2020-02-18 - Deep Freeze


Turning up to the Tolliver Clinic with the Truck, plans are made

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Feb 18 00:41:26 2020
Location: Tolliver Free Clinic

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Hank had received a voice message from a man, with a disguised voice, identifying himself as Shiranui. The message wasn't overly clear - there's two things that Hank would recognise - Ryoshi's name and the words 'cryo chambers'. Oh, three. The Tolliver Clinic - they'll meet him there.

Please, very much.

It's getting on early morning - like 2am - when a large semi-trailer pulls up outside the Clinic with a squeal of airbrakes. It sits there at rest - and looks worse for wear. The front screen smashed in and holes in the top of the cab.

After a moment, the drivers door open and a tiny woman in black armour slides out …

Hank has definitely been better, with recent events he's even rather on the furry side once more, and even more bestial in appearance than before, so, yeah, 'Beast' fits. Still, the location alone is worthy of his attention, but the other items add to that, and so he makes the drive into the city, parking Bessy outside about a block away, and simply waits at the clinic. It doesn't always have the staff to run all the shifts, but he is one of the people with keys to the joint.

He frowns as he sees the beat up semi. "My word." He breathes and then moves to approach the armoured woman.

Hanks currently dressed in basic blue on blue - jacket and jeans. Oh, and blue-black fur that's fairly coarse and spiky. His fingers end in extendable claws, and his fangs are quite prominent.

"Are you injured?" He asks, nostrils flaring a smidge to scent the air.

The man accompanying the woman is in a fully concealing… body suit of some kind? A black suit that covers everything and from his head to his feet. He's wearing clothing over that. Leather and armored and has a sword on his back and a pistol at his side. There's a rippling and orange effect and the head just sort of recedes to reveal the face of a younger asian man.

"Not seriously no. However there is a problem and Ryoshi says you can be trusted."

Royshi. That must be the armored woman.

The truck they've brought is a semi-trailer and the unit it is towing is refrigerated. The passenger side window is just… gone, it seems. And there are cuts in the ceiling of the cab where something has stabbed or sliced through.

This truck was not brought here with the consent of whomever owns it.

Ryoshi leans against the truck once she's out, taking a moment to collect herself. The black armour seems to flow from her body, leaving just a bracelet at her wrist - barely visible under the cuff of her hoodie. "Not really, no. Just … exhausted." She doesn't explain anything more than that.

"Doctor McCoy, this is Shiranui." The man who beat her so badly he broke part of her implants. "I hope it's ok. I didn't have anyone els——" beat "You didn't have blue fur the last time I saw you."

"Uh. Sorry. Shiranui said there were cryo chambers in the back and the people … my old Order … were taking them somewhere. I didn't think we should let them do that and … you were the only one I could think of."

Eyes of blue study the pair of dark clad warriors, really, they remind him of some sort of sci-fi ninja types. Which, you know, is SUPER cool!

Hank nods to the man. "I would like to think I can be, you'll have to decide for yourself, of course." Hank says in a deep bass. He studies the man, taking in his scent as he looks to the clearly hijacked semi and refrigerated trailer. "Cryo chambers?" He asks with a quirked brow.

He nods to Ryoshi as the woman reveals herself, and unarmours herself. He offers a massive hand with some serious looking fighting claws, retracted as they are, he could probably still do some damage. "A pleasure, Shiranui. Hank McCoy…" A nod. "…also known as the Beast."

On point? You betcha!

He offers a toothy smile to Ryoshi. "No, I was not. But I'm still me." He looks to the refrigerated unit when she confirms there's cryo chambers inside as was mentioned in the not so clear message. "Right then, let me have a look, mm?"

"Yeah." Shiranui moves to the back of the truck and slices the lock. Easily. He just draws his blade, passes it through the lock and then puts it away again. There's a sort of techy hum and the blade is definitely a machine or device of some kind and not just folded metal with a handle. Might be something to look at later.

"Beast huh?" He kind of looks it but Shiranui doesn't say that. He just throws the door open. Inside are twelve cryo-pods. Each of them is fairly bulky and there are six on each wall. All of them are just sliiiiightly too small for an average adult human being, so either the passengers are younger OR they're from one of the smaller ethnicities. It's impossible to tell from a casual glance though because they are all fogged up and iced over.

The tech involved here is… pretty out of this world though. Not the sort of thing that gets casually tossed around. Whomever lost this is going to be pisssssssed.

