2020-03-03 - We're Going To Create Mayhem


Silver Samurai and Batgirl return to the barrier and meet with Master Gordon again. Plans are made.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Mar 3 08:01:22 2020
Location: Clocktower

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As promised, The Silver Samurai and Batgirl had headed back to Gordons in the city they'd found inside the barrier.

It's late in the evening by the time they enter the inn and, as promised by Master Gordon, it's busy. The tables are full and in one corner, near the fireplace, is a bard - one who might have been watching Netflix before the barrier went up. The song he's playing … is familiar.

The Samurai and Batgirl had been ushered to a table near the back, served bread and cheese and ale. It's been about half an hour and Master Gordon hasn't been near, but has been busy playing the congenial host. He has acknowledged the pair and is working his way through the tavern.

Evenutally he reaches their table with another jug of ale. "Let me replenish that, Master Samurai." He says quite easily, taking a seat as he looks at the man. With the noise in the inn, they likely won't be overheard as Master Gordon goes on to say "You said you were interested in causing trouble …"

"Thank you sir." The silver armored man says. He stands out here, being armored of course but also being so very… shiny. The two curved swords are also out of place here as well. Everything else here seems to be along bronze age or pseudo european lines, which means that arming swords and kopis are the norm, not that either of these things ever existed at the same time but then reality bending spells don't have to make much sense.

"We are, indeed, interested in misbehaving and making people upset. The right people of course. Or the wrong people. Depending."

Batgirl looks up, she has been eating - keeping her face masked as she does. "I bought the medicines I promised for Vincent. Before we leave, I'll drop by and see him, make sure he's doing ok." Those green eyes look at Ken and she nods "We do want to cause trouble, yes."

Gordon looks at the Samurai and quirks a brow "You're a showy one, you know that don't you?" He's referring to the armour. "And your … woman … is distinctive for those eyes and that hair. I don't doubt you can create the trouble, but you're likely to be hunted once you do. Folks around here aren't so keen on their plans being disrupted."

"Vincent is still out the back, we can go through when you've finished eating."

There's a small twitch at the corner of Ken's mouth when Batgirl is called 'his woman'. It isn't true but it was easier to let it slide than to try to correct it. It's still amusing though. Highly amusing, even if he thinks he'll hear about it later.

"That would be convenient for us, really. There are some we are trying to draw out of their lairs. Perhaps if we make life inconvenient enough they will feel compelled to deal with us directly." Possibly not if it's not in their personality but the Samurai does know how to cut someone's authority and support structure out from under them.

Master Gordon clearly isn't sure if that's the correct way to describe Batgirl but when he's not corrected he lets it go. Of course, Batgirls shoulders tense just a little.

"You want to be hunted? Well … hell lad." He scratches his chin and stares at the pair. "What is it you're looking for exactly to achieve that?"

"We wish to do things that undercut the authority of the ruling figures in the area. Make them seem weak. Make their subordinates question if they shouldn't be at the top, or make them fear that the top dog cannot protect them." Ken says simply as he takes another sip of drink and another bite of food.

"I would ideally like to not do this by riding through the countryside burning and pillaging. Two people do not make for an effective pillage and it sounds like a lot of the people in the countryside would be on our side if we don't do that."

Gordon looks at Ken and considers him carefully, pouring himself a drink as he does. "We've not heard of you around here but I saw what … Batgirl … did for Vincent. And the fact that we've not had any visits from … people … is positive."

"What about you, young miss, do you share his views? You're not very talkative, are you?"

Batgirl raises a shoulder and glances at Ken. At least Gordon didn't call her, Kens woman. "I do yes. I would burn it all to the ground if I could and cause as much trouble for the powers that be."

Gordon scratches his cheek as he starts to speak slowly. "We could do with some help. Do you think you could provide a …. distraction?"

"I am very distracting in this, so I am told." Especially when it's daylight. Then he can blind people just by walking by.

Of course it is more than just the way he looks. Ken is very good at making people feel threatened. He is also very good at being noisy and taking things apart. And all of those can be VERY, VERY distracting. "What did you have in mind?"

"You're distracting when you talk." Batgirl mutters and takes a piece of cheese, popping it under her mask and chewing.

