2020-02-22 - Friday Night Blues and News


Nick, Isis and Lin Li catch up with Hank at his Lab.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Feb 22 05:21:12 2020
Location: Lab Spaces

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Nick is not teaching today and normally that means he's not at the Institute. But he is today, with Isis to see Hank partly because he's heard some alarming things and wants to make sure Hank is okay and partly because he needs some questions answered. He always needs questions answered. He is after all in the professional business of asking them, but they don't always need to be answered by Hank.

They just OFTEN need to be answered by Hank.

Tap-ta-ta-tap-tap goes the knock at the door.

"Do you suppose he's turned himself into a woman again?" Nick idly asks Isis.

Isis looks at Nick worriedly. Since their encounter with the telepath, the two of them have been 'off' and Isis isn't sleeping very well. Mostly because she tries to be awake to watch over Nick - and somewhat because she's not 'dream feeding'.

She won't take from Nick, not at the moment and because she's watching over him - she's not feeding from other dreams either.

That can't last.

Cocking her head though, the feline like mutant frowns a bit. "He's not … happy. I can feel it from here … " beat "Maybe he did turn himself into a woman." It worries her more now though, because Hank is rarely out of sorts.

Lin is here because she also needs answers. Her phone numbers and contacts for the X-Men have changed while she was abroad. Or more likely, she simply didn't remember them right when attempting to put them in her new phone. The antlered asain woman is uncharacteristicaly wearing sunglasses. A dark blue sweater dress and black leggings and flip flops. Instead of her usual graceful floating or slipping silently along she's kinda shuffling tiredly. Even bounces off the wall a few times. "Ow." She utters pathetically. She's dragging a sturdy burlap sack at her side filled with clanking bits an pieces. She had not been happy to discover her text returned but glad thte thing had still been in the alley she'd left it.

Lin stops suddenly and stares. "Nick? Uhm.." She's forgotten the lady's name oh no. "Iris? Ilis. Isiss". She suddenly moves a hand to her mouth and burps softly, her skin turning slightly pale. "yuck." She mumbles in a tiny voice. Lin both looks and feel hungover. Very hungover. Also strange for her. Or it had been. Who knows what kind of things she's gottten into while away. It's then the last bit of conversation filters into Lin's awareness and she just stares at the two in confusion. Probably. It's hard to tell with the sunglasses.

At the wrapping, as of Nick Gleason tapping, tapping at Hank's laboratory door, the Beast glances up from monitoring an experiment. "Disengage locks, authorization Hank-7-3-63-32-2145-23 delta-seven." And the lab computer responds. 'Acknowledged, Doctor McCoy'. Okay…that's new. Hank almost NEVER secures his door like that, though there's a medical bay, most people come to him directly for help when they need it. Those with keen enough hearing will even hear all that.

Regardless, upon entering the labs it might be a bit disturbing to see Hank fuzzy again - and a LOT more bestial looking. He makes a brave attempt at a smile, removing his reading glasses to reveal possibly one of the more startling changes - amber eyes. His fur is spikier, the pelt thicker than it used to be, and also darker in hue. He's dressed at present in a lab coat and snug fitted blue shorts with an X buckle.

Nick blinks. Normally when he talks to Hank he is the fuzzier of the two. And that Lin is here… and dressed so oddly. Wait. Sunglasses.

"Lin are you hung over? It's Isis. Her name is Isis. And Hank you're looking… manly."

We'll leave it at that for the moment. "Hope we're not interrupting? We've got some questions and I think Lin needs a hangover cure."

Might as well get it all out in one go. "We think a telepath has been trying to attack us using the uh… abnormalities in our psychology and brain physiology to throw us off the case we're working."

Given that case involves missing mutants…
Nick Gleasonick glances to Isis to see if she wants anything and leans over to whisper to Lin. "Why do you have a junk sack?"

"Hello Lin-Li." Isis answers, frowning at the woman. Isis, has of course, experienced that type of emotion from others - mostly when she passes the drinking establishments around town. "What have you been doing?"

