2020-02-15 - Tangling Slant


Three Spiders and a Hobo-Bat encounter a demon cat possessed Domino and end up nearly in a fracas. Street vendor arrested and stolen goods and drugs acquired. No film at any time

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Feb 15 03:44:52 2020
Location: Harlem

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It is a bit chilly out tonight in NYC, a brisk twenty-six and clear skies, there's a light breeze but it really doesn't bring the weather down much. Avery is out and about, sort of wandering a bit. She's dressed in simple black jeans, sturdy military surplus boots and a dark overcoat. She's currently dickering with a street vendor over a pair of absolutely adorable gloves - well, half gloves, half mittens. The gloves are themselves rather pink in color, and they're fingerless, but what is stunningly adorkable is how the the mittens fold back when in glove mode but when UNFOLDED turn the gloves into kitty-mittens.

Avery ALMOST looks guilty even considering them, but…they're so damn - CUTE! Even a superheroine can like cute, right? That's not against the rules!

The guy she's haggling with is CLEARLY enjoying the haggle, dude is less than reputable, even shady, a fellow known as 'Slant'. He even cuts his hair to match the name. Regardless, he's gesticulating wildly. "Bitch, you crazy, these are /hand made/, one of a KIND…" Avery just beams up at him. "…indeed? ONE of a kind, and yet…there are several more pairs under the shelf to your right…" He splutters. "…well, they blue n'yellow, these are /pink/…I'll come down to six-fifty, but you robbin' me…" Avery ponders, and then nods once, crisply. "Done."

Two extra layers of spider silk is all it takes to reinforce Spider-Girl's costume so that she not only avoids an embarrassing bout of THO, but she's also rather warm. Like being wrapped up in a cocoon.

Harlem's her territory. Sort of. It's more East Harlem and all, but gentrification has blurred the boundaries. She's not far, but she's all but invisible, an arcade magic hiding her in the shadows as she crawls carefully along the brick facade of an old building. Her eyes are upon a dopesick addict; she's worried about him, knowing he needs help, but knowing all too well by the look in his eyes that he might snap and try to rob someone for a score at any moment.


…is Peter Parker's favorite Police Academy movie. It also happens to be what he's doing on this particular night. He's found one of the ubiqitous flagpoles, balancing easily atop it and doing his best gargoyle impersonation. Not that anyone would put a gargoyle on a flagpole. He has his comm unit attuned to the local police feed, but it's mostly just static and gibber-gabber at the moment. He was trying to learn police codes, but he kept forgetting the booklet he bought at home.

"All clear still," he says along the Spider-band, drumming his fingers idly on the pole. Maybe he should go home early and see if he can get in a few rounds of Overwatch before bed.

Domino is so ready for winter to be over… The thermal suit helps (A LOT) but she still has to bury herself into a thick hat to keep from feeling like she's freezing where she sits. The maroon and faded gold trim Jeep Grand Cherokee rolling down the road has the heater cranked up enough that not a speck of snow or ice can be found anywhere on the body.

While Avery's attempting to haggle with Slant the Jeep rolls past, and fairly slowly. Not much further ahead it quietly slips into a parking space along the side of the street before the engine cuts out.

The woman who steps out looks like death warmed over thanks to a notably gothic presentation, although the hat kind of interrupts the look. A long and heavy black coat falls to her ankles and covers up any other details but it's the look in her eyes which might seriously point toward 'trouble.' Out here in the dark her eyes gleam like cabochon diamonds, two overly reflective pinpoints fully lacking in color.

Hands duck into coat pockets as she starts walking down the street, heading toward Avery and Slant.

They say you shouldn't snack before bed, but having your sleep requirements drastically cut due to superpowers means that this is, in fact, a totally appropriate time for a tuna sandwich. Gwen is enjoying exactly that, sitting atop a building with her legs dangling over the edge, and her mask up to her nose so she can, y'know, stuff the thing in her mouth.

Also, white bread only. Serioualy, who makes a tuna sandwich with whole wheat? Weird. So weird.

