2020-02-19 - Pineapple Underground


Meet in a dive bar goes pineapple shaped, Skye and Laynia portal to safety and Laynia convinces Skye to get some training

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Feb 19 23:26:01 2020
Location: RP3 - Disaster Zone - Fallout Shelter

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It has been a few days since last Laynia and Skye had met up, on their last visit Skye even managed to slip a bug on Petrovna — no easy task, but she managed. UNfortunately that also had the net effect of irking said Petrovna a fair amount when it was detected by the scanners in the Triskelion. NOT because the girl did it, but because it was embarrassing to have the thing detected. There followed some paperwork, and expressions of concern, and…yeah, it was not a fun thing for the woman.

Today finds Laynia dressed in a white knit cap, rather floppy, along with a long scarf of the same white yarn and pattern. The scarf loops around her a shoulders a couple times, and the ends dangle to different lengths. A long sleeve felt shirt is dark blue in color, worn snug to her form and tucked into a pair of khaki pants that fit loosely, gathered at the waist by a brown leather belt. Brown boots are warn, the the pants covering them to the ankles.

They have been meeting at a number of different locations in and around Mutant Town, today's meet at a small hole in the wall watering hole called Jack's Place, a dive - but it has good wifi. Laynia actually managed to beat Skye to this meeting, for once, and she looks a little…grim?

It had been a gamble but one which Skye -had- to take when the opportunity arose. A chance to both track the GPS location of a portal-driven meta AND an opportunity to get some ears inside of SHIELD? It would have been a total win-win!

Except..that the bug was discovered in record time and the signal went dark waaay too quickly after it had been sent out into the wild. That's never a good sign.

For a time she was left wondering if maybe she should get out of the city—hell, maybe get out of the COUNTRY, but before any drastic measures could be taken another message came through about meeting up.

Let's face it… She really needs the money.

And it's -really good money.-

When she shows up it's with her usual brown hiking boots, blue jeans, and an olive green winter coat teamed with a light brown hat and gloves. The courier bag still rides on her shoulder because she never leaves her van without bringing some toys along. Opportunity waits for no lady!

When she comes over to take a seat across from Laynia she hesitates while looking to the other woman. "What's up, they take the boneless wings off the menu?"

A finger is raised, and then pointed firmly at the other side of the booth. "Sit." Yeah, not a lot of leeway in that command, and the woman's eyes - not an encouraging look to them, she really is very peeved. Maybe a trip to a non-extradition country MIGHT have been a good plan? Alas, too late now.

Once Skye is seated, Laynia slides a small plastic baggie over, you know, the kind that you might find in evidence lock up? Yeah, that kind.

"I have scrubbed this, fortunately there were no DNA samples, no finger prints, I did find one small hair, but is good. I recover before it could be entered into evidence."

Inside the baggie: the bug.

"I can understand you are curious and distrust the Division, as you call it." She leans closer, eyes /narrowing/, teeth bared but most definitely NOT in a smile. "Do. Not. Ever. Do. This. Again." She holds Skye's gaze until she's sure the message gets through, and yeah, Laynia's ire? Actually fairly intimidating.

And then one of the patrons looks over, and laughs. "Aw, trouble in paradise, little lady? Maybe you should try a /man/, I'll cure what ails ya." He even grips himself, his friends laughing like it was the funniest thing ever. These are some fairly disreputable types, possibly White Supremicists, not really clear, but definitely skeevy. And there's five of them.

Yyyep. Not a good sign, and it has nothing to do with the local menu. Skye closes her mouth and quietly swallows once before settling herself down into the very seat Laynia points to.

She doesn't need to look at the bag to know what's inside of it.

How can she explain? CAN she explain? No one ever said she -couldn't- plant a bug on someone else…

The hackerette's mouth opens then closes. Her dark eyes wander for a moment as Laynia starts in but like photons being drawn toward an event horizon it's not long before she's looking right back at the other woman..and slowly sinking back into her chair as if those few precious inches of space will make all of the difference.