Ranna isn't all that tall really and the chambers might have fitted her. She follows the men into the back of truck. "You should know what you're getting involved with, Doctor McCoy." She says quietly. "The Order … they created my implants and caused me to go after Shiranui. Now they want me … dead and they're doing this. Whatever this is."

"If you get involved, Doctor McCoy, they might not leave you alone."

She has to be honest and give the man a chance. The life she leads … isn't nice.

Oh, it is something to look at later, no question - Hank loves him some ultra-tech. Sure, HE doesn't usually use weapons, but he still loves the tech and he knows plenty of folks that DO use such things! A nod. "Beast." Hank confirms and then hops into the truck without apparent effort. Light on his feet for a guy massing almost twenty-nine stone. He doesn't even land all that heavily, really.

Hank studies the cryo-units, and then looks to Ranna. "I have seen what your 'Order' does, the lengths they go to to ensure your loyalty and their ability to kill you should they deem it needful." He looks to Shiranui, a chin point. "He did you a favor by damaging your gear, had he not we'd not have needed to meet."

A shrug at the possible menace. "Ryoshi - I already have many enemies, one more is not really anything new."

And with that he hunkers down to examine the sweet tech of the cryounit, searching for any sort of security measures - they were pretty damn thorough with the implants, he'll just assume these things are rigged to kill him, thanks.

There are several security measures but they're all in the 'anti tampering' and 'failsafe' categories. There doesn't seem to be much designed to prevent him from getting in. This is likely, Hank might surmise, because anyone who attempts that without knowing what they're doing is likely to wreck the machinery and/or kill the people inside. The way to initiate the 'warm up' procedure isn't too hard to find but what kinds of medical facilities will be needed when the people inside are defrosted is not at all clear.

In any case, Hank does manage to surmise that the people who built this probably had highly advanced genetics knowledge of the type that would be cutting edge even to him. There aren't very many places on earth that actually HAVE that kind of knowledge. It isn't Genoshan, Hank can rule that out at least. But someone who has Genoshan level tech that ISN'T Genoshan isn't really any more comforting.

The displays on the side give the name and basic biometrics of each subject. Most of them are between 12 and 19. Most of them are southeast Asian - primarily Chinese. Three of them are flagged as possible mutants.

And all of them have EXTENSIVE genealogies going back at least fifteen hundred years.

"We don't know what they're doing with them, Beast, but there were three other trucks like this." That is at minimum thirty six more people that the Order of Si Fan DOES have.

Ranna casts a look to the Shiranui. That he's exposed his face to Hank sort of amazes her. "They're so young." She was about the same age when they modified her as they did, but she doesn't think on that what she does think on …

"I wonder … if they think this the 'honour' that I did." Wiping the glass of one of the tanks, she stares at the face of a girl who's about 16. "Are there male and female here, or is it just one sex?" She asks. "She was probably told it's a honour to her family to be doing this."

"Oh this is VERY impressive tech." Hank half-purrs. What!? He's an engineer and a scientist. He is just wee bit of a technophile. Okay, a lot of a technophile.

"I have no idea what sort of medical facilities are needed for these…kids." He murmurs, and then he puts on a pair of reading glasses, before touching the side of one stem. A moment later he is wearing a visor of some sort of polymer, and he does his best to interface with the pod he's examining, and download the data on it…and if it exceeds 5 terabytes, well, that's what a cloud server is for!

"The cryo-tube has fifteen CENTURIES of genealogical info…this is…not a trivial thing. The tech is some of the best I've ever seen, these are some seriously big time operators. Perhaps I was hasty to be so blas%<233>."

A shake of his head a the news that there's /dozens/ more like this. "I honestly have no idea what to do with all these kids, it might be best to turn them over to SHIELD?"

"I'm not entirely confident SHIELD will not be compromised in this matter." Shiranui says. That is perhaps one of the reasons he did expose his face. Because his name is still unknown. Shiranui being the rough name for a 'will o wisp' and not an actual name in actual use by actual people. Actually.

"That makes sense. The Order tracks the bloodlines of its adherents very carefully. I am given to understand it is a very old organization and they are likely trying to… maximize the viability of their subjects by selecting only the most compatible genetic profiles."

The Project ninja looks at Ryoshi and cants his head at her commentary. "Are you suggesting that this truckload was intended for implantation as enforcers and operatives like you were?"

That's bad news. Why would the Order want four dozen enforcers in New York?

