2020-02-03 - Labhunters Part II


Having awakened the strange creature known as Unity, Iron Pariot, Augmenta, Posse, and Io need to save Hank McCoy after he's attacked, but perhaps only one woman can calm his berserker rage afterwards…Betty Brant.

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Storyteller: None
Date: 2020-02-03
Location: RP1 - BioGen LLC - Retired Facility Outside NYC

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And things started off so very normal! Hank wanted to buy a new lab, even hocked some patents to get the seed money. The realtor was a lady named Jenny Shields, revealed in her dealings with Doctor McCoy to be an anti-mutant bigot when she reached out the owner of the facility - Toni Ho. Toni, less than thrilled took over the sale, and after weeks of being put off Hank finally got to view the lab space under the auspices of RESCUE in the form of Toni and shortly after, Roni.

During the tour Hank found a live line inside one of the walls during the tour, he'd scanned with the thermal imaging system in his fancy new goggles, and then they traced it to a mass UNDER the basement, a heretofore unknown second basement accessed through a hidden elevator in an empty chemical vat.

Once Overwatch was in situ, and everyone decontaminated and given appropos drugs for the gamma rays, the trine of power armoured heroines and Hank in his armored costume, modified to be full coverage, went forth to investigate the mysterious mass of techno-organic stuff. Hank dropped into the vat, then ripped up a section of the floor and the reaction was immediate - dozens of tendrils of the black mass lashed out, at least five piercing the man and pinning him to the vat wall with sufficient force to deform the metal! The rest of the tendrils lashing out at the heroines…

Standing guard by a load-bearing column with her green eyes watching sharply through her visor, Posse is halfway into a dive before she even has time to shout "Move!". Rolling nimbly to her feet and backpedaling in leaps to evade the black cords, she hastily addresses the lead doctor of the team while her energy rifle trains on the hole and her finger hovers over its trigger. "Aug, fire permission?"

Iron Patriot isn't expecting a sudden attack…up till now, the plant thing has been quiescent, unmoving and non-reactive, despite the worrisome gamma radiation. Thus, she only has time to get her arms up, crossing them as the tentacle slams into her, knocking her backwards to slam into the wall behind with a crunch of the new crater forming sounding through the area as she tries to grab hold of the tendril before it can wrap around her!

"Try not to, if you don't have to!" Augmenta shouts. She is quick, but not nearly so quick as Posse, and not much faster than Iron Patriot. The tendril slams into her, unable to immediately pierce her armor - though there is deformation of the ballistic plating - and instead wraps around her, slamming her into the wall.

"Try the non-lethals. I don't want to do more harm than we have to. But it's going to kill someone if we don't act!" Augmenta finally responds. Her sensor pods are feeding her imagery and telemetry on Beast, and she is very concerned for Hank's well-being right now. The doctor in her feels compelled to take action to save him. First: do no harm.

"Screamers incoming!" Augmenta shouts, and gives a countdown of five before launching three screamer pods towards the center of the mass and the hole in which Hank is trapped. It'll be Hell for her friend, but it should be non-lethal: multi-spectral hot LED flashes and ululating screaching that bypasses standard baffles, usually enough to stun and disorient. Admittedly, though, very dangerous for epileptics not wearing properly pre-tuned shielding glasses.

Unannounced, and behind the set of armored women and the prospective property buying mutant, a large robotic dog appears almost out of nowhere. It runs into one of the thicker tendrils with five-hundred pounds of force to shake it and discourage it from attacking before it starts rending things with claw and fang.

Standing far behind the group, suited all propertly, is a new figure. In the suit, it's certainly hard to tell who the figure is - or even what gender. But, a feminine voice calls out to the group, "Guys?" The voice sounds extremely uncertain, and a bit frazzled. "I think it's alive? I mean, alive, yes. But. Like VI alive. Or, maybe more. I don't fucking know. Jesus. Keep them off me, Goliath!"

With a sickening /pulsing/ motion, the cables piercing Hank clearly start pumping something out of him as the man struggles to deal with the sudden attack. The instant that draining starts his back arches, the wall behind him buckling in protest as massive arms and legs drum against the wall in agonized paroxysm, and his voice is raised in a bellow of pain that is almost a sonic attack in its power.

The black tendrils engorge, the light strands woven through them shifting from blue, to deeper violet, and finally to red…at which point they are wrenched out of Hank with sudden violence that leaves a bright red spray behind each glistening mass.

