2020-03-06 - Any Outside Contact?


It's been too long since Ken spoke to Barbara, or so he thinks. He brings news of her father.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Mar 6 05:29:28 2020
Location: Clocktower

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It's been a few weeks since Ken has been able to catch up with Babs. Though he's been spending some time with Batgirl. It was a pleasant surprise when she got a message asking to meet him, for dinner no less at a restaurant not too far from the Clocktower.

The location is likely just coincidental - as it's one of the few places in Staten Island that remain 'free' of the barrier. Of course, Ken has no idea where Babs Gordon is staying - just that she has somewhere.

The restaurant is quite empty, though there is someone playing piano in the corner. The redhead is seated at table by the window and she's wearing an emerald green dress with a long skirt.

The big magical barrier is a bit of a buzzkill and there's always the worry that monsters will come out of it or that it will expand and catch everyone inside it never to be seen again. So the redhead isn't too hard to spot when Ken walks in, suit and tie, looking a little bit tired but only a little.

Kennuichio walks over and pulls his seat out. "Nice to hear from you, Barbara-san." He says, bowing slightly before he takes a seat.

The air in the restaurant is subdued as Ken is shown to the table, water offered along with a drinks and main menu.

Babs looks tired as well. Which might well surprise Ken a little. "It was nice to hear from you, Kennuichio-san." She says quietly, bowing her head and touching the back of his hand. It's quite … familiar. "I've missed our lessons together, among other things."

"You look tired, are you well?"

"I am. More or less. There have been a number of developments in the Dome and there may be an opportunity to act against it in a major way soon. Also…" He takes a breath and lets it go. "Your father has been found. He is alive and well, though he of course does not remember a thing."

He is also in a dangerous business, one of sedition and rebellion. One that will not go well if he gets caught.

Barbara smiles faintly and looks at Ken as he speaks. "That would be good. I heard from friends in the force, that weren't caught in the barrier, that the Mayor of New York is considering taking stronger action if it's not resolved soon."

That might be just rumour or idle speculation but based on something, for sure.

"Dad is alive? Well that's welcome news. What … what is he doing? I know that people are … changed … when they go through."

"And how can I help you, Kennuichio-San? I feel so helpless watching as others do things and my skills are … useless."

"I would be curious to see what he wants to do. I know that some people are taking action and direction action is needed, make no mistake." But can the City of New York do it? Ken kind of doubts it. This is for people with larger resources and more esoteric resources.

"He is a tavernkeeper and… subversive. He is in a rather dangerous line of work, but he is okay for now. As for what you can do, I need to know if those inside the dome have any contact with people outside it, and if so I need to know what they're doing. Is this dome an island meant to be cut off? Or is it part of something larger?"

"A subversive? Dad? I …" Babs is able to look surprised at least as she shakes her head. "That's dangerous, from what I'm hearing of those who have gone in." As to New York, that gets another shake of her head. "If SHIELD and WAND can't help, I don't know what they expect to do. I just hope it isn't something stupid."

Like, you know, trying to nuke the barrier or something.

"Contact outside? Oh, you mean the Supernaturals. It's funny you should mention that… " She says. The server comes by and asks if they want any drinks, Babs considers and takes a red wine. It's one of the few nights that Batgirl won't patrol, she can do this.

When the server departs, the redhead takes a breath and looks at Ken. "In the course of an investigation I'm doing, I noted that someone was trying to *drive* to the barrier. In a large semi trailer, of all things. I don't know what was it, but it struck me as strange."

"With anyone, really. But probably with supernaturals. It is unlikely that they will speak directly but…" Ken pauses and listens to Babs, nodding slowly. The Semi might contain supplies of some kind or it might hide passengers. Large ones.

"What happened to it, do you know? I presume that a vehicle like that did not go unnoticed and that either SHIELD or the police interdicted it?"

"I'm not a mystic, Kennuichio-San, so I can't tell if there's something otherworldly going on." Barbara smiles. Not paying much attention to the menu, but to Ken himself. It's … intense, really. And those green eyes might look a little familiar.

"It was the NYPD that intercepted it. I managed to get a look at a report on the officers desk while I was talking to him. If it's anywhere, it will be in the NYPD evidence yard, pending trial and inspection. Though, I didn't see anything noted about the cargo."

She's thinking though. What if that had been a diversion for something else to be slipped through?

