2020-03-16 - The Warmth of Just Chillin'


Just a quiet night shared by two friends. Slice of life.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Mar 16 01:50:36 2020
Location: 7 East 3rd St - Apt 1B

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Cain checks the place again, just to be sure it is super clean, not that he needs to worry about that with Hobs on the job. Just thinking of them reminds him to set out treats for his house spirits, all their favorites, sweet bread, milk, honey, and chocolate in out of the way places. He's also been cooking - nothing super fancy, shepherd's pie and soda bread, but he actually mashed the potatoes, the produce is all fresh from farmer's markets, he baked the bread too - *and* he's also heating up some cider, whole sticks of cinnamon in the pot, the place smells /amazing/.

He zips into the bathroom again, making sure he's clean shaven and such.

And then comes the inevitable waiting. Oh how speedster's hate to wait!

Carin is alllllmost late.

For the first time in a long time, she found herself dithering over what to wear, digging through her mostly used clothing again and again, trying to find a outfit that made her feel…well, confident. Not an easy thing for her. In the end, she went with jeans and a kinda nice blouse in a light seafoam green that she picked up…it's missing a button at the top, but she figures she'd just leave it unbuttoned anyway and it /probably/ won't be too noticeable or make her look, well…like she gets her clothes at Goodwill. Too much, anyway.

That said, she goes faster than usual to make sure she's on time and actually ends up being there a bit early, then dithers more over whether she should knock or wait or be fasionably late, but finally just gives up and rings the bell for Cain's door.

Cain looks up when he hears the bell, and can't help but smile. He makes a point of /walking/ to the door.

The door opens and Carin would see that Cain is wearing an olive t-shirt, and black khakis. He's wiping his hands with a kitchen towel, and out of the apartment wafts the scents of cinnamon cider, fresh bread, and the shepherd's pie - though she might be unable to identify the last. A friendly smile, welcoming. "Hi Carin, come on in." He steps back, pulling the door wide with him, and once she's inside closes it behind her. "Take your coat?"

It is clear he's shaved, skin smooth, and he mostly smells like what he's been cooking, though there's also a hint of a mild cologne as well. "Did you have a good run?"

Only a speedster would ask that!

"Um, sure?" It's not even really a coat, just a cheap zip up hoodie to keep her warm when running here. She goes through them pretty quickly considering the wear and tear at speed. "Um, it was good? Fine, yeah." she says, smiling a bit shyly. "I was runnin' a little late so I booked it more than normal, wasn't sure if I'd make it on time….did…did you actually cook?" she says, sounding suprised as she looks over. "I thought we were just grabbin' pizza or somethin'…."

The hoodie is taken, and hung up on a rack by the door. Cain laughs a little. "Of course I cooked, I -love- to cook. Almost always better than restaurant food….though if you want pizza, we can do that instead if you'd rather?" Either way, he looks about his place, and smiles. "So…welcome." He looks bout critically, and finds nothing out of place. "Do you like cider?" He asks. "I have some heating." If she indicates she does, Carin will find herself with a mug of ceramic full of cider and with a cinnamon stick in it. "So…nickle tour…" He grins. "Living room…" then a point to the arch leading to the…"Kitchen…" And then to the hall. "Bathroom is the second door on the left, the music room the first, and then across the hall is the master bedroom."

"It's pretty big…" Carin says, following the pointing as she takes the mug. Already fancier than she's used to! "Uh, so just you then?" she says curiously. "You dont' have a roomie or anything?"

"Yup, just me." Cain confirms. "I did have a roomie for a few months but then he got his own place." A grin. "Co-worker needed a place to crash after moving from out of state." A shrug. "Right thing to do, you know?" He grins then. "Have a seat in the kitchen, everything should be ready, we can eat and then watch the movie." He snaps his fingers, as he remembers something. "Oh, I don't know what music you like…what would you like while we eat, or just nothing?"

Carin raises a brow. "Um, sure….uh, I like lots of stuff. Metal? Pop? Like, video game stuff…Korean? Lotsa things." She smiles. "Put on what ya like and I'll see if I like it too?" she suggests, heading into the kitchen to find a chair. Definitely a bit more…stuff, than she was expecting. Pizza or burgers on the couch is more what she's experienced in the past for a….well, hanging out. It's definitely hanging out. Has a girlfriend."

Cain takes his hosting very very seriously! "Okay." Cain moves over to his stereo setup and turns on some music, classic rock from the 70's and 80's, first song up? Carry on Wayward Souls, but it is not loud enough to be obtrusive. He'll get them both generous portions of the fresh shepherd's pie, and then butter a piece of the soda bread for Carin, and then another for himself.

Definitely a 'hanging out'.

"So…how has school been treating you? Did you manage to get through the vile and evil math class?"

"Barely." Carin grumbles, sitting down as she scoots in, then tilts her head. "I mean, a C is like, average, right? So average at math. Could be worse." she admits, leaning back in her chair as she crosses her legs, tilting her head at the food. "What's this?" she says curiously, apparently never having seen it before. "It's like…mashed potatoes?"

"C is average, yes. So…there, you did as well as most people, that's not bad at all." Cain grins. "And you were worried you'd fail." As she studies the food, he blinks at the question. "Oh, it is called 'Shepherd's Pie'…made with ground beef, green beans, peas and carrots in this case. And lots of garlic, because I like it. You basically put down some old crusty bread in the baking pan, add the ingredients in layers, then oven back until the mashed are just getting golden brown and crispy." He chin points. "Try some…let me know what you think."

Carin make sa face. "Still came closer, had to guess on some stuff. But it worked out. Thank god for multiple choice shit." she admits, poking at the pie curiously. "So all like a stew or something?" She tries to take a bite, blowing on it then popping it in her mouth. "Mmm..'sh good…" she says, chewing, thens wallowing. "Kinda different tasting, like ya just tossed th' whole meal in th' same pot."

"Now…try some with the soda bread." Traditional even, with buttermilk, a blend of sweet and crumbly with the lightly salted butter he had on the table. "Kind of like a five layer dip, minus the chips. It basically is just a whole meal casserole, maybe?" A chuckle. "I just know it is pretty easy to make, and tastes good too. The baking lets all the flavors blend. That's why you line the bottom with old crusty bread you don't eat, socks up the drippings so it isn't all nasty."

"Huh…" Carin says, taking another bite. "It sounds kinda complex….but you make it sound easy too." She tries the bread, taking a bite bite out of it as she chews. "Y'r r'lly' g'd cook…" Totally talking with her mouth full. She swallows, then forces herself to take another slow bite instead of just gobbling it down like she usually does.

"Nah, easy really, just a lot of little steps but do it once or twice nd you got it." A bright smile. "Glad you're liking it." Cain eats with a healthy appetite, and keeps up a constant spate of banter. Clean up is a snap! Because, you know, occupational spirits. The rest of the night is pleasant, two friends just sharing an evening. The movie he puts on 'The Forbidden Kingdom' with Jet Li and Jackie Chan. Who doesn't love tales of epic adventure in a China that never was? When finally she departs - Carin would have leftovers in tupperware, and it might surprise her that her shirt got mended. Somehow. Cain didn't do it, but someone or something DID. The missing button has been replaced, frayed threads removed and it looks new, instead of second hand.


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