2020-03-29 - Youtubing


Something else rises from the rubble in the Disaster Zone

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Mar 29 23:52:47 2020
Location: The Disaster Zone

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The Disaster Zone is well named, sadly. Even years after the event called the Brooklyn Blitz, it's not a nice place to live. There are no services in much of it. No one is really supposed to be here though people do still live there - are stuck there in some cases - and folks slip past the barricades every day for a gamut of reasons from the altruistic to the shady to the just plain stupid.

Enter the just plain stupid. Exploring 'urban ruins' is a passtime for some and Marcus 'Urban3plorer17' Jones is one of those people. He's got a go-pro. He's got a few friends. He's got some climbing gear. And he's been recording wandering through the mostly deserted ruins of the Disaster Zone for about Two and a Half hours. And thats when things started getting complicated.

The first hint that ANYONE has that something is wrong is a bright glow coming from the zone followed by an energy beam shooting into the sky. And THAT is followed by a screeching, mechanical noise that can be heard for miles. It's like someone took a baseball bat to a fax machine and then hooked it up to a loudspeaker. It sounds AWFUL.

"Did you guys see that?!" Marcus is live streaming. At this point police and SHIELD are probably monitoring it because, well, it's on Youtube after all. It is, incidentally, totally not clear what he has run into other than it's quite large and very noisy. "Wow. The things you can find sometimes in OHSHITIT'SMOVING!!"

Brandon seems to have a talent for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. After the subway incident, he got settled in a cheap hotel in Brooklyn. It's been years since he'd been to New York and that was before the attack on the UN. There's plenty of pictures of it on the internet, of course but he wanted to see if for himself. He knows from experience that you can't really experience what a place is like without being there physically. He's wandered around for a while, just slowly looking around and comparing it to other places he's seen that have experience a similar level of geographic trauma. Needless to say, it's put him in a somber mood. The light and noise serve as a sudden distraction and he double times toward the source on foot.

Shayera Hol is one of the altruistic visitors — and her forays are also sanctioned by the local authorities because, well, she is who she is. And she can get herself in and out again under her own power while carrying necessary supplies and items for people inside the Disaster Zone. She even on occasion has carried people OUT, though it still amazes her how many people are resistant to any form of assistance.

It's quite possible that while he's been wandering and pondering that Brandon might have seen her pass by overhead. She doesn't dawdle, though, so he would have had to be FAST to see more than just her shadow along the ground.

She's just cleared the nearest rooftops to head back out to the nearest edge of the Zone when that RACKET starts up. Clapping her hands over her ears and cursing colorfully in her native language, she banks and zeroes in on the beam shooting up into the air.

It truly stinks that modern Grounder cell phones don't work worth a damn in this mess, but old school things the Grounders call walkie-talkies seem to still operate. Risking her hearing, she pulls the little radio from her belt to contact the people on the other end.

"I know you can see and hear that. I'm going to try and get a better look at whatever is making that clouds-awful racket."

"Hey Nick, do you see that…" Isis calls out to the big brown werewolf who's near her. She's perched on a roof top not far from her. She's in that black jacket with pink piping - it's her favourite after all. Brandon will hear that as he passes.

She's not trying to hide, but she is being a cat - looking out at the light and the noise.

"It hurts my ears." She complains.

Christopher Powell is often in the DZ, either in some official capacity, or patrolling around just keeping a general eye out for shenanigans. It's one of those times, just flying around above the DZ, occasionally keeping an eye on people moving around in it in case something happens, when the light and the noise go off. There's a lot of muttered cursing under his breath at the noise. It does /nothing/ to help the low grade headache he always has as the Darkhawk. "Fuuuuck me," he mutters under his breath before he begins to move in the direction of the light and the noise to see what is going on.

"Isis, get down here, I'm not sure what's hap-" Oh. The radio has gone off. Nick forgot he had that. He picks it up and keys it.

"Shayera? That you up there?" Nick pauses to look up and then frowns, seeing two winged figured. "Uh, which one is you?"

Yes the skies have two bird people today though they look quite different. Odds are good that the two flyers will see one another very soon if they haven't spotted eachother already.

Brandon comes around the corner to the street that Nick and Isis are on just as Mister Urban Explorer himself comes booking it in the opposite direction. Nick's about to ask the latter what's happening when a pile of rubble that used to be a building at the end of the street explodes outward. What comes out of it… used to be a robot. A very large robot. It's wrecked. It's been shot to hell and then left to rust for years, buried under the remains of several buildings. It's legs are gone and one arm is a stump cut off at the elbow but it's dragging itself forward toward the fleeing man and the mutants down on street level.

