2020-02-20 - Dungeons and Schwarma


A casual meeting at the Schwarma Palace between Sarah Rainmaker and Hisako Ichiki turns into a discuss of the adventures inside the strange magical dome over Staten Island…

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Feb 20 04:54:18 2020
Location: Shawarma Palace

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For many, the chill in the air on the streets of New YOrk has them bundled up and scurrying to and from home to get OUT of the cold. Save for the one breed of pedestrian that seems to just not follow the crowd…that being joggers. Who are still (crazy enough to be?) running on the chill streets, even after the sun goes down. Of course, the city doesn't sleep, after all.

Also some of them cheat, like the tall Apache woman who slows to a halt in front of the Schwarma Palace, panting softly as she rests her hands on her hips, walking to cool down a bit as she checks her pulse idly. From her figure, this is a regulra thing for her - she has the athletic muscles of someone who runs, in addition to weight training of some sort. Her long dark hair is pulled back in a coiling braid that falls past her rear, while she wears running shorts and a comfortable sports bra under a snug tank top in a deep forest green.

By contrast, Hisako was no dressed for jogging (or other training), and is already inside the Schwarma Palace, her attention alternating, at the moment, between the menu boards and the weather outside. She also happens to be the last person in line right now - not that the line is all that long - so there's nothing to stop her from backing up to the door and holding it open.

"Coming in for a bite, or a break from the weather?" the Japanese girl inquires, looking up at the other woman. "The food here's pretty good, even if you aren't used to it." She's unzipped her own dark blue jacket while indoors, revealing a light grey T-shirt (albeit still obscuring too much of the design to be identified); sturdy denim jeans sheathe her legs, and a pair of black walking boots guard her feet.

Sarah glances over and grins, walking over to reach out to prop the offered door. "I know, it's one of the places I stop now and again when I'm in the mood for a treat." she agrees, then follows HIsako inside, letting the door close behind her. "Wouldn't hurt to rest a little before I head back.' Though she looks suprisingly unbothered by the chill, or at least running has heated her up to where she doesn't notice it as well.

"Ahh," says Hisako, nodding as she resumes her place in line, letting Sarah queue up behind her. "I guess if you run along this route regularly, you *would* know about which restaurants are good and which ones aren't." She smiles ruefully. "The chill certainly didn't stop you from getting your workout in, though …"

"Nah, this isn't bad." Sarah says with a faint smile. "I used to live out in the scrub in the Southwest….it gets really cold at night in the desert. Though it's more making sure you don't step on something you don't see that's the issue. Rattlesnakes and scorpions are a thing." he adds ruefully. "I do sort of miss it though, defintiely better air quality, even if it's a bit more lonely."

The Japanese girl nods, "I can imagine, I think. My family lives out in the country, away from the big cities. - I'm Hisako, by the way," she introduces herself (a little belatedly). She offers her hand to the Apache woman. "It's good to meet you, Ms. … ?"

"Sarah." the other woman says, taking the offered hand in a firm, but easy shake. "Do you live around here, then?" she wonders curiously. "I'm new to the city myself….well, I guess it's been about eight months now?" She smiles. "Still getting used to the big city."

Hisako makes a wobbling gesture with her left hand (having used the right for the handshake). "My school's outside of the city, but I come into New York proper every so often - errands, research, exploration, other stuff. Are you a student, or just trying to make your way in …"

She pauses, looking Sarah over as if trying to guess at what she does.

The native woman tilts her head, her lips pursing wryly as she gets a twinkle in her dark eyes. "I have a couple hats I wear, I work as a singer's manager, but…" She considers, then shrugs. "I work as a Young Avenger primarily." She grins faintly. 'Obviously not a well known one, apparently.' She doesn't seem overly bothered by not being recognized either.

"Young Avenger?" That prompts Hisako to raise her eyebrows. "Are they the trainee team or something? - Are *you*, sorry …" She looks sheepish. "I didn't know the Avengers had a junior squad or anything. I - is that what brought you to New York, joining the team? Think you might work your way up to the main Avengers team at some point?" She's trying not to talk too loudly, but if Sarah's comfortable enough saying she's a superhero to *introduce herself* as a Young Avenger, clearly she's not too worried about keeping it a deep dark secret.

"I think that's the idea, yes. Basically basic training for powered teens." Sarah confirms. 'And indirectly, yes." She motions to a table, walking over to take a seat and motioning to the other chair. "MOstly that they rescued me from a bad situation, and I decided to stay and be part of the team after that. Though most of them have graduated at this point and gone off to do their own thing, so it's really kinda just me and a couple others right now who pop in occasionally." She wrinkles her nose. "I basically seem to be the house mom with an empty house at the moment."

Hisako takes the offered seat, although she does note good-naturedly, "You know we have to order at the counter, right?" On the other hand, it's not like tables are at a premium at this point, and the lady behind the counter doesn't make a fuss at the two sitting down.

That capsule summary of Sarah's story seems to resonate with Hisako, even though she refrains - for the most part - from commenting on it. "I wonder how common that story is," she muses. "Get rescued by superheroes, work towards joining their number …" She trails off, considering. "Do you work with the full-time Avengers, too, or just stay ready to look after more could-be trainees?"

"Sure sure….I figured we'd figure out what to get then I could go up and order. Did you have something you wanted to drink? " she offers, then hmms "I wouldn't be suprised, when the teen is super powered and in need of training and doesn't have somewhere else to go." Sarah says thoughfully. "I have worked with SHIELD some, yes. Not the Avengers themselves though. Exploring that huge magic dome, for example." She tilts her head. "It'd be sort of a waste for me to just be the house mom, to be honest. I ended up doing it because eating nothing but pizza and takeout Chinese gets wearing every night." she says with a chcukle. "And I was the only one who really knew hwo to cook. So." She shrugs. "It was also a safety thing. Some bad types had kinda taken me off against my will…but legally…so I felt like being public and obvious as a Young Avenger was a better way to make sure they didn't try it again was a good plan. And I like being able to use my gifts to help people."

"Iced tea sounds good, I think," Hisako replies. "And the chi— no, the lamb wrap, I think. I can pay my own way," she adds, as if to head off questions of who's paying for whom. Or at least some of those questions.

Mention of the dome over Staten Island prompts an interested look that Hisako can't really hold back, though. "So you're exploring it too, helping with the investigation?" she asks, lowering her voice this time. "I don't really flaunt it around that I'm a superhero, but … what kind of things have you found out so far?"

She hadn't expected to talk shop tonight, but given the opportunity … why not?

"Well…first of all, irritatingly, it turned me into a forest elf…" Sarah begins, raising a brow. "Some sort of druid…" She gets to her feet and smiles. "Sec, be right back." She heads over, orders, then returns with a pitcher of tea, sweetner, and a pair of glasses, sitting down to pour. "So we went looking for some sort of weird magical resonance thing that's keeping the dome up…." And the story of a sewer run with a creepy wraith guy and a warrior SHIELD dude, the lightning bolting of an evil lake that they found, and the resulting fleeing when the pissed off hydra came out of the water and chased them back to their dome can be told! Among other things.

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