2020-03-22 - And Sandwiches to Go


After getting some answers from Chalk, Lexi catches up to Neena and makes her presence known. Team-up is go!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Mar 22 00:42:12 2020
Location: Mutant Town

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Neena, having finished her interrogation and finding where she needs to go next, is headed over to have a sandwich. After all, good meal while planning ordinance issues for the strike, makes sense?

What she might not immediate notice is that when she passes the back of her reluctant contact's car, she picks up a tail, as a mauve figure quietly and smoothly stands up from where she's been hiding behind the car, walking after her. About five feet back.

And about when she's just about getting there, a perky voice says from behind her. "Sooooo, which kennel would this be, and is this a solo thing or can anyone join?"


It's so easy sometimes to lose yourself, falling into the isolation of conflicting thoughts and emotions. Every now and then something deep enough threatens to swallow a person whole, cutting down on such important elements as 'situational awareness.'

Neena jumps when so openly greeted from behind, spinning about on a heel with those silvery eyes open wide.

That this other gal asks -specifically- about the kennels tells Dom everything she needs to know.

She was listening in. And yet..there doesn't seem to be any judgement being passed. Lucky her.

"Eavesdrop much?" is the first thought to cross her mind before flipping her palms upward. "Hell if I know. This is all uncharted territory. And an open market. Since you're aware of it you know it's going to be dangerous."

Speaking of, how fortunate is it to have backup being offered mere -seconds- after getting the mission? Dom starts to smirk then motions toward Shell with a slight head-tick. "Hungry? It's a bit of a walk to my car."


"Oh, /constantly/." Lexi gleefully admits. "ESpecially when someone new is in Mutant Town. Double especially when they're following another stranger in Mutant Town who's sketchy as fuck." She clasps her hands behind her back, running her goldne gaze down a bit over Dom before coming back up to smile a litle. "Mmm, you don't look nearly as sketchy. But still dangerous. That's fun too." She shrugs. "Oh, constantly. I'm their rush lunch normally." she says without shame. "I'll buy, you talk?"


Something's tugging at the back of the remaining albino's mind as Lexi talks with a curious amount of animation. Any thoughts on the matter are kept to herself as she's soon looking down -at- herself for being considered 'less sketchy' than Chalk. "I'll take that as a compliment" Dom says with a black-lined smirk.

Oh hey, and this gal's offering to pay for their food! "Alright, you've got yourself a deal. Just…" she hesitates while giving the peculiar girl another looking over. "We've met before, right? Parking garage, buried under a shit ton of rubble? Name's Domino. Walk with me."

Firstly so they can get food. Seriously, she can -still- smell that reuben!

Once food is all secured Neena explains "There's been some trouble with a small pack of weird lookin' dog things. Not sure if they're mutated or what their deal is but they're causing a lot of trouble. I was handed a job to deal with one of them and found a lot more than I had bargained for, methinks whoever offered the job left out some key details and I'd like to go have a word with them about it. Apparently this 'kennel' is the next step. Sounds like they aren't real keen on visitors so make sure you dress to impress."


Lexi grins, flashing slightly elongated canines. "Yes! Tendril. Or, because you're cute an' we've already met, Lexi." she allows, heading up to the order window. Not only does the Reuben get ordered, but also four ham and swiss, three pastrami, and a Cuban. Wrapped to go, just in case she doesn't have time to finish them all off, before getting a seat across from Domino while they wait for them to come out. "Yeah, those kinda jobs suck." she says bluntly. "So what's in th' kennel, then? People? Animals? Other stuff?"


'Tendril'… Domino snaps her fingers. "Oh yeah, Cutethulu!"

Holy crap Lexi orders a lot. Good thing she was buying, after all! It'll slow down their response speed a little but Whitey's not going to complain. It's still free food!

With the next question in the air Neena carefully takes a seat, looking a little stiff in the joints, then drops her chin onto a fist to look thoughtful. "I have no idea. So far it's nothing more than a name and a coordinate. A hundred bucks says I'm not gonna like what's waiting for us."