"Of course it's all clear," she replies to Peter over the Spider Comms — talking on impulse while her mouth is full. At least nobody can see her. She gulps it down, and waves her sandwich in the air where nobody can see. "We're bored. Nothing ever happens whene we're bored. "I—" she pauses, "Wait a minute." She watches a Jeep drive up and park, and a person… get out of the vehicle. "There's a… uhh… slightly unknown quantity just arrived where I am. Probably nothing, might be world war three dressed up like a human being just arriving. I'll keep you posted."

Reaching into a pocket, Avery takes out a small wad of cash, mostly ones, and then counts out seven dollars. Slant watches this with a quirked brow, and then takes the money and gets her her change. Avery grins. "I would have paid eight." He nods. "I know, but I woulda taken /five/." And he GRINS, one tooth glittering with an inset - diamond? Probably not, maybe quartz though.

Avery accepts her duly purchased gloves, and beams up at him to laugh. "Oh, well bargained, sir, well done." She even dips an elegant curtsy…well, it would be elegant in a gown anyway, still, it shows some practice even so.

Gloves tucked away in her pocket, she smiles. "I wonder, sir, do you know Anya Corazon? She is a friend of mine, and said that she does dwell in these environs…?"

He looks puzzled. "I…yeah, sure I know Anya, works over at Luke's, right there." He does not even try to hide his dubiousness at the concept of Anya being friends with Avery, the girl is just SO not Harlem, like, at all.

Unlike the various Spiders, Avery does not have a link to their comms channel, granted, she DOES have Oracle-net, but that's not at all the same, so she is oblivious to the chatter going on from three different perching spiders in the area. She DOES see the Jeep, however, and the passenger it disgorges. Hrm. Curious.

Of course, the Spider-Comm system shows both Gwen and Peter's locations in her mask's HUD; a smirk draws across Spider-Girl's face.

"Wow," she subvocalizes over the network, causing her feminine tone to read as deep and raspy. "Appreciate the vote of confidence. Guess Queens and Midtown were even more boring, or did you come up here to bring me more of your Aunt's goodies?"

The dopesick fellow has sunken himself into an alcove, rubbing at his arms and glaring at the street. He's got it bad, really bad, and Spider-Girl's eyes are on him.

"Tranquilo hermano," she mutters to herself, off the comms. "Pasara."

Peter Parker blinks, "I think that's a distinction you should probably figure out. Maybe we should converge on your location just in case and, if it's a false alarm, we'll just, like, get some cheese sticks or something."

He really is hungry, so he's kind of hoping it's nothing. But knowing his luck, it's probably walking armageddon.

He fires off a webline, swinging a few blocks towards where the comm tells him Gwen is.

The presence of not one, not two, but THREE Spiders is completely unknown to the shady albino chick, and she has -really good- nightvision these days! Those arachnid sorts are so darn good at hiding…

What she does see in perfect clarity is the lone merchant and his newest oblivious-as-hell-looking mark. While they're finalizing their business Domino's closing the distance to stand in front of his display, patiently waiting to be noticed then greeting him with a quick upward twitch of her head.

"Hey. Looking for something special," she says while turning a slow glance back to Avery. Then back to Slant, she adds "I hear you're the guy who has it."

Slant is barely given any time to react before the woman grabs him by the sides of his head and -slams- him face-first into his own table so hard that one of the displays shatters!

A bright red spatter is left behind as the vendor stumbles and falls on his ass. Domino idly dots two fingertips with the man's blood and ..brings it closer to smell it..? Something about it must not pass muster, quickly she frowns and rolls the fluid around as if to rid herself of it.

"Yeah, probably a good idea… she's shot at me twice, but it's really not entirely her fault, she's got a bit of a demonic possession problem." Gwen takes a moment to bolt the last half of her sandwich, filling the comms with grom-nom-nom noises for a moment. She jumps up to her feet and tugs her mask back down, giving the straps on her backpack a quick tighten as she observes Domino from above. And— oh, hey, that's Avery.

