2020-02-20 - Looking for a RESCUE?


Kurt comes to visit Angela while she's working on a new sword.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Feb 20 18:36:43 2020
Location: Carpenter Studios - Loft

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Even though Angela spends a lot of time on the shop floor, she spends a lot more of it forging and working on her craft. After all, there's not much point of having a business if you don't have any inventory. Currently, the angel is wearing rather utilitarian overalls as she works, slamming a hammer down onto highly heated metal to forge a blade into shape.

After all, when you have to fold the metal that many times, you need to make sure you do it right. So her attention is there and not necessarily elsewhere…


The familiar sound of air rushing to fill a hole, along with the scent of brimstone and sulfur announce the arrival of Kurt before he even has a chance to speak.

He wears casual clothes consisting of a snug t-shirt and a pair of jeans, modified to allow for his tail. A tail which at this point is looped around a grocery bag.

"Hey, Angie." Kurt says with a smile, waving a hand from the kitchenette as he starts to put the groceries away, pausing for a moment to watch the angel swing the hammer a few times. "Don't mind me, I'll keep out of your hair."

Angela smiles warmly as she hears the telltale *bamf* of Kurt, glancing over her shoulder, "You never get in my way, Kurt, you know that." She chuckles and goes back to work, "Just had someone request a Hattori Hanzo replica, and you know me… I strive to be exact."

She goes back to hammering at the forge, molding the metal into place as she then adds, "So, what are you making tonight?" Since, well, he did get the groceries, so it's only fair to ask!

"I was thinking chicken breasts with shallots and garlic in a mushroom cream sauce, with either some bacon and brussels sprouts in a balsamic reduction, or asparagus. Which would you prefer?" Kurt says as he starts to set the ingredients for the meal on the counter. "Or I could just do both."

Angela chuckles softly, "Both sounds fine for me, this is definitely a little more work than I… remember!" She continues working on the blade, not missing a beat as she converses over with Kurt, "How was everything at the school today? You seem to be a bit earlier than normal."

Kurt nods as he starts to wash the vegetables in the sink, "Oh, the same. Classes, classes, and more classes. I'm just glad my courses don't involved having to grade tests and papers." he comments with a chuckle.

Kurt procures a knife from the block and starts to chop some mushrooms as he uses his tail to put a pan on the stove. "Is it? I didn't think you actually got tired. I guess I always assumed that you could just bang away on that thing all day like the rest of us breath, with no real effort or thought put into it."

Angela hrms, "Well, not physically no, but I can get bored just as much as anyone else can. It's nice to have a distraction or two once in a while." She then glances back at Kurt, "Not that I'm categorizing you as a distraction, but I have started doing a little bit of… hrm, I don't know that I'd call it 'hero' work, but it is pretty helpful."

Of course, if Kurt had been watching the news, there was the report of an angelic figure helping fight wildfires on behalf of RESCUE not too long ago…

"Hey now, I don't go trying to make swords and axes. Why are you trying to encroach on my line of work?" says Kurt with humor in his voice. "And I don't mean being a distraction, I've been called worse."

He sets aside the mushrooms and starts to work on the other vegetables. "So what have you been doing? Patrolling the city at night when I am not around? Good for you, people need all the help they can get out there."

Angela laughs, "No, nothing like that…" She takes a moment to step back from the forge, and glances over her shoulder towards Kurt, "Ever hear of RESCUE? They're a group of people that help people affected by natural disasters. One of them stepped in here the other day, and well, I agreed to start helping them on a few things."

She pauses, then adds, "I do know that someone with your talents would be really helpful to them, if you had the time. But I wasn't sure how busy you were at the school and with… well, everything else."

Kurt pauses on his dinner prep and turns to look at Angela, "No, I can't say that I have, but it sounds like it is could be really beneficial to those in need. Good for you! It doesn't matter how busy I am, if you ever need someone like me to help out, you know all you have to do is ask. I am not going to just not help save people."

Angela smiles over at Kurt, "Well, obviously… but I don't want to stretch you too thin. Unlike me, you do need to sleep." She then gets a bit of an impish look as she regards the fuzzy elf, "Some nights more than others."

