2020-03-13 - It's a Scream


The Samurai springs his ambush

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Mar 13 05:43:49 2020
Location: Inside The Barrier

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The Samurai and Batgirl had gone back in through the barrier again, this time to create some real mayhem. Tonight, they're some distance east of the town where Master Gordon resides … preparing to ambush a supply train that also includes a personage of some of import.

They've found what seems to be a perfect ambush location - a small passage through hills. Lots of places for Batgirl to hide and spring a trap.

The redheaded archer is crouching low on the top of one the ledges, her bow resting by her side, as the afternoon draws on and the sun starts to drop towards the horizon.

"You're sure you want to do this, Samurai?" She asks, not for the first time. It's dangerous but if they succeed, it will give a huge boost to the area.

"Want? No not especially. But it is necessary." He hasn't drawn, the Samurai. He is waiting. Waiting for the carts to get into the perfect location for him to start cutting things. They will succeed of that he doesn't have any real doubts.

No the real question is what it will cost when they're finished. "Are you prepared to do this? It is unlikely to be resolved bloodlessly."

They can see the wagon, drawn by six huge wingless griffins, approaching the gap where they sit. It will be here momentarily.

"At least your armour might blind them, if you get the right angle when you attack." Batgirl mutters. Her green eyes are troubled as Ken asks that question and she shakes her head.

"I don't mind blood, Samurai. You can't make an omelette without cracking the eggs. I don't want to kill … there's a difference."

They've not discussed this. That Ken will kill the creature riding in that carriage. It's going to cause Batgirl some trouble though.

"When you're ready…."

The carriage rolls into their 'killing zone' and Batgirl rises and draws her bow. After the lighting the arrows, she peppers the ground behind the carriage with several of them - and that exit ignites in flames.

The griffins startle and rear, getting ready to bolt. Ken needs to act soon for their plan to work.

Ken will kill anyone and anything that gets in his way. They are conducting this ambush outnumbered. They have the element of surprise but they don't have the luxury of fighting with anything less than all their tools.

He watches the first set of demigryphs pass. Then the second. Then he drops off their perch.

And draws as he does.

When he lands he cuts spar that keeps the animals on the harness in two and then slices the hindquarters of one of the beasts - shallowly. They take off and that wagon isn't going anywhere now.

He turns and hacks right into the front of the wagon, not even bothering to try and climb into it. Just cutting the front right off of it.

Batgirl picks off the outriders as Ken waits. Arrow after arrow, finding sensitive areas and hobbling them. These aren't horses they're riding - Batgirl isn't sure what they are - more bull like in build, but not bovines …

At least, she doesn't think so.

The demigryphs take off, dragging the traces behind them. Anyone would think there was a hell hound on their tails by the way they bolt. For the moment, he doesn't have to worry about them.

The slice through the carriage reveals a pales skinned woman, peering back at Ken with large amber eyes. She's … lovely. She doesn't look scared though as she meets the Samurai's eyes over the menpo he wears.

Instead, she starts to sing. It's enchanting, hypnotic. Encouraging Ken to lay aside his swords and come to her …

Ken winces. Not from pain, but from effort. He is not a particularly magical person and he is vulnerable to this kind of enchantment. It's only by supreme effort of will that he manages to keep his forward motion to a couple steps. His blade falls from his hand. Slowly the other hand reaches over the shoulder. And then thumbs the tang of the black blade free of the scabbard.

A sense of pure EVIL floods the area and a sense of bloodlust floods Ken. Normally he has to work very hard to control it, but now he embraces it. He pulls the blade free and lunges, not even bothering to use his power. He doesn't really need it, he's pretty sure. Not with the Black Blade in his hand.

The woman smiles as Ken drops his sword. Smiles encouragingly as he takes that few steps. Her amber eyes gleam, a hand reaching to remove his mask … just before the Black Blade is drawn.

Her eyes widen and the song becomes a screech, wings appearing behind her and finger nails turning into talons. "You will die for bringing that here …"

She launches herself at the Samurai, not trying to do anything more than knock him out her way. She's going to go through him and into the air, if she can …

Batgirl sucks in a breath as the blade is unsheathed. She can feel it's evil power and it makes her skin crawl. The outriders are affected as well, as a batarang hits one in the side of the head.

One however, leaps from its mount up to the ledge where the woman archer is and tackles her.

"You will die before you find out if I do." The demon masked man snarls. He swings the blade over is shoulder and down, catching one of those wings even as he is knocked aside. She won't be going anywhere. Not with a hit that solid.

Trusting Batgirl to keep his back clear he rolls to his feet again and turns to face his opponent once more.

"Surrender and I will make it quick. But there is no escape for you. You sealed your fate when you threw your lot in with Eurayle."