Oh yeah. She's intimidated. Yet something else soon happens which turns out to be a -fantastic- distraction.

The guy who speaks out is given a quick look and frown before Skye turns back toward Laynia but with her head ducked. Hands shift around and—she's doing something with her phone under the table. Laynia can figure that much out without having to get out of her seat. What on Earth is she up to now??

Laynia sighs very softly as the ignorANUS speaks, turning to look over her shoulder at the man and his compadres. Laynia turns a bit more, resting her arm on the back of the booth, and then her chin on the arm as she looks the guy up and down, from foot to crown, to hand gripping his pants. She then quirks a brow, and looks him in the eye. "Perhaps I should, mudak." She smiles with incredible sweetness. "Do please let me know if you see any." And then turns back around and looks to Skye, completely dismissing the asshole (mudak!) and his four buddies.

Skye would definitely notice that Laynia is watching the guys though — she's watching them in the reflection they cast on a mirror by the pool tables (there's 2) just a few feet away, currently with a couple small groups playing, and one or two of them watching the drama that is playing out.

She did notice Skye up to -something-…what she does not know, though she's curious.

Truly, the woman is angry enough that a nice little dust up is JUST what the doctor ordered.

As for mister pants grabby, he is /stunned/ to be so completely dissed and dismissed. Some of his friends laugh their asses off, one or two goad him on. "You gonna take that from the dyke?" One—spit takes his beer.

Mouthy gets up, face thunderous as he moves towards the booth that Skye and Laynia share. "I think maybe you need to be taught some manners…"

It is perhaps -especially- unnerving that at the moment Skye is way more afraid of the woman sitting in front of her than the jerk of jackholes sitting nearby being twelve kinds of obnoxious. Laynia may be all nice and sweet-sounding as she addresses the one guy but Skye just..sinks..further into her seat while literally keeping her head down. Maybe she's afraid of confrontation?

When Mouthy gets up and approaches the two she finally looks up and offers him just the -friendliest- fucking smile in all of the world.

"And I think that maybe you need to stick to your own species. Which..by the way..since you think men are so great I went ahead and filled out a profile for you on Big Bear Luv dot com. You already got a hit from 'Sassy Steve 78.'"

So..not so afraid of confrontation, then.

Laynia can't help but laugh at the reveal of 'Big Bear Luv' and 'Sassy Steve 78'. "Oh, but he already has four boyfriends, what a busy young man he must be. Or…middle aged, something." An expressive shrug.

Mouthy Mc Moutherson stops dead at Skye's reveal, he thought he'd cowed her, only to learn she Beared him! "What…the FUCK is WRONG WITH YOU?" Some spittle flies as he hollers at Skye and then tries to lunge for her.

Tries being the operative word.

Laynia is not on par with such notables as Black Widow, or The Cavalry. That said - she IS a highly trained hand to hand combatant with a lot of years of field experience. As the guy lunges, she kicks his right foot into his left when it is upraised in transit. The net result, he ends up dropping like a ton of bricks when his legs tangle up. His chin hits the edge of the table with a horrible *crack* and he rebounds off it violently, landing on his back in a sprawl and staring dazed at the slow spinning ceiling fan.

Laynia then stands, turning to face the no longer amused four boyfriends. Softly. "Is mistake. Take friend, get the fuck out of here. This is last chance."

She clenches her fists as they rise, and one of them takes up a pool cue and spins it.


"I guess he's got a lot of love to give" Skye merrily replies with an entirely smug expression while still looking at Mouthy. "I'll send Stevieboy your home address."

When he hollers Skye just about laughs! Seriously, what's he gonna do? Pick a fight with a young lady or two in a public place? How stupid is—

Pretty damn stupid.

In a heartbeat the guy's crashed out on the floor and down for the count while Skye is left looking -completely- dumbstruck half out of her seat with one arm outstretched toward where Mouthy's face USED to be with a can of pepper spray ready to go. ..Mostly..ready to go… She didn't actually turn the knob up top to unlock it and open the vents.

