2020-02-09 - Something has to give


Sigyn has a plan, if she can just convince Loki

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Feb 9 03:22:32 2020
Location: Cover Story - Living Area

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There is a tension in the air of the apartment. Sigyn just isn't able to settle herself… she tried baking, cooking, even has a small perfumer's still working on refining reagents one tiny drop at a time. Nothing is helping… so she paces, flipping a dagger idly as she does so. Paces, and plots.

Loki can sense the discomfiture, in fact little trickles of it have been an ongoing thing for much of the day. Once he's done with the day's work at the Embassy, he comes home, and seeks his wife out. As he crosses the threshold of the gateway into the living area, his clothing shimmers and changes from modern suit to tunic and trews in his colors. He /does/ have a sealed box in hand, tied closed with a length of ribbon. "Sigyn?" He asks.

"I am restless… I know I agreed to be cautious, with the threat from this Hydra, but it is becoming confining. As far as I can tell, no progress has been made against them." Sigyn's eyes flash, and the temper that she never lets any but Loki see shows. "I am tired of playing it SAFE." She all but snarls the last word, throwing the dagger, though she calls it back to her hand just before it impacts. At least she's not throwing it at Loki this time…

"If we want to lure Hydra out, we will have to give them bait they will go for. Me."

"Things have been moving a bit slowly, I am sorry, wife. I cannot control the pace of the investigation." Loki offers over the box, it has a truffle assortment inside. He stands still, in case that dagger is coming his way, relieved a bit when it doesn't. Sure, the make-up sex after a stabbing is usually pretty good, but…the stabbing part, not so much. And then she goes and suggests she use herself as bait.

Eyes of green /flash/. "Unacceptable."

That's about as hard a 'no' as he's able to utter. "The risks are too great, we know too little. We shall find another way."

Sigyn's eyes flash. "I'm not saying be foolish about it. We pick two events that are that the same time, one which you should attend as the Asgardian Ambassador, and one that suits the sweet domestic wife that most think I am. Most Asgardians think I'm weak, Hydra no doubt does the same… Healer and helpmate doesn't equal a threat to them."

Then she gets an impish grin, and does a complicated twist of Seidr, and Loki finds himself talking to… himself. Though clad in the black suit he favors for Ambassador's duties. "A dinner perhaps. Boring. Tedious. Serious. While my wife attends a charity event for a worthy cause, children perhaps. Sentimental of her." Sigyn drops the illusion. "You've shapeshifted to mimic me before… And your shifting is harder to detect than my illusions. So they'll likely go for you disguised as me… trying to catch a tiger in a rabbit trap."

"Mmm…that does have possibilities." Loki allows. "And you know me well enough to pull off the impersonation better than anyone but myself." It goes without saying he could do a pretty damn good Sigyn impression. "I'm concerned that the illusion on you might be pierced, however…" He looks off into the distance, thinking, but—at least he's not being obdurate about it. Of course after twelve-centuries of marriage, he probably knows just how stubborn they BOTH are. "…maybe with a shifting rite on yourself as well? Too many things can pierce illusions, I am not confident in their efficacy here."

Which is grounds for concern indeed, if anyone knows illusions, it is Loki.

Sigyn nods, "Shifting is not my specialty, but with your help on the rite we can manage it. And we limit the number of Asgardians we tell about the plan. One or two, no more. If we can let them think that it is really me as bait, so much the better." She smiles warmly. "I have no problem deceiving our friends if that is what it takes to deceive our foes."

"Ritual magic is probably our best bet, we can work together, weave in a charm or three to mask it, this has a good chance of working." Mollified that the /real/ danger will be to him, and confident Sigyn can handle herself in any situation that might conceivably crop up at some dull dull dull event (and thank you, honey, for taking /that/ off his plate!)…

"Fenris has to be told. I am unsure if anyone else needs to know." After all, Fenris is his -blood-.

Sigyn moves closer, a smile on her face as she slips her arms around Loki. She did pull a minor prank on him, by not telling him the whole plan at first. "Have I mentioned lately how sexy you are when you get all growly and protective?" And the look in her eyes suggest that alternate ways of burning off some of her nervous energy has occurred to her, so it's likely that her tweaking him will be forgiven. Well… after a few energetic hours.

"You have not." And then he grins, and in..well..a PERFECT Gomez Addams. "How long has it been since we tangoed?" A dip kiss, then he takes his wife by the hand to let her make amends for twigging him. Oh, poor thing!

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