The sunglasses are cool. Or so Isis thinks.

"Hank!?" Isis peers at him, moving closer with the intent of rubbing her ears against that coat. She doesn't think about whether she should or it, the fur looks amazing and …

"You have my files, with the reports from the telepaths and the tests they did here, don't you?"

Lin drags herself and her sack into the room, glances up and abruptly drops her bag and removes her sunglasses. Black eyes suddenly alert she studies the blue furred man before her. "Oh. Oh." She flies up the short distance it takes to be at eye level with him. For a long moment she just stares at him with an enchanted expression on her face. Again it takes some time for Nick's words to reach her. Usually he's the one person she focuses on perfectly. "Yes. Drinks with Hat-Man. More drinks after he left." A pause. "Too many drinks." She settles back onto her feet and looks at Hank again. Hesitates a moment but can't help herself. "You are the most beautiful man. Like Nick. But Blue." She does not reach out to pet him but her gathering of her hands behind her back might betray her desire to do so.

"Sorry, Isis." Lin turns to the feline woman and smiles shyly. She's been back a week and has already spoken more words than the entirety of the past year. Why does it never get any easier? She sighs softly, searching for the words to answer Nick's question. "You said mutants missing. Cages. Bad, we find them." She glares at the sack. "Maybe this is not related but it was a metal spider. With sharp blades and.. invisible.. no.. cloaked..cloaking? Hard to fucking see!" She uncharacteristically curses and moves to rub her temples. "Hat-Man stomped it to death after it killed the racoon and turned on us. It is a bad thing anyway. So I brought." She watches Isis reactions to Hank, feels a bit of them in her mind and is relieved she kept her hands to herself. She is at least giving of some sort of appearance of normality. Hopefully.

Hank is definitely a LOT more hirsute, and…his hair up top? Forms a wide sweeping pair of 'wings' to either side. So, yeah, definitely a lot more hairy is the Hank. And no, not a woman. Not this time, anyway.

Nick's getting right to the point actually is a good thing, Hank looks closely at the man, nostrils flaring a bit as he takes in the scents of friends and honey whiskey hungover acquaintance. A mmph, and then a nod. "Telepathic attack, not something I can a whole lot about directly…though…I might suggest you both get some sleep, I could rig a sort of nullification dome, or perhaps program the Danger Room…" He rubs at his chin, and the massive mitts are very obviously tipped with substantial claws, actually, the feet too.

Ah, Lin Li, that's her name, of course Hank thinks as the others greet her. He blinks as he gets head rubbed by Isis, and can't help but scritch behind one of her ears. "Hello Isis." He says. "Of course I have the files, let me call them up."

It is but a moment later, after tapping on a tablet, and then finger slide 'tossing' the image to his bank of displays.

Finally he moves over to the medical section, mixes up a 'cocktail', offering to Lin Li. "Ah, thank you?" He chin points. "Drink this to the dregs." He instructs. "So…telepath, metallic spiders, and a man in a hat?"

"Hat man." Nick briefly wonders if he should ask but… does not ask. Hat man could, frankly, be anyone. And it's not especially likely to be someone he is actually familiar with.

"Isis managed to use her empathic abilities to throw off one attack but she wont' be able to do that forever. So yes, any kind of solution is an improvement." It's a concern that these muant hunters seem to have a telepath. A big concern. But not one they can address at the moment.

"Lin, Isis and I are going to go hunting soon. Going to find one of the feral packs stealing mutants away and try to break them. We could use some help. And… something to do with them after we've caught them and beaten them…"

Not physically beaten them though that IS likely to happen.

"Sorry for what?" Isis asks in that feline way of hers, before she purrs as Hank scritches her ears. "Is there anything in them, Hank, about … what did you call it Nick? Programming? I know the facility had done a lot but is there anything there that I wasn't told?"