She's never used pepper spray before, okay?!

Then the other four rise from their seats and Skye wilts a little. "Okay..that's not good." But Laynia's -totally- got this, right? She's like some super ninja assassin or something! And Skye has -pepper spray.- Yeah… Let's kick some bad guy -butt!-

"Nobody has that much, especially not this one." Laynia jerks a thumb over her shoulder at the fallen guy. Eyes of cinnamon study the four men, the one with the pool cue getting a frown. "Perhaps you would find pepper spray more effective if you arm it." She comments to Skye without taking eyes off the four.

The one with the pool cue just shakes his head. "You done fucked up, bitch. You messed with the wrong guys." He steps then towards Laynia, and she mutters something under her breath, the guy has enough training to be a concern.

The other three fan out, two moving to box Laynia in on three sides, and the last moving over to check his fallen buddy, before looking to Skye and taking out a switchblade *snick* and popping the blade out. "I think I might have to mark that pretty face of yours, girlie."

Unfortunately Laynia has three guys around her, looks like Skye's sort of on her own.

Of course then Laynia is in motion, moving to duck under the baseball bat like swing the big boy makes with the pool cue. *crack!* It smacks one of the flankers, the guy spinning around twice before hitting the ground. OW. That had to hurt!

As the man swings and she ducks, she jabs hard with her fist into the guy's knee, and his crotch before the third guy kicks her in the ribs. She rolls with it, but she grunts with the impact and slides about a foot to one side. The knee and crotch punched guy? Yeah, he's not so interested in the fight anymore.

Wait what? Armed it—this stuff needs to be ARMED??

Skye's focus darts to the small canister in her hand and not where it should be on the four advancing goons. Well, ONE advancing goon. The other three are tangling with Laynia and she is messing..then..UP! Holyshit -look at her go!-

Ahright. Bad guy ohmygod that's a switchblade. Skye forces a nervous smile and an abrupt "Hey!" of greeting as she tries to inch further into the booth. Where else can she go?

"Hey, uh..you've got a little..on your…" she motions toward her own cheek before reaching back to grab the metal napkin dispenser off of their table and fling it at his face!

A nut-kick would have made for a solid follow-up but so long as he's got a knife in his hand Skye wants to stay -as far away as she can.- Whether or not it hits (and she might have waited to see the results of her throw) she's scrambling up and over the booth and into the neighboring one. Distance is good, she'll take as much of it as she can get thank you!

Yes, they need to be armed. Or else they might go off in one's purse or pocket. One to grow on! "Da, turn top, open vents. Is armed."

Laynia straightens, an arm protectively over her side, apparently that kick was pretty solid. Of course — with steel toed boots it would be, not that the steel is obvious.

Laynia's ribs sure noticed though.

"Ray, you okay?" He asks the guy who dropped the pool cue, the guy curled up in fetal position and trying to breathe, so…yeah, not so good.

Several more guys look like they're possibly going to get involved, forming up around the fight.

The obvious fear in Skye's expression and eyes causes that fourth guy to lick his lips in anticipation, eyes lighting up - a predator sighting prey. The thrown napkin dispenser hits him in the chest, but it does give her a minute amount of breathing space, and lets Skye climb into the other booth, stepping between two people, on her panicked scramble. "The fuck—?!?" The guy says, his girl shrinking away as the fourth of Mouthy's boys strides implacably towards Skye.

Seeing that the one guy has a knife, Laynia takes a small black rod out of her pocket, a violent snap to the side extending the metal to telescope it about two feet. A -menacing- smile. "Fuck off, inbred." She says to the guy who just queried 'Ray'.

Jumping over the back of a booth and leaping over a table looks so easy in the movies! Why can't it be more like that? The customers at the other table have a right to complain as a women's hiking boot catches the edge of one of their plates and sends half of a bacon cheeseburger flying. "Sorry sorry guy with knife coming through!" she blurts out as she stumbles her way back to the -floor- where her boots belong.