It makes a horrendously loud noise that is probably supposed to be speech of some kind but sounds like a dying modem, hurls itself forward and grabs randomly at the people on the ground - but mostly at Brandon.

"Oh crap!" Nick throws himself aside, grabbing Marcus as he does and shoving him down a little alley. "Stay there!"

Shit shit shit. That thing is not good. It's wrecked and it's barely holding together, but it's NOT good.

One thing that's been well drilled into Brandon is threat assessment. Though really, does it take any training to realize that the decrepit, giant robot is a threat. As soon as he sees it, he's transforming. The psychic energy doesn't manifest as a power suit this time. Instead, it's a twelve foot translucent mech with a shoulder mounted cannon on one side and a box missile launcher on the other while one arm looks like a barrel to… something. Now he's grabbed, what's the robot going to do with him? < Let go of me. > Can the robot 'hear' a telepathic voice? Probably not. Assuming not, Brandon grabs for the robot in turn.

"It's really loud, Nick." Isis complains again as she drops to the ground beside Nick. "Is that Shayera?" The feline-like mutant rises up on her tiptoes to speak into the radio "Hi Shayera, what are you doing up there?" Nick is going to kill her.

"Oh hey, that's the guy from the train accent, Nick. You should be careful in here …" She says to Brandon.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT! IT'S GOT THAT GUY…" She yowls a little as the robot-thing rises up and flails. Fortunately, she's quite agile and manages to dodge roll out of the way. "Nick… are you ok?"

Shayera had indeed seen the other flyer moving about, but as he didn't seem to be doing anything harmful she'd just made sure to not overlap his flight patterns too much. She heads for that clouds-awful racket, holding the walkie to one ear so she can hear it, and scoffs at Nick's reply before answering him. "I'm wearing jeans and a green shirt. Are you THAT blind?"

Banking one last time, she sees the robot thing swiping at someone and hastily clips the walkie back on her belt to brandish her mace. Because she never leaves home without it. A few strong wingbeats and she shoots past where Nick and Isis are, aiming to swing her mace down and into the robot thing's head as she 'buzzes the tower'.

Is that how that phrase is used? She heard it the other day in some old movie on TV but still isn't sure she really understood it.

Christopher Powell looks suspiciously like the same black clad silver-winged dude who was in the subway with them just the other day, so is probably not the one that is Shayera. It's probably a little easier to tell when he flies in closer and the avian mask is also visible. He swoops in low just in time to see the big robot reach out and grasp — was that mech there before? He'd blink, but there's no blinking from the mask.

Instead, he makes a wide arc around the lurching thing that just came up out of the ground and searches around behind it for whatever might have actually brought it to life, set it forth, or might be controlling it.

"What's green?" Nick is joking a little, his vision is more human than canine though it is slightly sharper. But he makes the 'I'm a dog I'm colorblind' joke a fair bit.

Shayera swoops down and actually puts a pretty solid dent in the thing's head, making it swivel it's massive dome to try and track her. Perhaps to Brandon's surprise it DOES let him go. Of course he immediately grabs it so, you know. That proves to be key though because as he grabs it, it tries to move it's hand and several two of the 'fingertips' open up to reveal cannon. However thanks to Brandon it can't lift it's arm to target Chris as HE swoops in or Shayera as she swoops away.

That does two things. Firstly, it lets Chris search behind it and confirm that the pit in the ground it came out of appears to be just that. The bot seems to be autonomous though from behind he CAN see that there's a big hole in the back armor of the thing and that the power core is exposed, fluctuating in brightness wildly. It seems unstable which is proooobably not a good thing.

The second thing Brandon's grabbing the bot does… is piss it off. It's head swings back around and the one good eye glows as it charges up an energy beam… and lets loose

"Isis watch out!" She and Brandon are RIGHT in the path. Nick himself is moving toward the left arm. The one that's just a stump. If he can disable that, he can make it harder for the damn thing to support itself.

"Shayera! Could use some help from you and your friend up there." He assumes they're working together because… birdmen. Right?

Honestly, giant robots don't dodge well especially when they're holding other giant robots. So when the eye canon begins to glow, all Brandon can do is try to drag the robot to one side as he sways in the opposite direction. Hopefully it'll make a point blank shot into a glancing blow. Or maybe not. At the same time, his other arm aims the business end of the barrel at the torso of the robot and fires. It's like one of those movie scenes where both parties realize they've each got a weapon pointed at them point blank.