That might surprise Nick, that Isis is asking that type of question. She hasn't said anything to him about it.

There's nothing really that Isis wasn't told, and therefore Nick. What is there are blocks that the Institute couldn't break. Jean had managed to push past one of those a few months agon - but there were at least three that were found.

She doesn't say anything about the telepathic attack, just returns to Nick and rubs her ears against his arm before pressing close.

"We are, yes. It won't be easy and the more help we have, the better."

Lin drinks the entire glass before thanking Hank, sitting it down and giving it a thoughtful look. She feels much better but frowns at Nick and Isis. "You got attacked?" While she was off fighting metal monsters and drinking. Lin starts looking and feeling guilty. She is definitely sorry for that. She will set some of her friends at guarding these two when she isn't nearby. A pack of street dogs and a small flock of birds who can send warning to her quickly perhaps? She'll have to think on it. She'd rather a bear or some wolves, or a few moose. Those are not easy to hide in the city though. "If I had been there maybe you'd not be hurt. I am sorry." Lin explains. Telepathy doesn't work on her very well usually. Her mind is.. unique. Even at her most focused she doesn't resemble a human mindset. "I can stay though, help you sleep. Make sure nothing bad comes." Kill it if does. Threats to her friends will be neutralized. Permanently if at all possible.

"Yes. I will help. Help stop then save them." The innocent ones. "The people doing this though…and the telepath." Lin pauses a moment and her expression hardens. "They will go away. For good. I got very good at hunting in Africa and Costa Rica. The poachers." Her fingers clench. "Only one way to stop them." One way she'd come to excel at though it would likely horrify her former teachers. Lin has no pity or remorse for those who use and torture living things for power or profit. Or for those that would harm whom she cares for. Not feeling a need for her sunglasses now thanks to that drink..which Lin still hasn't decided if she likes or not, (the citrus is good and the bitter not bad but she isn't a fan of sour). she hands them to Isis. "Here. Look good on you." Sometimes it's hard to tell if Lin is actually that easily distracted or if she's just good at knowing when to throw attention from herself.

Yes, good call 'Hat Man' is a bit vague, perhaps she ran into the Batman. There's enough evidence of the man that Hank's over 88% sure that he's not actually an urban myth. Hank nods firmly, seems a bit less down. Having something useful to do is apparently a good cure, or at least a good treatment. "Telepaths are blood dangerous." Hank growls out, lip curling as he restrains the urge, barely, to snarl. These people are attacking his friends, he won't kill…but he'll be only too happy to explain to the baddies the physics of pain in graphic Braille.

"If you need backup, I would not be averse to offering my modicum of expertise in the fine art of fisticuffs to the mix." Okay! Now /that/ sounds like Hank.

Hank cheek rubs along the top of Isis' head, not even aware of it, and then shakes his head. "I didn't seen anything, no, though the remaining blocks are a source of concern." A toothy smile when Isis makes a sort of 'global' acceptance of aid.

Looking to Lin Li, he shakes his head. "These people, vile though they are, we should at least try to capture them alive and see they face justice. Killing is a good way to get on the wrong people's radar, and that, dear lady, -that- mandates some measure of restraint."

"Telepathically attacked." Nick clarifies for Lin. "It wouldn't have stopped things, don't feel bad." Lin cannot, after all, shield them from hostile telepaths who can operate at distances beyond sight. It was a frightening realization to come to but they made it in one piece. Of course now they know there is a problem and that means they've got a whole new sit of worries.

Nick chuckles when Isis is handed the sunglasses. Do not pun and put them on. Do not pun and put them on. Do not pun and put them on.


"Programming yeah. Psychological conditioning Isis." But Hank is already explaining. Which is good but… "Maybe we need another look doc. I… have a feeling that this kind of telepathic conditioning has something to do with how they're able to get the mutants they capture to do what they want… And yes. Fisticuffs. And no. We're not killing them, Lin. Not the least of which is we need them alive to figure out how to stop them for good."

