no special effects at all, and the only sense of his efforts is that Posse will be feeling less aches. Kind of like having a nice massage while other things are going on. There will be no pain, and he remains in contact the whole time. Martin doesn't have to save her life, nor operate, so he can make this as pleasant as possible for the woman.

Hank is the model of professionalism, and it really might be a tad surprising to Ava and Martin just how fine his control is, for a guy with massive hands…CLAWED hands at that, he really is quite dexterous. Whatever tools Roni needs he presents, the components required as well. A smile to Martin when his touch proves to be very beneficial indeed. "Remarkable." He can be heard to murmur, and then at the end of the procedure he shifts to run a series of diagnostic tests from another console. "All green, though node three is a little out of alignment, correct six degrees, Doctor?" He monitors, and then reruns the diags. "Very good. All nodes are in place, operating five by five."

And then he grins. "Lets see if this works as hoped…activating Preset 1 - Standard Uniform." As he does this there's a shimmer, briefly, and then Ava no longer appears to be starkers under a medical gown, nope, she's looks to be fully clothed (though she can feel the cool breezes thankee!) in her regulation uniform as Security Chief.

"Good to know, doc', thanks for the warning," Posse replies while looking at Roni. Despite the gaze she was passing a moment ago, Martin's admission of his mutant status isn't met with any significant reaction and the cyborg offers her flesh-and-blood arm freely. Her expression hasn't much softened but it also hasn't soured. Stern might be her default expression.

"If that's what the kids are gettin' these days I'll have some. Cheaper'n vitamin M this way," she jokes casually, and likewise doesn't seem perturbed by the prospect of injections either. Bits and pieces of more tattoos are exposed as Veronica works her way around, including a glimpse of a meat tag by her left ribs. Posse for her part remains relaxed and even smiles in amusement at the procedure. "Make that cheaper and better, nice trick."

And when, finally it's all done, Ava leans back on her seat and looks herself over while the light around her body distorts before settling into a surprising likeness of the uniform she was just wearing an hour ago. The chief of security blinks in open astonishment before lifting her right arm and moving it around. "Now that is some high-speed tech… Damn, the future is now."

At Hank's direction Veronica adjusts the unit in question, waiting until she gets all-green before withdrawing her probe. Tiny bits of spray are applied to each injection sight in flesh to promote the rapid scarless healing; paired with Martin's talents, Ava is likely to be completely healed in a matter of an hour if not less.

"And there you are, Ava. The connections have been made. You should be able to bring up the mode selection in your AR subsystems. Would you mind doing so, and bringing up mode two? That will confirm you have internal control." Veronica offers. Then she turns to Martin. "Well done. Thank you. I know her responsiveness, so I know how good a job you did damping down her response to the injections and adjustments." She has clearly had Ava 'under the knife' many times in their years together.

"Alright. Gentlemen, let's give Ava her privacy while she gets dressed again in something other than stray photons. I will leave you two to discuss matters of curiosity for a few minutes, while I call my partner and co-CEO, and see how much damage she has managed to do to the Foundry, given just last week we managed to rebuild the entire thing."

Martin is amazed at the change in Posse and is quite impressed. Not used to this level of technology. "Glad I could lend a little help." Given to Roni with a smile. "Thanks for the chance. And the tour." He'll grip Posse's arm gently and then let her go, allowing the woman to dress. He's no problem in exiting the room. Of course Hank makes him a little nervous, but Martin will wait in the hall for the blue man.

Hank deploys and assigns a couple extra scanners to monitor Martin, though he doesn't actually take readouts of his otherwise invisible use of power until he okays it - because: SCIENCE! is a thing but courtesy is ageless. "I'm going to take some readings on your power use, if that's okay with you, Doctor Almer?" Only once granted permission does he activate the sensors.

He grins at the reactions from the borg and the vet-medic, and nods to Roni. "Everything registering nominal after that node adjust…" He acknowledges Roni's good work. "Thank you, Roni, very good work. I will tweak the software and upload the Import app we worked on."