"WHAT IS IT!" There's a small burst of panic that waves out over the area. Isis gets it control soon enough though. "Does it respond to emotion?" She doesn't think so.

Rolling to the side and up to her feet, Isis watches the way the thing moves. Nick is going left, she'll go right. She's not strong, but she's quick and her claws are quite sharp - even if they are just claws.

Timing her move as the robot focusses on Brandon, she leaps to the stump of the right, intent on dragging herself up on it and find chinks its armor, quite literally.

Backflapping to turn back more quickly, Shayera sees the silver-winged man and flashes a brief frown at him before turning her attention back to the problem at hand. "Not my friend! Hey, pettur, get with the program!" she yells back at Nick then Christopher even as she again 'dives' at the giant mess of a robot (not the other one that seems to be trying to help).

This time instead of strafing the thing she lands on its back none too gently and uses her remaining momentum to slam her mace into the left shoulder. It's a gamble, because doing so is completely throwing her center of balance off and unless she timed it right she's going to go right over the thing and fall EVER so attractively. Probably right at Nick's feet.

When he notices that exposed power core and the fact that it's fluctuating like that, he swoops over close enough to Shayera to point it out to her. "We need to shut that down or get it out, and get it somewhere where it's not going to melt down on someone." His voice is as it was the last time they encountered one another, that strange dual-toned combination of Chris' human voice and the suit's. "Around back. Power core's leaking and fluctuating." The frown doesn't seem to have any impact on him whatsoever, not that one could tell if it did. She's then launching herself at the thing's shoulder, and so he flies down toward that power core, to see if he can get it loose.

"Don't think so, Isis!" Nick and Isis can easily get at the inner workings of this stump arm because the armor that should be covering it is just ruined. It's shredded, it's been shot repeatedly by very large guns and possibly exploded at least once. The fact that anything inside is still working is something of a miracle of engineering but it's one that the two animalistic mutants are well prepared to end. It's mostly a question of not getting electrocuted or crushed while they do so. Isis has some nice juicy servos in front of her if she can just reach them and Nick is already twisting some of the steel supports beneath.

Brandon in the meantime has successfully avoided taking the full blast of that energy beam and merely only takes a glancing blow to the shoulder and left side. His return shot penetrates the one remaining eye and goes out the other end of the head casing. In a smaller construct that would probably have taken out the processors too but not in this case. It DOES blind the thing though and now it begins to flail, trying to crush its various enemies with it's bulk or perhaps just damaged enough that the control mechanisms are failing. Somewhat dangerous either way and it will require Brandon to wrestle it to avoid it slamming into things and causing a rubble avalanche.

Shayera's mace strike almost dislocates the left shoulder - slamming the actuator there out of alignment and making the jerky movements of that arm even more uncoordinated. However the flailing means that timing that momentum is tricky and it sends her into a tumble which may, yes, ground her close to Nick. Ahem. Oops. She got a good solid hit in.

While all that is happening Chris finds that he CAN get the power core and thankfully he can lift it too. He does need to blast it free of the mountings and then kind of tear it out but the moment he does the robot goes onto reserve power - of which it only has thirty seconds. By the time he's done disposing of it in whatever manner he's going to it'll be still. Even better, disconnecting the power core from the drain of the machine stabilizes it. A bit. It's probably still a good idea to toss it in the water or turn it over to SHIELD or… something.

In any case the scene eventually quiets and then… "Oh wow. AWESOME!"

Oh yeah. The idiot is still there. Nick, panting and fur matted, just facepalms.

Brandon struggles to keep the robot where it is and out of reach of any buildings. He'll probably feel that blast later but this form has no pain receptors. Seeing what the others are doing, he doesn't attack it, just keeping it in place till it goes dead and then lays it down on the ground. At the exclamation, he turns to look at the idiot, gazing steadily at the man before straightening up again.

"Oh hey! You're the guy from the train as well…" Isis recognises Chris as he flies on in. Just as she slips a little on the arm and has to perch again.

She totally meant to do that, yes she did.

There are gaps in the armor and long claws extend from Isis' fingers, the slim woman has to contort to get access. As the machine twists to struggle with Brandon and deal with the abrupt power down, Isis slips from the arm, hanging on with her claws and growling.

Which is where she is when the guy talks.