"Maybe?" Ryoshi sets her palm to the glass for a moment. Shiranui might realise she's saying a prayer. "Implantation, modification at the least, yes. Why keep them like this otherwise. The only question, why like this?"

She sighs and turns to face the two men as they talk. "I was … groomed from a child to become a 'Daughter of the Order'. I was taken at sixteen and blessed with the procedure. That was all done at home, though. I was taken anywhere."

"Maybe they won't be exactly as I was, though. Clearly I was designed as a Hound for the Project. Shiranui is part of, was part of, a group called The Project. Whether these kids are? I can't say but why else do this?"

"Then we have a problem." A nod from Hank. "Twelve in fact." He looks thoughtful a moment. "There's lists of procedures to be done here…speed mods, strength mods, psi-boosts, weaponry, subdermal armour, and three are suspected of being mutants…" A scan is run, and then he nods. "…and they are confirmed as such as well."

He shakes his head. "We need a secure location, one that is off the grid, so far none of them have been modified as yet, but there's no consistency to what is being done - they're all over the board, I'd need to see the data from the others before I could begin to extrapolate meaningfully."

Hank offers up. "Probably not all for implantation, they're mixed genders…some could be, though. And it could be eugenics are a factor in their plans, likely considering the data I found." And uploaded. "So…Daughter of the Order, Hound of the Project, The Project. Sounds cold."

Rising, Hank does not wake any of the kids just yet. "We need to get them to a safe place - I can think of a couple, I can definitely get the mutants shelter, but otherwise if we rule out SHIELD, then I can only think of reaching out to a friend in the Maria Stark Foundation, or possibly some friends at RESCUE unless you just want to rent a bunch of rooms in a hotel somewhere…"

"The location for where the other thirty six were dropped off is in the truck GPS." Shiranui had checked that while they were on the way here. "However they were being taken to someone called 'The Lady' and I suspect that is a high ranking Order member. If that is true the location they were taken will be heavily guarded."

The Tech-Ninja nods as Hank lays out the options. "Either of those sounds good to my limited knowledge. They cannot be left in the open. Order Operatives are all over the city and they have recently imported a large strike force of cyber-ninja as well. Moreover, their allies in The Hand and the Snakeroot Clan - both more traditional Ninja organizations - will be on the lookout as well." So yeah. Whomever takes these people in needs to be well prepared.

"Lineages are very important as we've discovered and there's definitely some of this that has an esoteric bent." He glances at Ranna. She knows exactly what he means. "I doubt they'll be sent after the Project given that it doesn't exist anymore."

Shiranui is, so far as he knows, the last surviving member.

"The Project was…" How to explain this. "An organization dedicated to merging traditional forms of martial arts and meditation with cutting edge technology, creating a perfect synthesis of the two. It was an offshot of a larger organization that is counted as one of the Order of Si Fan's traditional enemies. A small handful of similar organizations have fought eachother for the fate of the world since ancient times." Ryoshi could go into a bit more detail, but the history involved here is… involved.

The upshot? There's been a secret martial arts war conducted across the world for centuries. Possibly millennia.

"Forty Eight of them." Ranna corrects. The twelve here and the thirty six in the trucks they couldn't hijack or stop. "We could have followed the trucks and tried to find out who 'The Lady' was but I thought saving the ones we had was a better idea."

"We don't have the funds to rent out enough hotel rooms. I can't fight that much. Nor should the kids be left in places like that - the Order, it has a way of finding us."

"Can we get the other kids out, Shiranui?" For a moment, Ryoshi looks younger. Eyes wide as she asks - like a sixteen year old being promised ice cream or something similar.

"Mutants, Doctor McCoy? You … mean like me? Well… not really. You said I had that gene though, didn't you?"

"IF we can rescue the other children, we must. Even if the odds are horrific. You were right to prioritize saving the ones here." Hank taps on…the air, like he's typing on a keyboard, and sends a text message from one Henry Phillip McCoy that reads:

Need immediate secure lodgings for twelve.
Tell /noone/.
Can do?

Then he looks to Shiranui and Ranna. "I have sent word to my contact in the Maria Stark Foundation." And then he nods to Ranna. "I did, though your X-gene appeared dormant, latent - some of the procedures they had scheduled, well, they could have potentially awakened such a latent gene structure - I'll have to scan in more detail to be sure."

Blue eyes shift to Shiranui. "So…a number of secret martial arts societies wedding tech and ancient arts have been fighting a war of shadows for centuries or longer?"

