2020-02-11 - Off To See The Dwarves


A trip to see the Dwarves in Minnesota to get Betty some armour.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Feb 11 04:27:57 2020
Location: Minnesota

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Unbeknownst to many there is a dwarven colony in Minneapolis. Fenris is actually on relatively good terms with it, which is why he has come to visit the people here. The 'front desk' for it, as it were, is actually the American Swedish Institute, a museum and cultural center dedicated to the role of Scandinavian immigrants, and Swedes in particular, in the history of the region.

It's winter, and thus quite cold here. Lake Harriet is, if not frozen solid, then at the very least frozen over. It had helped that they hadn't had to take a flight or a car or a taxi. Fenris had just opened a Way and they'd stepped out inside the Institute.

"Uh. Welcome to the ASI, sorta unusual to arrive like that durin' business hours dontchaknow?" A young blonde and rather stout woman says. Her rather long hair is done in thick braids that fall down her back and she's wearing jewelry of hand beaten gold. You can actually see the hammer marks on the cuff on her arm.

"You betcha!" Astryd answers as she steps through the Way, wrapped as usual in her fur lined coat. She's been practicing the accent since Fenris had said they were going. It's not perfect, but after a few centuries, she's developed an ear for accents.

"Hello Donnah, howyagoin'? I'd like to introduce some friends to ya."

Betty Brant follows after, her own heavy attire fit for the chill. She nibbles at her lower lip, listening to the kick of inflection and then the mirror voice of Astryd. Smirking, brow quirking, she can't help but to shake her head and glance toward Fenris and Sif both.

Pulling her gloved hands out of her pockets, she smiles toward 'Donnah', and offers her hand. With the woman's keen eyes, she may be able to tell that Brant wears a hairpin all her own of unmistakable Dwarven make. "My name's Betty, it's a pleasure to meet you, Donna." Her accent is her own.

Having gotten the impression (perhaps incorrectly) that they were meeting with dwarves, Sif had chosen to wear a blend of Midgardian clothing and her armor, with the greaves over her jeans and boots, and her vambraces just barely fitting under the sleeves of her black jacket. It's the fur-lined wool cloak that the most incongruent, as she almost always carries her sword and buckler regardless.

Astryd's suddenly sounding like the woman who greeted them earns the Valkyr a confused glance and Betty a faint shrug of 'I have no idea'. She's at least now trying to keep her buckler and sword from being too too obvious, as this might just be a normal Midgardian woman and their group is already strange enough.

Fenris doesn't actually seem bothered by Sif's being armed and comes to that neither does Donna who is also rather suspiciously okay with them just having appeared out of a tear in reality. Almost as if she's used to this.

"Astryd it's been far too long. Ya gotta come by more'n once every few decades!" The woman says, hugging Astryd. Then The short woman - she's about four ten and maybe two hundred pounds of what look like solid muscle - comes around the reception desk she was sitting at and holds her hand out.

"Pleased ta meetcha Betty. And…" Sif gets a curious look. "You must be Sif. It's okay. The ironmongery's all in fashion dontchaknow? Well come on. Fenris said you'd all be wantin' ta talk to the boss."

Donna leads the little group back to what looks like a service closet but is actually a stairway down. Two flights of stairs lead to an elevator with only one button. It is pushed and down the thing goes. After about ten seconds the 'walls' suddenly fall away, revealing that this elevator is in fact glass sided. And they're descending down into an ENORMOUS well lit cavern the size of several city blocks and easily able to fit a few skyscrapers.

Below, lights move along well lit, smooth stone passageways. Yes. They were coming to see dwarves.

Donna is all smiles. "Neat, ain't it? Sorry, we don't get ta show ootsiders this verra much."

"I really should, Donnah." Astryd smiles as Betty introduces herself. "It's not the old days when I needed armour more regularly. I might be back soon though, with a commission for you - today though, it's about Betty here. And yes, this is the Lady Sif."

The taller blonde falls silent as they're lead through the building, watching Betty as the younger woman takes in the scene. They're here for her after all.

"Don't be getting to much now, Donnah." Astryd chuckles. "We don' wanta' scare Fenris' priestess off…"

"Maybe Sif, you'll see something you like here, as well."