"Well … The lads have a thought to liberate some foodstuffs for this sector. There's a supply train coming in, in two days. We're also given to believe that there'll be a VIP travelling with it."

That gets Batgirls attention and her eyes hold the tavern owners, listening before starting to ask questions.

"I figure you could hit two birds with one stone. Cause some trouble and hit the hierarchy. Whilst letting us, help the folks in this area."

"Am I now?" Samurai says mildly. Trademark mild, a slight smirk. Possibly slightly annoying. He's good at that. That understated manner that Japanese people have. It's a talent though it might be one Batgirl wishes he didn't have.

"Just tell us where. We will make sure that he has a very memorable experience. Or well. Possibly not a memorable one, it is possible that there will not be anyone around to remember it."

But there probably will. They NEED word of this to spread. Fear and all, after all.

"Some might say that." Batgirl murmurs.

"Two days, as I said." Gordon answers, watching the pair. "It will be a carriage, pulled by monsters. Don't know what they're called, and I don't care. Heads of lions though, not quite a horses body. They won't be unattended - be ready for travel."

"We expect her to come in through the Merchants gate, to the west of here. The supply train normally arrives mid afternoon."

"If we kill her before she arrives in the city and depart away from it we can make it seem like the city is not involved." That's… marginal. It's a good idea and they probably should do it but Samurai isn't subtle and someone will have marked his arrival in town. Still, if it's clear that they're not STAYING in the city then the city will probably escape the worst of the retribution.

"Unless you badly need them we should burn the supplies. Make it clear that it's not being redistributed or stolen. That will make the monsters wonder what it is we want too."

"That's what me and the boys were thinking." Gordon answers. "There's a few places that would make for a good ambush. If you're prepared to help us, we can hit the train and do what needs to be done."

He looks worried though. "Wouldn't it be better to wound her, badly and let her take the story back to the others she deals with?" Much like Batgirl, Master Gordon isn't keen on killing.

Batgirls green eyes rest on the Samurai. Now is not the time for an argument but he can see the disent in her eyes. Eyes that he doesn't normally get to see.

"The supplies would be helpful, that's for certain but what you say certainly has merit … Do you think that will work?" Gordon asks.

"That depends on how terrible you think her vengeance will be if we leave her alive. Because I promise you if we do, she will feel the need to prove her superiority, and when she can't find us - and she won't be able to find us - she will take it out on whatever is handy."

That is not a risk that Ken would take. But if that's a risk they want to take he will allow them. For now. Later on he may well make that decision for them.

"You can take the supplies but then I imagine they will be searched for. It is up to you again. You are assuming the risk, not I."

Batgirl may have preferences about 'risk'.

Gordon runs a hand through his salt and pepper hair and considers Kens words, looking between the pair as he does. "Your woman has an opinion on killing, I can see that. What do you think Batgirl?"

The masked woman shakes her head, shoulders tensing again at the descriptor. "We're not together." She finally says "But I don't like the idea of killing anyone. It goes against everything I was taught. I …. just don't see an option at the moment. Alive, she's dangerous. It's not like you have someone to hold her if we take her. And letting her go, puts a sword at your throat."

Gordon nods, still thinking. "Burning the supplies in front of those we let go, is a good idea. I agree with Batgirl. I don't want to kill but … " he sighs "I wish there was another way."

"Ryuyaku kuchi ni nigashi." The Samurai says. "Good medicine is bitter to the mouth." Good ideas are not always ideas that are liked, or palatable. But necessity is a cruel mistress. It does not care about wants or morals. It only presents what needs to be done.

"Do not worry. I am a very efficient swordsman." Killer. He is a very efficient killer.

Gordon blinks at the language like he's never heard it before. He probably hasn't, not in this persona. "Well that's apt, I suppose."

"Too efficient…" Batgirl mutters, tearing her piece of bread into pieces. "And you know that I don't believe in killing." She's so not happy.

"We will do it." Gordon answers "I'm planning on sending the lads to help you out, unless you would prefer not to have them. It will do their morale some good to get a strong win."

"I do, but I also know that you believe in protecting people and that you will do what it takes." She will go to the ends of the earth to avoid killing, but when push comes to shove, Samurai believes that Batgirl will choose to sacrifice her morals and protect people.

"A win we can give them. That will, in some ways, be the easy part. I only hope that they are prepared to deal with the aftermath of a win."