As the draining occurs it is not immediately obvious what is happening to Hank until his hands and feet /shred/ through the full coverage costume he wears - the bellow of pain goes /harsh/, guttural, and then finally as he drops to the ground, the Beast straightens, back arching, elbows at his sides with hands flexed and THREE INCH claws on his fingertips. The armor sloughs off him, revealing a full on fuzzy-McCoy once more, as he /roars/ with a terrifying blend of pain and sufficient rage that there's serious doubt that there's anything of the gentle genius in the house at the moment.

Which is very very not good.

The transformation must have been torture, and it happened in seconds, that level of painyeahit could drive someone mad.

With the furry form his super-senses were also restored, hellish? Yes, very much so! Assaulted by the Screamers, Beast's hands fly to cover his ears as even MORE pain is added to the mix, and backlit eyes with zero man behind them lock on the pods full of seething hatred, hell, he's quite literally frothing with fury as he shreds part of the wall, flinging inches thick chunks of the metal at the pods.

The other tendrils continue their attempts to fight the heroines—but they do not try to penetrate their armour, just batter it. Keep them under threat while the others harvested whatever they did from Hank.

Augmenta's permission is all Posse needs to add her own firepower to the defense and searing beams of energy lance out the end of her rifle to strike the cables near their thick roots, jabbing them with surges each individually enough to knock out a fully-grown man.

But looking at the formerly composed and fair-skinned doctor, that may no longer be enough…

"New target! Pacify and extract Beast and everybody out!" the Chief of Security orders to the group as she ducks, weaves, and leaps just beyond the cables' reach with preternatural reflexes while continuing to fire. One hand comes off her barrel long enough to chuck a grenade from her waist and into the vat. It's not made for the task she's set before it, but the sudden expanse of quick-hardening foam and heavy, radiation-blocking additives may at least slow something down. "Foam out!"

With a grunt, Iron Patriot shifts as Goliath charges into the fight, her vine one of those that gets knocked away by the attacking metal junkyard dog, taking a step forward. "Hank!" She growls, the projector on her chest powering up. "I've got him!" With a flash of energy her force field springs into existence around the rampaging furry man in a Hank hampster bubble to protect him from the vines…and everything else from Hank at the moment.

Augmenta is very strong. She rarely uses that strength for anything beyond moving objects, but when pushed into service - like now - Veronica isn't going to hesitate. She seizes the tendril and twists, firing her vectored thrust to push away from the wall. She then fires two of her neuro-disruptor darts into the thing, hoping it can do on that tendril what they would normally do to people and animals.

Hearing Beast roar, however, rather distracts Augmenta from following up on any of those attacks. She scrambles towards the opening, calling out to him in concern. "Hank!" Bubbled up, she can do nothing more to help him, but she is rather terrified to see what has been wrought upon him.

And Veronica is blaming herself.

"This is so fucked up," mutters Io through her suit. Unfortunately for IO with the innerworkings of the entire system and power grid, essentially, having been taken offline there's not much a technocrat can do against a bio-organism such as that they're facing. That is, except provide Goliath mental commands.

The robotic dog might have been reformed from scrapyard and junk-salvaged parts but it is working above and beyond it's original specs, and the fleet-footed inorganic beast skitters away and this time it rears up, slashing with both paws repeatedly onto one of the groping monstrous tendrils, batting it away with a force that could rend steel.

And, just with as much force it bites hard into yet another seeking tendril, fighting to provide space for the retreat.

This was a big one. A vision so painful and direct that it sent the woman sprawling to the floor of her apartment. Twisting up, bending and bowing, eyes wide and hazed over with a vibrant light - the event lasts no more than a few minutes. After the collasp and desperate need for air in her burning lungs, a frantically panting Betty Brant pulls herself up to her feet. Clawing at her phone and leaving her meal and drink to stain the floor (she'd clean it up later), she starts looking up addresses. Messages. Texts. There.

Often one to run like a champ in heels through the city to get from point A to B, this time she takes a cab as far as she can go. The rest is a dead sprint. Blocked off and flaring with warnings, the woman with braids and beads in her hair makes a direct line to one of the suited guards of RESCUE. Hand out, she rests it on their arm, fingers gripping tightly. "You have to let me in." She stresses, hazel eyes falling upon the face screen that parts the pair. "Please. Henry McCoy is my fiance. Something horrible is happening in the belly of that building, something more than radiation and contamination breeches. There will be blood. So much blood - I need to help him. I need to help them. You have to let me go in there or no one may be coming out."