Betty Brant keeps her hand out for the shake and holds firmly. A pump or two later, she pulls back her touch and makes to follow the group toward the Wonka-Like elevator. The theme is already playing in her head - Come with me, and you'll be…

The song wasn't doing this place justice, however. Astryd would be able to see Betty's warm eyes light up with wonder. Beaming, almost childlike in expression, she gets closer to the glass and skips her gaze about the underground cavern system. There's too much to see and the woman starts lamenting that her eyes aren't bigger. A thankful, excited grin beams toward Fenris, Astryd, Sif and Donna alike before she's back to drinking in the 'city' behind the wall of glass.

"Yes. It's something…I'm speechless." She admits before perking up again. "Oh! I agree! If Lady Sif is coming with me, and since she's been training me, we should get her something, too."

Sif bows to Donna when she steps out from behind the counter… okay, then. Actual, honest to Allfather dwarves. She follows along, looking around when the elevator's walls reveal the cavern. Very much impressed.

"I don't know that I came prepared with sufficient currency, but I will never refuse to admire items made with skill unmatched anywhere in the Nine Realms." But, maybe she can mentally budget for things. She should be able to get currency next time she makes a trip to Asgard.

The elevator gets to the bottom 'floor' which is actually the top floor of this cavern and opens onto what is sort of like a highway, only most of the people are walking. The ones that aren't strictly speaking walking are near the center of the wide 'road' and on what appear to be conveyor belts of the type one might see in airports but much longer and more complex.

"Come on now!" Donna has caught some of Betty's infectious enthusiasm and steps lightly onto those conveyor belts. You know they don't look it, but they are REALLY booking once you step on them.

"Oh don't worry about payin' Sif." Donna smiles. "Fenris cashed in some favors with us to get this done. Said he owed you and wanted to get his new priestess appropriately protected."

Fenris grins. Yes he had said both of those things.

Astryd knows the way but the others are treated to a short 'tour' of the city in the form of passing through it's highest level and being able to look down on it. It's… big. A colony for sure. Maybe ten, twenty thousand down here? The belts lead to a large building in the center of the cavern that looks like it's part high power office block and part temple. Donna steps off and after a bit of walking they step into the real heart of Minne-Dwarf-Opolis.

The forges.

Humans have done some useful things in that regard so Betty MIGHT be surprised to see CNC machines and plasma cutters in with the more traditional and more exotic equipment. A four foot eight man with a smith's apron and a long grey beard steps up.

"Greetin's everyoone. Welcome ta our colony. Donna told me that Fenris has requested that we make somethin' special for ya but she didn't say what. So… Oh sorry. Introductions. I'm Svenskarin. Astryd, are ya gonna introduce me to these two fine ladies?"

Fenris gets a look from Astryd as that piece of information comes out. "You wouldn't need to worry, Sif, I have credit here as well. I've done some work with the Dwarves over the years."

The forges aren't new to her but her eyes widen slightly at the sight "You've been doing some upgrades, Donna. It looks good. When did this occur?"

"Hello Svenskarin, this is Betty - a prietess of Fenris and this is the Lady Sif. Ladies, this Svenskarin - watch out for your hearts."

It was all so magical, even if it was cut with industry and advancement. Even old methods had to evolve. Pratically squirming with excitement, Betty does a small say as that belt stops and they're set before the forge and its smithy. Upon greeting, she offers out her hand once more, this time after slipping off her glove. "It's a pleasure to meet you, too, Svenskarin." A glance toward Astryd, the warning is accepted with a playful giggle.

"I really can't believe all of this. It's amazing." She praises, looking back toward Donna and the trio that was with her. "Were do we begin? What do you need me to do?"

Sif offers Svenskarin a warrior's bow in greeting when she's introduced after looking at both Astryd and Fenris with a bit of surprise when they say they'll cover any costs from this trip. She'd not been expecting that, clearly.

With the introductions done, she lets the attention focus on Betty for the moment, as her request to have her sword and buckler repaired and sharpened can most certainly wait a bit.

