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Tony catches up with Thor on the Atlantis situation.

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Date: Fri Feb 14 01:18:14 2020
Location: Stark Industries - Executive Office

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Tony Stark sat in his office, waiting for his next "appointment." It had been awhile since he had spoken to Mr. Odinson, and that was something of a tragedy, but the short hiatus had renewed him and his goals, and he was ready to do what needed to be done. Helping people.
Mera had spoken of talking to Thor while dealing with that crystal weapon situation, and the idea of being unaware of such an event…irked him. He hated being out of the loop, especially when he had put himself there.

So, here he was. He had sent a message through the Avengers communication system, earmarking it for Thor, expressing the pleasure of his presence in his office. He hoped it had gone through.

He idly wondered if it might have been better to send a raven. That was the traditional method. He resolved to look up the concept of ravens that acted with the homing instincts of homing pigeons.

One so often imagines the Mighty Thor to arrive with such pomp and circumstance. Through yonder window, or in a rush of movement with a crackle of thunder and the flash of lightning. It might almost be anti-climactic for some when he shows up outside of the office building stepping through the wide glass doors and past the security systems that likely flicker to life and register his arrival.
Past the handful of men so tasked with maintaining the peace and then up to the receptionist. He's still recognizable. Still very much Thor in jeans and a grey hoodie with his hair pulled back into a rough pony tail. And if there was any question it's removed when he addresses the person at the desk.
"Yes, greetings. I believe I have an appointment with my comrade in arms, Anthony Stark." That casual flowing accent of anachronism is accompanied by a smile…
And ultimately that statement leads him to that executive office at the appointed time. Stepping through the doorway and leaving his umbrella there behind him leaning against the wall.
"Stark!" He lifts his voice in greeting, even before seeing the man.

Tony smiles and stands up as Thor Odinson enters. Say what you want about the man and his impressive resolve at any bar in New York, he is still a pedigreed hero, a staunch ally, and definitely royalty.
"Hey, Thor." He steps forward, raising a hand in greeting. The right hand, in the age-old sign that the greeter has no weapon. "It's good to see you." He looks around the room, then said, "Listen…before we start. I want to apologize. For being out of touch for so long. It was selfish, and I have no excuse. All I can offer is that I do not intend to repeat the mistake and endeavor to make things right, with you and the rest of the team."

"Bah," A succinct answer, precisely given and with that one syllable dismissing any possible grievance held. But to be fair he backs it up with a few more words. "There is no need for an apology. Matters proceed apace." There is a slight tilt of his head, "I have passed word as I can about what is afoot and though I wish it were not so, sometimes one must wait and gather information before you can embark on battle."
As he says these things he's resting his hands on his hips, looking around the room, not seeking to take Tony's hand in greeting as he'd been taught that the Man of Iron doesn't like being touched. Well at least by him. "But what is amiss that I am summoned?" There's a pause before he adds, "Are you facing difficulties? Do you need my advice?" As if he had heard such from somewhere before.

Tony smiles, lowering the hand. "Actually, yes. I got a visit from the Atlantean, Mera. She told me about her adventure with you and some mysterious group pointing a beam weapon at New York City." He walks over to the liquor cabinet. "Want something?" None of it is as strong as the Asgardian usually drinks, but it is rude not to offer.

"Ah yes, the tempestuous Atlantean." Thor has met her indeed. He starts walking with the other man, moving towards the bar and at the offer he smiles his agreement. "Please, whatever you are having, certainly." That said he takes up a place nearby, at first leaning against the bar itself, but then finding one of the chairs and settling upon its edge.
"It was on her behalf that I sought Aegir, whom I have found is missing. Or at the least has not responded to the entreaties from me and mine." He turns his head to the side, gaze distancing as he considers the memories, then quirks an eyebrow as he looks back. "She feels matters are most dire, and it is difficult to embolden others to action on behalf of a nation that they have never seen, or feel is so terribly secretive."
One hand lifts to the back of his neck, "As for myself, I have been tracking down small artifacts from an age old war. I fear someone may have gotten their hands on dangerous weapons. And so I seek to regain them."

Tony pours himself a Scotch on the rocks, then another for Thor. "I had a chat with her, myself. Me and Pepper, I mean." He walks over to Thor, handing him his glass, then sits in another chair facing Thor. "I am aware of the reputation surrounding Atlantis…and considering the crap we have dumped in the ocean, I can see her point. But the legal status of Atlantis is a Gordian Knot that makes providing any assistance problematic."

Tony suddenly grins. "So, I took a page from your playbook and chopped in half. Stark Enterprises now has a trade agreement with Atlantis and its citizens, supported by facilities in seven other nations. So now…we can help her people in the interests of business, circumventing international politics."

The glass is taken and Thor mirrors Tony's body language, leaning forward and watching the other man with that calm open curiousity that he often displays at the various briefings shared. Bright blue eyes rest upon Tony, following his words and nodding at points where it's needed.
Then the revelation as to the agreement and his eyebrows lift with a hint of surprise as he nods again. "That is good. If you will feel it breaks down any possible barriers, all the better." Though his way is often to more ignore those sort of things and let the chips fall where they may.
"Is there aught I can do in the meantime to offer aid, or have you it under control?"

Tony nods. "That's the other reason. This group trying to destroy New York. We need a full accounting of what happened. If you want to tell it in your own words, I can have Jarvis record it for you. We need information, and we need everyone to know it. We also need to get better at reaching out to each other."