It is EVER so awkward. Laynia would be facepalming so hard that her forehead would have struck the table if she had the time to watch.

Okay! There are..a lot more people looking ready to get involved… This would have been no problem if she were Captain America…

The nervous hackerette stands quite still and looks around at all of the other guys before lightly shrugging and admitting "Yah..I've got nothing. Hey, before you guys ..gut me like a fish, or ..rip me a new one, or..whatever it is that you macho types like to do, could you maybe give me a sec..?"

It may be time for the nuclear option.

See, in the movies they get to do it over and over until they get it right - this is not a movie. For one thing, the guy menacing you with a blade in a movie is probably armed with a prop, not real steel! The flipped burger ends up in the guy's lap after deflecting off his chin, yeah, might be ANOTHER joiner. It never rains but it pours!

Unfortunately Laynia /does/ notice the awkward…this girl, this -hacker- has NO combat training. At all and it is horribly, painfully, blatantly obvious.

Laynia watches as several more of the patrons form up. It is telling that the staff just ducked behind the bar, though one of the bartenders stands, and pumps a shot gun to chamber a shell (Stakeout Ithaca for the win!). "Right…all o'y'all take it outside RIGHT fuckin' NOW."

Laynia just sighs, this has escalated to the point that people might get killed, not cool. Eyes of cinnamon flow over with roiling black and she extends her hand as it is surrounded by a halo of darkness. From that halo a line of dark snaps to encapsulate the hand of the knife wielder, forming a bubble around the hand, and then she concentrates, and the tendril of darkness snaps like a whip, hurling him into the guy who kicked her with enough force to slap them both into the wall across the bar.

Her other hand uncovers her messed up ribs, and a shield forms as the 'whip' retracts to slither menacingly. "Get our stuff, we are leaving." She barks to Skye.

So…not exactly nuclear, but…

Just what -is- the nuclear option?

A smoke bomb! Number two of two. It -totally- would have worked, too! As dumb as these testosterone monkeys are EVERYONE knows what an improvised explosive device looks like, don't they??

Okay..maybe not.

Still, it doesn't matter. It escalates with the -owner- grabbing a -shotgun- and suddenly Laynia does a thing with really dark energy looking stuff and the one guy with the knife goes flying across the room and into another guy and someone ELSE starts screaming and shielding his face—

"Found it!" Skye triumphantly declares after successfully pepper-spraying one of the baddies in the face.


Her expression immediately changes upon seeing Laynia over there. "Yah—right, leaving now, okay then, good plan, let's go."

Barring interference she will be the first one outside because can you say -meat grinder?- She'd get ripped apart in there, shotgun or no shotgun! Though as soon as she sees Laynia, and again barring interference, the hackerette will bounce on the toes of her boots and get right down to business.

"-Ohmygawd- that was so amazing what do you even call something like that how does it work do you have a codename those guys didn't know what hit 'em that was freaking incredible!"

Actually…a smoke bomb /would/ have been a good option in a lot of ways, blacking out their ability to see is almost always good tactics. Unless the idiots are dumb enough to fire a shotgun without worries for collateral damage of course.

"AAAaaaaaah!" The maced guy shrieks, but then Laynia's little display brings a sudden silence - sudden stillness, well, save for groans from the duo slammed into the wall, and the whimpers of the guy she nut-punched. And the guy Skye maced, he's still being a big whiner baby! Nut up, man, just some capsaicin! Wuss.

"Da, leaving now." Laynia confirms, and backs behind Skye as she departs she backs towards the door, then creates a full on barrier to seal the place temporarily.

A blink at the gushing. "I am Tyomneya Svezda, in English is 'Darkstar'. My power is over the Darkforce…but…we will talk about this later, when in safe place."

