2020-03-23 - Da Kine, Da Kine


Loki and Sigyn visit Patna in answer to a request from Fenris.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Mar 23 02:43:10 2020
Location: Patna

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Patna, India. This place has been the confluence for the attentions of a number of 'divine' beings. And it has been a disaster area of a very quiet type. Fenris has not left the place recently. Mostly that has been because he has been babysitting an infected deity but he isn't now. No, now he's planning what to do about the infection itself.

In front of him is a small gem. It looks like it may have at one point been worked into a crown or a circlet or something similar. In front of that, nearer to Fenris, is a drink. A stiff drink not of local make for they don't make them stiff enough locally. Word had gone out to others. Ambrose. Astryd. Loki. Sigyn. He's waiting for them to arrive. And drinking.

Fenris is likely sensitive enough to notice that while there's a lack of shadow nearby, the air stirs with the scent of a treated leather long-coat, gun polish, Chai tea, and…well…dusty, ancient death.

"No one spies upon us that I can tell." Even as he speaks, Ambrose removes the invisibility ring from his finger and tucks it away. He comes into view in a blink's wiping of magic, smirking faintly to himself in what has to be his usual vein of self-satisfaction. He eyes Fenris's drink. "I suppose I might have one of those as well if this particular discussion warrants it. Where might I pour myself some?" A gloved hand rests on the back of one of the table's chair as he takes a moment to pull down the scarf wrapped about his face to better reveal it. His hair is touseled of the newly-spring night winds given he was roof-running not minutes ago.

"Patna, India…be warned, wife Sigyn, there is -something- driving deities to madness, your very best shields please." Once that (probably entirely unnecessary request is made, he will lead them out to the empty bricked in arch in the back yard, and invest it with power. His will shapes the path he wants and the portal opens. He is dressed for battle, golden and green armor, horned helm and flowing fur lined cape. The Norns might know how many daggers he has hidden in all that, but not many others will. At his back, his flaming sword and in hand a stout battle scepter.

"After you, my wife." Once she steps through so to does he.

At the far end, the air along one section of wall shimmers, and then the arch opens and for a brief time the event horizon exists in both places at once. Sigyn and then Loki step through, and the portal collapses. "Hello Fenris, my son…will we be joined by the lovely Lady Astryd? To you, sir, greetings Lieutenant Atherton."

Loki seems in a fine fettle.

Sigyn has dressed in her war-gear, a match for Loki's in many ways including at least five visible daggers. Though while her husband's helm has horns, hers has golden crescents sweeping back like wings. "Shields and I've packed a few other useful things," She confirms.

She follows Loki through, and smiles warmly at Fenris. "It is good to see you again, though we should see you more when there isn't trouble brewing. It's been a while since you came over for dinner." Yes, she knows the prophesies. Yes, she knows what Asgard thinks of Fenris. They can sit and spin. As far as Sigyn is concerned, Fenris is Loki's son and that's what matters. Privately, she's confessed to Loki she hopes in another century or three that Fenris might be willing to call her step-mother, but knows it will take time.

"Always good to know that only you are spying on us." Fenris says with a chuckle. Then the air is split by a portal and oh. There's Loki.

"We will, shortly. She's just in the back tending to something." Fenris says, gesturing in response to Ambrose' question as to where he can get himself a drink. There's a small cabinet pushed against the wall. The Old Wolf looks up as Sigyn comes through.

"Welcome to you both. There is, unfortunately, nearly always trouble brewing. But come in. Pour yourself a drink."

He takes in a deep breath. "I'm not sure how much you were told. The short version is that Patna has been taken by a kind of infectious madness potent enough even to get to beings like ourselves. At present the local death goddess is… in the grip of it. Along with a third of the population."

So that… you know. That is a thing.

Not long after everyone arrives, a dusky skinned naga slithers into the room. She's … lovely … and she knows how to move. Probably much to Ambroses distress.

"Hello Prince Loki, Princess Sigyn, Ambrose." The woman says and presses a kiss to Fenris' cheek. "I'm sorry I'm late. I needed to speak with my contact in Patna. I trust my heart is looking after you."

That's … Astryd.