The hounds are just the pawns. Someone is pulling big strings for this.

"Uh if I may ask, Hank. What's up with the fur? I kinda liked your other look."

Now at Nicks side, Isis takes the sunglasses and looks at them, looks at Nick and then at them again. "Do you know why I was wearing a dress the other day, Nick?" He's going to kill her.

She puts the sunglasses on, just as she answers. "I was feline fine …"

"They did something when we went exploring the other day and I just wanted to return … somewhere. Nick had to …" she doesn't finish that. But yes, if they can look at the conditioning she had, it would be helpful.

"The man had a hat, didn't he?" She asks Lin. "That's why you call him hat-man." See, Isis knows.

When Nick asks Hank what happened, Isis slides the glasses from her face and watches him. This is a question she wants answered.

Lin gives Hank a rather bloodthirsty smile. "You never let anyone know it was you. Unless you need them to be afraid of you. These people we just need to stop. A telepath can't be contained easily. Too risky." And it hurt Nick and Isis. She had always watched Nick from afar though she was a year below him. He's important to her and Isis is new but Lin likes her too. That doesn't happen a lot. Usually she just goes along with people because well, it seems to be what other people do. She frowns though and considers Hank's words more carefully. "If killing these monster-people makes someone think I am bad than they have the wrong.. priors." No that isn't the right word. "Wrong mind. Wrong.." She sighs. "Priorities?" She lives by different laws than they do and knows it. If Nick tells her though that she can't kill then probably she'll listen. Except for that telepath. She fully intends to turn the full might of Mother Earth against them.

Lin pauses in her daydream of just how she'd like do so and sighs at Nick. "Fine. For now." …..Lin gives Nick a *look* she is so awkward around people but even she thinks thats not a question to be asking especially considering how down the beautiful man seemed so she smacks at him and hisses. "Be nice. He's very handsome." It's meant to be just for Nick to hear but probably they all heard her.

Actually he had seemed sad and she remembers Isis commenting on it before they entered. Lin had not been searching out for other minds at the time and still isn't and Hank wouldn't register to her unless he was particularly feral anyway. She has noticed that Isis seems to be able to do something similar but probably much better or is stronger. She isn't sure.

There are two pockets on Lin's sweater dress and she reaches into one and fishes around with an intent expression. After several moments she finds the right seed and holding it in her palm she encourages it not only to grow rapidly into a rose, but a dark blue rose tinged with white streaks and… four little root legs that allow it to stand up. She holds it out to Hank with a small shy smile. Everyone likes flowers don't they? And if he puts in the dirt it will grow. Though it may decide to move around a bit. She pauses and turns to Isis and bursts out laughing. Most humor goes right over her head but this she got and finds hilarious. She nods. "Yes! He told me his for real name but there was so much honey drink. And he said I stole his hat! But then he was nice. So Hat-Man."

A low rumbling, yup, Hank is /growling/, deep in his broad expanse of chest. "I'll see if I can't rig a shield around your quarters. You are clearly both in need of sleep, and you…" He looks to Isis intently. "…need to feed properly." And yes, Hank knows exactly what he's saying. "Promise." And then after a moment of studying her intently, scenting as well as looking, he mmphs again, and nods. "Nick, I will revisit the conditioning, we should probably seek the assistance of the Professor, Jeanie or even Emma Frost if you need to be /sure/. And I would not want to -not- be sure. He moves to one of his rendering stations, and starts working on wire frame graphically assembling a holographic model as he thinks, and apparently works on designing the null-dome he mentioned.

And then he goes very still at that question from Nick, he dons his reading glasses again for the work he's doing, and then sighs very softly. "Seventeen days ago I was in the process of acquiring a lab off Institute grounds. We ran into a bit of a techno-organic weapon in a hidden AIM affiliated facility there. This thing attacked us, and I was infected with a bio-mass that altered my genetics even as the serum was stripped away and the Reverbium altered. Thanks to the concerted efforts of Doctors Simmons and Kelsey, Catseye, Doctor Ho, my girlfriend Betty, and a technopath they were working with I managed to survive but my transmog serum is no longer viable. In short - WYSIWYG." THis said with hands to either side in a stage bow.

