2020-03-30 - Central Perks


Bruce Banner runs into Darcy and Jimmy while jogging in the park.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Mar 30 21:51:33 2020
Location: Central Park

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The day had been almost too warm for spring time. Spring Break was done and college kids were back in class. Not that Darcy was a college kid, but several of her derby sisters were and that meant that practices had been changed to 'show up if you want' for the month in order to accomodate those traveling. This plus the weather had Darcy wanting to just skate all the time.

Central Park. 6PM.

Rush hour was shifting into dinner crowd hour. Darcy had texted Jimmy to let him know that she hitting Central Park to roll around straight after work. She sits now, at a bench, tieing a skate on. At her side was a simple tie-string bag for her ballet flats.

Jimmy can't help but smile at that text. Darcy, skating around in Central Park. He texts back, 'Like old times? I'll be right there.' Old times, as in their first meeting.

And he finishes up with work — which has been crazy busy, like he's trying to get all his practical hours done in half the time — he hops over to the park. Wanting to be a little cheeky, he uses his veil… and Darcy's first awareness of him is when he kisses the back of her head. "Hi there," he says as the veil drops.

Bruce Banner was in the park after taking something of a jog. He didn't like exercise. Detested it, in fact. But it had been pointed out that keeping his heart rate and adrenaline down would be easier if he were in good condition and, thankfully, simple jogging without any fear or emotion attached wasn't sufficient to trigger transformation.

He's scrolling through his phone, monitoring his vitals and keeping track of his progress and then glances up suddenly at Jimmy's sudden appearance, waiting on the woman's reaction before he does anything rash.

Jimmy kisses the back of her head and Darcy tenses. THe blond speaks and the tension flies away. Darcy giggles, green eyes rolling up as she straigtens up then drops her head back to peer at him.

"Who are you again?" she asks, lips twisted into a mischeviously coy smirk. Her eyes dancing, she's amused, happy to see him, and completely okay ignoring the rest of the world in favor of paying him with her full attention.

Jimmy huffs at that response, even hearing the coyness in her tone. He pokes his tongue out at her while he leans over her, arms draped around her. "Why, I'm that creepy guy who's always staring at you at the bus stop, love. I just couldn't hold myself back anymore." But he's never completely wrapped up in her presence; there's always part of him aware of others around them. Like the unruly-haired man watching them. He lifts his chin and gives Bruce a smile, a wave of greeting. And keeps hismelf draped on Darcy. It's not like he's in the way of her getting her skates on.

Bruce Banner raises a hand at the couple, relaxing a bit more slowly, "You startled me. I don't mean to interrupt," he says, able to get a sense that this is something of a reunion. Normally he's the guy staring at people by the bus stop, of course, but he realizes that remark wasn't aimed at him, given that he hasn't seen either of these two before.

"Oh really? That guy?" Darcy quips back. Her hands come up to grab at his biceps.

"I never thought that guy was all THAT creepy," Darcy retorts before looking over at the new voice. Unruly hair, fitness tracker thing, running shoes… Darcy's smirk blooms into a bright and warm smile.

"Nah. You didn't interrupt anything. And if we had been up to any fun times out here…" she pauses, opting to spare them both as she moves to get to her feet. It looks like an easy thing for her, getting up to her wheels and standing there as simply as if she were in flats. Speaking of which, she collects her and puts them in her bag.

"So, I know what he's doing here," she starts, motioning with her head to Jimmy before grinning at Banner, "how are you and whachaya doin' today?"

Jimmy shakes his head, smiling. "I was aiming to startle her; sorry you got caught in the crossfire." He gives Darcy one more squeeze before letting go, so she can get up to her wheels. He keeps himself in range for her to lean on, but knows she won't need it. Though even if Darcy doesn't finish her comment on fun times, the implication is still enough to put a mortified blush on his face, a shocked glare in his eyes. He coughs, happy to move along, and listen for Bruce's answer.

Bruce Banner blushes a bit at the mention of 'fun times', glancing down for a moment and swallowing, "I, um, no, I didn't think you were. I mean I wasn't expecting that…"

"Um, I was doing a little jogging." He is wearing track pants, a shirt and a jacket, but he manages to make it look a little awkward, as if he's never worn those type of clothes before. "I don't think I've dressed this way since high school gym. Not the best memories," he admits.

Two for one! Oh, this is going to be the best. Grinning wickedly, Darcy collects her bag from the bench, shoes safely tucked away inside it. The drawstrings form backpack-like straps which she slings to her shoulders. She holds a hand for Jimmy to join her, eyes skimming his attire.

"I dont' think I've seen that sort of gym clothes since Grease." Not that she's putting a date on Banner at all. "Sorry that it wasn't the best memory. It wasn't really for me either. I made better ones. Wanna join?"

Jimmy slips around the bench to join Darcy on the other side, though he isn't wearing skates of his own. Could be it just didn't occur to him; he hasn't done much of the skating himself. On catching Bruce's blush, he turns and gives Darcy a sharp 'I know what you're thinking' look. He nods to her, though, smiling. "I think everyone has some… less than great memories, whether it was bad high school, bad childhood, or whatever else. And yeah, the best you can do is push forward. It's the age of the geek, baby; you run the world." And that's without having any idea of big green monsters being in attendance. It's just some educated-guesswork based on Bruce's looks and bad high school experience. That would all match up with being a person of Intelligence.