"Okay, let's back up then. What was th' job that got ya looking for it then?" she says, then beams. "Cutethulu!" She giggles a bit, her hair shivering in an invisible breeze for a moment before she starts scarfing down one of her sandwiches as they arrive. The first batch at least. Apparently they're used to going in waves with her, though Dominio's reuben is there too.

What did ya run inta that had ya lookin' for a kennel or th' other guy ya mentioned?"

She pause, then notes. "Oh, so you know, Hunter is completely lookin' for that place now too. She's probably already halfway there by now. She's got as good ears as me."


"The job was to find, and kill, -one- of them" Neena explains. "Instead I found two of them and their mother. This isn't a one shot deal. They're also pack creatures so by going after one I nearly got ripped into itty bitty 'bino bits before getting the first shot off. First reason: The person who worked out the contract was setting up anyone who took it to fail, hard. Second reason: There's -at least- one more still unaccounted for and they're snacking on New Yorkers."

Pausing to unwrap her sandwich, she makes a thoughtful "Mmh" upon hearing that Hunter's already on the job. "Stripes is on the prowl, huh? That oughta cut down on search time."

"Considering that these critters look an awful lot like dogs and now there's some place called the -kennel,- dollars to donuts there's gonna be even more of 'em. Also consider that if they had gotten out by accident there has so far been zero accountability. No one claiming responsibility, no one trying to contain the situation. Whatever's going on down there needs to be shut down. I'm looking at a clean sweep protocol."


Lexi wrinkles her nose as she thinks, having rapidly demolished the first sandiwich and moving on to the next. Girl's got a metabolism like a furnace apparently. Or she just runs hot naturally. "Mm. So they were sendin' ya off, what, ta see how well they killed ya? So they'd have ta be watchin' in that case. Or trackin' 'em somehow. Unless they just got loose, but if ya were supposed ta fail, then they weren't sendin' ya ta clean up loose ends."

She takes another thoughtful bite out of her sandwich, considering. "Mmm….lotsa types mess with th' Disaster Zone for testin' weird shit where they think they can get away with it. I haven't heard nothin' from th' Morlocks about ustuff in the tunnels though, but most of 'em don't go into that area. There's…too much chemical junk, unstable buildin', that sorta thing.


"Oh, shit."

It's a concept which Neena hadn't previously considered. It's all well enough to assume that she's getting these burner gigs because people want -her- out of the picture but this hadn't been a targeted job… -Anyone- could have taken the contract. Which means it isn't purely about disposal. There's another motive at play.

Lexi nailed it on the fucking head.

The reuben is completely forgotten for a moment as she tries to work out some details in her mind. Had this been some sort of test? Checking the hound's combat-worthiness? How would they have gotten that information back? The autopsy should have uncovered any implants or the like…

"Morlocks?" she asks with a puzzled expression before waving it off. Probably doesn't matter here. "What I think is that you two overhearing us before is going to greatly increase the odds of survival." HER survival. "They may already have intelligence on me but they probably don't on you or Hunter. We'll just have to take a look and see what's cooking."


The mauve mutant tilts her head, smiling a bit. "Morlocks. Like th' old book. Time Machine, right? There's old, old colonies of mutants here, an' some of them don't come above ground unless they gotta. They avoid…stuff." She frowns. "Because things have gone pretty badly in th' past." She tilts her head. "Mmm. As long as they're not Russian, probably!" she says cheerily. "Otherwise, maybe. I wonder…do they know ya lived, then? Maybe not. But yeah, they probably won't be expectin' ya ta come lookin' for 'em."


Domino shakes her head with another "I don't know. That's really one of the bigger issues out of all of this, how -little- any of us know. If Stripes is already halfway there, and knowing her she won't wait around for backup to show, we really should take this show on the road. Still have to get my wheels and throw together a better loadout than what's on tap. That's all going to take time. Can you be mobile with all of that?" she inquires while motioning to the pile of food.