"Go ahead and get dressed, Posse…the rest can be done without surgery, just your wetware and the hardware." A smirk. "Dampware?"

Hank keeps Doc Almer company until Ava's return. "I have to say your power is one of the more subtle ones, and the most benign, I have seen."

After a few more seconds of admiring the holographic handiwork, Ava nods to Roni and closes her eyes. "Sure thing 'doc." There's no visible indication of anything happening besides a slight flutter beneath the cyborg's eyelids until her eyes reopen and just like that the Overwatch blue and orange of her 'uniform' shifts to a matte splatter of grey and white. "Looks like it works fine to me."

Her gaze lifts to Martin and the green-eyed woman makes a moment's eye contact as she adds, "Thanks for the assist. That's a nice trick you've got there." And then Ava moves to stand, not bothering to turn the hologram off before she walks back to the curtained changing area and disappears from sight.

As much as he has to consider it, Martin nods and gives Hank permission. He's already out of the frying pan, so might as well dance in the flames, right? Posse is given a smile for her thanks, "I was glad to. Thanks for letting me be a part of it." Outside in the hall he shrugs, "No, it's not benign. I could do great harm. I think it's more of I'm benign." There's a smirk for that. Martin doesn't hurt because he is adamantly against such things. "Nor have I ever been given a reason not to be. Situations may change here." Of that he's grim.

"For myself, Martin, I can say only this: I am a doctor first, and anything else second. One of my guiding principles remains to do no harm, or as little as possible." When Martin 'meets' Augmenta, he'll see what she means by that. Roni's 'weapons' are all non- and significantly less-lethal systems. Toni? May not quite so much. "We function here to help those in need, not to fight battles. Sometimes, to help others we have to put ourselves at risk, and try to neutralize threats. We strive to do so with an absolute minimum of force, and we heavily restrict or refuse to use lethal force."

But when she needed a head of security, Veronica hired a former special operator. And she would never dare tell Ava to be anything less than one-hundred and ten percent Posse. That's just how it is.

The interface for SAHI is integrated into Ava's HUD, and next to each of the current presets there's a small icon to identify which is which - 1 Standard uniform, 2 - urban camo, 3 - jungle camo, 4 - desert camo, and 5 - Predator Mode…which has the head of a predator as the image, by the by due to Hank being a nerd of nerds.

Hank delightfully takes all the readings on Martin's power that he can get without any genetic samples or contact, it might appall the guy to know just how much data is collected. Then again Hank /is/ fairly expert when it comes to mutants and their powers.

"Mmm…" He says in answer to the benign comment. "…fair. I'm sure if you can mend, you rend. Or encourage a pathogen, for example, or suppress any number of useful and needful biological functions in a pinch." He grips Martin's shoulder with a hand that can crush concrete, and claws that can rend steel, very gently. "Let us hope that you need never do so, this is not a superhero team, though there are many supers."

He nods firm support to Roni's explanation. "Unfortunately I'm relatively new at the 'MD' thing, still in the last few months of my residency. My primary focus has up until recently been on SCIENCE! and my activities with the X-Men."

Martin lifts his hands as if to defend against Roni, "You don't need to lecture me." But there's a smile with that. "I'm not blind to the real world. We need those who will fight because there's always some idiot who wants to hurt someone else. That's just not for me. I killed enough when I was in the army. So long as that's okay with you, I think I'd love working here." He's glad others think like he does! No killing is a good thing, but he agrees that steps do need to be taken just in case. "Also, I might be able to help your condition if it's not genetic. That's my limitation. I can't alter genetics." Roni may not want healing. Some people don't.
Hank is smiled at too, and a nod made. "I sure hope so too. ..But I have no idea what an X-men is, sorry." That means absolutely nothing to him.