The Samurai can hear as bones crunch in the wing. He can also see when the wing hangs at a precarious angle. The scream from the harpy is deafening as she turns. "Surrender? What in Hades for? You're going to kill me if I do. If I fight, I will get out of here." She flinches at Eurayles name. "You think this is all Eurayles' doing?"

Her talons slash at the exposed part of Kens face and rushes him again, this time intent on taking that blade from him. She's superhumanly strong and a not bad fighter.

As for Batgirl, she leaps from the ledge, tumbling before hitting the ground. More batarangs go flying … as she pulls … something like a molotov cocktail from her pouch.

That gets thrown at the feet of the armoured guard who's there to meet her. As it explodes, she tumbles again - never stopping, using her speed and agility to keep them guessing.

Unfortunately Ken is ALSO superhumanly strong when he has this blade in his hand and more than that, he has more sword skill than most people can ever hope to attain. He twists and brings the pommel down on the harpy when he comes out of his spin. Then he follows that up with a knee - ramming the end of his shin guard into his victim - and a slashing strike delivered from the waist.

He's noticed that the arrows have stopped and glances toward Batgirl before he twists to pick up a piece of wagon and hurl it at her attacker.

"If you are to go, go with honor and dignity." He pulls the blade into a low guard begins to look for an opportunity to finish this. "Or you can die like a dog. Whether it is all Eurayle's doing or not, I am here to end it."

"What would a human know of honor and dignity?" The harpy grunts as the pommel and knee drive her to the ground. The slashing strike, catches her shoulder and blood streams from it. Those amber eyes, narrow to slits and she screams.

Long and loud, right in Kens face. It hurts. A lot.

Even wounded, the bird woman, keeps fighting. She's loosing, she knows it - but there's no way out. As she screams, taking advantage of any distraction she causes, the harpy launches herself upwards towards Kens throat. The claws may well be strong enough to puncture the metal and her weight may drive him back.

The hurled piece of wagon gives Batgirl enough of a break to pull a bola-rang from her pouch. It snakes out to tangle the legs of the one that's after her. Behind though, the other outrider drops down with a thud. The archer rolls, nocking her bow and aiming it for the attacker. Then the harpy screams and she … looses.

"What would a harpy know of it?" Ken replies. "My people have lived and breathed honor for so long that we know no other way."

She hits him and her claws puncture the armor on his flank and stab in, right on his ribs. He grunts in pain, bourn over and put on his back. He's too close to use his blade properly, so he half swords to bring it down on her shoulder. He doesn't care where. The hit just has to be solid.

Because when it hits he channels his power and follows through.

There's no more words from the harpy as Ken manages to tank her scream. She's still screaming, tearing at him when his sword comes down. The scream gets louder when the sword hits and then … it dies … leaving echoes of it ringing against the ledges of the pass.

Blood gushes out, over the Samurai's silver armour as the harpy slumps against him. The claws still embedded in his armour and skin. She's no longer screaming and barely moving.

Batgirls arrow takes her attacker through the throat, knocking him back. The green clad woman tumbles to avoid being hit by the third outrider. Her bow whips round, taking him in the side of the head and knocking him into a tree - he's out. The redhead stands there breathing heavily. "SSSamurai …." she says, turning slowly to look at the fruits of his labour.

She can't look at the guard she just … killed.

Ken grunts again and cuts the hand off at the wrist, then painfully pulls it out. It takes him a moment to struggle to his feet. There's blood all around him, all over him. The cart is ruined. The guards are down…

"I'm here." He groans. "Barely." His side burns. He can see that she's killed a man. He doesn't say anything about it though. Now is not the time.

And the Black Blade is still out.

Batgirl shivers and forces herself to approach the Samuarai. Hopefully he's too preoccupied to notice the hitch in her step. "Put the blade away, Samurai, please. I will help you …" She says, prying the fingers of the other hand away from him. "I can't tell how much of this blood is yours. Can you move? We need to go."

They've achieved what they wanted and hopefully Master Gordon and his lads have achieved theirs.

Slowly, almost painfully slowly, the Samurai slides that blade away. It's a struggle, always. And it doesn't end when the blade is sheathed. He has to wonder… how much of what I did was me, and how much of it was the blade?

"I can move, though I am hurt. We do need to go." Someone will investigate this soon, and they need to be far, far from here. They cannot go back to the city without arousing suspicion.

So, they need to make for the border.

Batgirl notices the struggle but doesn't say anything about it though. Now is not the time.

"I'll get our horses and we can go. We may need to stop so I can tend you, but I would prefer to make the barrier if we can."

It doesn't take her long to collect their horses and help Ken up. Then they're off, back towards to the barrier.

There's no words. Not yet.

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