"Someone else I know is in the area too," she reports. "Superpowered as well, teleporter. Be nice to her, she's wonderful." She walks along the top of the building, one foot in front of the other, as if she were on a wire. "Alright, what're you up to… I dunno guys, might be fine, looks like she's just—"

And then poor Slant gets his face slammed into his display, and there's blood.

"…Nevermind, world war three's starting. She has guns and grenades, be careful. Ask me how I know."

Gwen jumps over the side, and scurries downwards, on the opposite side of the street to Domino and Avery. Alright… time for round three.

Unprepared though she was, Avery reacts very swiftly to the sudden violence indeed.

Both arms snap out to either side and slender batons produced from inside her jacket's sleeves. Eyes of hazel narrow and then she moves in a sweet little spin, with a leg out thrust at ankle height in an attempt to sweep the aggressor with the hematite kissed eyes. Even as she does this, one baton is kept folded back along her arm, ready to block with, and the other snapped at the woman's hand, elbow and then shoulder of the limb /not/ having blood sniffed (eew) on the stained fingertips.

With the crushing of the display, something not at all obvious is revealed — a bunch of small packets, cheap wax paper sealed with a staple, inside of which is some whitish powder.

Okay, maybe Slant is a LOT shady…

"Arana?" Spider-Girl begins subvocalizing an activation command to the Spider-drone that hovers idly not far from here, and is about to issue a command to check out Gwen's target, when the drone interrupts her with a text message on her mask.

Someone just used your real name

Silencing herself, Anya looks around for a moment, before her eyes are drawn by movement from the alcove; the dopesick addict is on the move, and he's headed for Avery, Domino, and the merchant, with a hand buried suspiciously in his coat.


Twin weblines as black as the night itself come thwipping from the darkness. They latch onto the would-be mugger's arms, holding them still and causing the knife he was holding to fall from his pocket, clattering across the cold cement.

Whatever was gonna come next, it all gets derailed like a needle tearing across a vinyl record. Her head darts toward the merchant, and she audibly gasps. The weblines are attached to the wall, and she leaps from the building, suddenly visible when no longer concealed against the darkness by the magic that fuels her powers.

Spider-Girl drops to the street right in front of her prey. She grabs him by the shoulders and hauls him up against a wall, where a few more blasts of webbing secure him where he is. Then, she takes a step back and points at him, a demanding tone in her voice. "Stay."

Whirling about, she looks on as Avery takes on Domino, whole the captive addict struggles against his webs. "Aw man! Come on!!!" Then, his eyes alight on Slant's stash, and he thrashes violently, hungrily.


Three more strands of webbing around the ankles and knees. Just to be sure.

"Wonderful is a florid and very specific adjective, so they'd better live up to it. I hate being disappointed as a result of too much hype," Spidey says.

He sees the face-off between Avery and Domino, along with the crumpled form of poor old Slant after being smacked around so harshly. Seems like Slant got Indented.

He backflips through the air and lands on the other side of Domino, crouching and planting a hand against the pavement. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to see your official vigilante license. Did you get the Punisher stamp? Because you need to get the Punisher stamp."

It's a simple matter. Domino's got this. Slant is a pain in the ass but he's still little fish. All she needs to do is—

—Not get knocked to the ground by a suddenly wiry and fighty lady with a new pair of pink mittens?!

Those shiny eyes go wide as something plows her the heck over. The following grunt mixed of pain, surprise and anger might be from taking a baton to the shoulder or from hitting the concrete. It's hard to tell!

The surprise retaliation is the only freebie Avery's likely to get as Domino's twisting about and rolling back onto her feet. Where her hands had been empty there's now a wicked looking pistol filling each. Gwen was right on the money! One promptly finds its way toward Slant while the other moves to cover Avery, though the way that the albino is holding that one it's clear the hit to her shoulder left an impression.

"Well I -was- going to demand he give you your money back—"

There's a new voice. Behind her. Domino quickly switches her footing and abandons her aim on Slant to instead train a pistol on—


…Oh god no…

It's a Spider.

Shiny eyes narrow and teethfangs?!come to bare. "Get AWAY from me you damn idiot" she snarls!