"Interesting. The police cannot possibly be incompetent enough to have not opened it up. It is possible it was empty when they got around to it. And it is possible that they were compromised in some fashion by whatever was inside."

Ken considers that for a moment, noticing the rather intense regard. "You look quite nice in that dress, by the way." He's still thinking.

"They will not want to let either of us inspect it, I suspect. But perhaps you, having police connections, can concoct a reason to at least be near enough to get a sly look?"

"Incompentent no." Babs agrees with the man. "Compromised, possibly. Or the contents were such that they didn't want them shown on any report."

She chuckles at the compliment and inclines her head "I'm glad you noticed … and thank you." There's the faintest of blushes to her cheeks.

"I may be able to. There's some people there that owe me some favours. Failing that, I thought I might my … friend … to take a look. She's rather more suited to that style of work."

"That is also possible." That they just didn't feel able to record what they found but in that case the question is begged: What happened to what they found. It is unlikely that the truck was driving in there empty. POSSIBLE, yes, but not very likely. Far more likely it was trying to bring something in rather than bring it out.

"Possibly yes but she will be as busy as I. Busier possibly since she has to patrol the streets of the Island as well. "Oh if only Ken knew…

"Then maybe I will try my hand at some burglary if I can't get the information by being my usual charming self."

The server comes by with their drinks. A sake for Ken and Babs wine, asking if they're ready to order.

Babs … isn't but maybe Ken is.

"I'm going to dig a little as well, see if there's any other anomalies … what if the truck was a diversion to get the real cargo in?"

Ken does order. A sandwich. Something simple and relatively light. It's not really important WHAT he eats, only THAT he eats.

"That is also possible but I would not go too far down that path without turning up some evidence. It is a good thing to check if anyone else tried to get in but assuming that everything is just a ruse for something else is a path to madness."

He sighs. "How is the city holding together? I cannot imagine the people will tolerate this forever and when they lose it I imagine it might get ugly."

"I can see that you need someone to look after you…" Babs murmurs, ordering the pair of something a little more substantial. Some might call it an anitpasto plate - and it is in a way, though some of the ingredients are a little less traditional.

"Oracle should be able to tell me of any unusual movements using satellites. And I think it's worth getting them to look while I do I my thing."

The redhead shakes her head a little "In all honesty, Kennuichio-san, I have been so busy, I hardly have time to sleep myself. However, the mood is not good - look around us. This restaurant is usually teeming and getting a table is difficult. Tonight, we had no trouble and no wait, either. It's like that everywhere. Crime is on the rise and … people are less tolerant. It's a powder keg that isn't quite ready to blow."

"What about yourself? Your businesses were hit hard by this and you've been busy focussing on resolving the problem … " It looks like Babs might be going add something, but she pauses.

"Yes. The businesses are having some difficulty." Classic Japanese understatement. "Fortunately the family at home is understanding of extraordinary difficulty and have been supporting efforts to resolve it. In the mean time business carries on as best it can but the best thing I can do for my family is prevent the city from burning itself down out of fear at this point."

Or, left unsaid, prevent monsters from taking it over.

"With luck this will be over soon. Not tomorrow. Nor this week. But maybe in a few weeks…"

"I'm not sure you will stop the city burning itself out, Kennuichio-san. The city was already a problem and now … " The redhead shrugs, leaning back to watch the Japanese business man. "If there's anything I can do…"

When? She doesn't know. But Ken doesn't know she is Batgirl … so there's that.

""I hope it's resolved soon. I miss our lessons …" it's quiet but even more quiet when she adds "… and our tea together."

"I do as well. Perhaps, soon, we can resume them. In the mean time, since it is quiet and we are both here… why don't we take tea." It won't be quite the same. But they can enjoy their drinks and their food and a quiet glass of tea before things get busy once more. Busy for them both.

"Perhaps we can do that, after our dinner and our drinks." Barbara smiles. "And maybe … we could walk for a bit before we do. I know it's not ideal or overly safe but it's not safe anywhere here and … I'll be with you."

It won't be long before the food they've ordered is delivered and as far as Barbara is concerned, she has most of the night.

"I would be happy to take a walk after dinner. I do have some time after all and it has been too long. Afterward we can retire for tea." And then he is set to have a busy night. But then Barbara knows that. So is she. It's just that unlike her, he doesn't know what kind of busy she is in for.

And it would surprise him if he did.

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