Lexi mms and wolfs down the rest of the sandwich she's on, then tendrils swirl out of her sides, snagging the remainer and starting to tuck then into her backpack as another unzips it. "Sure, sounds good…ya need stuff, or ya good for equipment?" she offers, the sandwiches quickly vanishing out of sight save for the Cuban,w hich she opens to munch on. When the other tendrils disappear back into her body, they leave behind darkish purple swirls on her mauve skin in littlce circular patterns…from the look of it they do that whenever she retracxts them, as there are marks like that all over her exposed skin.


Suddenly the albino isn't sure if she should be intrigued, interested, or freaked the hell out at the display. "That's…" Cool? Unnerving? "..A thing…" she absently settles.

Pull yourself together, Thurman.

"I'm always happy to use someone else's toys but I'm not hurting for party favors" she claims while getting back to her feet. Still tackling her one sandwich. Hopefully she can get rid of all of the grease on her hands before getting to the Jeep! "It's just a matter of where we go to grab some gear before we haul some rear."


"Reason for the name. I like Domino. It suits ya well. Black and white and skill and luck." Lexi says cheerfully. "Mmm, mind if we pause for me ta change inta my working gear?" she wonders as she stands up as well. "I got it with me, just it stands out a bit more when I'm wearin' it."


"So I had gathered" Neena says with a level tone but an airy smirk. "Are you psychoanalyzing me based on my codename?" Wait. "What, -here?-" A slight shrug results. "Sure, knock yourself out. You're already making me feel cold with your current look."

She'll just turn her back and eat some more, having no idea how long this might take.


"Well, not /right/ here." Lexi notes. "It's a lunch place! Let's duck around th' corner here." She'll leads Domino around the side, then just…strip down, fairly quickly as she tugs off her top and jeans, though she keeps the climbing sneakers she has. And of course, has a snug fitting sports bra underneath, if a bit on ther skimpy side. And matching panties, if it mattes, as she slips off her backpack smoothly using tentrils that curl out of her back and arms, opening it to pull out a much more closely fitting bodysuit that somehow manages to expose even more skin as she tugs it on, pulling it into place with the ease of long practice before tucking away her clothes. "There…much better."


Through all of this Neena's 'standing guard' with a somewhat bewildered look about her as if to say 'kids these days, amirite?' Maybe Lexi would have been more at home in an old phone booth?

When the transformation is done and she turns back around there's a period of silence as she merely stares at the other lady.

"Now I feel like I should be colder." Eyeing Lexi's collar in particular brings back the albino's smirk. "Also feel like I should have brought my spikes. Okay, c'mon Tendriella. We're burning up time we don't have."

There is NO WAY she's going to let Hunter take all of the action!


Lexi pouts a bit. "I liked Cutethulu better." she grumbles, sliding her pack back on and starts to follow after. "Let's hurry then, she won't wait for us if she thinks she can take them. Or if they find her. If those things you talked about are good at trackin', they might be able ta find her even as good as she is at sneakin'."


"Cuteulhu is eternal." Domino easily replies while rolling up the now empty wrapper and flicking it into the world's most conveniently placed garbage can.


Lexi snorts delicately as she follows along, tugging out another sandwich and unwrapping it to toss the wrapper in the same can as she starts munching away on it. "Mmm…so how far to this place?" she wonders, jogging ahead so she's side by side. Not that the view from the back isn't great, but harder to look at someone as you talk to them that way. Unless she keeps making Domino look back over her shoulder. And that seems kinda rude to her.


"Jeeps about two blocks out and —"

Did Neena think this through?

She's not REALLY going to bring someone to one of her bunkers, is she? And someone she barely knows?

"On second thought, let's go see what you have to play with."


"Oooh, right here on th' street? How forward of ya." Lexi promptly responds, reaching up to the zipper for her top as they walk along. She totally knew what she meant! But she can't resist really, because…well…


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