Gwen comes to a stop on the outside of that building, at about the fourth floor. Still, she's close enough that she can see — and hear — exactly what's going on.

"Peter, she means it," she says with an urgent tone. "Back off, right now. My friend will be fine, she can teleport. Domino is suffering demonic possession, and it likes to hunt anything with superpowers, and when it was home it liked hunting arachnids. Back off from her, right now, before she starts shooting."

Gwen's danger sense is definitely upset. So, she does the obvious thing; upset it further. She jumps down off the building, landing in a half-crouch. "Domino, calm down," she calls out. "Let's not do round three, okay? It's not going to be fair odds this time, I promise." She stays on her side of the street, conveniently next to some windows she can jump through, with her hands raised non-threateningly. "Let's keep everything calm, yes? No gunfire today."

Okay…that is a VERY nasty looking gun, the spikes are a really nice touch though, if she used guns Avery would /definitely/ go with 'Spike Chic', no question. She does not, however, use guns. Domino might be a little surprised at the glove buyer's calm in the face of a gun in her face. The lack of concern is fairly telling, her gaze watching both gun woman and the gun/finger/ with care.

"Well, I did in fact purchase my pretty new gloves honorably enough, though…" She glances to the packets of powder, a faint frown forming as she glances back again. "…mayhaps I erred."

And then there's a Spider-Man, and a Spider-Woman on the scene. Spider-Man she's not met before, but she knows Spider-Woman, and listens to both of their commentaries. "Punisher…stamp?" Yes, puzzled as heckfire, and she's never heard of any sort of Vigilante card! She'll have to ask Batgirl about that!

"Spider-Woman, she be possessed? We needs must restrain and have her exorcised, or killed!" Um, yeah, that's a bit final sounding.

Oh. Oh no. She knows her. It's one of her patrons.

Anya's not one to make snap judgements, especially where bags of white powder are concerned. She might have a reputation of being among the more physically brutal of the spiders; comes with growing up wheee she did, when she did. The Latin Kings were right up there with the blues and the reds during the peak of 1990's gang violence.

Still. There are guns. Pointed at people.

Spider-Girl crouches to the ground, right hand upon the pavement, left pointed back toward her webbed up drug addict. This is a ruse, to conceal the fact that her left hand's fingers are wiggling about, entering a text message on the virtual keyboard that is sent to Peter and Gwen's masks.

Hey guys. You know those audio dampers that are in your masks? Turn them on if she doesn't settle down.

Otherwise, Spider-Girl remains exactly where she is, with no hands pointed toward Domino, but clearly in a position to leap forward if it comes to it.

Then, there's a grimace at Avery's words. "No one's getting killed here," she says aloud; if they hadn't noticed her before, they will now.

Peter Parker gasps and steps back, putting a hand against his chest, "Oh god, that's terrifying. That's…that's the worst orthodonture I've ever seen! We gotta get some braces on you, stat!"

He points over at Anya at her words, "That Spider-Girl has a point. Yes, there's more than one, welcome to the 21st century," he says. "Now, let's just put the gun down and talk this out like rational people outside in their underwear."

He keeps his fingers close to the triggers of his webshooters, though, prepared to block that gun if it so much as twitches in any of their directions.

There's something kinda..strange happening with one of those black painted lips on the albino's face. The corner is kind of twitching upward, more like some sort of predatory creature that's debating if it should go for the neck now or later.

Then Domino pinches her eyes closed and ducks her head with a growl.

When her eyes open they're focused solely upon Slant, as if she's trying to shut out the image of anything and everything else. There's a clear desire to point -both- of her guns at the unfortunate merchant but so long as his butt's still grounded and not trying to flee the scene then she can..maybe..let the guns point down toward the sidewalk. For now. She has no beef with the others present. Tonight is all about Slant.

The nearby voice of a familiar Spider actually seems to help, too. Dom's already tried to kill the one Spider-Woman like..twice..? Whatever. Neither of them really want a round three. She might even feel a little guilty about that last encounter.