"Well." Fenris says, smiling and speaking for the first time in a bit. "We need to get you outfitted with some kind of armor. Something befitting a priestess. Something subtle and ornamental, I think, that might be missed if you didn't know what you were looking for. What do you think, Raven? Enchantment? Or something a bit more ostentatious?" Like the hair pin Astryd has that becomes a sword and shield. "Do you have any ideas on what would be good Betty? These dwarves can make just about anything you might imagine."

Sven buffs his nails at that compliment and grins to Donna who grins back and then elbows him in the ribs. Don't get TOO puffed up now.

"What about you Lady Sif?" That's Donna who is as handy a hand at the forge as anyone in the building except possibly Sven and a few of the master smiths. "Without meanin' ta pry, I betcha that sword of yours could use a replacement. Or if it has sentimental value we could rework it. Give it a good old dwarven touch. Make it good in all the ways it's still good but sharper than my old nan's humor and more deadly than a Minnesota goodbye."

Fenris snorts. Those can last for YEARS or so it seems like.

Astryd slides her arm through Fenris' as they come to a stop. "Not ostentatious, but it needs to protect her while she's questing, the problem as I see it is that armour is to provide against impacts - and those can come from nearly anywhere."

"Maybe some light weave, Sven? Some an enchanted item that can be worn while she works?" Betty is human, after all and nowhere as resiliant as the Asgardians she represents.

Astryd smiles at the comment on Sifs sword. The Ravens sword will need replacing soon.

At Donna question, Sif produces her buckler and sword still in scabbard from under her cloak. "I suspect that both of these are in need of a good cleaning at the least. I've not been back to Asgard for a brief moment to have them checked there. Though for the sword, it has been by my side for several hundred years now. I would hesitate to replace or modify it heavily without very good reason."

Sif knows that it would be considered an insult to completely refuse, so she offers a hopefully acceptable compromise. "Perhaps a new blade to accompany this one instead?"

"I don't know, really…" She stammers, looking toward the couple for a beat. Shifting her sights to Sif, her face begging for some suggestions from her martial teacher. Back to the dwarves, she smiles apologetically. "I had a hair pin they've given me that's of dwarven make. It turns into a staff of sorts. A foci. I'm learning magic so, maybe something that doesn't interfer with that? If that's a thing?" Touching at her torso and stomach, still covered in heavy coat, she looks to the pair once more.

"If I have one request, I'd like it to be the color of Orichalcum, accented with deep navy."

At Betty's 'HELP!' expression, Sif quickly considers the options before suggesting, "Being able to keep at the least a sword and shield on your person at all times would likely be helpful."

"Well…" The Dwarf forge master takes in Betty's suggestions, Astryds and Sif's as well. He strokes his beard a bit. "I think I have just the thing for you. I'll need some of Fenris' help for this but we can get you a shield as Sif suggests. A tooth perhaps. An orichalcum Wolf's tooth that can project a shield. Yes I can see it now… Some of your Blood, Destroyer."

Fenris nods. That's fine. It will also serve in place of the fact that he can't really offer blessings as many other deities would.

"I think we can get you just th' thing, Lady Sif. I'm thinkin…" Donna has that 'big idea' expression on her face and she moves her hand in a grandiose fashion.

"An axe…"

An axe. Interesting.

"Now. What about you Astryd? Can we get anything for you? Oh! Betty, we'll need some of your hair to mix with this, along with Fenris' blood."

"Later, Sven, my friend." Astryd murmurs. "I have my hairclip for now but given the perils we seem about to face, I'm going to want something more than human metal." Uru, she means or something similar. "For now, I want to ensure Betty is as safe as she can be."

"The shield is a good idea - it won't be easily detected but will protect her well. It also means she's not clanking about in metal or similar material."

"Hmm? Oh!" She nods and moves closer to Sven. Pulling down one of her beaded braids, she offers it his way, unsure of the length needed. "Take what you need." She smiles gently, her eyes warm and cheeks pink. A blink later, she glances back toward the trio. "Um, so, will that protect me twice over? I have a somewhat magical shield now, so extra's never bad." Double armor - always a good choice. "I wonder, is there a way of marking it with protective runes? Perhaps against other forms of magic?"

