2020-02-14 - Festivus for the Rest of Us


Darcy, Sigyn and Loki plan Valentines and other holiday events including Festivus, and possibly a fun trip to Nice or maybe Alfheim

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Feb 14 04:05:13 2020
Location: Asgardian Embassy

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St Valentine's day - a fun day for some, not so fun for others. For Loki — it turned out to be a leap year Friday this year. Sure, he's gotten all sorts of fun in mind for later, but for now he's at work, and bored to absolutely EPIC proportions. Which is /really/ not a good thing at all.

Worse…he's at WORK. Because and freakin' embassy never closes. Stupid thing.

Seated behind his desk, Loki has his feet up on it and crossed at the ankles as he spins a dagger on one finger tip and is amusing himself by throwing more into the wall, forming a lovely little heart pattern. WHERE the knives come from? God only knows.

Sigyn has been bored, and when she's bored… she bakes. She's dropped off treats various places around the embassy, including a huge tin of assorted chocolate cookies appearing on Darcy's desk without warning. And now she materializes in Loki's office, a platter of cupcakes and cookies and her own sweet self appearing on his desk. "Why don't we visit Nice? Remember that one great Valentine's day we had there? We could try to recreate it, even if I don't know where we could get a carriage on short notice. The champagne and ostrich feathers wouldn't be a problem."

Darcy had a lovely bouquet of roses on her desk, delivered personally right before the beau in question whisked her away for lunch. Now, a fwe hours later, she collects her tablet with the editable PDFs of things she needs his signature on. As she rolls her chair back, the cookies appear. For a heartbeat she stares at them. One blink, and then Darcy shifts things to het left arm to free her right hand for cookie collection. She's half way through the still warm treat by the time she walks in to Sigyn on Loki's desk and a heart of knives embedded into the wall.

"Afternoon, Boss. I got-" Her words pause. She takes in Sigyn, the tray of sweets, the artwork on the wall. Her tongue flicks out to clear a crumb from her red lips.

"-shit for you to sign off on. Not actual feces. Stupid banal things, the usual. And then going to Nice sounds nice. You should totally to that so I can get a maintenance team in to replaster the dry wall." All said with her usual non-pulsed demeanor and the cookie being finished off.

"Hi, Sigyn. Happy Valentine's Day. Thanks for the cookies."

Apparently when Loki is bored he breaks, instead of bakes, but at least the words rhyme! He looks up when Sigyn appears, actually a few seconds before she does, having sensed her teleporting the cookies into the outside office first…or…no, clever witch, -simultaneously-. "Nice does sound nice." He admits as he snags a cupcake. "Well, we won't need a pastry chef this time, and I don't think I know if we'll be able to find a pair if identical twin Chinese acrobats who're amenable on this short of notice, I planned that last one half a year prior." Because it was a LONG time ago, and travel times were…extreme. "Still, the dancing bear…I could…OH, hello Darcy."

He smiles winningly to his PA. "Actually…if you're not otherwise engaged at the moment, why not join us? Bugger the wall, I kind of like it, we'll leave it for later on."

Sigyn smiles at Darcy, "I saved some of the best treats for you, and the rest for Loki of course. But you deserve them for handling the worst parts of the work around here." She laughs after Loki speaks, "I'd almost forgotten about the bear! And if we don't recreate -that- Valentine's day, we should still do something memorable." Which… may not be the wisest suggestion if you want to avoid trouble and are married to the god of mischief.

Then again, she's married to the god of mischief. Who says she avoids trouble?

It's like she often has a little Trouble in her, huh? Darcy smiles at the couple, shoulders bouncing in a half shrug at talk of doing the hard work int he office. She hands the tablet to Loki, so he can tap tap he's signature into place. She has it set up for that.

"If it wouldn't hamper your romantic get away weekend and my boything can tagalong, if he can. Otherwise, I'll take a raincheck. Of course, if Jimmy's got plans for me already, I'd hate to ruin them, so me going to totally dependant on him not having something in mind for me already," Darcy says, the smirk and mischievous tickle growing for a bit. "But I still want to hear about this dancing bear."

And Loki can't help admiring the results of said shoulder bounce, but hey, he's a guy. Well, generally. He was /born/ male! Okay, yeah, he'd be just as distracted by a set of muscular pects…especially when paired with, oh, say, a cybernetic arm? *le sigh* A shake of his head, and then Loki slaves over that hot tablet to make with the signing of the dreary. "Of /course/ your beau is welcome, we can make it a double night out, if he's comfortable with doing so. Or we can go somewhere else, I hear Tahiti is a magical place? You like tropical paradises, right Darcy? Or…"

He looks thoughtful. "Darcy, have you ever left Midgard?"

NOPE! Not a word about the dancing bear. Not. One.

"I concur, Sigyn, is SHOULD be made memorable, I mean, sure, it is a pagan holiday celebrating a so-called 'saint', but…we can still enjoy the spirit of it. Though…no imprisonments." The true origin of a Valentine's card, the notes passed to the man when he was pre-saint and in jail.

Sigyn grins, "Even if he -has- made plans for this evening, we could still take a quick jaunt and have you back in plenty of time if he doesn't want to go off exploring."

When Loki mentions the pagan origins of the holiday, Sigyn chuckles, "What was it that one wit said… that Christianity steals from any religion that doesn't run away fast enough? The older celebrations were more fun… and the Victorians tried to take the fun out of what was left!"

Loki's rambles are met with the same sort of aplomb Darcy has for all of the Trickster's antics. Though, they do have her grinning widely.

"I have the best bikini body, and no. I've never been off-planet," she replies simply, taking the tablet back when Loki's done. Her eyes turn to it so she can start getting the files sent off to the places they are needed. She's snickering at the pair's commentary on human religious celebrations.

"I rather like Festivus, to be honest. We should do that next year… maybe before we sing hte sun back to the sky?" she suggests, having read somewhere that singing all night was part of that whole yule thing.

"Right then, perhaps a trip to Alfheim might be in order, the light elves don't hate me enough to attack on sight, there's some /truly/ remarkable places there. If you're going to go off world to another of the Nine Realms, that's a good starter." Of course…still perilous, after all they're still creatures of Faerie. "It has been a very long time since we've been there, mm, wife Sigyn?"

He laughs. "Oh Darcy, now we HAVE to see you in a bikini, you realize this, yes?" Nope, not caring at all about the dreary, that's what he pays Darcy RIDICULOUS bank for! It isn't really like the job is onerous either.

"The festivus for the rest of us?" He is frowning, for once not sure what it signifies but remembering the phrase from…somewhere.

"Christianity is almost the thief that English is." Loki agrees to Sigyn's words.

"Or the English themselves," Sigyn comments, "I've never known another people to conquer half a world in pursuit of spices… and then not cook with them!"

Sigyn grins at the idea of Alfheim, "I'll grab us a picnic lunch. Best not to eat anything I don't give you while we're there, Darcy. Though maybe we could bring your beau back some flowers." She looks at Loki, a gleam in her eyes. "Remember that little village where they grow those violets?"

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