The foam grenade explodes and fills most of the vat with the stuff, and it does indeed slow the mass down, the shots from the pulse weapon Posse fired disabling entire clumps of the tendrils lashing about in a creepshow of horror. Individually the heroines manage to fight their ways free, but then things change, the central mass also shifting through violet, to crimson after whatever was taken from Hank is absorbed. All the tendrils break off at that point and are reeled into the foam, which is now lit from below a hellishly lurid red.

Encapsualted, Hank slams massive fists against the wall of force again and again, the inside ringing with the shockwave of each multi-ton impact. It is not rational, it is the furious battering of a caged brute, no finesse just adrenaline amped power - fortunately Iron Patriot is aware of how strong Hank is, and her field is vastly stronger even than his adrenaline boosted might can rupture.

Of course…he's not slowing down, the speed and frenzy of his attacks incredibly visceral and truly a very scary thing. Snarling, frothing, fangs bared and madness lurking behind once kind eyes.

The technopath would feel something…something is happening under the foam, a shift in the 'feel' of the techno-organic matrix…is it waking up? In the complex, sudden light…also a lurid red, as the power systems engage, and base starts to spin itself up, nope, that's not ominous at all.

As the tendrils finally retreat, Posse's rifle swings to Hank and she clicks its output up another notch. "Move him now, Toni - I'm tracking. Non-lethal," she adds for Roni's benefit while glancing at the other women in the room to make sure they're leaving. There are no words minced and no attention spared to the steel canine. Its help is appreciated, but the Chief of Security never wrote it into her evacuation in a worst-case scenario. "<Alpha team reinforce the basement. Beast is wild. Be ready to contain.>"

The guard turns a sharp but not heartless look to Betty as she approaches and immediately grabs the arm of his environmental suit. It's a small benefit of RESCUE's designs, but beneath the purposefully full-face mask of his suit, the man's entire expression including his eyes are visible. His mouth half-opens to reproach her until he pauses to listen to a radio transmission. Just as quickly his countenance changes completely and the guard gives her a nod while turning about and leading her within the perimeter. "<Alpha One, I've got a woman claiming Henry's fiance, she just predicted a mess down there and says she can help. Moving her to quarantine and basement one,>" he radios before switching to open voice to answer Betty. "You can go once you're in a radiation suit. Tell me everything you can on the way."

Toni's eyes flick to her HUD inside her helmet as a warning flickers along it, her voice steady as she starts to walk forward, her armored boots clunking against the floor. "Augmenta, I can hold him, but he's going to injure himself…do you have anything that might calm him down or temporarily sedate him? I can try and stun him but I''d have to drop the shield." Her helmet tilts, her optics glowing as she starts scanning the change being made. "And I'm guessing /that/ isn't good, whatever it is…increased power flow around us feeding into the core. Whatever's in there, the material it took from Hank is waking it up."

Iron Patriot holds out her hands slight, the projectors in the palms lighting up. "Scan parameters of organism: Hank McCoy." Toni says under her breath.

The HUD blips as it imposes a glowing blue exterior around the furred berserker inside. "Begin lowering diameter at one centimeter per second. Adjust field to conform to exterior. Maximum compression, 2 percent…let's see if we can get a better hold on our beastly problem…"

With a shimmer the forcefield begins to shrink down slowly starting to conform to Hank's body as Iron Patriot carefully tries to pin his arms to his sides and his legs together, reforming the forcefield into a large glowing blue ring from just below his shoulder to just above his knees, while his shoulders and up are left bare for the moment so he can't ram his head against the field more. Basically a glowing Hankrito as he's allowed to carefully topple over.

"I'm not in a damned med lab!" Augmenta shouts. "There's no way of knowing how his altered metabolism would react to an untested drug cocktail!" She's clearly very upset by all of this. "Drop the damned field and let me paralyze him. Then he can't hurt himself or anyone else!" Assuming the darts will work, of course!

The biggest problem? Augmenta is not evacuating the way Posse is ordering her to go. She should. They have practiced this countless times. She knows she should be going. But she can't. She cannot go without Hank. And she is just so upset she cannot seem to manage to think of anything else.

