2020-03-18 - DD Session 1: Playing Catch Up


DD Session 1: Playing Catch Up or Why the Hel is Sif speaking Russian?! - In which Darcy drags Sif to a bar and they run into Laynia. The adventure begins.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Mar 18 03:28:34 2020
Location: Luke's

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'You might want to join us…?'

Over and over that offer from the Drow woman under the barrier, Amara, is playing in Laynia's mind. Sick of it, she goes to a bar she's heard good things about, especially the food. At the moment though she's not interested in the food. Seated at the bar she is building a pyramid of empty shot glasses, her poison of choice - Vodka!

'You might want to join us…?'

A sigh as she downs another shot, by the looks of it her fifth.

Dressed primarily in black leather, Laynia's /white/ hair is eye catching even if her figure wasn't.

"Come and join me! It'll be fun," Darcy had quipped at Sif, luring the Asgardian to Luke's for a drink. What was Sif wearing? Darcy didn't care. For herself, she was fresh out of derby practice. The combination of punk chic, altheletic casual, and sweat was an off brand combination that Darcy was completely comfortable rocking as she strode in like she owned the bar.
Oh! White hair. Nifty. It wasn't what drew her, exactly, but it did make the bar easy to find. She leaned on the wood top at Laynia's side.

"Two beers and a shot of… mm….whiskey," she tells the bartender before looking over and up and Sif over her shoulder.

"You like whiskey, right Sif? Right. So, whiskey. Wild Turkey's not terrible."

Having been dragged to Darcy's derby practice, she also gets dragged to this so-called 'afterparty'. Which, considering she's not human, for Darcy to have been able to almost literally drag her means she was TOTALLY allowing it. And, once she sees that it's Luke's they're going to, she doesn't even have to be dragged anymore.

Following the Midgardian woman to the bar, she just nods at the question about whiskey. She's not sure she's ever tasted it before, but at least she's confident it's not as strong as Asgardian mead. But wait. "Are we eating here as well? I thought Midgardians were no longer in the habit of hunting wild game for meals."

Laynia eyes the bouncy girl ordering lots of booze, and snorts amusement - not /mean/ amusement, just honest. She pours herself another shot, and raises it to the girl and her friend. "Whiskey is okay, /vodka/ is where it is at." She says in a sort of 'furry' voice, a bit deep for a woman, and the Russian accent rather a /thing/ all on its own.

She sets up two more shot glasses, and offers one to the Lady Sif, and one to Darcy, before raising hers once more. "Na Zdorovie!" Of course Sif will understand it as 'Cheers!' or more literally 'To your health!', either way even without the blessing of All Speak, or a lick of Russian the context is clear.

"oh, I don't disagree, but you know, baby steps?" Darcy retorts at Laynia, a grin on her lips. Beers received the same time that Laynia offers the shot glass, Darcy giggles and looks up at Sif.

"You're DD tonight," she calls out, then holds out the vodka shot to the Asgardian.

"Bottom's up!" is said before Darcy turns to listen to the cheers from Laynia, and following suit, Darcy mangles the Russian: "Naw Door's Vee!"

Well, at lease there was no less enthusiasm for all that the language was mangled. Darcy downs the shot, aaahing and grrring and reaching for her beer as a chaser.

"Ack! Ugh. Bleh. Vodka." Cough cough wheeze swig ah…

Taking the vodka shot, she looks from Darcy to Laynia and back with furrowed eyebrows. "What is 'DD'?" Regardless, she offers a relatively quiet "skal" and drinks the contents of the vodka shotglass in proper Russian style — as if it was water — before looking down at the glass. "Very astringent."

Darcy's reaction doesn't appease her confusion at all. "If you do not care for this vodka, why did you drink it?" She then offers Laynia an apologetic nod in greeting, both thanking the woman for sharing the drink and hoping the white-haired woman will forgive Darcy's rather … gregarious behavior.

"Is acquired taste." Laynia says with an expressive shrug. "DD…probably Designated Driver, she is planning on getting very drunk I think, and believes you will not. Thus…DD, Designated Driver." Laynia smiles. "I will just call for the Uber." She sets her empty on top of the other five shot glasses, the top of a three tiered pyramid, three base, two middle, and new arrival as the top. And for a lady with six shots in her, Laynia's speech is remarkably clear though she's clearly not feeling any pain.

'You might want to join us..?'

A sigh, and she pours another round.

Offense is clearly not taken, the Lady Sif's nod accepted with a smile. "You speak excellent Russian." She compliments. "I am Laynia Sergeievna Petrovna, thank you for drinking me with me, my new friends."

"Because it was offered. It's rude to refuse a drink, unless the drink giver is a creepy mother fucker. Then you absolutely should NOT accept a drink from them, and it drink giver presses it, kicking drink giver's ass is totally the thing to do," Darcy explains as she leans over to add her shotglass next to Laynia's pyramid, a tiny offering on its own.

"Yup. She gets me. Designated Driver. Not that you're going to drive, but you know.. I'm going to count on you to carry me home if I get too wasted," Darcy tells Sif, her grin huge and almost childlike. Of course, then Laynia says that Sif's speaking Russian, and the greeneyed bespeckled woman frowns as she offers Sif the shot of whiskey.

"Methinks you've had too much. She's not speaking Russian."

"Ah. Ensuring you return home safely from a rousing night in a tavern. Yes, this I can do." And, since it seems the proper way, she moves to sit on Darcy's other side from Laynia and then reaches across to add her shot glass to the growing collection in front of the white-haired woman.

"Russian? No, I don't speak any Midgardian languages other than the one used by the Northmen. I learned it on one of my first quests in this realm." And as if to prove it, she utters a few words in what sounds like a bizarre variant of Swedish or perhaps Icelandic and then shakes her head. "It's been too long."

"I am not creepy mother fucker, so is safe." Laynia says with aplomb. "Also, is good vodka, even if the sweaty one does not like." A pause, a faint frown, and then a shake of her head. "Not /usually/, anyway." She does take out a gravity knife - she pushes raised logos on both sides, and the bladeless handle expands, the blade folds open and then locks into place when the handle that does double duty as a sheathe closes up with a click. The blade is about four inches, and the steel is high grade with an oriental dragon engraved on the blade.

Gripping it by the blade, she offers it to Darcy. "THIS is also good way to deal with -pushy- creepy mother fuckers….that said, I clearly hear Russian when your friend the DD speaks."

She looks to Sif, clearly puzzled. "Why do I hear Russian?"

"You are not a creepy motherfucker," Darcy repeats, lifting her beer in salute before setting it down to accept the blade being offered. She oooooos as is appropriate for the quality of blade she's been handed. She's not an expert with them, but she clearly knows which is the business end and has a healthy respect for the metal item.

"Well, I don't hear Russian. I hear English. And since I haven't caught up with you yet, Imma say that you're Russian drunk," Darcy retorts back, before also turning a puzzled look at Sif.

"Yeah. Why do I hear English?"

Finally taking a sip of the beer Darcy put before her, grimacing at the flavor and pushing it aside, she answers both of their questions at the same time. "I am using the language known as the AllSpeak. It allows Aesir to converse with anyone on any realm and be understood in the other's native tongue. Which, I am presuming now is Russian for you, Laynia Sergeievna Petrovna, and English for you, Miss Darcy. If I were to try to speak to you in my own language of birth," she switches over to something that sounds like an even more distanced and bizarre variant of Icelandic than her previous words. And then she goes right back to AllSpeak. "I suppose I could try to learn every language spoken in this realm," she suspects that Loki is already well on his way to doing just that, "but this is simply easier."

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