2020-04-04 - Lunch Break in the DZ


Ivy and Hercules take a break from reconstruction to chat

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Apr 4 20:08:02 2020
Location: The Disaster Zone

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Springtime, even in the DZ, is a time of regrowth. Healing, restoration, the light foot of Persephone on the earth again as she departs the halls of Hades. And the crews clearing the DZ seem to have picked up on that renewed energy, block by block, aided by the god Hercules. Content to take no pay, and to assist when mortal sinew and machine won't cut it. Currently Herc is seated upon a broken but stable slab of stone, his lunchbox opened as he sets out simple Greek foods either purchased or made.

Poison Ivy was working not too far away, as most workers allow her to have a measure of privacy as she works on breaking down the wreckage with her vines and growths. She is in her normal guise, green skin and vibrant auburn hair as she's not pretending to be anything other than what she is.

She does, however, glance over and spot Hercules having a bit of lunch. Smiling to herself, she descends from the perch she was on, a vine carrying her down effortlessly to let her step down next to Hercules, looking up at him, "Hello again. I wasn't sure if you'd be back to helping out down here."

Hercules smiles broadly at Ivy, gesturing for her to sit. "When I'm not fending off deranged figments of the past, at any rate. Come, sit down. I don't know if you're hungry or not, but I usually bring a little of everything." In this case, figs, a waxed-wrapped cheese — a REAL cheese mind you, not 'cheese food' — olives, hard bread, and some wraps. "It's a labor, to be sure, but one worth doing."

Ivy smiles and takes a seat next to Hercules. "Indeed. While it wasn't exactly a willing job for me at first… I do like reclaiming this land for nature." She hmms, "Wait, is that a real cheese? I haven't seen that in quite some time."

Hercules nods. "I… can't fault mortal inventiveness, but by the gods, some of the things humanity calls 'cheese' are barely fit for beasts or monsters. So I'm picky about that." He deftly peels the wax rind off part of the cheese, cutting out a wedge before handing it to Pamela. Then he's carefully opening a thermos, pouring a measure of — wine? — into two cups. "This is watered heavily; probably no stronger than a weak beer. But sip carefully."

Poison Ivy grins, "As long as it isn't a herbicide, it won't bother me." She takes the cup and cheese, and smiles warmly, "Thank you. This definitely is a welcome break from work for today." She looks curiously at Hercules, taking a sip from the cup. Just a sip, since… well, sure, she is immune to most forms of alcohol, but actual divine vintages might be something else.

Fortunately, the vintage is hardly divine. A good red, even if watered, but nothing as blissful as what might be grown on Olympus's slopes. "Such is the nature of the work," Hercules comments, sipping from his own cup. "It is… I won't say impossible, because it is clearly not." Gesturing back behind him, as mortals and machines rest for the next round. "But it is a slow process. Trying to hurry just seems to make it worse."

Poison Ivy nods, "Yes… the Earth needs time to heal properly. You can't rip off a scab before it has fully healed… well, you can. But it isn't a wise notion." She mmms at the wine, and grins, "It's good to see you again, I must admit. I wasn't sure if you'd come back down here."

Hercules rocks a broad hand back and forth. "I… ration my time here, and try to limit my intrusion. Many, many of those men seek pay for this work, putting food on their tables and roofs over their heads. If I come too often, they could grow to resent me, and in truth they'd be right to do so." He smiles. "I take no offense at it. A man must support himself and his family."

Ivy smiles, "A very responsible attitude, Hercules. I like it. Though, well, you're more than welcome to aid with heavy lifting with me. I mean, I have no great strength, and sometimes it takes… a while, to convince the plants to do the work. Well, not to actually command them, so much as it takes a while for plants to break things down."

Hercules chuckles. "And yet with time, the threading roots of an oak will split the thickest stone. But… as you said, it takes time, and even plants can be… willful." He picks up a fig, chewing on it thoughtfully. "Is there something in particular you need help with? Or is this a request for the next time you run across a rock the size of a car?"

Pamela laughs a little, "A bit more of the latter, and… well, honestly, it's a bit odd for me to spend much time with… well, anyone. I mean, I have a few handlers, but that's not remotely close to the same thing."

Hercules ahhs, refilling his cup and looking at her inquiringly. "Because of your past?" 'Handler' is a new term for him but he suspects he's got the gist of its meaning. "No, I don't suppose those qualify as 'friends' or even 'acquaintances', do they?"

Ivy smirks, "No, not even close. And yes, they watch me to make sure I decide not to take the city for ransom or some such nonsense." She hmphs a bit, and shrugs, "No more than I deserve, honestly. But it still is a touch bothersome at times."

Hercules arches an eyebrow. "Could you? Take the city, I mean." He seems unfazed, but then again, it's him. "More to the point: why? I'd argue that while a city can be a dirty, noisy, smelly place, why would you want one?"

Pamela snickers a bit, "Well, I could probably make a decent go of it, but I doubt the Avengers or whoever would really let me get away with it. Besides, as you say, why? To be honest, it's more hassle than it's worth. I'm pretty content right now, more or less."

Hercules chuckles. "A wise choice. Besides, having taken a city or two myself, many years back — there's a reason I never -kept- them. I usually let someone else do the dirty work of ruling; I certainly wasn't cut out for it."

Pamela grins, "Seems like it would have been a little simpler back then, though. But I'm not exactly one to judge." Jokes about being a dryad aside, she's not really a creature of myth and legend.

Hercules shakes his head. "Not really. The same passions that drive men today are the ones that drove them millenia ago. There's some… refinement in it, some things have fallen out of style. But many of the same things still hold sway."

Ivy shakes her head, "The more things change… must get dreadfully boring after a while." She gives Hercules a sympathetic look, finishing her own wedge of cheese.

Hercules laughs. "Oh, no, not really. While man's passions are still the same, humanity itself has changed a great deal, as has the world. I wouldn't have missed it for anything." He gestures to the DZ. "And yes, this is tragic… but is it not glorious that men seek to reclaim it, to rebuild what was lost?"

Pamela grins, "Well, that's good to know, at least. And it is good to see the damage being undone, slowly but surely." She hmms, "I don't know about glorious, but it makes me pretty happy to see it, I must confess."

Hercules shrugs lightly. "Perhaps I view things from a different point of view." He taps the slab of stone. "Although I do hope they opt for some better architecture if they plan to rebuild things. Some of the buildings I've seen here are… well, I hope they at least function well."

Ivy grins, "Personally, I'm in favor of greenhouses, but that's a personal preference." She gives Hercules a wry look, "Thinking what they had in Athens, back in the day?"

"Or Thebes. Or even the Roman era. Give them credit for building things to last." Hercules looks slightly sour. "I mean, there's good construction out there, but there's not much -artistry-. I think that might be what's wrong with the world sometimes; there's a little too much pragmatism."

Ivy nods, "I definitely can agree with that. There's a beauty to be found in nature that humanity just… seems to pave over in favor of efficiency. A dreadful choice, in my opinion." She might have some strong feelings about the subject, after all.

Hercules picks up on that, and refrains from smiling. "Sadly, humanity is ill equipped to live with untamed nature easily." He begins to pack up the remains of his lunch. "Come, let's go take a look at some of the problems you were mentioning. I'm curious to see what might stymie a dryad."

Ivy chuckles softly, "Well, certainly. If nothing else, afterwords,,, well, if you wished to stay for dinner, I'd not object." She smiles warmly at Hercules, "But yes, I'd like to have you take a look at that."

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