What's that Grounder saying? Ass over teakettle. Yes, that. Shayera goes ass over teakettle forward over the robot's left shoulder to land flat on her back right at Nick's feet. She grimaces and is still there when the robot finally goes still and is settled to the ground, looking like she can't draw a breath.

Finally, when livestreaming lollpea over there exclaims and Isis growls, she gasps for air then starts CUSSING in between a few coughs. Really cussing. Lucky for everyone around she's cussing in her native language. "… damnit, help me up already."

The birdpeople of Akah Ma'at were never meant to lie flat on their backs. There's no way to get up from that without help or serious core strength which Shay has when she's not had the wind knocked out of her and her recently-healed wing isn't screaming in protest.

Christopher Powell draws a weapon from seemingly out of nowhere, not unlike the one he used on the support beam under the train, though this time he uses it to cut the core free and drag it out of the back of the giant robot. Fortunately, he has the strength to do that, easily. Now, the question becomes what to /do/ with it now that he's got it. There's sparks and what looks like and sounds like welding going on back there until he finally drags it loose and shouts, "Got it!"

Then, he's flying it back away from the robot. When it seems to be stabilizing, he pauses to call it in to SHIELD, since they'll probably want to pick it up and take a look at it. So for the moment, he drags it to what appears to be a safe distance from the others and just babysits it for a moment while he puts in that call. Hopefully, it should give the others some time to deal with what juice it has left.

SHIELD is remarkably quick on the uptake with that one and the moment they'd seen the bot they started scrambling a response team. That team swings by on a quinjet to take the reactor off Chris's hands literally within minutes. He's asked to write a report but told that can be a bit later. Sci-Tech would like to hear about it first hand though. Also they'd like to hear about that 'other bot' if he can get anything.

Nick in the meantime offers a clawed hand down to Shayera to haul her up. "Good timing Shayera. And… Iron… Giant?" That's to Brandon whose name Nick probably got but doesn't exactly remember. After all he looks like a big combat bot made out of ILM special effects. It's actually impressive as all hell. Clearly idiot streamer thinks so because when Brandon looks at him he shuts right up.

Slightly less impressive is Isis who is dangling like a cat with their claws caught in the curtains. "Can you get out, Isis?" Nick tries to avoid laughing.

"Wow. You guys are somethin' else." The streamer says. Okay he wasn't THAT cowed. "What is that thing?"

Nick sighs and looks over the bot, shaking his head. "Something leftover from the Blitz. A lot of stuff hasn't ever been cleared properly if it was buried under rubble." Which a good portion of it. There's UXO and bits of tech all over the place. Most of it is smashed to hell and doesn't work but a lot of it is just functional enough to be dangerous.

"Anyway, good job Shayera, and Bot Guy. And… where'd the other winged guy go? Say, not to look a gift horse in the mouth but what were you folks doing down here anyway?"

Brandon didn't actually supply a name at the subway station and he hesitates to come up with one. BUt it's do that or let 'Iron Giant' stick and that's just… no. < Just call me Sarge. > he eventually decides. It's a name he's used to responding to and much better than Bot Guy.

"Can't you get up Shayera?" Isis is all about the important questions as she dangles by her claws. "What Nick? Oh. Yeah… " She wriggles a little and drops to the ground, landing easily and straightening like there wasn't anything wrong.

"The Blitz?" Isis had been in … isolation … when the blitz occured but she frowns. "These were the things they used? Why would anyone do that …" She looks at the streamer "We're just us."

"Sarge then. What were you doing here? It's not exactly on any sight seeing tour down here." She says to Brandon, walking over to Nick and rubbing her ears against his arm. "Where's the other bird? I didn't chase that one …"

"Yeah, Isis, I'm … grrrrdamnit." Brandon is likely VERY glad that Shayera is not at all versed in local pop culture, or she might be throwing all kinds of robot references at him. As it is, she's more concerned with pulling herself to her feet with Nick's help and then trying to dust herself off while catching her breath.

"The hell is the Blitz? That was caused this eemaletoukav mess?" Her wings stretch out then relax again as they fluff out, trying to get any stray or mis-aligned feathers back into place, and then she's staring at Mr. Streamer with her mace still in hand. She looks decidedly unimpressed. Which likely resembles a death glare to anyone who isn't familiar with her. And maybe some who are.