"SNAFU." It's the one word Io says, and all of a sudden … the lights come on. Dim machines in the background that were one slumbering can be heard whirring to life as the entire base begins to come online. There's a pause, and then, Io looks to the others trying to contain Hank and fight off the tendrils - she glances to Goliath. She intakes her breath, sharply. She speaks again. "Alright. You want to come online? Welcome to my world, bitch."

And, Io begins to do what Io does best: Multitask. She begins to upload all of her text messages from her 'business' phone that she does all her sidework and negociations for pricing through, the most substantial thing in those text messages is how language abusive Io is to people who abuse or mistreat their technology - as fervant as anyone might be defending an abused animal - or even person. She uploads these into her mind - and then, she begins to upload them straight into the biomass of mixture of tech and organic.

While she's doing this? She's also hacking into the databanks of the computer through an online port she sees. This information will be then transmitted to her notepad, for further review. Finally, and most transparent of what's going on? The huge fans begin to kick in, whirring the A/C to life, rapidly begining to suck the warmth and humidity out of the air.

Betty Brant is frozen in place until the guard answers her in kind. Her shoulders relax, if only for a moment, when he allows her to pass through. With haste in her step, she catches up and walks with the guard more so than behind him. At least by now she's stopped clutching to his arm. "I'll tell you what I can," she explains. There comes a story about some dark force hidden within the belly of a metal giant. Of a beast gone mad and battling with the dark creature and three valkyries upon different mounts. Of crimson washing over the belly of the beast, with claws and teeth, ripping at wings and gutting mounts alike. It all sounded so…odd. Perhaps. Maybe. Depends on who one's talking to.

It is a very good thing that the Iron Patriot's field is altered, Hank was already doing himself harm with the furor of his frenzied bid to break free. When fists proved inadequate to started hurling his entire body against the shield, with similar lack of results. The battering grows even more violent and frenzied as the field collapses, yeah, he's going to be in fairly bad shape, but eventually the glowing blue forcefield clamps him down, and the berserker-Beast is on the ground, gnashing and snapping at the air and probably ingesting some of the foam he fell onto. Massive feet twitch and grasp with shocking dexterity at anything around him, even the toes sporting massive extended fighting claws and shredding the foam, but not gaining purchase.

Probably not the healthiest thing to be doing.

The base continues to come online, and then the Technopath is mucking about it with it! The computer systems tie into some /other/ network, along hidden conduits, and /those/ systems have some fascinating data to download, terabytes worth, possibly tens of terabytes. Still, the flood of text messages slows the base defenses as they start to engage.

SNAFU indeed.

Under the foam, all goes still a moment. It is one of those instants that /everyone/ notices the still…and then the foam is punctured by a /thick/ mass of the stuff. All the tendrils that had spread out like a root system drawn inwards and then fountaining up in the chamber to spatter off the roof. Pods form in seconds, and then burst, dropping smaller forms to the ground that look like…well, techno-organic apes with Hank's face, and glowing red eyes. In one voice, the half dozen brutes speak. »We are UNITY«.

Betty is gotten into the facility, the lights powering up as they go, and is soon dressed in one of the rad-suits. She'd get a feeling…another element of the vision coming to pass, the beasts awaken.

Although the RESCUE guard guides Betty through the process of suiting up and descending to the first basement level, his lips seal contritely at the story he gets and precious little of it makes it onto his tactical radio in literal form.

Deeper underground, Posse rushes to Hank as the mutant topples over and slips her arms underneath his forcefield-clad midsection. Metal plates shift and joints flex as the cyborg lifts, or rather tries to guide Toni's protective field and hastily carry the feral scientist out of the basement.

That all stops when an eruption of black tendrils cover the ceiling and disgorge a cadre of squat, red-eyed… Hankmitations.

"<Well it speaks English,>" she mutters while attempting, without engaging the apes, to carry their progenitor-apparent out with her.

"Great, at least it's understandable when it tries to eat our faces…" Iron Patriot notes, backing up as she's forced to move to maintain the forcefield with Posse. "<Augmenta, we have to pull back! We can engage it when Hank's clear!>" she says through her helmet as panels on her shoulders pop out and swivel, before firing off a barrage of tear and pepper gas pellets that explode into clouds, brackeing the creepy apethings as she backs up. "C'mon! That won't hold them for long!"