"Ah, yes, very good." Ambrose makes his way over to the small cabinet in question. Upon opening it, he finds a bottle that when uncorked, seems to smell of what he thought he caught of the cup before Fenris. It smells…rather potent, but when has that ever stopped him? His own cup is found and as he's pouring it, the portal admitting Loki and Sigyn both ruptures into reality here.

He barely keeps himself from over-pouring and hastily puts the bottle aside to outright stare at the presence of both gods. "Good…evening to you both, your highnesses," the Jackal manages still crisply along with a quick bow, fist to his chest. Corking the bottle, it goes back into the cabinet by the time Astryd arrives. As usual, he blinks at her a few times before allowing himself a long-suffering sigh. Indeed: so like Janaya she looks and like Rachana she acts and…he needs a drink now. With Victorian aplomb gathered about himself and his drink as well, he returns to his seat at the table across from Fenris.

"I did warn of the madness," the master-thief notes quietly even as he gets to toying with the chain of his newly-found locket about his throat, eyes downcast upon his drink.

"Ah, good, no party is complete without her." Loki replies to THE Wolf. Sadly, it might take even longer than Sigyn hopes…Fenrir does not even call *him* 'dad', or 'father', nope…just Loki, and that's fine. Loki is hardly father of the millennium material, now is he? Loki will take Fenris at his word and pour two drinks, the first for his wife and then another for himself…which he nearly drops at the naga's entrance, but…then his eyes narrow, and then he GRINS. "Oh, that's lovely work, Lady Astryd, here…have my drink, I'll pour another." He'll offer his cup to her, and then smiles to Fenris. "I have been talking with Master Atherton, I'm somewhat in the loop, but not fully." He admits. Before he drinks, he'll toast the room, and then partake.

"So…I have pledged my aid already, and my lady wife has agreed to help, how can we be of service, m son?"

Sigyn accepts the drink from Loki, "And assume I know less than Loki does." She looks over at her husband with a mixture of fondness and irritation. "He has a habit of telling me what -he- thinks is enough, which doesn't always match what -I- think is enough. At least he gave me some time to pack and dress. This time." There's probably a story there.

Fenris chuckles. Loki's relationship with information and telling people things has always been something of a… loose, penpal type of relationship. Something he's fleetingly acquainted with but that often speaks in another language.

"Yes, the Naga is Astryd. She's discovered that she has something of an allergy to a certain type of enchanted material." Fenris sounds amused but waits as drinks are poured and the slithery woman settles next to him.

"So, I will let the others add their part to this but here is the overview is something like this: One of my several children - one I thought long dead - has used the human population of Patna to test a kind of spiritual disease that drives people paranoid and mad. His little experiment seems long over but it has run rampant in the city. Worse, it has ensnared the Hindu goddess of Death…" That's the second time he's mentioned her but failed to name her so there might be something to that. "… and she seems to be acting on behalf of my returned son. Or at the very least, she's making the problem worse and has already spread it to one other Hindu god that we know of."

The Old Wolf glances to Ambrose. He can pick up the story and tell about the wishing gem sitting on the table in front of him. And… why they asked for Loki and Sigyn specifically.

And Astryd can, heh, tell her 'tail'.

"Nice work, Prince Loki?" Astryd smirks as she takes the drink. "As he notes, he thinks I have an allergy to Naga venom. In our attempt to find Ambrose's locket, I took some Naga venom to be converted. That wore off, but later when we had to fight an unspeakable horror from a long dead realm - they bled on me and what you see is the result."

The brunette doesn't give Ambrose a break, offer him a smile and wiggling her fingers in his direction.

"The child in question, is one Fenris sired with Luna. There are nine in total but it Gurim Ur that is the one that is causing the problems. I'm not sure that the Goddess in question is a willing participant in all of this - Gurim may have infected her and is now using her."

While Fenris speaks, Ambrose sips at the liquor. As quietly as he can manage, he keeps his reaction under wraps: there's a muffled choking cough followed by a wheeeeze into his shoulder and a sharp sniff as his eyes water. Oof. It is strong stuff. Still, he can handle it. He's the Jackal. As such, he takes another sip in time to catch the Dread Wolf looking promptingly at him and Astryd wiggling her fingers

This swallow is remarkably composed…save for another little wheeze-cough and faint blush. Still, the master-thief clears his throat in gathering of his dignity.

