2020-03-24 - Nothing Wrong With Tea


A chance meet-up of acquaintances leads to a defence of tea, and an offer to arrange a cage-fighting match.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Mar 24 11:21:11 2020
Location: Greenwich Village

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'Bracing' might be the polite term for it. Certainly, the sunny weather looks better than it feels - a biting chill ensuring that most of those to be found on the streets are hurrying at speed, anxious to reach their destinations as rapidly as possible. Near NYU, Scandal manages to break free from a throng of gossiping undergraduates. Clad almost wholly in black (save for the warmly blue scarf around her throat, its colour matching the streak in her hair) she scowls slightly as she dodges around the last of the oblivious youths.

Fittingly, it was a day where the temperature didn't really bother Sunny. But then, most days didn't. Perhaps there was something to be said for being a 'goddess' of the sun! Making her way down the street, the blonde herself was far from the monochromatic shadow of Scandal; she was wearing her usual black jeans, but yet again she'd selected an obnoxiously bright orange shirt with a plunging neckline and her near-glowing blonde locks hung freely at her shoulders.

Unarmed and heading down the street, it very much didn't look like she was on business today.

Funny meeting these three here!

Then again, this is pretty dang near to where Eve lives so it should be no surprise to see the Goth walking out of her building and ointo teh streets and oh hey it's Scandal and Sunny!

Blink. She looks one way. Then she looks the other.

Perhaps blue hair has some sort of mutual graviational effect? Whatever the case, Scandal turns towards Eve… pauses, blinks, then raises a hand in greeting. Starting towards her tea-drinking buddy, she hitches a small pack higher onto one leather-clad shoulder - and a moment later finds herself peering past Eve. This isn't the first time she's wondered quite where she might recognise that blonde from…

It had been a while since they'd chatted, many months since casual flirtation at a bar and random encounters, Sunny could forgive Scandal for having forgotten her name, especially when a few people always assumed it was a nickname of sorts anyway. Her own eyes do indeed spot the woman with the streak of blue, but they're quick to drift closer towards Eve as she exits the very building she was headed to.

Just the person she'd been looking for!

"Hi, Scandal! Hi, Sunny!" manages to sputteer Eve in a bit of surprise.

She puts her hand on the back of her head. "Were you both coming my way or something?" she asks, with wry amusement.

Chuckling, Scandal shakes her head, closing to within conversational distance before coming to a halt - seemingly not thinking about stopping in a balanced stance, gaze alertly roaming over their surroundings before she focuses upon each of the other two women in turn. "Not deliberately. I had a few things to do on campus." She jerks her head in the direction of the nearest bit of NYU. "This is purely good fortune, as far as I am concerned."

Sunny? She has no such considerations, quite happy to step forward and throw an arm around the petite goth with a shrug. "I was coming to visit you, keep you company and all that sort of thing, y'know?" A bright grin, her gaze lifts to Scandal and she tilts her head to the side. "Been a while! Scandal right?" It was a guess, but the name wasn't exactly one easily forgotten. "Didn't know you knew Eve!"


Eve is promptly hugged into Sunny and then she weathers it with her dignity in tact, giving her a playful elbow in the moment.

"Yeah, that's Scandal. Hi. This is Sunny," she gestures at her, "as if the smile didn't give it away. I think I may be able to regain my vision eventually." BLINDIGN SMILES.

Laughing, Scandal shakes her head… then inclines it to the happy blonde. "I think that we met - briefly - in a gym… and before that in a bar? I apologise if I've forgotten a third encounter. But yes, Eve and I know each other a little. We meet up not too far from here, to have afternoon tea every few weeks."

A little nod, the blonde releases the poor Eve, stepping back and folding her arms. "It's fine, really. I imagine random strangers come up to you in a bar or a Gym more often than you'd like already."
A beat, there's a raise of Sunny's brow at the explaination. "Meeting up for tea? How fancy of you."

"I like tea. What's wrong with tea?" asks Eve, elbowing Sunny harder tin the side now that she's stepped back from her! ELBOW ELBOW ELBOW.

It is deserved!

Laughing, Scandal shakes her head - flashing a grin at the other two, and particularly the interaction between them. "There are many fancier places in New York, than O'Riley's Teahouse. But it is one of the more *civilised* venues we could choose, certainly."

"There's nothing wrong with -umpf- tea!" Sunny agrees, not quite managing to hide the impact of that elbow against her. Giving a little laugh, the woman shifts and tilts her head to the side. "I mean, if you want me to leave you too be, I can stick with coffee and sweets."

"FEh," is what Eve says to Sunny, "did I say anything about leaving anyone be? This isn't a planned get together. You two just walked down the street in front of me, which si weird enough in and of itself." She elbows Sunny one final time for emphasis. "BUT SPEAKING OF TEA…"

Laughing and shaking her head again, Scandal raises her hands. "Should I book the pair of you some private time in a cage-fighting ring somewhere?", she asks teasingly. "If not, then I would be quite willing to go for a cup of tea. Or even coffee, if that's preferable."

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