2020-03-05 - Tea and revelations


Genteel tea-drinking and potent revelations

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Mar 5 00:00:00 2020
Location: O'Riley's Teahouse

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As is their usual place ot meet, Scandal Savage and Eve are seated across from one another at the ta house. Drinking tea. A point has been made to occasionally get together. It's not always conversatrion filled, but you know, it's a amiable companionship.

One can hardly argue with this.

Scandal does seem to derive genuine enjoyment from the interlude of self-conscious *civilisation*, however out of time and place it might be amidst the fervent bustle of New York. Indeed, she has become sufficiently relaxed with her companion that she has today opted to risk broaching a potentially-perilous line of enquiry…

"I apologise if this is unwelcome - and all the more so, if you come here in part to avoid such queries… but I admit that I have been wondering about something for some time. Not least because of the identity of some of our mutual acquaintances. What is it that you *do* with yourself? If you would rather not answer, than I can certainly discuss the topics most recently covered in my academic studies. Or the striking woman I met when I forced myself to go shopping for NYU-branded clothing, so that I could at least have the option of 'blending in' with the student body…"


That's Eve's noncomittal response after amoment. "I do plant things, I suppose. Like your friend Ivy. WE know each other well enoiugh," she adds. Then there's a smile.

A A slight one. "But it's really not all that impressive. On occasion, I've bneen known to hunt a monster or two, too."

"Just as a casual side-interest, of course," Scandal says dryly… before laughing softly and gently shaking her head. "I have been known to hunt a monster or two, myself. Though I amdit that I am intrigued by the notion of your planting Ivy…"

"Not like /that/," says Eve, with a roll of her eyes. "I mean that I control plants." She has a sip from her tea.

Scandal looks quite genuinely startled, before laughing again. "I apologise. That is… unexpected. And rather impressive. I cannot claim to be able to generate unconventional effects in the world. But it sounds as if you are a superheroine, hrmmm?"

"Oh, yes. I'm a superhero. Just call me Morning Glory," Eve snorts at that. It's true. That's her superhero name, when she has to move amongst superheroes. It's just how it is. She then has a sip of her tea. "I don't mind telling you. It's just something I don't /exactly/ broadcast as much as some."

Blinking and arching her brows, Scandal chuckles. "You truly do have my sympathy regarding unusual monikers," she says dryly. "Who, ahh, chose that title for you? And would it be rude to ask *why* they picked it?"

"…I make plants grow, dear," says Eve, "It's a good enough name. It'll do for a perky goth, won't it?" she asks with a big old smile. "I mean, mostly no one's heard of me, even if I do have a *few* fans in the eco-consciousness crowd and what not."

Chuckling again, Scandal shakes her head. "Fans, hmmm? I'm not sure that I have ever really attracted *those*…. But I did doubt that my grasp of English was accurate. It's not even my *second* language. But I am impressed that you are making a name for yourself in any circles. There is a great deal of competition for attention."

"I mean, I've got a coiuple. Not many, really, and I try to avoid their notice! I don't need fans," says Eve, firmly, wagging a finger at her. "But I do okay, I guess."

Flashing a grin, Scandal shrugs amiably. "So… I shouldn't volunteer to be a fan, then?", she asks impishly. "Not that I've actually seen what you can *do*, of course. But it certainly does seem to be the case that New York has a remarkable number of 'unusual' residents. Do you have a… costume, or the like? It would be nice to be able to recognise you, if I ever see you starring on a news report or the like."

"…it's kinda crazy. I've been here a really long time and it was never THIS crazy. It was always KIND of crazy, but it's gotten you know… REALLy crazy in the last twenty years. Extremely crazy." She pinches the bridge of her nose with her gloved fingertips.

Scandal's expression turns sympathetic. "I can imagine," she says softly. "It's rarely good for the locals when the costumed types find somewhere to be of lasting interest. And… well. I should probably admit that you might, if things go wrong, spot me at a site where *you're* doing something…. I have an… arrangement with the US government, to try to help out where I can."

"Ah, so you're /like/ Ivy. She has an arrangement too, after all." She was a super villain, for pete's sake. Eve gives a nod. "Makes sense. I rarely get involved but it does happen."

"I, ahh, first met Ivy in a government facility," Scandal says dryly. "But I can't claim to know her very well at at all. For good or ill, I've rarely been 'activated'. Instead, I mostly get to prove that I can be a productively mundane member of society, and pursue my studies."

Eve just starts laughing. She cah't help it. It's the laugher of someone rewarding themselves for having TOTALLY called it.


Scandal arches a brow, but laughs as she does so. "Not exactly the kind of response that I had anticipated," she confesses.

"…well come /on/," she says, adding, "What did I just say? You're like Ivy, and CONFIRMED. Therefore, I get to laugh." She jabs a finger at her playfully.

"From what I know of Ivy, you perhaps share more in common with her - at least in some key respects," Scandal says dryly. "I'm afraid that I am rather lacking in most of the qualifications for being a costume-wearer."

"We only have a couple things in commoin, I asure you," says Eve, firmly, "Though we are on good terms." She shrugs one shoulder lazily and then has a sip of her tea. "But you get the idea enoiugh."

Scandal inclines her head. "For my own part… I cannot do anything more impressive with flora than check pot sizes and perhaps apply some fertiliser. And I am even less able to measure up against many other forms of unconventional talent. Still… I am glad that you are on good terms with Ivy. I cannot claim to know her at all well, but I have enjoyed the little of her company I have been able to share."

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