"Lord Loki is correct. His aid led me here to Patna and to the recovery of the locket." Out the matte-golden locket comes on its fine steel necklace briefly as proof of success. Ambrose is quick to tuck it away. "The Goddess Lord Fenris and Lady Astryd speak of hunts for this locket in order to potentially wrest my curse from me. This Gurim-Ur would make use of it."

Yes, his curse, and the outcome predicted: no more Ambrose, erased from existence in a snap. He swallows hard before continuing, his eyes flickering amongst the group.

"Let her try and take it now, or this from us." A gloved finger taptaps on the table near to the gemstone lying brightly upon it.

"This is a wishing gem belonging to the Monkey God Hanuman. Astryd and I were able to…borrow it from his temple." He pointedly does NOT look towards Astryd or make mention of clothes-less thievery. "Lord Loki, you know of this gem. I am in agreement with you and as I have mentioned to the others, it must be used wisely and carefully. It could as easily be fully of trickery as trustworthy grace. Lord Fenris and Lady Astryd thought that it might be fully utilized in hands which mean well."

His eyes land on Sigyn and he rises in his chair to offer her a deep, deep bow. "My Lady Sigyn, you have the touch of a healer. You have protected my children in my absence. We thought best that you might wish the city well." His eyes rise as he does, their pupils glimmering nightshine-red. "I suspect it would be within your power."

The family angle is new to Loki, that part Ambrose didn't share, and the disease's scope - also not mentioned. That the disease has infected more than one god…is bad news, but not unexpected. He listens to Fenris' briefing, and then looks a bit apologetic when Astryd explains her form. "Ah…I had assumed it was intentionally done to infiltrate." He looks for permission, and if it is granted he'll see if his magic can divine a cure for, and if it is even needed or will fade in time. "So…two gods or is it three now who are affected in total?"

A smirk then to Sigyn, and a dip of his head to admit the 'touch' as if in a fencing match, before he listens to Ambrose speak. He nods about the wishing gem, and then looks somewhat amused at the end. "Oh, I cannot agree more. If /anyone/ can make full and wise use of such a thing it is my lady wife."

Sigyn sighs. Loki understands all of her sighs, but she will explain for the others. "Wishing gems are seldom anything but trouble. The fact that it was /borrowed/," And oh, she gives Ambrose a look at that word, "will not make it any more cooperative. They are some of the most twisty forms of seidr weaving I've ever dealt with… and I won't be wishing in English. It's such an imprecise language.. try to wish a city well, and the city ends up with a new source of water."

Of course, she's admitted that she'll do it, and has already worked out part of the way of avoiding the pitfalls. "Tell me more of this madness… does it have any physical contagion, or is it a thing solely of magic?"

"We're not sure. It is magical, that much it must be. Is it also physical? I do not know. I am no doctor. I do know that breaking the magic will render the physical meaningless if it exists. Transmissible madness of that type cannot exist by the laws of this reality." Which means that magic is indeed the angle that Fenris has been focusing on.

"There is another wrinkle, Loki and one that I thought you best suited to dealing with. We do not know how much of the Brahmins she-who-must-not-be-named has infected and we need to find out. The more upright of that pantheon does not like me much, I am after all fated to end the world. You should speak to Ganesh and see what may be seen there. Ganesh we know for certain has not been infected…"

Now Fenris turns his attention to Sigyn once more. "I should point out that we also don't know what the wishing gem will exact in return for it's power. It is possible that you might be able to cure it without the use of the gem but… I had not wanted to bet on it. Gurim-Ur, Rabid Wolf, has crafted a very dangerous thing here and has done so with knowledge from beyond the Nine Realms."

He pauses to let that sink in. "Astryd and Ambrose can tell you, he has already corrupted people close to his targets and is using them… well…"

Fenris will let others go into detail about Oliver.

"Astryd thinks he may be targeting old Underworlds too. Certainly his… siblings have had their influence felt there. Silver Wolf and Dire Wolf, my other murderous children."