Sometimes an enemy's reaction to a win can be more terrifying than the thought of losing.

They're going to find out, aren't they. Just which of Batgirls morals are the strongest. She doesn't say anything to his statement, there's nothing to say really.

"We will do what we can, Samurai. You want to change the status quo and we'll capitalise it." Gordon says. "Let's discuss where we're going to meet and get some planning in place." beat "I'll be back in a little once I've done more rounds. Can't seem to obvious lingering with the shiny man and the woman with mysterious eyes."

Straightening, Gordon nods and continues his progress about the inn. He'll spend some time behind the bar of course and be back to discuss the final plans.

The meeting point will have to be some place inconspicuous and will have to be away from the city, ideally. They don't want to be seen planning any more than they have to. Samurai may have to remove his armor at some point. It is JUST too obvious to go sneaking around in. He's going to have to think about what the hell else he can bring in here that will not just turn into another set of armor.

The sad thing is that the armor is kind of comforting, knowing that someone can't just arrow you.

"Well. He seems keen. What do you think, Batgirl? Finally got tired of being called 'my woman'?" That's a light tease. He could see she was uncomfortable with it.

"He does yes. It shouldn't surprise me that he's a subversive." Batgirl answers quietly, taking a drink of the ale that's in front of her. She's good at keeping her face hidden while doing it too.

"He better not get hurt doing this. I don't want to have to tell our mutual friend about it."

The teasing gets a snort. "I notice you didn't correct it. Did you like the sound of it, did you?" She teases back. "Are you sure we want to do this, Samurai? Are you going to question them as to the location of the anchors? Or just create mayhem?"

"I do not want to either. I suppose you know him, or know of him, being a vigilante?" He is, after all, a police officer and a fairly high ranking one from what he understands. "I would have thought him to be a law and order type, personally, not a subversive."

He considers that for a moment and then the Samurai shrugs mentally. They have other things to consider.

"I do not think they will know and I do not want to tip our hand too early. I want to draw out someone who is certain to have the information we want and make these monsters feel pressured, feel like they're losing what they've built. Then they will start making mistakes, but they may be very dangerous mistakes."

"So … you're planning on running raids for the next few days?" Batgirl asks "We could run some interference tomorrow, start ratcheting things up." She seems to be 'in' on this. The killing, not so much. That might cause them some problems later.

They have a couple of targets they could cause problems for. Master Gordons' supply train is a big one though.

"I think we'll need to run several to keep the pressure up and seriously make the authority figures here challenged. So yes. A few days sounds about right. Will your patrols allow you to do that?" He knows she patrolled Gotham. He's not at all sure if she's still doing that but big chunks of the island are indeed free of this enchantment so… there IS still something to patrol.

"Do you want to hit the carriage together? Or do you want to split up and go with the innkeep here to hit the supply train?"

"Then we'll do that. My patrols …." She sighs. They need to fix this problem and it's a priority. "… will wait. There are others who are doing those while I do this." Orphan has left for a bit, trying to find herself or something. It's left Batgirl and Babs a little down.

"We'll go together and draw the carriage off. From what Master Gordon was saying, it will be trouble. If we handle this right, we'll draw a number of the convoy's guards to us. That will leave Gordon's men with better odds."

Clearly she's confident in their abilities.

"I know of Gordon because of who he is both professionally and personally." She adds, finally answering the question that Ken had asked a short while ago.

Ken nods slowly, considering that. "Then we will do that. That will be tomorrow. We should finish our business here, do whatever planning is necessary and then depart. The longer we stay the more likely it is that someone will get suspicious enough that our plans get upended. And, importantly, we no longer have the initiative."

There's another long, almost awkward pause. "Perhaps one day you will tell me what you know of the man, and how your interactions with him… work." Running, a lot, he suspects.

"Agreed. He won't be long but he's doing the right thing moving off. Order more food, Samurai and make it look like we're doing anything but creating mayhem."

The awkward pause gets a look from Batgirl and her eyes seem to dance. "He doesn't like Batgirl much. Or the Bats. But maybe one day I will."

With that she takes a drink and settles in. They'll finish the discussion with Master Gordon and move out. Tomorrow will be a raid and the next will be the carriage.

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