2020-03-15 - We're Hiring?


So you wanna be an Avenger?

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Mar 15 01:35:59 2020
Location: Central Park

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Well, it's been a bit of a busy week for Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel. Mostly involving a Badoon ship that was snooping around Earth orbit, so she had to spend a few days chasing it off.

The thing they never really get right about space? It's big, and it's not easy to get around, even if you travel near the speed of light. Or even faster.

So, anyway, she's back on Earth, walking with Brunnhilde through Central Park. She smiles over at the ex-Valkyrie, and hmms, "Hey, thanks for agreeing to join me hon." She tilts her head, looking over towards 'Hilde with a warm expression.

Hilde is walking along, her normal ripped black jeans and band shirt (Nightwish) now that it's a bit warmer. Not that it bothers her in the first place, but at least she looks like she's wearing appropriate clothing for once.

"Sure…sorry I've been away so much. Lots of hunts taking me out of the country lately." the ex-valkyrie notes, smiling over at Carol as she walks along beside her.

Carol nods, "Yeah, well, I've been busy with the whole space thing too, 'Hilde… but, well, I wanted to talk to you about something." She hmms, "Mostly about…" She pauses, then looks over at Brunnhilde with a serious expression.

"Do you want to join the Avengers?"

The tall dusky-skinned woman halts in her walk, blinking as she looks at Hilde. "The Avengers?" she says, questioning, then letting out a laugh. "Me? Alongside that pretty boy Thor and stuff? Or that arrogant ass Tony Stark?" she says questioningly. She frowns a bit. "…I'm not…I mean, I'm not at your level of strength…."

Carol shakes her head, "Hey, it's not all about strength… you've got skills, and knowledge, and you're really solid in a fight. We could definitely use you, Brunnhilde." She smiles, "Plus, hey, we'd definitely see more of each other that way." With that, she tosses Hilde a wink.

Hilde mmmms, looking more thoughful about the idea of seeing Carol more than anything else. "I don't know if I'd get along with Thor." she admits after a moment. "He might be truly annoying to me.." She wrinkles her nose. "Who all is normally involvedin the Avengers now?"

Carol hmms, "Well, right now Tony's on a hiatus, we have Cap, Thor, Nat, Tigra… and this new kid, Darkhawk." She smiles a little, "So yeah, definitely got some openings for you if you're interested. I mean, have to make sure the others are okay with it, but I can't think of any reason why they wouldn't be."

Brunnhilde looks thoughful, frowning. "Well…seeing you more than once a month would be nice, and if we're working as a team…that would be good." she decides. "I enjoy having a partner I can trust. I don't know about the others…I know of Captain America, but not much of the others." she admits after a moment. "But if they would have me, then I would be interested."

Carol grins and leans in to kiss Hilde on the cheek, "Excellent. I'll talk to Steve about it, I'm sure there wouldn't be a problem getting you on the team. Plus, now you get to sample Jarvis' muffins first hand." Because while she does smuggle some out of the mansion on occasion, it's better to have them fresh!

"Steve is Captain America, yes?" Hilde says, smiling at the kiss a bit as she looks over. "Hmm. Morning muffins would be a nice thing." she says thoughfully. "And training again with people who are…trustworthy." She frowns. "…I will have to be nice to Thor, won't I?" she grumbles a bit, frowning to herself. "I suppose I can learn to tolerate him for you and muffins."

Carol chuckles, "Well, not too nice, but yeah, we'd be working together. And yes, Steve is Captain America." She hmms, "Natasha will get along great with you, I can tell already. We'll get together with them, let them meet you, but I don't think there'd be any issues."

"Who is Natasha?" Hilde says, furrowing her brow. "And why would I get along with her?" It's not like the Black Widow advertises her presence much, after all. The tall woman shrugs. "I would be willing to meet with them. Will this be a test of strength to prove my worthiness?"

Carol grins, "Just a feeling, but no real tests of strength. Though we might ask you to show off what you can do, just so we know what you're capable of." She chuckles, "Natasha is… well, I'll let you meet her so she can talk to you about her identity." Since, well, The Widow doesn't advertise.

Hilde mmms, then slides her arm around Carol, squeezing her a bit. "…it honors me you would ask this." she admits quietly. "I know how greatly the Avengers are seen in this world. The heroes of the world, many would say." She frowns a bit. "And….it is good to confront old fears. I know I struggle with them still." she says candidly. "The betrayals of the far past now still haunt me."

Carol nods, "I know, love… I don't think they'd ever stop, honestly." She gives Hilde a warm smile, "But the important thing is, how you react to them. Least that's what my therapist always says. And my AA group too." Because she still does do the meetings.

Hilde does as well. Not that she says a lot in them, and she vastly prefers to go with Carol, but…she goes. She drinks less. Not completely nothing, but…she's not as self destructive as she was when Carol met her. "Very well. We shall see how we like each other, I and them."

Carol chuckles, "All that I ask, love. Just give us a chance. We're pretty good folks." She pauses, and rolls her eyes a bit, "Even Thor. Sometimes, anyway." She then laughs and embraces Hilde, "I can't wait for you to meet the others."

Hilde turns the idea over in her head, then nods as she smiles, sliding her arms around Carol and leaning in to give her a soft kiss. "I find myself looking forward to it, already." she admits softly.

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