Bruce Banner laughs a little and shakes his head, "I most assuredly do not run the world, but I appreciate the thought," he says. He watches the pair a little wistfully, if only because he had been alone for so very long himself. He always told himself he never needed anybody, but he's come to realize that such thoughts were just bravado, the errant thoughts of a young man who had no experience of the world.

"I was also a bit younger than my classmates. I skipped a few grades," he says. "It made the experience a bit more intimidating."

With Jimmy at her side, Darcy turns back to Bruce, listening. The hint of wistful catches her attention, and her head tilts ever so slightly.

"Oh, god. You skipped grades? Fuck. You smart as shit, are you? That's rad. I failed several grades becuase I was a fuck up," she says, grinnning at these fact.

"I was that senior sitting in freshman classes. It sucked like hell. Credit recovery was my best friend," she adds, turning to glance at Jimmy. Her smirk turning into a more gentle smile. She'll be behave for the poor geek, but she is going to include him. Turning back to Bruce, she pushes off and starts rolling toward him.

"You still need to jog? I don't mind rolling with you."

Jimmy's eyebrows lift at the mention of skipping grades, clearly impressed. But Darcy puts it much more eloquently than he could. He may not 'run the world' as Hardison would put it, but Bruce is still definitely in a class of his own. While Darcy invites Bruce, Jimmy stretches his arms out across his chest, limbering up; he may not have skates, but he's still going to run with her at the very least. The open, friendly cheer on his face says he echoes the invitation, letting Darcy speak it for him.

Bruce Banner can't help but blush a bit more at Darcy's easy way of speaking. Not that he isn't worldly or he's some sort of innocent, he's just both shy and not used to people speaking so boldly and directly. Still, it's almost kind of refreshing, even if it makes him somehow nervous.

"Uh, I…sure," he says, pushing back up to his feet. "If you really had such troubles, it is likely you had a learning disability. I see no evidence of cognitive dysfunction," he says, giving a nod to Jimmy. "I don't go very fast, I'm sure you can easily keep up." He isn't quite ready to risk pushing his heartrate too far into the red.

As Bruce says she might have a cognitive dysfunction (words she actually knows now because college education suckaz!!!) Darcy starts laughng. She rolls herself to be between the boys, spinning like a top to face the correct direction.

"Well, fuck you too, Lord Geekster," she giggles, smiling and not at all upset at the remark. It sounded like a great way to call someone a fucking dumb ass. She'll have to save that one, try it out on Loki and see how it goes.

"I don't think I have one? But if I did I figured out a way through it. To be honest, though, I'm pretty sure it was just the Being a Fuck Up thing. Once I put my mind to it, all the work was easy. I just hadn't wanted to do it, was all. And then.. I learned Cornell Notetaking. Fuck that system is sexy as hell," she purrs, yes openly purrs, as if the very idea of taking notes in that style was an actual legit turn on.

"What's your notes-kink?" she asks the boys then, letting them start and letting them set the pace.

Jimmy laughs at Darcy's smiling counter, palming his face. "He didn't mean it like that. Trying to explain, not accuse, you know?" He starts off at a light jog: getting started, but letting Bruce set the ultimate pace. He gives Bruce a smile, the gleam of affection for Darcy in his eyes. "She doesn't mess around; when she means something, she says it." Definitely refreshing, especially for an empath. Even if it's an empath who frequently blushes.

The way she talks about Cornell, for instance, makes his cheeks radiate heat. "M-My what?" he stammers. "Um. I-I don't know if I use any particular method, I just kind of… jot things down while I'm hearing or reading them, then go back over it later and refine things."

A lot about Darcy just seems to baffle Bruce, from the manner of her speech to the things she talks about to…well, her. He's found himself perpetually flummoxed in their very short acquaintance, almost stumbling at her last question, "I, uh, I'm not certain I fully understand the question," he admits. "I have an eidetic memory so I haven't needed to take notes very much," he says.

He manages to get himself jogging, his arms in a measured motion, just the way they were in the training video he watched beforehand. "It's okay. I tend to be very neat. Too neat. Having a bit of messy around - the good kind of messy - would be nice."

"What the fuck is eidetic memory? Is that like a fucked up memory? No. Wait. Haven't needed to take many notes… oooooh. you've got like an instagram memory," Darcy manages, pushing forward, spinning and then just skating backwards just ahead of hte two guys. She matches their pace while glancing over her shoulder. Her smile is huge and bright and almost child like in its 'i get it' realization.

"That's bad ass, dude… oh. I'm Darcy. That's Jimmy. Nice to meet you!" And then she's looking at Jimmy, smiling hugely at his blush. It's adorable and sexy and she is definitely enjoying seeing it on his cheeks. It makes her giggle.

"Your notes-kink. I'll have to show you a few tricks. Cornell's way better than boring ol' vanilla-notes," she contends, with what clearly must be the same conviction she'd say of teaching someone about sex positions other than missionary… because vanilla sex is boring?

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