Being Hank, he smiles. "That's…fascinating, really. I officially rescind my earlier casual response to adding more enemies." A firm nod, expression more serious once more. "That doesn't mean I'm any less committed to helping, however." He looks between both. "So…we have a possible location, but it is surely heavily fortified…"

Hank's phone rings. Caller ID says it's Pepper.

When the visor rings, and his actual phone, Hank talks quickly and briefly. After a moment, he looks to the Ranna and Shiranui. "So…we're going to take them to Ellis Island, there's facilities there we can use. My friend is bringing a copter with sufficient lift capacity to move the tubes. We'll need to move the truck to a spot where it can be left." He rubs at his brow. "I'll also need to make sure there's no tracking devices on the tubes, or the truck, or the kids….once we're en route we can figure out what to do next, she should rendezvous in about forty minutes."

Shiranui, at the news that someone else will be joining them does… well he doesn't actually visibly DO anything. What happens though is that his full face concealing 'hood' flows back over his head, leaving his companions talking to something that looks not unlike a really techy mannequin.

"There are, as Shakespeare liked to say, more things in heaven and earth, Beast. Yes. There has been an armed contest between these groups since time immemorial. We do have a location and yes it is likely to be very heavily guarded. There is also a chance that it is in some way 'legitimate'. The Order and the Hand both have extensive influence in normal society and have become very good at hiding their questionable operations deep in the bowls of legitimate ones. They are adept at using the levers of polite society to deal with their foes and while they have no compunction about sending armed agents, they are equally as likely to make a call to the IRS or sue you if that is an option and they think it will work better."

As to Ranna's question, Shiranui looks at her. "We can try. I think we should try, yes."

"We need to try. We can't leave them, Shiranui. For two reasons - one it gives us more to fight against if they do anything like what we think they're doing. And secondly - they don't deserve this, no matter what they were told or rather, they deserve the truth about what will be done to them and then they can make their own minds up. Sort of."

That's an interesting question - would Ranna still have made the decision to do this if she'd known the Orders true intent for her?

"What are you going to do with these twelve, Doctor McCoy? When will you … unfreeze them?"

As she talks, the black armour flows over her body, completely obscuring the small woman's form. Visitors - she doesn't need more people knowing who / what she is. Life is difficult enough as it is.

Hank gets to work on making as sure as he can that there's no tracking devices anywhere, as he'd outlined.

A nod to Shiranui's quoting of Shakespeare. "I doubt we'll find many of infinite jest, however." Because nothing says 'sense of humour' like a millennium or more of shadow war! Hank mms thoughtfully as he works. "And that is another excellent set of reasons to proceed cautiously, legitimate channels are hard to deal with, that much wealth and influence is almost a super-power in its own right."

Having found a tracker, Hank disables it, then searches for more on the tubes, disabling them one by one. "We most certainly do need to try. We MUST. It is the right thing to do."

It /is/ an interesting question - an interesting 'what if'.

"Once they're secure, yes, I intend to wake them after I'm certain they're not going to be at risk. I need to study the technology used, and probably them as well. Of course…if we get the others, we'll need to study them all and see if we cannot divine The Lady's plan."

Of course…no guarantee that he found them all. Not even remotely.

It turns out to be thirty eight minutes, not forty. The battered truck is met by a helicopter more than beefy enough to accommodate the cryotubes and Pepper Potts is the one that climbs out to meet them, apparently not at all concerned that the wind from the rotors is whipping her hair into what will no doubt be some impressive snarls. The salt-and-pepper haired pilot stays where he is.

"Do you need help getting everyone aboard?"

It's not until they're in the air again that she mentions where the 'secure lodgings' turn out to be: Ellis Island. Namely, in one of the long-condemned hospital buildings on the half of the island closed to visitors for the winter. She also indicates a small stack of crates with the Stark Industries logo on them. "There are four mini-arc generators in there, prototypes from our medical division. They're each supposed to be able to power an entire hospital, and we're going to count this as a field test. We'd already received approval to do the testing on Ellis Island, so no one should suspect much, and there will be SI security on the island around the clock."

She then points to a huge and lumpy duffel bag. "I've also brought hopefully enough food and water for a couple of days. It's not the best, but …" She shrugs slightly.

"Dmitri," she indicates the pilot, "will be back tomorrow morning with a car and changes of clothes for you, Hank, as well as the documentation to show that you're doing the field testing on these reactors for us.." Her eyes take in the other two, so presumably there will be clothes for them as well.