"She started it" Dom says with a dip of her head toward Avery. "I'm just here for a job. One that happens to involve an -IWC Schaffhausen- with 'H.C.' engraved on the back" she raises her voice to accusationary levels toward the bloodied street vendor, leaning forward with both guns resting against his table. "Sound familiar, -Slant?-"

Wait. Wait wait wait. 'Restrain?' 'Exorcised?' 'OR KILLED??' "HeyHEY! Who the hell are you, the Vatican?!" she snaps back at Avery without actually making eye contact with her. "Exorcise or kill, my ass!Oh fuck me there's another one" she shifts to a pained groan as Anya makes herself known. It's getting more and more difficult for Dom to keep eyes on Slant without noticing any of the Spiders and/or neighboring metas!

"No killing," Gwen answers hurriedly, "We tried that already and it didn't work out. No grenades today either, please, today has a zero-grenade policy in effect." The first part of that is said for Avery's benefit, and the latter part is for her own. Well, for everyone's benefit, really.

The Black and White Spider crosses the street, keeping her hands up on the way. "Okay, whatever it is, let's just talk about it calmly… like… civilized people outside in our underwear, yes," she nods, casting a wink in Peter's direction. Not that she'd ever be caught dead outside in her undies. (But a form-fitting onesie, sure.) "Let's…" She trails off, perking an eyebrow under her maks.

"IWC Schaffhausen? H.C.? What's that all about?"

Gwen switches to subvocals, for Anya and Peter's benefit. "Don't worry, she won't kill anyone, she's just… enthusiastic."

Eyes of hazel shift to the third spider, interesting, she didn't know they traveled in…what would you call a group of spiders? A swarm? A web? A tangle? Ooh! A Tangle, that seems fitting. "Spider-Woman, I had no idea that thine…" A faint sigh. "/your/ kind traveled in such large Tangles."

She blinks and her eyes narrow at the words from the other female spider, apparently 'Spider-Girl', the voice…and then she meets that masked heroine's gaze, the recognition plain, before she nods. "Tis not the first choice, of course. But demonic infection can spread, friend Spider—Girl?"

Another glance to Spider-Man, she's not MET him, but she's read enough papers that she knows of him…and she knows enough to doubt the ill portrayal so often given in the Bugle. Another, rather dubious, nod. "But…aye, no killing, agreed." Not unless they really REALLY have to! That part, unsaid.

She moves towards the woman with the gun, one baton at the ready, the other still in a position she can block with. She looks to Slant, only now shaking his head as he struggles to regain his feet. A hand presses to his brow, and he turns with a snarl. "BIT—-" Oh, my, gun. "…late, the Watch, done been sold, chica. Sorry." No he's not. "Missed it by…an hour." No she didn't. The perceptive might see a number of watches in another of the guy's boxes…

Her left hand, still outstretched behind her and seemingly pointed at the restrained mugger, is busy. This time, it's googling. The image of a watch appears on Spider-Girl's HUD, and she tilts her head. "A watch?" she says aloud, and frowns. "Holy shit."

Standing upright, she throws caution to the wind and starts walking toward Slant. "It's a watch," she tells Gwen, and eyeballs Domino warily. She's got a literal finger on a virtual trigger, and is really hoping for Domino and Avery's sake she doesn't have to use it. Arana, her spider-drone, is in position not far away. Close enough.

"Listen, buddy," she tells Slant. "Enough with the bullshit. She's got a piece." She points at Domino. "Two of 'em. You've got nothing. Yeah? Maybe a little piss trickle starting? So like, give her the watch, so that this doesn't turn into a cluster fuck of epic proportions."

Peter Parker nods, "No killing, everybody agrees. I'll also add no maiming or crippling or general disfiguring. I'm even against bruising or mild concussing, if we can help it. Let's just play nice little superhumans. Seems like this guy's pretty scummy. We can string him up in a nice web hammock with all the evidence it takes—

And then Anya marches over and starts giving Slant the business. Spidey puts his hands on his hips and sighs as he approaches.