"Yahright, -totally-!" Skye practically jumps where she stands and apparently forgetting that there's an armed mace can in her one hand which is no longer made safe. "Oh my gooood that is so COOL! I mean it's a little eighties-kinda-dark but I can dig it. Ohright, ah..van! Van's over this way. I haven't driven someone with powers in a while! Heydo you really think that guy would have come after me with the"

One good Darkforce portal is enough to silence the Skye, now standing still and staring off into the void with her mouth slightly agape and her arms locked around herself from the chill. It turns out that it is absolutely possible for something to be incredible and terrifying at the same time..and she just got to experience it.

"That's why you call it 'Darkforce'…" she mutters after a time.

"Darkforce." She confirms. "Is another dimension, my mutant power is to control this power, and access to the Darkforce Dimension. I could not warn you, no time." She apologizes.

They have emerged into a sort of bunker…God (and Laynia) knows where. It actually might be an old fallout shelter, regardless, it is underground, and full of supplies like food, water, and medical goods.

Laynia throws a breaker, and lights come on, and fans start circulating stale air.

Only then does she lean on a table, and catch her breath. "Think that idiot broke one or two of my ribs." She manages after a bit. The hat and scarf are doffed, and then she slowly, painfully removes the top. The right side looks fine, the left however is already an ugly looking bruise, going black in jig time.

She is wearing a sports bra, black, under the blue top and moves to study the ribs in a mirror. "I do not suppose you have had first aid training?"

"That is just..really..some kinda trippy…" Skye stumbles to string her thoughts together before the lights come on and steal her scattered attention. This isn't the bar at all. But..where are they?

At first she isn't sure what to say or do with Laynia's hypothetical prognosis. Arms remain folded together as she looks around before getting the idea to pull out her phone and check—nope. No bars. "Looks like you're planning for World War Three" she suggests.

Then she turns around and gets a look at the Russkie showing off one -awful- looking injury. To the question Skye's mouth opens once again and quickly falters, one hand coming up as if it desires to make a point before slowly getting tucked back against her side. "Not even a little. That's me..useless sidekick of the hour. Like anyone would have 'trained' me for practical fighty skills. Now if you need me to program your DVR while we're down here then I'm your girl. Where is this place even?"

"Oh, yes. Darkforce Dimension is very bad place to be without me. Is dimension of cold, and darkness, and fear…can lead to madness so stay close if we travel again, da?" It was rather on the trippy side, and the creeptacular side, that too.

"World War III? Nyet, is simply old fallout shelter I find under Disaster Zone, so…I get diesel generators online, I am not great mechanic…not even good one, but it is very easy to look things up on the YouTube, and there are also manuals here."

All the while she is probing at that hideous bruising, and sighs. "Two broken ribs, for sure." Her assessment.

She looks to Daisy a bit more sternly. "You travel in dangerous circles, now, Skye. I think we need to be training you in some basics…simple things like hand to hand, perhaps some pistol, knife of course, shadowing, and da, first aid."

She smiles then. "So…we start with first aid, yes?" Out comes some ace bandages. "There is trick to wrapping up cracked ribs, once wrapped I can go for while before getting to proper doctor. Also I have good pain meds here."

If Daisy is willing, Laynia will walk her through the proper technique for the ribs wrapping.

The Darkforce description is met with a shiver as Skye bundles her arms closer together. "You must be a big hit at parties. Seriously, how does one wind up with a power like -that?-"

"Holycrap we're in the -Disaster Zone?!- I've gotta get to the surface and launch my drone—Dammit! My last one got shot out of the sky. -Again.- ..Hang on, I can fix that" she thinks aloud while whipping out her phone again.

And 'Mouthy' back at the bar is going to pay for it! Consider it compensation for emotional damages.

When Laynia mentions traveling in dangerous circles the hackerette's wide dark stare darts back to the Russkie. "Hey, you think I -wanted- to be caught up in Predatorville? Last I checked I was only in this to teach you about electronics. Not ..having to fend for my life." Blink. "Did you say -pistol and knife?- Oh my god, I'm going to become Action Commando Hacker."

There's a little reluctance at first. Partly because Laynia's injuries look icky but mostly because she's finalizing an order for two brand new drones on someone else's dime. She does end up putting the phone away to assist.

