2020-02-28 - Just A Thigh Thanks


A slight disturbance in the Disaster Zone is foiled by three heroes

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Feb 28 19:36:33 2020
Location: The Disaster Zone

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Mari is part of a group that has been doing work in the Disaster Zone to recover it. The redtape at city hall notwithstanding, there's still a lot that can be done.

This area of the Zone is undergoing redevelopment - the workcrews and equipment moved in several weeks ago. The progress is sort of amazing given how long the buildings have just sat there, condemned and a solemn reminder of the attack of the past.

The ex-model has invited a friend down to inspect the work they've achieved. It's nice to take time out from worrying about Hydra and Genosha and focus on positive things sometimes.

That friend may have bought some others.

"What do you think, Steve?" The dark skinned woman asks as they stroll along the street looking at one of the near complete buildings. Just down from them, machinery is moving some rubble that once was a building. The crunch of cement and detritus clearly heard.

"Thinking it's good to see the progress made." Bundled in a shearling-lined leather coat and with a forest-green knitted scarf wrapped about his neck, Steve walks alongside Mari companionably. Each exhale barely clouds in the air, proof that winter's grip is finally beginning to recede — or that winter's about the punk the hell out of everyone with three feet of snow and the sunshine is a lie. Like cake.

"The more this gets cleaned up, the less hidey-holes there are for anybody. Might take away an advantage for us, but nobody else can use 'em either." He glances over at Carol. "How's it looking from above?" he asks of his fellow Avenger.

Carol isn't really bundled up at all, just wearing a white blouse underneath her brown leather jacket, as well as casual jeans and sneakers. "Oh, it's definitely showing a lot of improvement. Wouldn't have thought there'd be so much green and growing things here… honestly, it's a bit more than I remember before the Disaster." She glances over at Mari, giving the other woman a warm smile, "That's been some good work."

"We've all played a part." Mari offers a warm smile in return. "Without people like Steve and Miss Potts to pressure City Hall a bit, we wouldn't have been able to start this work."

There's a yell from the crew operating the machinery, the engines are cut and the drivers exit the cabins quickly.

The rubble they've been moving is … moving. All on its own. It heaves and shudders just before a beam of azure light explodes from the pile - burning a furrow in the ground just in front of Carol, Steve and Mari.

All three of the heroes know that there are perils in the buildings. Whilst the majority of the dangerous tech was collected, parts of it still remain.

Steve grins quietly to himself. "It's the green, right," he echoes of Carol's thoughts. "Nothing like seeing it crop up. Reminds me of when I realized that we'd achieved a form of peace after the war." His gaze goes distant for a moment as memories briefly wash over him…

But not for long. Someone's uncovered trouble. Those expressive brows knit into deep concern even before the first beam of blue light trenches the space before them. With hands up before himself, the Captain grimaces.

"'nd I figured I'd be good without the shield," he mutters, extremely grumpy with the entire affair now, and especially in light of the vibranium disc being left safely elsewhere. "I'll evacuate the workers, somebody put the blinders on that thing!"

Steve then darts in, fearlessly, to see about herding away the workers in their safety-orange vests — or carrying them off and away, heedless of winded guts thrown over his shoulders.

Carol launches into the air, "Got it, Cap!" She flares brightly, not bothering to change into her Captain Marvel costume as she works on distracting the moving rubble.

Hovering in the air, she flies around the rubble, "Hey, shooting energy beams out at people is a New York City Building Code Violation, so you want to stop that and power down?" Not that she expects that to work, but she does expect the thing to take a shot at her instead of the others. She can probably take it, after all…

Mari blinks and sighs. "Not again." She says, giving Cap a look that says 'sorry but what can you do?'. A glowing silhouette of a rhinocerous appears behind her and a … glowing rhino beetle appears on her shoulder. "And I don't my costume."

Caps evacuation of workers is mostly successful but those azure beams just seem to hit indiscriminantly. There's no aiming - or at least that what it seems like - a beam hits the ground just in front of Steve, right in front of his toes, scorching a line and about to hit him.

Several more beams shoot out at Carol. She'll have to dodge if she doesn't want to be fried. From her vantage, she can see the rubble heave again and what looks like a thigh seems to stir. It's hard to tell if it's the whole machine - probably not though - it's likely a piece that was missed in the clean up.

As it moves, the rubble starts to topple, threatening to squash those beneath it. Mari steps in and covers one of the workers - taking a hit from a good sized chunk of rendered concrete. "Run." She tells the man. "We need to disable that thing."

It's possible she and Steve might need to get it into the open so Carol can do her thing.

The problem will be getting close enough.

Thank god that most of the workers have enough sense to flee towards the civilized safety of beyond the work zone. Inevitably, there are a few that panic like lemmings and it's these Steve's hunting down when the beam is aimed at him. Super-human reflexes save him from losing his toes, much less his legs from the knees down, and he leaves furrows of dirt before himself as he janks backwards. It's graceful enough, his avoidance maneuver, but it's still not pretty. He has to roll through the momentum once and then scramble to his feet to avoid another beam that glasses the dirt not a foot behind him.