With the core being delivered to SHIELD, Chris pauses, "Wait.. what /other/ bot?" He waits just long enough to get that information before he heads over to join the others, coming to land nearby in time to hear Nick's question. "I'm around here pretty often, actually, just.. keeping an eye on things," Darkhawk says as he takes a step forward and offers a hand toward Nick in greeting. "Darkhawk," he introduces himself. Then there's a glance over toward Marcus, the mask turning in his direction and impassively regarding the streamer before he looks back to Isis, "Do you usually chase birds?"

"The Blitz yeah." Nick explains to the person who was in a lab at the time and the person who wasn't, er 'around' at the time. "The city was sort of attacked several years ago and it hasn't all been cleaned up. And they were attacked by… that sort of thing." Nick looks at the big bot. It's impossible to tell, damaged and time worn as it is if that was one of the attackers or someone's super gadget that responded to the emergency but it's about the right size and either way, it was a problem just now so… you know.

"Nice to meet you Darkhawk. I'm Nick. That's Isis and Shayera and… er. Sarge. Hey Sarge." Beat. "Telepath?" That makes the most sense but hey? He could be a super special kind of robot.

< I wanted to see it first hand. > Brandon answers. The shoulder cannon pivots so it's pointed up then lowers into his torso. The shoulder missiles swivel back and disappear into an opening in his back while the barrel of his left arm reshapes into a hand. At the same time, he's shrinking down into a less intimidating seven foot tall suit of power armor that they saw at the subway though the silhouette is different and more reminiscent of the twelve foot version so it's not static. < Pictures are not the same. > Telepath? < In this form. > The idiot Youtuber is not one of the ones who can hear his responses.

Deciding that Mr. Streamer is just not worth her time, Shayera turns back to look at the others, nodding when Nick introduces her to Sarge and … Darkhawk? Seriously? She looks the latter up and down, most of her scrutiny on his supposed wings, and the scorn in her expression is as obvious as a flashing neon sign. POSER.

"She chased me," she says to the black and silver birdman even though he asked Isis. "And then she realized what a bad idea that had been." No, she didn't in any way hurt Isis, but she did unintentionally scare the feline-woman rather badly. They've gotten over their differences thankfully.

"Sometimes … " Isis answers Chris with a sheepish look at Shayera. She does have a feline look about her face and the cats ears on her head. "I didn't chase you though." She seems proud of that.

The slim mutant watches Brandon as he morphs and nods "That's a neat effect. Is it tech or a power?" Try as the Institute might they hadn't been able to teach Isis much tact.

"You ok, Nick?" There's another feline rub of her ears against the werewolfs arm before turning to check on Marcus. "And you, Mister Youtuber? You know you shouldn't be in here, right?"

The mask turns toward Shayera and just lingers there, reflecting her scorn back at her in its shiny surface. If there's an expression behind it, there's certainly no reading it. "That's alright," he says, his attention shifting to Isis. "I don't mind being chased, sometimes." There's the faintest hint of amusement that comes across in that odd voice before he turns to look toward the others. He studies Brandon's power armor sized version of the larger robot look he had earlier. "Fascinating," he says.

It's only when Isis addresses Marcus again that he turns to face the guy. "It's time for you to go somewhere safer. You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here."


"Buddy, really. Go home." Nick agrees and only lets up when the idiot streamer starts to go home. That settled he turns back to the other four.

"Right now that he's gone. That's… quite fascinating. I know a lot of the people with powers like you and I've never seen you. Okay not a LOT but I know a fair number of the ones that tend to crop up again and again." Or at least recognizes them by sight. "You wanted to see how bad things were here?" Because truth be told… it's bad, and Brandon can see it himself.

"I'm okay thanks Isis." Nick says, patting the feline woman on the arm. He chuckles when Darkhawk says he doesn't mind being chased. "Careful, she'll take you up on that." Shayera can tell him. She literally had a cat mutant jump on her back whilst flying. It was a hell of an introduction.

"Glad you folks were here anyway. Isis and I were investigating a place where mutants had been disappearing." Shayera knows something of that but that'll be news to Brandon and Chris for sure.

< Mutation. > Brandon feels no need to hide the fact he's a mutant. And speaking of going home, his body shifts some more, a flying wing not so much sprouting from his back as his back becoming a flying wing complete with what appears to be a jet engine on either side. < Mutants disappearing? I should be going but will find you here again. > Which is all the good-byes people get as he takes to the air and flies off.

"You don't?" Isis' bright blue eyes light up as she takes in Chris' wings. "I couldn't hurt you like I hurt Shayera…. " She casts a sly glance at Nick. She *might* just take Chris up on that. She is a cat after all.