Maybe Betty was finally getting the idea. Or she was just spitballing - either way.

"An axe?" Sif looks at Donna a bit confusedly. "I've not actively practiced with an axe in … nearly a thousand years? I was thinking smaller blades I could carry while wearing Midgardian clothing. Knives, small enough to be easily concealed."

Oh, maybe she should suggest to Astryd a proper weapon for Captain Rogers. His insistence on throwing his oddly round shield leaves him nothing to fight with.

"Hrm. A good drop point knife maybe. I could make ya a pig sticker that'll bring home the bacon AND be a perfect place to roast it!" Captain Rogers? Who is that? Donna looks a bit confused momentarily before she remembers. "Oh! The fella with the really nice… pants. You know him Sif?!"

Sven smiles at Betty and nods enthusiastically. "Yes just what I was thinking protective runes, but also able to put a shield on your arm made of… well. Made of impossible things. IF you ever found yourself without. But mostly something that will ward off harm and still let you look like a proper priestess of… um. Say. When WAS the last time Fenris had a priest or priestess?"

"Long time." Fenris chuckles as he watches.

"Well, why don't you all come with me down to the forges proper. A good blade or amulet needs to be fit like a fine suit."

"Betty and maybe others are also going to visit the Morrigan so…"

Sven stops and gapes at Fenris. "You- Astryd! You let him get away with that idea?!" He takes a moment to recover. "Well, I suppose you'll be wantin' protection for that too. I'm going to need blood… from all of you… for that."

Astryd chuckles. "You mean ass, Donna and yes it is and we do." Astryd manages to look almost innocent. "I … might have made him an einherjar … sort of. I'm really not sure that Captain America would use a weapon, Lady Sif. He has a … strong sense of morality that I'm yet to fathom."

Sif can explain more as Astryd turns her attention to Sven "It was my idea, Sven, so yes. We need something recovered and neither he nor I can go, sending his Priestess seemed like the best idea."

Flushing pink, Betty chuckles and nods then. "Yes, very fine indeed. Bucky would agree." Clearing her throat, she keeps her hair out and waits for it to be cut clean. Standing, she starts to follow only for Sven to react to the mission at hand. Then the call for blood. "Take what you need of that, too. Please understand I'm not afraid. It's my duty so I will see it done." There's no comment about the other places she's been already.

Flushing pink, Betty chuckles and nods then. "Yes, very fine indeed. Bucky would agree." Clearing her throat, she keeps her hair out and waits for it to be cut clean. Standing, she starts to follow only for Sven to react to the mission at hand. Then the call for blood. "Take what you need of that, too. Please understand I'm not afraid. It's my duty so I will see it done." There's no comment about the other places she's been already.

"What else do you need from me, Svenskarin?"

"Why would the Captain not use a weapon, Astryd?" Sif is asking honestly. "He must have used some form of weapon in the war that he and his shield brother fought in." Though, flinging jeeps at people isn't exactly a commonplace thing to do.

She follows along with the others, perfectly willing to let Sven have the requested blood sample. If anyone can be trusted to not misuse something as potentially valuable as Aesir (ahem, Vanir) blood, it would be the dwarves.

"What if we suggested to the Captain's shield brother that we would like him to carry a weapon?"

Sven brings over a bronze knife and gives Betty just the smallest of cuts, collecting a single bead of blood which he places into a small container not entirely unlike an egg carton. Then he goes to collect from the others.

"I will need a strand of your hair and then we will need you present to actually scribe the runes. Some of them will have to be done by your hand. It's a bit of teachable magic, you might like it, especially if you're into learning that sort of thing."

He might be singing Betty's song.

Donna considers Sif's suggestion as well as Astryd's concern. "That might work. I'll draw up something and you can take it with you, show the Captain's Shield Brother what we'd like to do. Maybe you can bring him back next time." The dwarfess grins.

Fenris snorts in good humor and motions to people. "Come on everyone. I think I remember the way to where Sven will take us next."

It's going to be at least a few hours here, but it's going to be a very INTERESTING few hours at least. After all… who doesn't like dwarves?

Other than elves, that is.

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