2020-03-06 - Deep Below


Jeriah reveals some information about Rykers Island

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Mar 6 05:05:46 2020
Location: Triskelion

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It has been as quiet as it ever gets at SHIELD. There has been an absence of world shaking threats recently, if one doesn't count the dome in Staten Island which is certainly ANNOYING but isn't really world shaking. Not at the moment at any way. Not unless it gets bigger or others start popping up.

It has also been safer ever since Agent Flumm was arrested. He is due to be moved to containment outside the Triskelion soon now. He has a lot of things to answer for once he's in full lockdown.

Jeriah has been asked by SHIELD to do some data analysis on recent HYDRA and AIM operations, which is what he is doing at present, though his choice of location is an odd one. He's in the hangar bay, about thirty feet from the massive frame of the Bus and he is fabricating… something. Something that is making a lot of sparks when he welds on it.

Jemma has been busy working on things. Mostly related to Reverbium and it's effects, some of them to do with the Framework she and Jeriah have been creating. Not too long ago she'd been asked to analyse a floral sample but whatever that was for, she wasn't told.

It's as sparks are are flying, she walks into the hangar bay, a distant look on her face. Dressed rather smartly in a nice straight skirt, blouse and blazer - the biochem looks a little like she's just stepped out of a 40's colourplate.

She's preoccupied, deep in thought as she remembers to stop by the Bus and wait for Jeriah to finish.

Someone is welding? Near the Bus? Are they suicidal or just plan stupid? Having been told about this, Agent May is walking briskly through the hangar bay on a beeline to HER Bus. And she's mentally thanking whatever powers there are out there that the bird isn't due for refueling today.

Approaching behind the man doing the welding, she at least has the courtesy to wait for a break in the flying sparks before speaking up. "Is there a reason why you chose THIS place to do your welding?"

"Because this turbine shaft is heavy and there isn't a way to move it inside?" It does look like what Jeriah is welding is a large turbine shaft, likely for an engine, likely created with the powder casting method and unfortunately slightly cracked. Well, it WAS slightly cracked. Jeriah has just spent the past forty five minutes grinding it out down to clean metal so he could repair the gouge that was created. He's going to have to smooth it out now but that won't be too bad.

"Hello Agent May. Agent Simmons."

Click click click click. There's one of his big robot dogs. It has stopped behind May and is looking at her expectantly. Like it's waiting for pettin's or something.

"I just needed something to do while I was processing data and viola, cracked shaft."

"Hello Agent May…" Jemma says as she draws herself from her reverie. She still has a look that her mind is on something else as well as being present. "There you are, Jeriah." She says in accusatory tone. "How did you make it seem you were in the workshop?"

He probably didn't. More likely Jemma had got the images of him welding and connected that to something he would do in the workshop.

"We've got some information on AIM. Another location for one of their facilities." The ones that produce the reverbium.

May glances at the robot dog for a moment, then turns her attention back to Jeriah. "Where is this new location? While trips into the Staten Island dome can at times be a bit cathartic, dealing with the here and now has an definite appeal to it as well. She'll let the welding slide. This time. Next time, there are machine shop areas along each hangar bay for this exact reason.

She nods hello to Jemma and then, seemingly absently, sets a hand on top of the robot dog's head. No pettin's, just her hand resting on the robotic canid noggin.

That seems to be enough for the dog. It sort of moves to stand by May and Jeriah rolls his eyes. Traitor.

"I didn't make myself seem like I was somewhere else, Jemma?" Jeriah quirks a brow looking at the biochemist. "I mean I could but SHIELD would not appreciate what I would need to do to do that." He's have to hack the network and spoof himself…. yeah. No.

"AIM recently had a spike in network chatter. A lot of it is around the seaboard but there's one concentration of it that's a bit disturbing. It's coming - we think - from under Rikers Island."

That's BAD news. That's not just an island that houses a prison. It houses an ACTIVE prison. That is being used now. With real prisoners.

If AIM has a facility under it…

Jemma smirks at the dog and then at Jeriah. "Good girl, Shep." She murmurs. Jeriah *hates* it when she names the dogs so she does it even more. "You didn't?" She blinks at Jeriah "I could have sworn I thought you were in the workshop."

The Rikers Island location gets a sigh from Jemma and she tilts her chin in Jeriah's direction. "That's one of them and the most concerning. It's likely not a full facility but anything AIM that close to the prison? I'm not going to wager that they aren't up to something good."

Rikers Island. That's just plain terrible. Getting access to the island at all is chancy, and getting discrete access is nearly impossible. "How far under Rikers Island?" Just knowing how deep underground this facility is might give them some more clues about why it's there in the first place.