"You can find Nick and me at Paragon Investigations…" She calls to Brandon as he leaves. "But Nicks right, we were looking into disappearing mutants. They're being taken from around here."

Shayera actually offers the departing 'Sarge' a small wave and the fleeing Streamer guy a wicked little smirk before she returns her attention to the business at hand. "Speaking of, Nick, I've been asking everyone I see when I bring in supplies. I haven't gotten any new leads."

It's not exactly easy to glean intel from the people still living in this area. They're at best VERY reluctant to speak with anyone from 'the outside', even when she tries to bribe them with food and medical supplies and treats.

Christopher Powell's wings are metal and then the strange alien material that the rest of the armor is made up of. They look like they'd be very sturdy, and likely to have no problem supporting Isis' weight if she jumped on him. He tilts his head and looks over to Nick, giving a shrug of his shoulders. It's as expressive as he gets in this form. "As long as she can hold on tight, I shouldn't drop her." Reassuring?

Speaking of disappearing mutants — there goes Brandon. He watches him shift and disappear and then shakes his head slowly. "Never seen anything quite like that." But then his attention turns back to the topic at hand. "There are mutants disappearing around here? When did that start?"

"Makes two of us actually and I've seen a few things when it comes to that." Nick nods to Darkhawk, adding. "Hear that Isis. If you pounce, don't fall." Then again she should land on her feet yes? Or is that jam side down. He forgets.

"Started several months ago, and it's gone off and on. Isis and I have been working the case, with some help from Sheryera in return for help on a case she's working involving her own people. Or people like her own people. Sorry, that's why I thought you two were together." Because wings. Though now that he sees them up close, no they're nothing alike.

"I might have one Shay, actually. But we could use some police assistance. Or at least some extra hands." Turning so he can explain to both winged people, he starts. "We have a potential witness link between the disappearances and research that a local tech firm is conducting, but it's a sure bet the manager in question won't say anything willingly. We need to either get leverage on him to make him talk, or get the sort of official backing that'll let us make his willingness a non-factor." Like a search warrant or a national security directive from SHIELD or something like that. Those are hard to come by though and with good reason. Getting leverage might be simpler but Nick's open to all options at this point.%r

"I don't fall." Isis says with the indignation of a cat, turning her nose in the air and all. Everything she does is deliberate, isn't it?

"You two aren't together?" She looks at the pair and nods now she does. "I guess not. The way Shayera was talking I thought she liked you." Meaning that Shayera snarks at everyone.

"Yeah. Someone gave us a lead on a company that is doing some … what did he call it, Nick? um genetic experiments. Might be all above board but it's go links to the case and we want to follow it."

"Can you help?"

"Make him talk, huh." Shay can do that, and happily, if her settling her mace on one shoulder is any indication.

Isis' comment about not falling has her smirking at the feline-woman. "Was that what you did after clawing my back? Not-fall? It was very graceful. And no." Her eyes look the fake-winged Darkhawk up and down again. "We're /not/ together."

Oh yeah, she totally snarks at everyone. It's just how malicious the words themselves are that indicate if she's doing so nicely or not. Her comment aimed at Darkhawk just now? Not so friendly. Not flat out aggressive, but judgey-feathers is judgey.

The mask turn in Shayera's direction for several long moments, and then Chris turns back to the others. "Well, it was good to meet you. SHIELD will take care of the power core and if we find out anything about that, I'll drop by and let you know." Since they gave the name of their investigation business. "Could be something just jolted it going. Maybe not. I'll see what they have to say. But they mentioned something about another robot.. and since there's only one here, I'm going to try to find out more about that." He then dips his head and says, "Was nice to run into you guys again. Be safe, huh?" And with that, he lifts up into the air and takes off.

"See you later Darkhawk!" Nick waves. He's used to addressing people with code names because, well, look at him. He's run with that kind of crowd. Then he looks down at Isis and Shay. "Schwarma?"

He knows Isis will be hungry and he really doesn't want to hang around this disabled bot any longer. Trouble is bound to show up.

So saying he turns and starts to walk back up the street. His truck is, er… that way.

"I think they meant 'Sarge'…. " Isis comments as Darkhawk leaves. "Hope to see you soon."

"I did it deliberately." Isis answers Shayera, nose still in the air but Nick mentions food and that has her attention. "Can I have three? I'm hungry." So yes. Schwarma. Please.

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