Veronica keeps her outward composure, but she stops talking or even thinking of what to say after Martin delivers that bomb. She has lived more of her life with her condition than she did before it happened. She long, long ago accepted it, and marched resolutely to overcome it. But … to reverse it? Not to use technology to overcome it, but to actually reverse it? She is inwardly gobsmacked, stunned, unsure and uncertain. What to say? What can she say?

Hank has to blink at that offer too. "You can literally repair nerve damage? Can you regrow organs…lost limbs? Can you remove tattoos and scars?" Hank bites back his flood of questions, after all, Martin is clearly anxious about discussing things. Ratcheting back his enthusiasm for that, he answers the last question. "The X-Men are a team of mutant superheroes, I've been with them since inception, though they've greatly scaled back their activities in recent months."

The gobsmacked Doctor Kelsey's reaction is not something Hank can miss, the alterations to her scent show just how shocked she is - nearly /literally/ in shock. Hank moves to offer what comfort he can, gripping one of her hands if she permits.

Martin assures Roni, "There's no time limit, and no reliance on employment either, so long as you understand I may not be able to, I'm willing to try." So think about it! No rush. You know where he lives if you decided to accept that offer. The red-head nods to Hank, giving Roni time to collect herself. "I can. All of that. It takes time, a ton of food, and I can't do much else during, but I can. What stops me dead is DNA. I kind of suspect I access DNA to read how the body should be and use that as a template, but I can't alter the template. Genetic diseases, and limb malformations, just can't be undone if the template says they should be there." A shrug and a clear source of frustration for the man. While he understands super heroes, he decides to let that topic slide for the moment. For now he watches Roni in concern and waits patiently. He does feel guilty to shock her that badly.

In the end, Veronica's answer is simple, and baldly honest. "I don't have an answer to that, Martin. I am not sure I will ever have an answer to that." She's not going to try to explain; if he can't figure out why this offer completely screws with her, that's his issue, and a problem she cannot resolve.

"I can assure you I have no intention of allowing that offer, taken or not, to influence the decision to hire you. But I think what you could offer others in crisis demands that we consider seriously extending an offer." Veronica won't bne doing so now; she will consult with her co-CEO and others, first.

"What else can we show you, Martin?" Roni inquires.

Hank is more than a little surprised at the scope and breadth of Martin's ability, the one limit and his explanation for it certainly fits the data. Hank listens to Roni's answer, and nods slowly. "I would be in favor, for what is is worth." He will continue to offer his support, worried that he's unsure how t help his friend. Roni /is/ a friend too, a cherished one, and a colleague. They've made beautiful SCIENCE! together. Mutual respect and admiration are a good and solid basis for friendship, after all.

"Well, if you would like to delve deeper into the workings of your powers, Martin, I am one of the more expert people in the world in dealing with such. I daresay there's few who can compete with my knowledge of mutation and mutant powers."

"And that's totally good." Martin assures. Sometimes people need to be the way they are, even if it seems wrong to another. That doesn't make it wrong though. "I promise, it'll always be a good answer." To assure the woman he won't take issue over it. "That sounds great to me." About the job offer, dependant on her peers, and anything else she deems important. "I really don't think I have much else to want to see. Beyond a cafeteria, or a vending machine. I need something thanks to the healing. This all has frazzled me a bit." Sheepishly smiling. Mutant or not he's been very normal for a very long time, and this place is extra ordinary. "I'm impressed though. You've built a wonder here." He feels like he stepped into some movie or something. It's incredible. Hank gets a nod, "I'm not sure that's much needed, but we sure can talk about it later? Once I rest a bit?"

Veronica nods. "Come with me. We'll head back down to the tunnels, and head to the Swamp. The cafeteria is there." She checks to make sure Posse is OK, and nods as the woman heads out to deal with the chaos at the Foundry. Roni then gathers up Hank and Martin, and leads the way out. It'll be a bit of a hike, but she has found very few people are willing to complain about such things to a paraplegic pushing herself in a wheelchair. And she's not above using that to her advantage.

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