After she taps the place order button.

"Is accident of birth, Skye…I did not get to choose, just random genetic lottery. My twin, Nikolai, he was also mutant…could fly, and repel most energies by crossing arms, even /reflect such/." Laynia smiles sadly. "He was great hero."

She laughs (and winces—broken ribs SUCK) at the reaction to their location. And then again when the poor girl finds there are no bars down here. "Okay, first you need to setup signal booster I buy but could not get running." Once that little task is accomplished, hey, she's got four, that's enough.

Laynia's shrug is a little callous. "Skye, wants have little to do with reality, we work with cards dealt to us, da?" A shake of her head. "I do not see how you could expect to survive without such skills, you are Confidential Informant for SHIELD contractor, you are hacktivist, yes? You are in Big Apple, world capital of crime and supers."

A smile at the last bit. "Da, Action Commando Skye with Kung Fu Grip, like GI Joe only much cooler."

Laynia is patient about the ribs, sure, they hurt like hell—but the girl has to be willing. If not? Well, Laynia has been hurt worse with less. She'll cope.

Skye wants to say that she understands and that she wasn't serious about the origin of Laynia's powers but the subject is left alone after hearing the cues about her brother. The brother who 'was' a great hero. She can take enough of a hint to not remain on the subject.

Setting up a signal booster is not only easy for her but a moral imperative. Especially when there's free drones to be had! Laynia might miss it if she blinks, Skye's -totally- on top of it.

"Yah yah, with access to great power comes great cheeseballs" she grumbles. "But that's kinda the -point.- I do things behind the scenes—how did you know I was a hacktivist?" she suddenly presses while holding still with the roll of bandages in hand. "Follow-up question..How did you know I was a confidential informant? Let's focus for a moment on the first word of that being -confidential.-"

TWIN brother. So, yeah, pretty close relationship. Now that Skye knows Laynia's super name, she'd have little trouble when she inevitably searches for her past exploits that she did have a brother, another Soviet Super Soldier, but he's been out of the public eye a long time. If she checks, there's no official record of his death, but then again a lot of records were lost over the years.

Laynia does blink, and is impressed at Skye's skills, and depressed a bit at her own lack of same.

"If you say so." Laynia answers with a smirk. "Well, I am ex-Soviet Super Soldier, trained as spy, and metahuman, would it not be more surprising were I to /not/ know these things? Also, you forget to ask 'where did I learn of your location' to list of questions."

A firm nod towards the bandages. "You wrap and we rap, da? Answer is essentially same…I work for, how did you say… 'The Division'. I am not contractor like Hank McCoy, I am full agent in powered division."

Yup, she's expecting a boom. "BUT…I hire you off books, paying out of pocket, you are not any more on their Radar than you were before, my word on this."

"What, that I'm in the Big Apple?" Skye asks. "That one's kind of a no-brainer. But..hey. You were a Soviet Cold War spy. Because -that- doesn't make me feel at all conflicted in regards to teaching you cyber-security and its many loopholes."

Back to the wrapping she goes. Stopping altogether would seem a little rude. Laynia -did- kind of pull Skye out of that bar fight earlier. ..Of course she had also been there -because- of Laynia so it's a bit unclear as to how responsible she might have been for the whole ordeal. All the same.

"Wow, a spy is keeping secrets from a spy organization. Raise your hand if you didn't see that one coming" she drily replies. "Headaches and confusion all around. Now when you're teaching me how to throw a punch maybe you can also tell me how that's going to keep me safe against all of these superpowers because that sounds like a really good trick."

"Nyet, that you were laying low in Mutant Town." She DID send her first message via courier, after all, the little snake kid. She grunts a little as the bandaging continues. "Tighter, if you please." She manages through gritted teeth. "As to trust issues…I have been remarkably transparent with you, have I not? I have answered questions, I have paid in cash, I have kept your secrets even from my own superiors - perhaps I am not so bad, mm?"