"Posse, Arms up, full extension!" Augmenta orders, and then she launches herself into the air. Her own weapons will do nothing at all to these technological monstrosities. Posse's might. So the paraplegic doctor in the powered armor suit launches herself down into the foam-filled pit and reaches out her arms, wrapping them around Hank's forcefield-bound form as she fires a pair of neuro-disruptor darts into his neck, then fires her jets and flies out. "< Evac, Evac, Evac! >" comes blaring over the communication channels.

Goliath pulls back, and settles near Io, as the woman watches all the chaos go on. It's pretty clear there was no plan, and well - Io isn't much for making plans herself. And, the only resource she has in all her experience in anything remotely close to this? … Sci-Fi movies.

"Hey, Unity," Io says, like she were greeting someone on the street. "I'm Io. What's up? Cool name, by the way. Sorry if we're invading your privacy, but no one told us you were here," she says, non-chalantly. "But, let's not fuck things up anymore by attacking each other. Deal?"

The berserko-Beast is hoisted like VERY angry burrito, and then passed off to Augmenta's care as she engages her flight systems. The neural disruptors do stun the hell out of the man, it actually took two to even do that much, but at least he's not trying to bite anything at the moment!

The Hankmitations are hit by the tear and pepper gas pellets - and thanks to their being /partially/ organic, they are -partially- effective, and the things shift their focus to the Iron Patriot. »That…hurt.« They observe in six part harmony. Their voices? Modulated by some sort of voder, metallic sounding. In pairs, one runs towards the other, and that one grabs the first with long arms and spin-tosses them towards Iron Patriot, a triple Fastball Special — which might be alarming, it implies that they have absorbed some of Hank's memories too.

The trio that hurled, look to Io, all six speaking. »You attack us. You deny us. We will unify…all will be one.« Great, they're the Borg?! Sheesh.

Iron Patriot is last out, turning to follow so she can keep the projector pointed towards Hank…who at least seems to have thankfully gone a little less murdery after the zapping by Augmenta. It means she's got less warning than she thought when the apes are less affected than she thought, grunting as she's hit and forced off course to go THROUGH The wall by the outside door, not through the door by the outside wall.

She reaches back, grabbing for her passenger as she tries to throw him back inside. "No free rides!

Augmenta launches herself up the shaft to the main basement floor, then twists and heads up the stairs towards the ground floor … which means she is flying right past Betty and her escort, with a Hankritto in her arms. "Io, stop flirting with the damned thing and shut it down before it kills people!" she shouts into her comms.

Betty Brant ceases her movements as that kick of something else waking up rattles through her brain. That stall is enough for her to come back to reality only for Augmenta to zoom by, McCoy potato-sacked and bound. Turning, pivoting instantly, she moves after Augmenta and the…blue beast? Speed walking, then running, she's attempts to stay on the woman's heels.

Behind her protective mask, Io scowls, before looking to 'Unity' and the six-made-creatures that resemble Hank. "It's only half technology. Half organic." As if that was the root of Io's problem. Or, multiple problems.

But, her mind is in the system, now, moving along coxial, ethernet, and power cables. She finds what she was looking for in a control and observation room - a power override to divert all available power away from the room for complete shutdown.

And all she has to do is simply 'tell' the control room computer it's recieved the order from the highest ranking officer it has on file, for that shutdown to happen.

Then, she's sending another command - this one to 'Unity', through the cables it's plugged into. 'It's time to sleep. Rest. Power down. We'll talk more later.'

Hopefully, the combined effort works, and she too begins to backtrack out as the rest of the team leads the way.

Hank is indeed back in his furry form, though…he looks a lot more feral, his fur is almost jagged, spiky, coarse. His fangs are more pronounced, and his claws are fully extended to nigh three inches long. He definitely does not look the urbane fellow he normally is. At the moment he's dressed only in stretch shorts too, his costume and visor nowhere to be seen.

Unity is still too new at being aware to really grasp the extent of its vulnerability, it was part of the system, its programming urged it to find more systems, to grow, to learn, to develop. And then it tasted that something extra in the air when Hank opened the shaft up, and it had to have it, the meat body contained /it/. Whatever /it/ was, it had it in spades.

So, programming kicked in - /it/ was absorbed, and Unity was made whole! No concept of a meat thing being anything more than a squishy container, really. But the others - THEY were meat things inside metal skins, THEY were closer to it, perhaps they could be of use? And then THEY attacked.

Anger. Rage. Determination.

