2020-03-01 - Plans for the Future


Dani and Alison talk about plans, since the Young Avengers are pretty much over…

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Mar 1 02:16:56 2020
Location: RP Room 1

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The halls of the Young Avengers HQ seems awfully empty these days. If they're not careful, their Baxter Building landlords will reclaim the area to let to a Starbucks. Alison is in the kitchen, attempting to make some food. Now that Sarah has gone, not only is she without a manager, but also without an excellent chef. But Alison has this under control. No way will she burn toast.

The curling smoke of charring bread approaches the smoke detector. Alison oblivious, thanks to being wrapped up in writing a song and with headphones on.

Dani walks in, wearing an oversized T-shirt from the Xavier Institute along with pajamas. And pegasus fuzzy slippers. She smiles as she leans against the doorframe, watching Alison do her work. Then her nose wrinkles…

"Um, hon, I don't think you want your toast that crispy."

Is that someone speaking? Alison's brow crinkles as she wonders. And there there is a wrinkling up of her nose too. What's that smell? She sniffs her underarms…nope…not there. A glance over at the toasted and she squeals in shock. "The toast!!" Alison dashes over to switch off the evile machine before waving desperately at the smoke to get it to disperse. It is then she notices she is being watched. A startled jump before she takes off her headphones to smile at Dani. "How long have you been standing there?"

Dani chuckles, "Just got here. Somehow I got worn out last night." She grins and slips up to Alison, giving her a hug and a kiss. "Working on some songwriting, hon?" She tilts her head, looking at Alison for a moment, then gives her a wry grin, "Actually, sit down and I'll make you some huevos rancheros. Had these a lot when I was a kid."

Alison happily returns the hug and kiss. "Always working on songwriting" she smirks. Not that it does my toasting any good." A sigh at the blackened bread. "I really like that bread too." Her smile returns at the offer of being cooked for and another quick kiss is offered as a reward. "Sounds good." Alison doesn't need to be asked twice to sit down and let others looks after this stuff. Which also reminds her that Sarah is no longer around. "I guess I need a new manager" she notes sadly.

Dani nods, "Yeah, well… it definitely shouldn't be me. I'd maybe ask some of my Asgardian friends, but… um, well, I don't think they'd be good at it. Except well, Loki isn't a friend, he's a prince, and he'd probably be too good at it." She hrms, getting things ready for that, "But yeah, noticed that Sarah went back West." She sounds pretty bummed about that too.

Then she continues, "Though, well, I guess the question is, what did you want to do now? Not necessarily with the manager, but with…" She gestures around, "All this. I mean, it's really just the two of us, I guess." A pause, as she glances back at Alison, "I… had an idea."

Alison looks around at the empty base that held so much potential. There is pretty much only one of the bedrooms being used to live in now - though the additional storage space is nice. "Maybe we should ask the Old Avengers what to do?" A little laugh. "Maybe we can be promoted?" She doubts that will happen but worth putting out there.

"This place does feel like a tomb sometimes. You're away a lot and I'm working a lot. When I come back here it doesn't feel like a home anymore. Less a group house, more a mausoleum. You think Loki would be interested? Wait…isn't he a bad guy?" A shake of her head. "Sorry, what's your idea?"

Dani chuckles, "Trickster gods are… well, neither good nor bad. They just are." She shrugs, "But yeah, I wasn't thinking the Avengers. I was actually… well, I was thinking about the X-Men." She grins over at Alison, "We're both mutants, and I do spend a fair amount of time up there as it is. So, well…" She shrugs a bit, "It's a nice place upstate, and they are good people, Ali. Not like it's hard to get to the city from there."

"Where Hank is?" Alison considers this option for a few moments. "Hank told me I was a mutant but…I haven't really associated with them much. I mean, I haven't proclaimed myself as one, and they haven't really come looking for me. Maybe they don't want me?" A humorless laugh. "How anyone could not want me, I don't know" she teases.

Ali gets a wicked grin at that from Dani, as she says, "Well, I'd show you how much I want you, but I'm cooking for you right now." Which shows it in a pretty indirect way. Then she chuckles, "Hank's a good egg, Ali, and I'll vouch for you there too." She gestures, "Plus, new people to meet, who are also really great."