Hank actually face palms, and shakes his head at the pun. "Now I wonder if that jacket I made for you is a good idea." He offers with a half-smile to Isis after her PUNishment infliction.

He nods, and sighs. "Clearly we missed something. Don't worry, Isis, we'll figure things out."

Hank quirks a brow at Lin's smile and words. "Priorities is the right word, yes, and in some regards I agree. However…" This with an upraised hand. "…killing is always the very last resort, believe me, this is the only wise course."

He can't help but blink at the flower, and then he offers a faint smile, and sniffs at it. "Remarkable. Your control is formidable, and it is quite beautiful." OF course this would be the time that Merlo pokes a head up off his arm, and a curious little 'wark'. He nods, letting the spirit crow form, and sets it on his shoulder while he works, but lets her look around. They're still rather uneasy, but closer now in a lot of ways.

Drily. "-Did- you steal his hat, Lin Li?"

Nick stares at the crow having just noticed it. Well. It DID just appear on his arm. "Hank. What is that?"

Isis might find it, well. Tempting. It's a birb. Lin? Lin will probably find it interesting. It looks like an animal but it doesn't respond to her power the way it should. Almost like it isn't real or it's somehow altered or…

Well, it DOES look half dead, so there is that. Or rather, it looks undead.

Other concerns are forgotten for the moment. Hank appears to be possessed by Nevermore.

Isis frowns at Hank "Jacket?" She heard that and the cat fixates on that for a bit. Nick knows she's avoiding the topic of going to see the other telepaths - because it's Isis and she does that. As to feeding, she nods slowly "When I don't have to make sure that Nicks dreams are safe …"

Because they've both been attacked through their dreams as well.

When the Zombie Raven appears, Isis's shoulders hunch and she looks like she's ready to 'pounce'. BIRB!!! Nick might need to grab, as she peels herself away from his side and takes one step. Then another. The mighty hunter is on the prowl.

"Noooo!" Lin gasps out as she watches the crow with interest and blushes at Hank's praise. "Well, not on purpose. It got caught." She gestures up at her antlers. "He was waltzing past and I was eating the ice cream." Everyone else was going out of their way to avoid the obvious mutant in their midst but here came this guy not paying attention to her in the least and all of a sudden she was behatted and yelled at. "We did the yelling and then he was funny and nice and we fought the spider and got drunk." She pauses. "I got drunk. Can't remember where he went." She never lies. She might at worst withhold the truth but lying is foreign to her. "He was big, Hat-Man. Heavy, stomped it to death. I have no idea where it came from. It was already bloody. It killed a raccoon and tried to attack us, it was damaged some already too." She smiles suddenly. "He bought me new ice cream."

As she talked, to take her mind off having to speak so many words and how hard it is Lin has slowly edged closer to Hank so she can get a good look at the Raven. "How?" She frowns. It's not a machine is it? Then what? Hesitantly she raises a finger and holds it out in front of the Raventhing. Where did it come from? She does not chide Nick for his question this time. She wants to know what this not a bird is. So curious about it that even the rose she made for Hank turns in the direction of the crow, sensing her interest.

Lin slowly turns her head to look at Isis. She wishes she understood how to work the camera on her phone. Because that is just too cute. However she should move out of the way until this chaos sorts itself out. Besides it will offer a chance to learn more about the Raven and Isis hunting prowess. Lin giggles and ducks to the side and hides behind Nick. She should so do something to help but it's funny.

As a spirit creature…okay…a zombie, Mirlo glows with a faint blue radiance and is covered with runes. A blink at Nick's question, after all he's gotten fairly used to the raven-zombie "Mm? Oh! Mirlo, she's a guest, I suppose you could say, Piotr's partner has a number of these tattoos, but due to some very serious concerns had to seek temporary housing for them while working on resolving them." Hank nods, and fixes Isis with a /look/. "Please don't hurt my friend's friend, Isis." Well, her bound servant, still, friend sounds much nicer!