"We know that the death goddess is affected." Astryd starts to answer, as Fenris fills in some of the gaps. "Lord Ganesh is going to try and speak with Brahma, we have some confidence that he at least is not affected. Yet, though I feel it might be a matter of time for that."

If Loki can assist with speaking to them, that would be another avenue they can use.

"One of the nine wolves, Fenris' daughter, spoke with Kent and myself when I went to locate him. She's not fond of me, I'm sorry to say but she gave me the distinct impression she is looking for God Hood from this. Or the fall out at any rate." Ambrose can speak to Oliver.

As to her affliction, Loki can see feel the influence of the venom. It's old the magic that's affecting her, with a hint of the crypt behind it. It will fade, in a day or so and apart from the physical changes, doesn't seem to be causing all that much trouble.

"I appreciate your concern, Princess Sigyn. It is something that we have considered at length. If the madness can be cured elsewise, it's worth considering but we are working against the clock."

Sigyn's look has the Jackal putting on his most innocent face. It's not theatrical and admittedly well-practiced, near-fully guileless, but his blue eyes still twinkle: oops…? But not really.

He sits down again in order to return to his questionably-strong drink. A little sip is more of a tonguing of it, still enough to make him want to sneeze for its potency. He wiggles his nose before glancing between everyone again.

"Lord Loki does know of Oliver as well. Lady Sigyn, you might have heard of him if my daughter were unwise in keeping her secrets. I doubt that she was." Ambrose allows himself a proud little smile for the dark-haired befreckled and blue-eyed young woman back in New York City. "Oliver was my sergeant when I was on active duty in Her Majesty's forces. I trusted him with my life. It seems that Gurim has found a way to turn his beliefs against us. Oliver was strongly-willed as I knew him then. I doubt this has changed in light of being offered a chance to continue beyond death and to embrace what beliefs he holds dearest. He means to influence me one way or another and I guess he would not stoop to take my family into his reckoning." He nods towards Loki and Sigyn both. "He will fail against your power, but do not discount him. I mean to deal with him myself at one point."

And by the ruddy gleam in his pupils, he means with a fervor.

"Still, this city must be cleansed first. With this asset removed from Gurim, he will be weakened."

"Ganesha, mm?" Loki looks thoughtful. "I don't /think/ I've ever offended him." He ponders, and then shrugs, a chipper smile. "Better than 'Get Help' any day. On the one hand I get to seek audience with a deity who may or may not hate me, on the other…" His smile turns positively delighted. "…I get to seek audience with a deity who may or may not hate me. This should be FUN." He tosses back his drink, and then sets the cup down, stopping at just one. A frown at the news about Gurim-Ur, and the others. The frown turning to a scowl when the knowledge if said to be beyond the Nine Realms.

"Underworlds too. Ambitious." Yes, Loki /does/ sound impressed. And then shakes his head. "Stupid, but definite takes brass."

"Mmm…and her Thugee with her." He nods then. "Very well, Lady Astryd, Fenris, Bane and Master Thief, beloved wife that puts up with my shite, it seems I have some fun ahead of me this eve." A look to Astryd. "Oh, if you were not aware, your shape will return to its other state of loveliness in a day or so, it is old magic, somewhat malicious but not all that horrid really, might end up molting your skin and stepping out of the remains of the naga form presently worn." Oh, that's a lovely image. Not.

A sharp bark of laughter as Ambrose TRIES to give Sigyn, Wife of the LORD OF LIES, the guileless eyes. Oh man, the attempt just made his century.

"Oliver's days are numbered, Lieutenant, of that we can all be sure."

Sceptre in hand, he looks to Fenris and Astryd then. "So…is Lord Ganesha the wise, the remover of obstacles, the lord of beginnings expecting me, or shall I just 'reach out'?"

Sigyn nods to Loki, "Talk to Ganesh. I will meditate with the wishing stone for a while… I want to make sure it is not… I believe the term is Monkey's paw? Before I try it."

Fenris takes in a breath and lets it out. "Well that is decided. Loki I cannot believe I am saying this but I am giving you the Chantimani for safe keeping. Or rather. I'm giving it to give to your wife for safe keeping." Because THAT is much safer and more sensible. Besides. Loki has to go hobnob with Hindu gods. That should be entertaining and-


"What in the name of all that is-"


There's a pause in the high volume searching as the man looks and sees Loki and Ambrose as well.