"GET BEYOND THE CORDON TAPE!!!" This is bellowed at the top of parade-ground volume from the Captain and rather impressive in the end. Those workers scatter again, but now in the proper direction.

"It's like dodging rock thrown by Barnes. Or drawing machine gun fire. You can do this," Steve coaches himself as he then begins to play chicken with the azurine beams of destruction. "Just gotta not get grazed. No evidence for Barnes."

Nobody tell Bucky he was playing chicken with death beams.

Carol quickly breaks to the side once the beams start flying her way, trying to draw its attention away from the workers as she says, "Is this normal? I thought living next to Thor in the Mansion was hazardous!" Though, well, she does decide to fire a photon blast right back at the rubble, wanting to see what she is, in fact, dealing with.

I mean, if it's a spaceship she could just fly through it. It's her standard move, but she wants to know what this is first. THEN she'll fly through it.

"Not really?" Mari calls to Carol as the ex-model tumbles, barely avoiding being hit by a beam as it scores the ground next to her. "Occasionally we find bits of tech though … like this one…" This time, a glowing silhouette of a panther appears with the Rhinocerous and the woman nimbly leaps up the rubble to the offending machine.

The rubble melts as Carol bombards it, exposing the attacking machine in it's entirety. It is literally just the thigh piece and not all of it. Which means it might be easy to stop - but it's still dangerous.

"Cap, you and I drag that thing clear so Carol can hit some more."

Steve is now dealing with bits of rubble exploding about him as well azure beams that get incredibly close. What Mari, and probably Steve, can't see but Carol can - the beams are honing in on the three of them now. They are, after all, the only 'abnormals' in the area.

"Carol, are you ready?"

Carol spins around, and gains some altitude as she moves into position, focusing on dodging the increasing number of beams until she can really let loose and hopefully take this thing out, "Ready Cap! Watch out though, this thing knows we're the only targets left!"

"Gimme a second!" There's definitely a place on his head now where the blond hair is crisped a little darker and the outer curve of his ear sports a radiant heat burn; it's nothing terrible, but so much for going home to Barnes unscathed. He leaps over another beam and temporarily uses the bulk of a fallen piece of building as cover.

He ducks another explosion of cement before he pops his head up into view. "On three! One!"

In darts the unarmored, shield-less Captain at the revealed piece of technology. He makes to grab at it.

"Two — andthree!"

Needing to get out of the immediate area afterwards means his half of the efforts at revealing the thigh component are rushed but well-intended.

Carol unleashes a full power blast on the exposed thigh, taking care to pinpoint it so Cap isn't part of the effect. She doesn't want Barnes coming after her either! Then she launches herself downwards, playing a game of lawn dart with the thigh as the target.

Her? She's the lawn dart. *SLAM*

"On three…" Mari agrees, the edge of her shirt smoking a bit. There's a tear in the shoulder where she tumbled and she's covered in grit and grime.

As Steve darts in, Mari literally bounds up the pile with catlike grace - a certain cat-suited hero might be impressed if he wasn't rolling his eyes at her recklessness - and grabs for the end of the piece.

Steve can get the other end, they'll have tug a little and … blam… avoid more of those beams. Mari grunts as she's not quite quick enough.

The impact as Carol hits is enough to obliterate it - bits of metal scattering everywhere. The control unit bounces free and Mari jumps on it - several times, using the weight of the rhinocerous she's channeling to ensure it's squished well and good.

"Well. That was invigorating." She finally pants as the beams cease and the workers cheer. "Everyone ok? And Steve, I'm sure we can come up with a good reason you're a bit dinged up. Maybe you could say a training session got a bit out of hand…." she winks and grins Carol. "Nice work."

Steve, at least, isn't scathed any more than the graze-line of the errant beam. The backwash of heat and sound is impressive and then the dust finally settles, beams gone silent, he coughs once.

"Definitely got out hand, that training session," he agrees in a deadpan tone. Still, there's a small smirk. "Maybe it's fashionable to sport a haircut like this." Touching at his ear, he winces about his eyes a little. "Or it'll become one, dunno. Nice job, Danvers," the man calls out even as he dusts off the sleeves of his leather jacket with brisk, rough pats and swipes.

Carol chuckles as she looks over at Steve, "See, Brunnhilde's only going to be mad that I smashed a death robot and she wasn't here to be part of the 'fun'." She grins, "You really should get Bucky to let you out to play once in a while, you know?" With that, she gives Steve a wink, then looks over at Mari, giving the other woman a warm grin, "Good work by you too, very nicely done."

"Will you get SHIELD to collect the bits, please?" Mari asks Steve as she guides the trio to the sidelines. "Why don't we go and grab something to drink and let these people get back to work."

After all, this is all in a days for these three.

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