The helicopter has the two more oddly dressed people - at least one of whom is obviously armed - shielding their faces. Shiranui does this despite the fact that his face is entirely covered. "You would be Miss Pepper Potts I presume?" The voice is mechanically distorted.

"Pleased to meet you. And thank you for your help. I do not know how much Hank has told you but we have absconded with these people from an organization called the Celestial Order of Si Fan. They're operating in New York behind a number of front and shell companies, many of which are engaged in legitimate business. These twelve, and thirty six others just like them, were destined for augmentation and then training as - we think - Order Shock Troopers."

He pauses to let that sink in. "So while I certainly appreciate your help, I do want to be sure you're aware of what you're getting into. These are very dangerous people and if they manage by some poor chance to track your involvement, they have few compunctions using both legal and extra-legal means."

There's a short pause. "Oh, sorry. I'm called Shiranui." He looks like a cyberpunk Ninja, really.

"Ryoshi." The smaller woman says, dressed head to toe in black armour. It's sleek armour and looks like its formed from one piece. "The Order will not be gentle with those they find … interferring … with their work. Shiranui has been target for years. Me… for not so long. I was one of them, until recently."

"If you decide not to help, knowing that, there is no dishonour." The woman continues. "What is going here is not nice." She watches as Hank gets things organised and tries to work out what will happen if Pepper decides not to help.

Pepper offers Siranui and Ryoshi a brief but respectful bow with her hands held palms together when they introduces themselves. She makes a mental note of this Celestial Order, and resolves to have JARVIS do some deep web dives. Maybe he'll find something useful.

"I appreciate your words of warning, but I do not offer my help and then rescind it so lightly. And I have a serious problem with organizations that practice unethical human experimentation, so I'm willing to take my chances. I wasn't lying about SI having reserved space on Ellis Island to do these generator tests. That's been on our books for at least six months now." She looks over at Hank as well, then back at the unusual pair. She seems perhaps a bit oddly unperturbed by being able to see neither of their faces.

"If it will help, I can also see about listing you both as SI employees here helping with the testing. I suspect we have at least a few engineers coming in from abroad for the testing." They don't. SI R&D is strictly in-house in Manhattan, but no one else needs to know that.

"That might help if you think that our presence will be helpful. We are certainly willing to help protect these people if it should come to that." Shiranui says, returning the bow. "Neither of us are especially technical personnel though. I was trained as an operative and so was Ryoshi. May I ask, do you have space to house another thirty six. Ryoshi and I are going to attempt to recover them."

Some of them may not WANT to be recovered. They may, as Ranna did, see this as an honor. However needs must. 48 Ranna's in the city would be bad, bad news.

"If you are willing, Miss Potts…" The one tech ninja glances quickly to the other and then looks back. "Would you be able to help us trace where certain kinds of high tech equipment is coming from? Si Fan operatives tend to have advanced cybernetics and energy weapons. We'd like to know where from so we can cut them off but neither of us have the resources. I have an example here, if it helps."

Ryoshi bows as well. She is most certainly Gaijin but she spent most of her formative years in Asia. No one knows who her father is either. "I'm not technical, Miss Potts and I work at the local market, stacking shelves and the like. I'm good at fighting but I'm not sure what else I could for you."

A job though, a real job, that might be neat. She'd probably still fight for money, so there's that.

Ryoshi nods as Shiranui asks the question. That he even thought to check her response is interesting. Of course. He might be referring to her as the example.

THIRTY SIX? That number makes Pepper blink. "I, um, think that many people would definitely need a better space, and that might be difficult on Manhattan island." There are, of course, options outside of NYC, even outside of New York state…

She looks from Shiranui to Ryoshi. "What would be easier, as techs, or as part of SI security? The latter can actually be done completely on the books and aboveboard if you want. Well, if Dmitri thinks you can handle it." The pilot glances over his shoulder at them very briefly, revealing a hint of an amused smirk.

At the mention of the Si Fan hardware, Pepper raises her eyebrows. "I think I can help with that. May I see the example?" She digs her phone out of her shoulderbag, which likely doesn't make a lot of sense.

Shianui produces a compact but very high tech looking pistol with the energy pack pulled out. The upper half of the receiver has been disassembled to allow a look at it's innards and, yeah. It sort of looks like the sort of thing Tony might work on. Not stuff he ACTUALLY looks on, just sort of in that general class.