"Oh. What dis? You want I should come back bumbai?"

Fenris leans forward and massages his temples.

|ROLL| Ambrose +rolls 1d10 for: 3

"Meditate, Princess Sigyn. I have had rooms prepared for you and I recommend you try the hot springs as well." Astryd answers. Loki gets a sultry smile, not that she's trying to flirt … "Thank you, your highness. Although the idea of slipping into something more comfortable …"

She tenses at the crash and turns to face the Hawaiian. "Maui! What on Midgard …" beat "Oh yes, I did promise to get Poke with you. We're discussing a small problem … This is Ambrose, a particular friend of mine, you know Fenris and Loki, right?"

Please. Oh please. Don't start singing You're Welcome again. Ever since the god had seen that movie ….

A curt nod to Loki. Indeed, Oliver won't know what hit him if the Jackal is given a reason to bring all of his guile and wiles and force to bear. His fingers are just beginning to tingle now, toes as well that he wiggles in his boots, and Ambrose frowns in curiosity down at the liquor in his cup. Is it smoother now that he's over the worst of the initial tasting hump?

A sip proves this…moderately true, though he still coughs into his fist at the burn as it does down. Astryd gets an outright stare for the smile she gives Loki and he briefly looks over at the god as if to check if he's not alone in his suffering.

Never mind, someone's gone Kool-Aid Man through the nearby wall.

In a spray of his mouthful of liquor and departure from his chair so fast that it spins as a top on one leg before falling to the side, Ambrose is gone entirely vanished. Snap: just like that, ring on his finger. He can be tracked by the sound of wheezy hacking from inhaling some of the drink to still be nearby to the table.

"Y-hes, hello," he manages in unseen greeting to this interloper before going back to hacking like a discomfited cat.

Maybe Fenris missed being sprayed by the surprised spit-take.

"Back in a flash, Lady Wife, remember to practice safe meditation, no more than sixty 'ohms' each hour." Despite the flippant tone the sentiment is real 'be safe'.

Loki pouts a little when Fenris implies he's not the trustworthy one, then ponders…concludes he's not wrong…and still pouts, because why not? He hasn't pouted in at least…what…a day? Maybe two!

Fortunately, Astryd-naga is sultry smiling at him, so that's a plus! Pout morphs to grin, and he laughs. "Oh, no doubt…comfort is very—-" And then the walls, come tumbling down…tumblin' rumblin', down.

Loki doesn't spit take, but he does draw his sword and ignite it, prepared to face the threat of…"Oh, it's you." Loki sighs, putting the sword away. "Hello Maui."

Loki wraps an illusion of Ambrose around the invisible sound of him hacking and wheezing, sure…the REAL one is invisible, but this one is not. Pretty sold, actually, very sold work, even has the wind tousled hair!
No, it is /not/ visible to the Master Thief. Oops.

It is very important to note that the Master Thief's coughing and wheezing are VERY much exaggerated in the illusion. Double oops! The faces not-Ambrose makes? As overly dramatic as Loki can imagine. Think about that…

Maui turns to the illusion of Ambrose. "Braddah, you look like you got da kine, yaknow?" He slaps the coughing illusion on the back - what that does to Ambrose is in the hands of the gods. Well. God. One god. One god whose hands you usually don't want things in.

Fenris keeps rubbing his temples.

"Ey, do I know you? Howzit?" That's to Loki, and that's a moment before he sees Astryd. Astryd HAD spoken to him of course, but he blinks when she does. No, no he doesn't recognize her. Instead he sort of slicks back his hair and elbows Loki, who is standing closest to him, "Eh! You not gonna introduce me to this fine wahine?" Maui sounds almost offended.

"Well aloooooooha. Scuz me, I was lookin for a friend o' mine. About yay tall? You a friend o' hers? Mebbe you come get poke with us?"

"That IS Astryd." Fenris says with a sigh. He hasn't looked up. Maui. Why Maui?

"What? Shooooots, you kiddin me Fenris. Uh, what's wit all da people here? Guys havin a big time meetin'?"