The softer one spoke, it addressed Unity.

Quietly, those systems shutdown commands are initiated, and thanks to the super-user admin account specified, they're heeded. Unity is at its core, a construct. It is not /truly/ aware, it is presently a VI seeking AI — but not quite there yet. System by system the base below shuts down, and then Unity follows after, sleeping for now.

Iron Patriot spins around as she lands, her arms coming up as her stun lasers extend from her vambraces trained on the hole in the front wall as her armored boots skid slightly on the asphalt as she brakes. And…it doesn't come back out. None of them too. In fact, her sensors are showing the systems powerfing down.

After a moment, she lowers her arms. "Huh." She looks over to Hank. "How is he? And did you do that Io?" she says after a moment.

Augmenta lands at the containment tent with Hank in tow, delivering another neuro-disruptor dart into his neck to hopefully make very sure he stays paralyzed right now.

The armored woman never turns around, and yet she is absolutely aware of the jogging pursuit of someone without a RESCUE badge and wearing a containment suit coming up behind her. Augmenta replays the radio transmissions from earlier, and finds the reference. Civilian woman, said she knew what was going on with Hank and was here to help. Fiance?

Augmenta's electronically and mechanically altered voice speaks as Betty is drawing near. "Ma'am, I recommend you keep your distance. That thing down there hurt him, and whatever it did changed him. He didn't just go furred, he went … truly bestial. Enraged and unthinking, uncommunicative. Right now, we're trying to keep him immobilized, until we can get a decent medical scan of his condition and try to figure out how to help him."

"Yeah," Io answers Iron Patriot, frowning once they're out, and she immediately removes her protective headgear. The gloves are next, "I took a pretty big chunk of data off the mainframe, grabbed mainly restricted files or hidden drives. It's all on here." She taps her notepad. "Best to keep it offline."

Breifly, she glances over to where Beastial Beast is in Roni's hands, along with some other girl who is talking to Roni. The blue-haired punk girl makes a face, "We're the first people it's met. Was NOT a cool way to meet people, on both sides. Take it the guy's going to be okay?"

"I know that. I've felt it and seen it. Please, you have to let me try." She explains herself, her body still moving closer and closer still toward the robotic figure and bundled up Beast. "That thing down there. Presence, life - it wasn't suppose to happen yet." Yet? Quick in step behind Augmenta, she doesn't take the warning to heart. Instead, she moves around to at least attempt to see Hank's face. "Henry," she calls out softly, her hands up and reaching for the sides of his face. Instantly, as she reaches to make contact with him, an astral like shape forms and wraps around her. The form taking on the vision of a large serpent - spending, twisting, circling, before completeing the link by swallowing its own tale.

"Henry. Henry…can you hear me?"

Even in his stupor, part of Beastie-Hank responds, face turning towards Betty nostrils flaring but not quite able to get Betty's scent through the hazmat suit, but her voice…eases him a bit, though he doesn't wake. Her hands are most assuredly not bitten, though the lips curl a bit, revealing that he has more fangs inside than usual. Either the stun dart trio OR the woman's voice, or most likely both combined serve to curb his bite reflex. Barely.

Inside the facility, the lights finally all shut down, the power drawn from Unity as the reactor core cut when it and the other systems shut down.

Probably won't be selling Hank this facility now, huh? There's sure to be paperwork, and government intervention, demolition and decommisioning…oh well.

"<Nice job.>" Patriot says, turning and patting Io on the shoulder as she walks over to her. "<This would have been a whole lot worse without you here. We'll have to go over what you got from the system and figure out exactly what this Unity is, but for now, I'm going to call in a SHIELD containment….we don't want it waking up again and starting to get out of the building without more help here.>" She looks over to Augmenta. "Any objections?" Then her optics fall on Betty. "…and…this is…?" she offers after a moment, tilting her head slightly. Not interferring, as Hank seems to be responding well to Betty's words.

In the wake of what /should/ have been a simple real estate transaction but turned into a crisis of astonishingly dire potential, introductions are made, and SHIELD called in to take over for Overwatch after the fact. This is pretty dire stuff right here! Fortunately Io has her database downloads. Beastie-Hank is evacuated to a secure medical suite at the RESCUE site, kept under restraints and observation, and Betty's presence serving to keep him calmer until he wakes, though that might not be for a while.

Sadly, the former BioGen site is definitely off the market for the foreseeable future.

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