"Okay, okay, let's not start discussing bodily functions, we're a family friendly unit of arachnid-themed crimefighters," he says. "At least say pee pee instead of piss, huh? But seriously, dude, we saved your criminal keister, cough up what the lady's looking for so we can avoid any further violence."

"Wasn't planning on it" Domino tells Gwen with the 'no killing' reassurance and a reluctant reholstering of one sidearm. The other's staying right where it is to keep Slant company. "This would have stayed strictly hands-on if Miss Batonenflicken didn't get into my business."

Speaking of 'Miss Batonenflicken,' she's got a very peculiar way with words. Dom's not sure what to make of Avery other than hooking the brow closest to the other girl up by a few degrees. "It takes all kinds…" she quietly sighs to herself while rolling her eyes.

As Anya moves closer to help pick on Slant the albino flinches slightly and makes a sound that would have made for a pretty good impression of the Predator's 'cackle' from the movies, somewhere between a demented purr and a growl. Fortunately there's a Slant-shaped distraction. And a male Spider distraction!

"You're not very fun, are you" she flatly 'asks' Peter. "Not even a -little- concussing? At least she knows how to talk to people around here," is said with a subtle motion toward Anya.

Back to Slant with full-on sarcasm saturation, she says "Aw that's too bad. Well I can't go back empty-handed so I guess I'll just have to make do and hope for the best."

This said she reaches for the -entire box full of watches.- "Maybe one of these will do. If not then expect to have another 'talk' soon."

"With reservations." Avery notes about the no-killing consensus. "Still, my Lady Liege also prohibits it, so, I defer." Miss Batonenflicken smiles as she looks to Domino, and then steps back out of arms reach, hands upraised to drop them back into their holders in her sleeves. And no time during this process does she take eyes off the shiny eyed one, who…apparently Spider-Woman trusts a bit.

A snort as Slant tries to lie his way out of giving up the watch, blood trickling down the side of his face. "Okay, okay…/mierda/, puta—put the damn box down, I get you the watch." Clearly, he's reassured that there's a TON of Spider-Themed Undies on the Outside types all around, and yeah, the girl with the batons DOES talk funny too. Weird ass chica that one.

If allowed, he digs the watch out, and hands it over to Domino. "Now get the fuck outta my alley, I got biznez to tranact, yeah?" Ooh. A little cocky when he has metahuman demi-bodyguards!

"Don't worry, this particular demonic possession won't spread." Gwen walks up to stand beside Avery, and claps one hand on her shoulder. "And if she's put one of her guns away, that's a really good sign." She pauses. "I think. I don't really know for sure. I've only met her twice and this is the first time we've manage to go this length of time without gunfire."

Gwen looks back at Domino and Slant, and hunhs. "A watch, you say? Name like that, I thought it was like…" she trails off, "Y'know what, let's just not go there. How about you give her the watch, buddie, and I strongly reccomend that you—"

She stops, and shrugs as the guy does just that. "Alright, groovy, now just hand over your drugs and the rest of your stolen goods so we can get it to the authorities, and we'll be on our way, yes?"

"Oh, come on, Spider-Man," Anya retorts, and is very much likely rolling her eyes behind her mask. "Concussing, cussing, I mean, there's a joke in there, isn't there?"

The masked woman briefly side eyes Domino, having noticed that sound. It doesn't take spider sense (which she, of course, lacks) for it to raise the hairs on her neck. Fortunately, there's a distraction. "Huh. Stealing stolen watches. Funny thing is, I'm kinda alright with it."

She steps back a little, watching Slant warily. "There you go," she tells Slant, and forms a grin on her face. "No te preocupes, no les diremos a todos que quatros chicas y un tio en ropa interior te entregaron tu trasero."

Subtitles: Don't worry, we won't tell everyone you got your ass handed to you by four girls and a dude in his undies.

Where her mouth is visible, she's clearly smirking.

Peter Parker frowns at Domino, not that she can tell cause, y'know, mask and everything, "I'll have you know my elderly relatives assure me that I'm hilarious," he says.