Needing a distraction he moves over to a box on one of his lab tables, and brings it over. "A gift for you."

Inside proves to be a very slick looking jacket of some sort of polymer, sleek and black with pink trim, it looks /precisely/ Isis' size. Over the heart is a 'Hello Kitty' face with Isis' eyes, and a larger one on the back that has 'Hello Isis" writtn in a half circle forming a sort of crown or halo of the smirking kitty face.

Hopefullly that will distract!

Mirlo just /looks/ at Isis, but then she flips her wings back, and pointedly preens at one half rotted feather.

"I should like to meet this 'Hat Man' at some point, Lin Li, sounds like a good friend." He actually pauses and looks a little sheepish. "Well…I'm not a magus to do such things, but if I had to guess I'd assume it was some sort of necromantic rite. She helps me, though. Keener sight, and only steals shinies if I keep her in tattoo form too long."

Nick does snag Isis by the collar of her shirt before she can get too far, and keeps her that way until her attention is diverted. As amusing as it would be to see Isis pounce on Hank's arm it's probably not conducive to… anything. Well. Other than Nick and possibly Lin's amusement.

"Guest. I don't mean to alarm you, Hank, but your guest is dead."

He glances to Lin. Animals are Lin's thing. "It's dead right?" Isis, please pay attention to the jacket. Pretty jacket, isn't it? It's even got Hello Isis on it.

Poor Nick, one his jobs is Isis Wrangling and when she reverts to her 'facility mentality' she's quite feral. Even as Nick snags her collar she still tries to stalk. Until the jacket comes out. "Oooooh." She says, extracting herself from Nicks hold and turning the jacket left and right. "Look Nick. Hello Isis. I told you it was a thing."

Shucking out of her jacket, she slides the new one on. It's perfect - and fits her curves just so. Hank has a good eye. "You made this for me?"

Lin gets a curious look "What's so funny?" She can feel the amusement rolling off the woman.

Lin seems torn between amusement over the Isis's new jacket and the discovery of what the Raven is. An affront to nature. It should be dead but is not and it helps him? "Yeeeeessss." She hissses softly and then looks at Nick helplessly. Is she supposed to try to free it or is this one of those things she doesn't like but has to accept? The dead aren't meant to serve the living. Hank is nice though, not a bad person. She remembers he was a good teacher and funny. Maybe this can fall under the category of "Not any of her business." Yes. There. She can drop the matter now. She's also not going to ask anymore questions about it. Some things she does not need to know.

Changing the subject Lin looks back at Hank. "You are well though? After the weapon? Not.. hurt? Different look but you look good." Curious again, Lin steps moves around Nick and reaches out to touch Hank. She wants to see if she can tell if he is physically hurt and if she can heal him. She thinks she might be able to tell but isn't sure about the healing he really isn't animal enough for that. Sometimes she wonders if she worked at it, could she heal people too, and what the reason is that she can't but not too often. Most of the time people are of little interest to her.

Lin's amusement at how easily Isis is distracted returns and she wonders what would happen if she had one of those little pointy lights… "Um. You, you are adorable." Is all that Lin can really think to say. And she means it. The only time she's ever had interest in people, its people like Nick and Isis and now Hank. She can't really help it. She's just so different from the others.

"Well, technically she's not dead, Nick." Hank corrects, mind—all the while he's working on the 3-D holo model of the device he intends to build, it is actually kind of neat to watch the man's hand shift and rotate the image, tossing 'parts' aside, and dragging new ones from a virtual toolbox. A nod. "She's UN-dead." Oh, because…yeah, that's SO much better! "And it is only a temporary thing, I'm sure Keiko will want her friend back again very soon." Mirlo, having finished with that pesky rotting feather, glides over to one corner of the lab, checking her shinies collection.

