2020-03-01 - A Matter For a Witch


Nico and Eve meet up over strange magical happenings at Eve's apartment.

Log Info:

Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Mar 1 06:11:51 2020
Location: 2 East 5th Avenue #12E

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Eve's senses are going haywire. The room has a slight chill to it, in the _metaphysical_ sense. How does one feel in the metaphysical? It's hard to be sure, even for a bieng who has that sort of tingling gut sensation that comes with the use of magic. What the spell might be is probably hard to say. The woudl be Eldritch Horror might need to open her rolodex and look for some help confronting this mystery.

She knows a few magicians but she certainly doesn't want to call on most of them. One in particular owes her a favor and thus Nico is being called.

"Hey," she says,, a trafce of irritation in her voice when the phone is answered.

"Hey," Nico answers in a slightly distracted tone. "Look, if it's about hte money I owe youI'm a bit tied up right now, can we talk about—- wait a tick." There's some brief rustling on the other end, and then that mezzo soprano voice comes through a bit more clearly. "Sorry. I mixed up your number. What's up?"

"…Well, I mean, you DO owe me a favor and I'm gonna collect. Can you come by?" asks Eve, pinching the bridge of her nose. "This is giving me a headache. Just… come by as soon as you can, okay?" She figures Nico will figure it out when she gets here.

"Weird shit going on. Wizards again? Nevermind, I'll figure it out. Be there in ten." Nico's response is brisk but precise. And true to her word she'll arrive in… Fifteen or so. What does one expect?

Nico is wearing a baby doll t-shirt, black jeans with tears in the knees, and her combat boots when she first arrives. She's also frowning. Which is why the first words otu of her mouth when she approaches Eve's home will be, "…So, do you know how this happened?"

Greeting the other goth warmly, Eve shakes her head.

"Not a clue," she informs Nico. "Just started buzzing. Like non-stop coil whine or something." She rubs her hands down her arms and makes a face at it.

"Make it go away, please."

"One second." Nico takes a deep breath and closes er eyes for a second. She lifts both hands and places them in front of her, palms together, igners up. A series of complicated gestures follows. The lights in the room begin to flicker and the walls and furniture rattle. Nico slowly peels open one of her eyes and frowns at the room.

"Well, that's… Not… Normal."

"Nooo kidding. Something isn't normal. I'm shocked that something isn't normal around here," remarks Eve, putting her hand over her face. "Do tell me what isn't normal this time. I apologize if I'm being short." She actually is short but she does mean short-tempered this go around.

"You can't help it, your genes betrayed you," Nico replies helpfully without really looking in Eve's direction. As her gestures stop the room no longer rattles and she eventually lets her hands drop to her sides. "And… Not sure. Maybe a poltergeist. Maybe a locator spell…? Something seems to like you anyway. …Can I get cup of water?"

Nico slowly looks around the room, examining everything step by step. "MAybe something will jump out at me."

"Yeah, of course. And if its a cat, I'm keeping it." Eve adds, casually, dropping into her chair. "I don't sleep but I really kind of want to get some rest, all the same, and this is annoying." She puts her hands behind her head and wiggles comfortably into the corner while Nico investigates. "I can't eat a poltergeist," she adds.

"Well, probably not," Nico agrees slowly. Then she squints slightly, her gaze apparently affixed to a light switch of all things. "Hm." She walks toward the kitchen slowly, each footstep quite audible thanks to the hard soles of her boots. "Did anything strange happen? Something change in your home life? Did a pet run away or… Anything like that?"

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