A laugh. "Oh no, you will not be throwing punches against supers, you will prioritize - first you flee, then you shoot, then you stab, then if nothing else is available you punch, and finally you surrender and hope for rescue. Doctor McCoy is powerful mutant, though I have not met him. /I/ am powerful mutant. We both have powerful resources and vested interests in your well being. What the training will do is keep you healthy against more mundane threats like bar fight, and keep you safe in a lot of situations because you know what to expect. And finally, being able to protect yourself means you might be able to protect others, does that not appeal to you miss Hacktivist?

"Oh, that. I blame Hank again" Skye says in a flat tone but one which isn't necessarily upset. This is still a great paying off the records job!

-Tighter,- for real? With two cracked ribs?? She gives a blank looking shrug and a "If that's what you're after" before putting some effort into it. Laynia's the one who's going to be hurting one way or another, not Skye!

Then Laynia has to go and be all logical -and- word the situation in a way which would better appeal to someone like the hackerette. She's gonna go ahead and blame the spy training for this one, but dammitall if it doesn't work.

"I actually have a gun…" she declares with a more timid note. "Not that I know anything about it other than 'it's a gun' and 'it does gun-like stuff.' Some mugger in an alley. Daredevil kicked his butt. I made sure he didn't get it back." And verifying that she doesn't go and shoot herself with it sounds like a -fantastic- idea across the board.

"I am sure he will be delighted when you tell him." If she tells him, of course. She might not. Probably won't, but the choice is Skye's. And yes, this is a pretty solid gig - and it is paid in cash, as has been mentioned.

Tighter, for real. Sometimes that's what it takes to bind ribs - /tight/ bonds. So, this really is a bonding experience for them both, they're definitely totes tight after this.

Absolutely she's using her training, but that doesn't means she's not right! Sure, she's wording things to appeal to the Hackerette's sensibilities, AND she's sharing a confidence, all while keeping Skye anonymous to her bosses. Fairly compelling stuff.

The news about the gun draws a frown, and then she nods. "Thank you." For bandaging the ribs, only /then/ does Laynia down a couple of vicodin. "If you have gun I will teach you how to use it, and how to care for it. Keeping gun from laying about in alley was good choice, guns need to be treated with respect. All weapons do." And yes, not having Skye kill herself with the gun is a bonus!

No, Skye's not planning on 'taking this up' with Hank or anything. She's grateful for the job, really! It appeals to her twisted sensibilities in all of the right ways.

"Yah..sure" she awkwardly replies to the bandaging help. Good deal if it -did- actually help.

"Might have changed the outcome at the bar," she considers. "Maybe enough to have kept your ribs from getting broken. God, I felt so useless. I thought idiotsquads like that only happened in the movies. And even you in all of your Soviet and powered-up badassery couldn't handle them all. Aren't the police supposed to deal with that nonsense?"

Laynia dons her shirt once more, and sighs as she sits down on a couch. "I hope you do not mind spending night, I need to sleep, and teleporting while on pain killers is bad idea." And really, would you /want/ Laynia trying to navigate the Darkforce Dimension while high?

"Exactly. The trick is to learn enough to get job done and not get yourself Done In at same time. I will not lie - the training, it will not be easy on you, I have very high standards. I am not superspy, but I am spy who is super and has lots of training."

A snort. "Bar was close to mutant town, police seldom go there. Nyet, we were on own, which was what I intended - apologies it went pineapple shaped." Okay, so, she isn't all that great with idiom yet.

The night will pass pretty swiftly all things considered, and hey, this place is a lot warmer than the Hackermobile! Better company until the vicodin kicks in and Laynia ends up lightly snoring on the cot she was seated on. Kind of cute. Also…she has wifi, cellular, and plenty of power. What's perhaps amusing is that the shelter is buried - there's /literally/ no way out without Laynia or high explosives. Safe though.

Comes the morning Laynia will feed them on MREs, and then portal back to Skye's van. "We train soon." The Russkie promises.

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