"There were good people here too" Alison muses before shrugging. "Maybe I should think about going out on my own? I mean, I have my career so I can't really do classes…it is a school, isn't it? I dunno, Dani. It took me ages to accept this place as somewhere to stay…can I do it again? I could always go back to living from place to place."

Dani smiles, "Look, it is… but it's not a typical school either. I mean, look, you might be asked at this point to be a teacher. How about music?" She chuckles, "Really, it's a place to settle in, but… well, it's just an idea. Hey, if nothing else, you can still keep touring and just have a place to rest your head, since you'd definitely be my 'and one'."

"A music teacher?" That has Alison thinking. "Maybe dance too?" She purses her lips as she considers. "And I'd have to be able to go on tour whenever I need to. I guess Hank could help me put a studio together…not that you need much more than a bedroom these days." A blushing smile about the 'and one'. "That's not going to be an issue there? I mean, I wouldn't want to put off all your other girlfriends there."

Dani snickers, "Actually… I don't have any other girlfriends. There's you, and that's it. I mean, we never really talked about that, and I don't mind being open, but… well, I wouldn't want to do something and have you not be cool with it, if that makes sense?" She flashes a grin at Alison, bringing over the huevos and setting one down for Alison, keeping another for herself as she sits down across from her. "And I'm sure Hank would help out with that. Plus, well, Brightwind does like having more open space there."

"You don't?" Alison was convinced that Dani was a player. "I've had a couple of dates with Sarah and Zatanna" she admits. "Being a pop star, it's probably expected." It's a teasing comment, not something she really believes. "These look delicious." A bite of the food confirms it. "If you want to see other people, I'd totally understand. I'd be cool with it. Promise. So, who do we have to ask if I can move in?"

Dani hrms, "Well, I'll talk to Hank and see what we can manage." She grins, "Well, I have had some offers, but well… figured I'd see how you felt about that first." She hmms, "I think the only thing that might make me jealous is that I'm not getting invited along for those." She tosses a wink at Alison at that.

"I bet you've had a lot of offers" Alison grins before a wiggle of her eyebrows. "Hey, I'm not against inviting others to the party but, as strange as this may sound, not everyone's into that. How crazy is this world?" A melodramatic shake of her head at such insanity. "Just make sure to invite me too?" Another mouthful of tasty food. "Okay, let's do it. Or see if we can do it."

Dani grins, "You got it. On both counts." She winks at Alison, digging into her own breakfast, "And yeah, I think some people just bring too much baggage into it. And… look." She tilts her head, looking at Alison intently, "I love you, and I don't want to ever hurt you, okay?"

The 'L' word? Alison looks a bit stunned for a moment before quicking bringing her casual attitude back. "And I don't want to hurt you either" she smiles warmly. "Well, unless we're doing that thing with the paddles…" A teasing wink before her lips are pursed in thought once more. "You love me? Like…in love…or just love the way my spandex hugs my bod?"

Dani grins, "What, why not both? Both is good…" She chuckles, "I mean, I figured it was a bit obvious by now, but I thought you should know Ali." A bit of a shrug with that, as she looks curiously at Alison's reaction.

"Woah. I'm touched…often by you" Alison giggles before pondering more serious answers. "I guess I love you too. And you look awesome in that armor; 'Armor Amor'. Wow…big changes in our lives today" she laughs before more food is consumed. "When did you want to move?"

Dani hmms, "Well, it shouldn't take too long, I suspect Reed and the others would be glad to have the space back. Figure a few weeks to get everything packed back up? I mean, a lot of my stuff I already have there at the mansion… just need to make sure there's room for two." She winks at Alison at that.

"I suppose we have to do something with all this equipment too. I guess the Avengers would want it all back. We really only have to move ourselves and I could do that in an hour" Alison smiles before a giggle about the room they need. "We'd only need a single bed. I'm sure you have that in your room."

Dani grins, "That I do. Not often used since I tend to crash here, but I still have the room. And you can meet some of the other people at the school, because they're really cool too."

A simple nod from Alison. "Cool, that sounds like a plan then. I shall embrace my inner X…instead of my inner XXX" she smirks. "Assuming they want me, of course. What kind of things do they do? Anything I can help with?"

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