Fenris finally looks up and looks at the Illusion of Ambrose.

"Sort of. It's his Birthday."

Well. He is his father's son sometimes.

Astryd just sighs. "I changed my mind, Fenris. I prefer him singing." The Naga-rie gives the God Wolf an apologetic look. "I *am* Astryd, Maui. I've … had a problem." Fenris gets an elbow in the side for that fib.

"You know, he might be able to help us." The Naga says before looking at Maui carefully. "Did you come looking for me to grab Poke, Maui? Or was there something else you wanted to discuss? How are the others in your Pantheon, by the way? Are they all well?" She's digging a little.

Ambrose has no idea about the illusion of utterly grandiose dramatics wrapped about his person. His concern is more the incessant tickling in the back of his throat that won't — go — away! And so he coughs, and coughs, and the illusion makes it seem like he tried swallowing a mouthful of tacks and failed. Look at how red his cheeks are! Dear god, he's clinging to the table!!! Someone, pat that man on the —

— back. Maui's got that covered, apparently, sympathetic to the Jackal's plight.

The illusioned Ambrose does an odd wriggle in place and then seems to go shocked to stillness. He stares at Maui and then at everyone else, uncharacteristically non-hyperverbal.

Because that soft thump upon the table?

That was the landing of what is now a long-eared, long-legged, chocolate-brown rabbit with the biggest, shocked golden-blue eyes. How his little nose wiggles unseen beneath the cover of illusion. After all, a rabbit can't wear a human-sized invisibility ring. It lies on the table beside him as he sits there, tucked into a loaf, twitching his whiskers.

«…my birthday is not for another two weeks, give or take,» the master-thief informs the group as evenly as he can manage. Hey, All-Speak has to count for something. Anybody recognize Lagomorph?

"Actually…yes, though not like this, admittedly." Loki grins to Maui and then morphs into a rather lovely beach bunny, complete with thong bikini. "Luan, from Michigan, we met while I was on vacation in Waikiki, a luau—about seventy years ago." And then again the Trickster Morphs, this time into a /gorgeous/ parrot…yes, a parrot. "Awk…I crapped on your shirt. Awk! 1406." And then again into an old man with a cane, very wise, very fat. "And you blessed my great grandson at a wedding…this was, long ago, 'bout a millenium or so." And then he's Loki in wargear once more, smirking.

"A thousand apologies, Master Maui, allow me to introduce Astryd Hrafnd Ttir."

A sage nod to support Fenris. "It is, and he'll cough if he wants to."

Bah! Astyrd's going to spoil everything, where's the fun in asking important, pertinent, relevant questions?

Or turning Ambrose into a Rabbit? Loki…pauses, pans back the Bane-Rabbit, and cancels his illusion with a flick of to fingers. And then he sits down, and laughs /hard/. "Oh! Oh!" He digs out his cel, snaps a pic. BLACKMAIL FUEL!

"Well ya shoulda said you wuz in da know before? Idda shown ya all the good places. Mebbe you should come up to Hawaiki for a proper luau sometime?" Fenris doesn't say that might be a bad idea. Because Loki will run into the Boar God. And… oh that'll be an interesting day.

"Eh?" The Polynesian man turns to look at the now illusion free but very lapine Ambrose and blinks. "It's da rabbits birthday? Wow. Dat rabbit has some serious mana though." Power. Well yes he does. Maui is seeing the bane. Bane rabbit.

Fenris bites his tongue. Ambrose looks shockingly adorable like that but he doubts the gentleman thief wants to hear that. What is with people getting turned into things lately?

"We'll get you something proper for it, Ambrose." He says rather seriously, really really trying to not smile or laugh. This isn't funny. This isn't funny.

This is so hilarious.

By this point the confused Maui is looking at Astryd again. "Dat really is you, ain't it cuz. Well truth be told I DID want some poke, but I was kinda hopin' to talk story with ya 'bout some tings happenin' closer to home. Family, dey all good but… well. We been hearin' 'bout tings. There's been a guy out to the islands couple of times. Haole guy. Likes turtle necks, even in the summer. Sort of… well. He's been foundin' clubs you see and they ain't done nothin' but… they don't seem quite right either."