"I wouldn't wager either," she comments aside to Jemma while making note of the name the biochem has used to address the robot dog. She honestly still has trouble telling them apart. But, she remembers the individual even if the name had escaped her. "Don't think I've forgotten that you gave me that cat collar," she tells Shep softly.

"It's hard to say from just network signatures. I'm only saying 'under' because I already ran an aerial recon on the island and didn't turn up anything on the surface. If it were in the prison itself there would, I think, be signs. The sorts of things AIM likes to do need high heat power sources and really cold storage, both of which would light up the island like a thermal christmas tree. So… underground is most likely. Jemma did run Bayes Subjective Probability Analysis and… well, give 'em your best guess on how deep, Jemma."

Jeriah sighs. It's just annoying. How DID Aim get access to that place?

It's not like they can just go in shooting either, just like May is now thinking…

Shep just looks up at her with innocent robot eyes.

"It's hard to say from Bayesian analysis as well. It's a best guess with maths." The engineers will all turning in their graves at the moment. "About one hundred feet." Which still has Jemma thinking.

Jeriah, did you scan the skies above the island? She sends to him silently.

"I'm trying to get time on the satellites to do a scan of the area. Of course, because it's Rikers Island I want to survey, the powers that be are jumpy."

"Did the network chatter indicate what they were doing?"

One hundred feet… "Simmons, how accurate is that distance measurement?" May turns to the Bus and reaches up to tap at the commlink in her ear. She speaks into it quietly for a moment, then the bird's loading ramp under its tail begins lower at an unhurried pace.

She waits for the ramp to come to a stop, then starts up into the Bus proper before stopping just before moving out of eyeshot. "Simmons. London. With me."

No, we didn't have that kind of capability. We'd need an airborne radar like the one on… well… the Bus over there. Jeriah replies mentally. He isn't made of money. Or SHIELD tech.

One hundred feet is still thirty yards. When May makes a snap decision Jeriah starts to follow. His brows quirk up. Shep turns to follow her, almost stalking by her side.


"What are you thinking, Agent May?"

Jeriah is getting Jemma's thoughts - at a million miles an hour. It's worse than Jemma-babble really. But she's thinking - an aerial assault would be easier than an underground one. Sort of.

"They're a best, educated, guess Agent May." Jemma reasserts. "I've run them several times, Jeriah and one of the engineering team confirmed the calculations. It's the best we have and I'd say eighty percent."

As Shep wanders off after May, Jemma looks a little forlorn. "Traitor." She says. Then she gets the annoyance from Jeriah and she smiles. That, on it's on, is worth it.

"Agent May, can you do an aerial scan of the area?" She asks as she starts to follow, casting a glance at Jeriah that say Well come on.

"Easily, though getting permission to enter the restricted airspace over Rikers Island will take time and documentation I don't feel like bothering with." May is fully aware of Shep following along, and finds that she's not bothered at all. Maybe London will let her borrow the robot dog for her next trip o9ver to Staten Island.

"I'm thinking that the New York subway system is well over a hundred years old and has many tunnels that have long since been decommissioned or never even made it into any official maps because their initial construction was never completed." She remembers seeing a map to that effect somewhere… not recently. And by no means an official map.

"Right. And those tunnels could have been expanded by any number of means, and no one knows how far they went anyway." Jeriah follows her as they board the plane. Oh wow. It's nice in here. Full command center. Armory. HALO gear. Oh yeah, this is why SHIELD has the big bucks. Or rather this is the result of SHIELD having the big bucks.

"Dare I ask what kind of a sensor suite you've got in here?"

There's running from behind them. ANOTHER Dog comes from behind and sits RIGHT behind Jemma.

"There's lots of stories about the undercity." Jemma adds thoughtfully. "Like the station under the Waldorf Astoria that … was it Hoover … used?" Sue her, she's british and American presidents aren't her thing.

She could have googled it though.

"Some were even … lost … when they weren't added to the plans by those that built them." That's a common story around the world, unfortunately.

The metallic ting of the dog that sits behind has Jemma turning - "Brutus! Are you missing your kitten?" Jemma is sure that Jeriah isn't. That thing cost him extra maintenance.

"It's the lost ones I'm thinking about." May leads them to the command center where she activates the equipment there. She spends a few moments typing at one of the consoles, then looks up at the others again.

"There's a hardcopy storage facility I want to visit, to see if I'm remembering correctly. It'll take me a few hours to get there and back." She's definitely making it sound like they're not invited to tag along.

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