Kurt laughs, his cheeks maybe turning a slight tinge of purple. "Yes, well, maybe some nights someone will just have to let me get more rest. Seriously though, if you need the help, I am more than willing to help out. It's not like I signed a non-compete clause or anything. So who all is in this little team of yours? Anyone I know?"

Angela hmms, leaning against the wall, "Well, I don't know all their codenames, but it's Toni Ho, Veronica Kelsey, Posse, and well… myself. I only really worked with them for the job regarding the wildfires, but they have me on their contact list." She chuckles, "It's… weird, I never thought of myself as a hero, really, but it's been nice to help out."

Kurt hrms to himself, "I don't think I know any of them. At least not by any of those names."

He turns around, continuing to prep the meal, "You're an angel, Angie. You are pretty much the original super hero…or at least in the same team." he says with a chuckle, "But it is nice to help out, isn't it? I know that is one of the reasons I do it."

Angela nods, "Yeah, I… well, I don't think of people with aliases, I guess. Feels a bit weird to me." she chuckles, "Obviously the one named Posse is, I would think, but I didn't get her name other than that."

With that, she leaves the tools by the forge and comes over towards Kurt, slipping her arms around him from behind as she rests her head on his shoulder, "But yes, it is nice to help. I always enjoyed helping others, it's just normally more… subtle, than that."

"Next thing you know you will be wearing a colorful costume and going by some codename like Nightcrawler." Kurt says with a chuckle as he leans his head back to give her a kiss on the cheek. "Let's see, what would your codename be? Angel is already taken…"

Angela smiles at the kiss, "Actually, I've been using the name I ran around with in Greece. Athanasia. Sounds exotic enough I suppose, and I suppose people will be foolish enough to think that's my true name." She gets a little bit of a smirk at that, "Like I'd be that reckless to let anyone know it."

"You're an angel, love. I am pretty sure your true name isn't Angela either. It's probably something in Enochian that people can't even pronounce properly." Kurt says with a chuckle as he continue to prep for dinner. "But Athanasia is pretty cool. Not as cool as Nightcrawler, but pretty cool." He looks back and gives a wink.

Angela snickers, "Well, apparently 'Angel' was taken so I couldn't do that one." She hmphs a bit melodramatically, then grins at Kurt, "Oh, my real name isn't pronouncable by mortal tongues, and to hear it would likely cause your head to implode from the stress of processing the celestial language." She says that with a very straight face.


No smirking. Not even a little.

Well… maybe a little.

"I'm pretty sure that is exactly what I just said, minus the head imploding part." says Kurt with his own little smirk. "That would get a bit messy. I wouldn't want to have to clean that up."

Chuckling he tosses some shallots in the pan to cook, "You could always just go with 'Bad ass redhead with wings', but that might be a mouthful for the news.

Angela hmmms, "I think that's what the Visigoths called me, but I forget exactly how that translates." She chuckles a little, watching Kurt do the cooking as she stays behind him, embracing him carefully so as not to disrupt the chef at work, "The number of names I've had… well, yeah, it's been a lot."

"Well, I like Angela, so keep that one for a while." Kurt says with a grin as he slips the chicken into the pan. "You can change it after I grow old and you leave me for a younger model."

Angela nudges Kurt, "Hmph. I'm not really planning on going anywhere. Though, well, the mortal coil is precisely that, though I do wonder with people sometimes… especially in this day and age where miracles seem far more commonplace and man-made." A bit of a thoughtful look, at that.

"You would know more than I would." says Kurt as he starts to plate the dinner. "You have a more direct line to the big boss than any of the rest of us. If you don't know I think we are all well and truly screwed."

Angela chuckles a bit, "Well, it's not like they communicate directly to me. I'm no archangel, not even close to that." She smiles wryly, "Nor am I particularly eager for that level of responsibility, I like what I do for the Name." She gets a bit of a wry expression, "Patronizing art and encouraging it, that is. Having fun with fuzzy elves is just a bonus." With that, Kurt gets a kiss on the cheek as he finishes up cooking.

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