He IS rather thankful for Nick's intervention to keep Isis from pouncing, bad form to let a friend eat another friend's spirt-bird zombie necro-tat! Very bad form.

And then he smiles more fully when she seems so taken with the jacket. "I did, would it fit so nicely if I hadn't made it just for you, Isis?" He asks, and that depression inside, that hurt…feels lessened, he feels closer to right again. That's a good thing, isn't it?

Hank allows Lin to touch, curious to see if she can heal him, alas, he's neither injured nor animal enough to qualify. Though…she could possibly feel that there's potential for more animal? Sort of…lurking in wait.

He is also a bit embarrassed by her praise, he KNOWS he's anything -but- handsome. His fur does seem a tad darker though, and the empaths in the room will have little trouble feeling his embarrassment and bemusement. His fur is very clean, immaculately so, and thick, coarse, layered and likely very warm.

Nick yawns a bit, involuntarily. He hasn't slept well and while Isis is all enraptured with that coat, he knows she hasn't either. The big brown wolfman blinks several times and rubs his eyes. "I think I will take you up on that offer of a protected nap." At least here even if someone gets at him, there are telepaths on hand to deal with it. And he can lock the door and prevent himself from leaving involuntarily.

"I really appreciate your help Hank. And Lin, we'll go soon and find those… mutants."

But not now. Not on three hours of sleep and a box of Duncan's.

"Have fun with your… zombie apocalypse in the making. That thing's not infectious is it?"

Probably not. Hank would have himself in quarantine if it were.

Yawwwwwwwwn. Alright. He really needs that nap.

Isis doesn't hug but she rubs her ears against Hanks arm before moving back to shelter by Nicks side. "Student accomodation, Hank?" She hated that place but with Nick here it won't be o bad.

Sleep. In a pool of sun, curled up next to Nick. That sounds like feline heaven.

Lin sighs sorrowfully. She will not say what she can feel lurking. She will just be there to help if it ever comes out. Instead let him think she is sad she cannot heal. She does pick up on the fact he doesn't believe her though. "If someone tells you otherwise I will swat them. You are beautiful." She frowns. "Before too, yes but now, still, just a different kind." She sucks at this kind of interaction and sighs again, stepping back. "Look." Lin points up at her antlers. "I have heard everything. Doesn't mean it's true." Her head snaps around at Nick's yawn and she frowns again. "Yes, you both sleep. I will stay and watch just in case." She can try to soothe any nightmares. "And then yes, we go hunting. I will follow orders." There is some slight disappointment in her voice there. She wonders if she can convince Nick and Isis a cuddlepile is a perfect way to insure good sleeping? Maybe it's too soon for that. Besides she needs to stay awake and guard. "See you later." She smiles at Hank and prods Nick and Isis towards the… place they are going. She recalls the outside perfectly but inside, not so much.

"Nick, we're old friends, probably the oldest of the First Class." A glance flicks towards Lin. "And apparently the handsomest as well." He smiles and thumps his friend's shoulder. "Go rest, I'll have the dome generator ready in a couple hours, eat first perhaps? I do believe someone made some lovely custard, and there's a whole unopened box of ice cream sandwiches in the freezer upstairs." A nod. "And some healthy food too. With your permission I'll stop by your room and setup the dome, yeah?"

Hank smiles to Isis. "Nah, take my room, Isis…I almost never use it." He has a living area in the lab after all. Truly, Hank doesn't use his actual room very often.

"Mirlo is hardly seething with T-virus." He says with a grin. "Nor does she eat brains…that I've seen anyway."

A gallant bow to Lin Li. "See you later, it was very good to see you again, Lin Li."

Once they depart, Hank seals the lab once more. In a bit over two hours the dome generator is built, and true to his word he sets it up in the room upstairs.

Somewhat at a loss, he then exits the grounds and goes for a run in the mountain park, just…being.

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