"I'm glad we got everything sorted out then. I feel we may have been a little bit of overkill having all of us intervene in this situation, but apparently you did a fairly good job of impressing Spider-girl there of your apocalyptic capabilities"

He puts his hands on his hips and looks around at the others, "So, uh…job well done?"

"Yeah—I'm working on it" Domino quickly tells Gwen. "I can't help it that my unscheduled sidekick sees you as a swaying delicacy."

Sure, Dom -could- still keep the entire box full of watches but she's here for just one item, one which is one hundred percent guaranteed to have been stolen, and one which Slant seems to rediscover amongst his collections.

"Huh. Y'know, for a moment there I thought you said you had -sold- it" she announces while using the spiked handguard of the one pistol to slooooowly carve up one of the non-broken displays. "You must have a decent return policy."

The box full of other timepieces is set aside so one of the Spider crew can take it, no doubt some or all of those are also hot property.

As Slant presents the pricey gold and brown leather heirloom the albino reaches out and delicately -plucks- it from his grasp. Why hello there, missing thirteen-thousand six hundred dollar heirloom!

Following the retrieval is a wicked fangy grin. He has other 'biznez?' "I can see that." Like stolen goods, a whole lot of drugs, and three genuine vigilante types surrounding him. Bodyguards? Pah! He may come to reconsider his situation when he's sharing a cell with one of New York City's worst!

The remaining sidearm disappears beneath her coat without any fanfare. She's still -way- too on edge around all of these Spiders and Avery to be showy with a weapon. "I'm happy for you" she asides back to Peter before nodding once. Everything does seem to be sorted, oddly enough! Talk about a highly unlikely situation for them all to wind up in, what the hell.

"Yeah. I'm going home and getting hammered. Just in case anyone was wondering." Which means she won't be doing any killing tonight!

A point is made to close her eyes while doing a swift 180 on her heels so that she might be able to walk away without ever looking at the trio.

Halfway across the street she starts rubbing her one shoulder.

A look to Spider-Woman, and then Avery sighs and nods. "As you wish." She looks at the girl's mask, and then nods slowly. "So in truth you are not sure." Still, Domino does seem to be reasonably reasonable, and truly is doing a fine job of restraining her demonic inspired urges. She watches woman so casually wrecking more of Slant's stall.

Spider-Man's identity confirmed, not that she doubted, and knowing the other two Spiders by voices and other cues, Avery looks to the man as he gets rather surly and abusive. "Methinks you need a bit of lessoning in manners, sirrah." She smiles. "Please, allow me?" She's not normally this aggressive, but the guy REALLY irked her, she doesn't even speak Spanish and she knew some of the cuss words he used.

Slant is about to continue when a very pale fellow turns the corner, the man is dressed all in white, and wearing silvered lenses in round frames over his eyes, his skin is almost translucent, blue veins visible beneath. He's wearing a white fedora with black band, woolen white overcoat that hang to his knees, egg-shell slacks and white dress shoes. Also…white gloves.

He takes one look, stops, blanches even PALER when he sees Domino, and then turns the hell around. Slant looks up, tone a bit desperate. "Chalk…hey, um, problem…that watch you wanted? Kinda, not available." 'Chalk' doesn't even slow down. "Good luck, Slant." The only comment he makes.

Altogether three spiders and a hobo-bat find that the guy had drugs (Heroin), stolen watches (4), and some memory sticks with - yeah, well, disgusting porn on it, really vile stuff. When they find /that/ little tidbit, Slant pales. "Oh, um…not mine, that was…that was CHALK'S, yeah, CHALK wanted all that. Ordered it special."

Avery reaches up to grip Gwen's hand a moment, then inhales, vanishing to reappear in front of Domino on the exhale. "I…offer apology for my rash attack, I did not know that the man was a vile criminal. Demon tainted or not, you were right to take exception."

Gwen watches the white-clad man with an eyebrow perked way up, but doesn't… interfere with his progress, at least not… today. She just shrugs, shaking her head, as she helps go through Slant's stuff. "Man, you got some gross stuff," she comments, as she shoves the man up against the wall and webs him there. Liberally. "I don't care if it was for that guy, you're the one who has it right now, and the fact that you didn't destroy it speaks volumes." She pauses, "And who is Chalk anyw—"

Suddenly, Gwen is somewhere else. That's right; Avery is a teleporter, and she did just explain that to her fellow spiders.