Astryd actually dawwws at the bunny and reaches to pick him up and pet him. So Cute!

It's a little difficult not to snort as Loki goes through his catalogue of shapes he's been. "Maui really does know all the good Poke places, Loki." Mmmm. Poke.

"And yes it is." The Valkyrie listens, smirking at the interpretations All Speak makes to the pidgin. So a white man, who wears turtle necks in summer, has been founding clubs on your islands. And this worries you."

And yes, Astryd is going to be serious - even at her most reckless she still knows her duty.

"What sort of clubs are you talking about Maui?"

«I would appreciate that, Fenris.» Now at least somewhat cognizant of what happened to him, the brown rabbit sniffs over himself with a flurry of that twitching nose. He reaches the white-puffed tail and stares for a long second before he looks back at everyone again, one ear stark upright and the other flopped as limply as a wet noodle. «I have a fluffy arse.» Then Astryd's reaching for him. «Um, madame, excuse ME WHAT ARE — »

His feet kick a little upon being picked up by Astryd, but he goes quieter once her nails begin gently running along his back. One hind leg extends like a spring to hang down over her forearm and he twitches his whiskers back and forth.

«All I ask is that if we are to deal with another issue in some tropical paradise, that I am returned to my usual state of being before we arrive. I do not want sand in these toes.» So drily does the master-thief opine this.

Okay, this Maui, not so bad a guy. He didn't even take offense at being shat on! That's a good sport. "Oh, very well, next time…" A pause. "Oh…one thing, the Boar God and I…don't get on well, so next time I'll /also/ not be me, but will let you know I am." No, that's not confusing at all, Nope. No possibility of misunderstanding there.

Loki snaps another picture, this one of Maui's look of confusion at the Bane Rabbit.

"Oh, indeed…maybe some..blueberries?" Something proper…FOR A BUNNY! Loki is literally crying with laughter at this point.

And the snuggling submission, yeah, that's another pic, yup.

In spite of himself, Loki is interested. Who wears a turtle neck…in summer…in Hawaii?

Yeah, then…the leg dangle, yup, final pic, the phone not only PUT away, nope, he knows that Ambrose is a Master Thief…with a RING OF INVISIBILITY…the phone is also /teleported/ home. Safe. (He hopes).

"I'm sure it will wear off and if it does not Loki will surely change you back." Fenris looks at Loki as if this were his fault and frankly even if it weren't he's the one who can fix it. Maui is a shape shifter. He's a strongman. He is a clever trickster. The one thing he is most decidedly not?

A 'kahuna'. A sorcerer.

"Uh. Da snake's got da bunny. Is dat okay?"

"Should be fine. If she eats him he'll enjoy it probably." Fenris says equally dryly. "But what was the issue with the clubs?"

"No issue yet. Just a feelin'. Dey remind me of… da kine. You know."

"No I don't know 'da kine' Maui." Fenris sighs. He hates that expression.

"Uh. Wazza word… Masons. All secret, doin' things and rituals an… not like da Rotary Club y'know? Things with real mana in 'em."

"Yeah I got it. We'll look into it. Soon as we're done fixing things up here."

"Tanks. Now, since Astryd can't go get poke, guess Maui's just gonna have to bring da poke to her. Don' worry. I'll bring enough back for everyone. Real ono taco poke." The Polynesian deity grins and then shouts. "CHEEEEEEHOOO!" Then he's gone. He'll be back, assuredly.

"Greaaaaaaaaaaat." Fenris mutters and looks over at Astryd and Ambrose. "You gonna keep him like that? Because I'm sure Loki can fix him up before he goes to visit Sigyn or cause trouble or whatever it is that Loki's do."

"I'm a Naga, not a snake…" Astryd says indiginantly as her nails run down the bunny's back and she strokes his ears. "I'll pay a visit to the Islands, Maui, when I'm recovered and you can show me … " The naga looks sidewise at Fenris "… da kine …" Oh yes, she knows how much he hates that expression.

When the Hawaiian god leaves, Astryd looks at the rabbit she's cradling, her lips curling up in a smile. "Are you sure you don't want to stay this way for a little while, Ambrose? You're all soft and cuddly and I kind of like it."