"Yes. Thirty six. Three more truck loads just like the one we have here. We weren't able to abscond with them all and they've likely been taken to a secure facility. But if we CAN get them bakc we will definitely need some place to put them."

Phone. Why is she taking out her phone? The tech ninja looks at the Order Ninja in question. This does not make much sense.

"Thirty Six that we know of, at least." Ryoshi adds quietly. Which means she thinks there's probably more, they just haven't caught them yet.

"I can do security." she pipes up, not speaking for Shiranui but so could he. "I can handle Dimitri and anyone else you throw at me. I can handle him …" Better now that the set of implants controlling her are removed.

"Please, Miss Potts, we don't want to involve anyone else …" she says as Pepper pulls her phone out.

Pepper takes the pistol in her free hand with the ease of familiarity with items similar in shape. She taps at her phone screen to wake it.

"There are hallmarks on all electronics, indicating where they were manufactured. SI has a database of these hallmarks, mostly so that if knock-off items of Stark equipment appears, we can find where they're made and shut them down. I'm not sure this will work, the camera might be a bit too shaky, but it's worth a try."

She activates her phone's camera, then says to the phone (?), "JARVIS, can you identify and trace any manufacturing hallmarks on this hardware?"

JARVIS takes a moment and for that moment Shiranui isn't sure that she's going to get any answer at all and is wondering who or what a Jarvis actually is.

And then JARVIS replies. "The power core bears halmarks only present in manufacturing in Hammer Technologies' San Diego factory. The electronics appear to be copies of known Hammer Technologies patented circuit designs that have been constructed using superior materials and with presumably more attention paid during the quality assurance process. It appears to have come from the Pittsburgh Hammer Technologies factory. It lacks the usual branding, but the serial sequence is one that is registered to them."

Justin Hammer. AGAIN.

"Does that mean anything in particular…?"

Pepper frowns faintly at the mention of Justin Hammer, but then JARVIS continues and she looks slightly shocked. "Thank you, JARVIS." She looks at the pair. "Well, there you go. Hammer Technologies' Pittsburgh office. Which, ugh. /That's/ going to be fun. And somehow I am not at all surprised that if anyone would be in cahoots with this Si Fan Order, it would be Hammer."

She puts her phone away and offers the partly disassembled weapon back to Siranui while offering Ryoshi a smile. "Fighting is easy, just about anyone can do that. It's the security protocols and required safety training that you might find surprising. But, I'm sure there's an opening for one or two new security employees just posted."

"Order of Si Fan." Ryoshi corrects quietly. "And fighting is not easy, not when its done well. I'm used to following orders and traditions."

"We both are. And we'll take those positions." That will give them both an opportunity to be near the patience and to confer with Hank and Pepper and whomever else they need to confer with.

"Royshi I'd like you to go with this load? I'll come by later. But if they do any kind of waking up in the near future I think it would be best if someone were there who knew what to say to them. And who wasn't visibly an enemy of their order." Like him.

"I'll ditch the truck somewhere and try to conceal the fact that it was ever here. They won't have given up locating it and they're bound to run it down sooner or later. I'll catch up soon as I can. I have ways."

He means tunnels. Ryoshi knows that.

"Thank you for your help Miss Potts. If you can come up with anything on this… Hammer, it would be useful." Otherwise, maybe they'll pay an unscheduled, uninvited visit. The two Ninja are good at that.

Ryoshi's reply has Pepper smiling and nodding to the younger woman. "You do have a point there. And if you're both serious about working for SI security for more than just this circumstance, I don't see why that would be a problem… well, except you'll have to use your real names." She actually appears to be sincerely apologetic about that.

"If I can come up with anything," Pepper scoffs good-naturedly at Siranui's words. "What can't I come up with? Well, maybe not the structural diagrams for that Pittsburgh office. Not legally, anyway."

"I …. uh…" The masked face turns towards Shiranui when he says to go without him. "alright. You will…." yeah, he'll come by later.

Peppers comment gets a nod. Real name, sure. She'll speak to Shiranui about that. A fake name might be better.

"Don't be long, ok?" She finally says before turning back to Pepper. "I'll ride in the chopper, if that's alright. And thank you, Miss Potts."

"Just long enough to get rid of this thing." They can deal with names later. And with that Shiranui climbs into the truck, starts it, and drives off, leaving the chopper to depart shortly after. The mutant town street falls quiet in their wake.

For now.

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