2020-03-16 - Redheads on Saint Paddy's day. PT!


Jean comes in for a drink

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Mar 16 15:00:46 2020
Location: Luke's

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It's coming up on Saint Patrick's day, and even though Luke's is stuck in the middle of Harlem, which isn't usually the most Irish of places, Luke's has transformed itself into a some semblance of an Irish pub. Guinness, Mangers, Harp, and other UK brands now occupy the taps, and a nice selection of whisky adorns the shelves behind the bar.

Luke himself is dressed all in green, the usually jeans and t-shirt combo that adorns his body has been replaced by a horribly bad leprechaun outfit, complete with and orange-red beard that covers the lower half of his face.

He doesn't look pleased.

"You don't look happy." Jean says from the door. Whether the place is packed or not, Jean makes her way straight to the bar so that she could settle in and get off her feet. She wasn't dressed in green but black, and yet her hair was a startling red that would make someone assume she was part of the Irish crowd, freckles dark enough against her skin that highlights the red within her cheeks.

"If you don't mind me saying, you look rather goofy. Who's your boss?"

Grumbling, the large black man reaches up and tears the fake beard from his face. "I'm the boss, and I'm not happy…" Luke says as he tosses the fake beard into the trash under the bar. "Makin' myself look the fool with this damned getup. It's not like it is bringing in any customers that don't already come by, ya know? I should know that stupid costumes don't make a difference. Never has, never will."

The bartender shrugs, pulling the cloth that is draped across his shoulder and wiping down the spot in front of Jean. "What can I getcha?"

"Well.." Jean says as she swings her legs around upon the stool, feet idly dancing back and forth, both hands placed upon the bartop to steady herself. "A for effort." That's all she could really say, because he really, really did try. "Now, if it were Christmas, I'd say that's more appropriate. Maybe lose the hat and keep the shirt green, have some 'Kiss me I'm Irish sort of deal..'". Now she was wiggling upon the stool, and soon she slaps her hands together. What -does- she want to drink?

"Can you make a whiskey old fashioned? Friends say it's a hassle to make, but if you don't want to, I'll take a Guinness extra stout."

Luke pulls down a cocktail glass and starts to muddle a sugar cube in bitters and a touch of water, "Old fashioneds are a hassle? To whom? Someone who doesn't know what they are doing and doesn't want to let on, maybe." the bartender says with a bit of a snort as he muddles the sugar down till it dissolves before he adds the whisky and a twist of a orange rind to the glass, sliding it to Jean. Luke rolls his shoulder in a shrug, "I did much the same for Christmas, with a fat suit and everything. I ended up tearing off the upper half about an hour into things. I should have learned from that lesson." he says as he reaches up to snatch off the hat and pull off the top portion of the leprechaun suit, leaving him in a a-frame undershirt. "I make a vow I am not dressing up as the Easter Bunny. No way in hell."

"They probably didn't want to do it.." She admits, and quite possibly because she wasn't going to drink it either way. Jean was a known lightweight, and with her prowess, she couldn't handle a drink even if she looked at it. But she did accept it, assuming that a running tab would be open, bringing the drink up to her nose to take a brief smell, which.. wow. Was good.

She doesn't touch her drink, but she listens with a slight grin. "This is why you have minions. Get -them- to dress up. Not to say that you don't look great.." Well, not today. "..but a few girls here and there.." Like she knows about running a bar. Not to mention, her advice was unwarranted. "East..what?" And then she breaks out into laughter, just the mental image is what put her over.

"Oh, don't worry. I have my minions, and they do dress up. Trust me, they get much more attention than I do." laughs Luke as he starts to clean up the bar area, tossing the remains of the costume top into the trash to join the beard. "They just don't start for a while yet. No need to have them on this early."

Luke lifts a glass of water to his lips, taking a sip and shrugging a shoulder. "You know…Easter Bunny. Big ole' bunny suit in some horrid pastel color. I'd look the fool, even more so than I did today."

"Oh I know who it is, I was just picturing -you- as the Easter Bunny." She shakes her head. Luke was on top of his game then, and no need for her to continue with her useless advice. "I think us drinkin' folk really don't care about it much, save for Christmas. It's all about the decor." She glances around, and while it has it, it was completely appropriate.

"Oh, I'm just talking your ear off. I'm Jean, by the way." She stands up a little just to offer her hand to the bigger man, "I know you get a lot of people coming in to talk to you now a days, so it's alright if I come in next time and you forget."

"Nice to meet you, Jean." Luke says as he reaches over and takes the offered hand in his massive one, carefully giving it a gentle shake before letting it go and going back to polishing the bar. "I'm Luke, welcome to Luke's." The bartender gives the redhead a chuckle, "I'll likely remember. I tend to remember the unique ones, and you stand out in a crowd. I know most folk don't care about much of anything other than getting their order, but sometimes it is a bit nice to do things a bit differently. The girls like it because they get to play things up a bit for more tips."

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