"…Time and space again," Gwen mutters, where she reappears in front of Domino. "Uhh… proximity still isn't… too great an idea," she adds, taking a step back. "Not until she's gotten some serious help."

Gwen ahems, and clicks her tongue to subvocalize into the comms, "Guys, let's just destroy those memory sticks, yeah? The cops have got enough to send him to jail with the drugs and watches, no need for that to… continue… existing. Right? Because… eww."

"She should be thankful things didn't escalate," Spider-Girl remarks, for Peter and Gwen's sake. She's pretty sure both of them have seen the full breadth of what the spider-drone can do, and considering the whole audio damper thing… yep. That wouldn't have been pleasant for anyone without earplugs.

"As for you." She spins around and looks at the not-quite forgotten addict, and begins stomping toward him much in the same way her grandmother stomps toward Anya when she's being an asshole. Which is often.

Pointing, she says, "You're coming with me." She yanks some of the webbing free, and some of the brick facade comes with it. "There's a rehab clinic four blocks from here, and you're checking in." She grasps him by his still-bound forearms and begins bodily walking him up the street. "You'll thank me for it later."

"Who are you?" the addict sputters.

"I'm the -" Here, she turns and looks over her shoulder at the others, raising her voice to make a point. "- gosh darned -" Back to the mugger. "- Spider-Girl."

Its all in good fun. She's not really mad at Spider-Man, as evidenced by the shit-eating grin on the exposed, lower half of her face.

Peter Parker points at Avery, "Ah ha! You would be the teleporter. Well, I can't wait to see your wonders. I mean, not like that. I just meant that she called you wonderful earlier and I was like 'Oh, I'm going to make a funny remark about it' and then I did a callback about your wonders, by which I didn't mean your…"

"Okay, I'm gonna go now."

Peter fires a webline up to the side of the building, "You guys seem like you're handling things quite well without me, so I'm going to…yeah. YOu know how to reach me. Most of you. I'm leaving. Bye."

Domino stops short when she hears the name -Chalk.- Without turning around a grin slowly edges across her face. "Not this time, kiddo."

She doesn't have long to feel smug when Avery and Gwen suddenly appears out of thin air right in front of the femme albino, prompting another wide-eyed stare as she recoils half a step. "Jeezus—don't DO that!" she snaps while ducking her head and physically shielding her eyes with a hand.

Er—apology? Ah, well… "You just leave my 'taint' out of this" she flatly replies before looking up and to the side with a light head-bob. "Yeah..fine. Okay. Accepted. Now, if you'd just…" she trails off while trying to step around the two. "Spider-Chick here's right, and if you can teleport then your ass is also on the menu. Let's just keep you in my blind spot going forward."

Spider-Man's word fumble has Dom calling back "Ask for her number, you idiot!"

"My…wonders?" Avery says with an absolutely baffled look, and the way he's stumbling over his words only makes her wonder if her wonders include her wondering what the heck she's missing! Is it any wonder she just sort of watches Spider-Man take his leave? She does then look to Domino when she accepts the apology, in her own very unique way, and she very clearly has no clue about the double entendre about taint. Nope, missed it too.

She is REALLY puzzled as to why he should ask for her number, and then shrugs. "I could always use another Spider-Friend in my contacts." She admits.

Slant is webbed to the wall, the porn (Did I mention it was truly vile?) destroyed, the other goods categorized for the authorities.

Avery looks a little abashed when she realizes she took Gwen along, and then looks thoughtfully at Spider-Girl starts to frog-march the addict away. "Spider-Girl…an it please thee, I could take your, um, friend…for a Walk Between to the clinic, /that/ might sober him, aye?"

Regardless, Chalk doesn't even acknowledge anything, it is really shocking how well an ALBINO in white can vanish when he puts his mind to it.

And no, the porn wasn't actually his!

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