The tall man's brow furrows as he digs back to his memory and hrms to himself, then looks back up towards Tony. "I only have what I have been given by Lady Mera. Merpeople, sea folk of some kind. Led by a Gorgon, though I should warn you that the Greeks have been more active than I am comfortable with. Yet she advanced…" He uncurls a hand and only then drinks his scotch with a tilt back, seemingly effortlessly and also clearly not enjoying it as he should. "The idea that these merfolk led by a Gorgon were in league with Aegir."
He then straightens up a little, "So I bade others to approach this from what avenues they could. My brother sent word, and I performed the ritual of old to bring forth one who swore allegiance to my father…"
Then he spreads his hands, "But to no avail. Either he is incapable of answering, which is concerning. Or he is in rebellion which is displeasing." That said he nods once.

Tony nods. "Well, we need to find out for sure before we start throwing accusations around. I'm going to reach out to Mera and try to work out a way of contact so if another one of these attacks comes, we can respond quickly." He sips his drink. "We have to do this the right way, Thor. Not to go off half-cocked and destroy a potential alliance before it has the chance to take root. And if we're going to accuse some Greek powerhouse of the ocean…we better have all our facts straight. Your people have a lot to lose if Aegir is involved. And if he's not, we need to clear him, and double-quick."

For a time Thor nods a little but the tall man does not exactly have a poker face. Tony can read the man easily enough and likely knows there's something there that he's at first not saying. Or in this case something he is considering how to say. "Well, there is one thing." He holds up a fingertip, and then passes over his glass toward Stark, as if implying he would like another drink.
"If Aegir has become foresworn and is now in rebellion against mine father, then for Asgard there would be no hesitation in addressing it. Political matters aside."
He holds up his hands, likely trying to forestall any rush to negativity. "Yet I agree. I am just saying if such comes to light matters may slip away from us without our leave."

Tony takes a stronger sip, almost a gulp. "So we have to, as we say down here, get out in front of it. We have to know as much as everyone else does, get it all together. And if, worst-case, we have to act against Aegir…then we need to know how to stop him." He puts his drink down. "I have even designed an Iron Man suit for deep-water operations, should that be necessary."

At that, Thor's smile shows open and freely given, "You are such a craftsman, Stark. I shall look forward to seeing it in battle." Though he does at least have the forethought to say, "Though I do hope it does not come to that." His lip twists, "But still. I am sure it shall be a sight." Maybe a /little/ battle.
That said he uncurls a hand, "Was that primarily what you would have words with me on, or is there some other matter that prays upon your thoughts?" The tall man tilts his head back towards the bar, then to Iron Man once again.

Tony takes a deep breath. "It might be a good time to bolster the roster. I was also going to ask if there were any particular individuals that would be good candidates for the Avengers." He smiles wryly. "I want to make sure that when the call goes out, we get enough people to answer it."

Scritching a thumb over his chin and then straightening up a little, Thor coughs a touch into his hand and then smacks his lips a little in thought. He hrms as he holds his beard with two fingers, then looks back toward Tony, "Have you some set of criteria upon which you would consider such worthies, or are you more looking for one with sufficient power that they might contribute?"
He spares a glance toward the window beyond them, as if casting his gaze upon the city so far below, then looks once again to Tony. "For I have met other powered individuals. But Avengers…" He bites his lower lip. "I do not know."

Tony looked over to him. "You know who we are. You know what we're about. We need highly-trained people who can improvise, but can follow orders when required. I respect your judgment. You and Rogers are the only ones who I'd trust to vet any warriors you feel could be a part of this."

Nodding slowly as Tony tells him, he can see that look overtake the Thunderer's visage. It's that look of concentration, utter focus with gaze distanced. He frowns to himself and slowly shakes his head, "None spring to mind, Stark. But…" He rubs at the back of his neck as his gaze slips toward the bar, one of the bottles, another, then to the door and where he left his umbrella.
Then he nods, "But I shall put my mind and efforts to that while we await word on the Atlantean and Aegir situation. Perhaps some worthy warrior will present them before me and I shall test them."
That said he pushes himself to his feet and advances on the bar, quirking an eyebrow as he picks up one of the bottles as if asking if it's alright for him to have a refill.

Tony chuckles. "My longhouse is your longhouse. Check the cabinet on the left for the top-shelf stuff Pepper doesn't know I have."
Well, she probably knows, but none of it's gone missing. So there's that, a t least.
"I'll keep an eye out, as well. If I find anyone, I'll put their name forward and they can come in to show what they can do."

"Very well." Thor says as he takes up the bottle and pours himself another round. He sets the bottle down with a glassy clink then turns back to look across the way at Tony. "I shall set to." And as he says that he extends his hand out to the side and with a faint /whom/ Mjolnir in Umbrella form leaps across the distance and into his hand with a smooth clean motion through the air.
The glass is tilted back as he takes a nice long swallow and then sets the now empty down and aside. "Now, I shall be off. If I may?" He gestures toward the window with the umbrella, though in short order it is umbrella no longer but the ancient hammer held in his hand.

Tony ohs and nods. "JARVIS, open the center panel window."
<Yes, sir.>
The window retracts into the floor almost noiselessly.
"Thanks for coming by, Thor. I'll be in touch, you have my word." Tony salutes him with his nearly-empty glass. He'll fix that in a minute. But first things first.

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