2020-04-01 - What Lurks Within


While knocked the heck out Domino finally gets to confront the demon which has taken up residence within her.

Log Info:

Storyteller: Domino
Date: 2020-04-01
Location: Dom's Subconscious

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Something pushes against her. Pushes harder. Rolls her onto one side.

"Nnh..h..hang on…"

Another push before the offender silently moves onward, slowly walking a circle around her.


Neena's eyes open to complete darkness. After having spent time in the Abyss the darkness usually isn't a problem. This time it is absolute. Whatever else is in here immediately puts her on edge, and yet… It feels familiar.

Almost comforting, in a twisted sense.

Whether lost to an unconscious dream or too battered to be capable of identifying reality, Neena struggles to push herself upright to balance on one outstretched hand as the other slowly comes to her face. Fresh injuries. Sticky with drying blood. A wince, glancing down to fingertips she can't yet see. "I was wondering when we'd meet."

In response the creature rolls out another low growl, the sound thrumming within ribs which she knows are fractured and bruised.

"Either you've gotten stronger or I'm worse off than I thought… Listen. We've been sharing space for years and I still have no idea what to call you."

The response comes in the form of a flare of deep cherry red light from what makes up the blacked out floor, thin wisps of smoke drifting away from the singed pattern. It looks like it had been drawn at the end of a claw, jagged and rough. It's the language from the pit. She only knows a little but somehow she knows this word.


"Okay… That's a start" Neena offers back before pushing into a seated position with a strained grunt. "I know what you've been up to but I still don't know -why.- What do you even want?"

From that pale red glow a dark face begins to emerge. Vaguely feline in form. Long fangs. Eyes as wide as quarters and as slick as polished hematite. No glyphs are required this time. What passes for an answer comes from the creature's gaze, the thought injected directly into the albino's mind.

"Freedom. Yeah. Can't say I can blame you there. So..we have a few problems which we should really work through."

Another growl. A bit more showing of fangs.

"Oh stuff it already. If I die then what happens to you. Hmm? If you try to take over it's not going to turn out how you want. You still need me for this and right now I need you too. No — DON'T..do the thing… No. I need a clear head for this. No doping. Let me feel the pain. I know you're good for some agony, too."

The eyes from across the glow dip slightly as if in understanding. Still they don't blink.

"You got all of us out of the pit but understand that if you get out of control -here- then you aren't going to make it far. Go too far and we won't be able to stop what follows. If you want to survive you have to work -with- me. Pack behavior. You get that, right?"

The rumble pitches lower, the eyes narrowing slightly.

"Right. Problem two… How do I put this," she mutters while hanging her head in thought. "You're a -demon.- On this side of the portal that's something of a logistical nightmare — it's complicated," she corrects after feeling some confusion from the creature. "-You- are complicated. I'm still working it out. Either way, going all feral isn't going to work here. Let me call the shots and I'll lean on you for the power, alright?"

The head shifts slightly but holds silent. Neena can sense more than see that the hellcat is sitting down.

"Cool. We don't need to be at odds. Know who the real enemy is. Right now that's whomever keeps punching out these hounds which you seem to have acquired a taste for. We'll figure out the rest as we go."

"Mm, and Syk..Sickr..demon kitty? No more snacking on other mutants."

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