«If someone does not get that phone, I will consider attempting it,» the rabbit mutters, side-eye gleaming at Loki and the vanished cellphone. VANISHED FOR NOW, the look seems to imply. WATCH ME VANISH IT LATER, it seems to promise.

Ambrose-rabbit then gives Fenris an affronted lapine squint, both ears back even as he wriggles his nose furiously in the god's direction. «Now see here, you great furry jackkna — stop ignoring me — excuse me, I am STUCK AS A RABB — NO, WAIT, DO NOT LET HIM LEAVE — "

An irritated thump of that hind foot at empty air is clear demonstration of the master-thief's feelings on matters. He cannot thump the vanished Maui, ergo, he must shadow-box.

Astryd gets the final flat bunny look and, apparently, since bunnies can't blush, he'll be frank. «Madame, I consider us good comrades, but respectfully, my whiskers have been in your cleavage for a goodly enough time now and while I do not mind it overmuch, I was raised to be a gentleman.»

Wiggle-wiggle-wiggle, whiskers.

Oh, bother…he has a deal with the Little Thief, bugger…can't just leave Ambrose this way, he'd get eaten, and that means he'd have defaulted on a contract! Loki wipes his eyes, and then the second time Fenrir insists he change the master thief back Loki conjures a pink jewel, and points a finger at Ambrose and /grins/. "Oh, well, Master Thief, seems I'm all that remains to get you back your natural form, I think the price is that my phone remains my own." A smirk. He'll wait for the no doubt grudging agreement, grins MORE, and then crushes the gem. A pulse of pink energy lances forth and the Master Thief is himself once more.

Quite possibly still held adoringly to Naga-Stryd's ample bosom.


Fenris stares as Ambrose is transformed back, still in the Naga's embrace. He looks at Loki. He looks at Ambrose. He looks at Astryd. He looks at Loki again.

And then he downs the rest of his drink in one go, gets up and walks out shaking his head. He needs something a LOT stronger than this for this tomfoolery and all of his good stuff is in the back.

They can sort themselves out, surely.

"I know just how long your whiskers have been in my cleavage, Ambrose…" Astryd remarks. Not commenting on what makes a gentleman in her books.

"Loki …" the warning comes too late as Ambrose transforms, still cradled in Astryds arms - his weight not really worrying her at all.

"Well, this is a little inconvenient … " Because she'd been holding him belly down, of course. "…. don't wriggle … I'm trying to put you down …"

His feet touch the ground a little more heavily than necessary. "Now, if you'll both excuse me … I need to speak with my Lord."

«…yes, they are but pixels, and what are those to my personal comfort,» comes the absolutely grudging agreement. Fine, phone, you won't vanish after all. The chocolate-brown rabbit peers at the pink gem until it disappears in a collapse of purposeful destruction — impressive to the master-thief, this display of strength.

Maui's swat was magically akin to having cold water dumped abruptly on one's head. This is more like taking another shot of that liquor he'd left alone on the table earlier, save for instead of roiling in his stomach, the magic swirls through his veins and out through his skin. There's the impression of taking up far more space than he was not moments ago and when his vision clears up from blurred whirling, he blinks a few times.

"Ohhhhhhhh-hohohoho, exCUSE me, my lady, I-I-I — " stutters the blushing Jackal as he stumbles away, hip bouncing off the table in the process, brushing his hands down the front of his coat repeatedly. Some stray rabbit hairs float off into the air. "I shall — I think I hear Kent — yes, please do speak with — righto."

Ambrose snatches at the golden invisibility ring and slips it on his finger again, all the better to vanish himself and his blush off and away until another meeting is convened.

"Right then…I'll go talk to Ganesha, back in no time." Loki says loudly enough that Fenris and Astryd will hear, since the room has been cleared. "Bloody circus." He mutters. After all, where's the fun in shenanigans if there's nobody to see them? Oh well.

Loki steps back, fading from sight as he walks the ways he is pretty sure lead to Ganesha, it was either that or a REALLY good restaurant…great tandoori chicken…could go either way.

But that's what makes life worth living…the adventure!

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