2019-11-29 - Just a little Shopping


Sigyn asks Darcy for some shopping help

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Storyteller: None
Date: Nov 29 01:21:42 2019
Location: New York City

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After their first shopping trip, Sigyn has been a regular around the Embassy. Usually she's dropping off food, the woman seems to be working her way through a couple cookbooks on baking. Though occasionally she steals Darcy for a shopping trip. It's hard to say what made Sigyn more happy… discovering farmer's markets, or buying a stand mixer. Sigyn sticks her head into Darcy's office, and finding the woman not to terribly busy, enters and puts TWO tubs of baked goods on the table. "Blatant, shameless bribery. Trying to view websites on the phone is driving me mad, and Loki suggested I get a laptop? And since we'll be out shopping anyway we might get a few more things…" Sigyn grins.

Not too busy meant poking around websites. The baked goods has Darcy looking up and blinking to get her eyes to refocus.

"Oh. Yeah. Sure." Darcy pauses a moment after pushing back her chair. "Wait. Where are we going?"

Sigyn smiles warmly, "Well, I need a laptop? Not one the embassy has had hands on, since this is personal not professional. But it needs to be secure?" Her tone makes it clear she's not quite up on computers yet, but she's trying! "Not that I think someone would really be interested in my collection of bread recipes, but Loki says it is important. Then I should pick up some wine and other things for the upcoming holidays. I've lived on Midgard before, and there's no way I'm not goign to be having people over during the Christmas season, no matter how put upon my husband pretends to be."

"Ease of use, security features, with an adorbs case; Got it," Darcy chirps, grinning. Purse collected as her computer shuts down, Darcy grabs up a jacket to go over top the office appropriate sweater dress.

"Did you want to take the subway, take an uber, or have a driver called out. Unless, that is, you want to risk MY driving?" Darcy asks, grinning mischieviously. Of course, the idea of picking up wine means Darcy's first thought was to hit up Holiday Wine and Liquor.

Sigyn shrugs, "Or I could just teleport. Napa Valley supposedly has good wines, but there were several wineries in Europe I used to favor. They can't -all- have been destroyed in the wars." She tilts her head, "But computer shopping, that I wouldn't know where to start… so either a driver or you can drive, whichever you wish." She chuckles, "I've been in carriages racing down dirt roads at night… your driving -can't- be worse than that."

Napa Valley… California? Europe. Dude… Darcys never been ot of the country. More on that later. So, she leaves the topic is winery to Sigyn and instead, grabs the keys to an embassy vehicle.

"Considering the sheer amount of horse power in even a modest 4 door compared to a horse drawn carriage? And the fact that everyone hates when I put on my make up while driving… I promise I'll take it gently today."

Sigyn chuckles, "My head won't be hitting the ceiling, and it's unlikely to flip, so I'll take my chances." She walks along with Darcy out to the garage. "Yes, the speed and power is more, but the old carriages? No springs. The suspension was the box that you sat in was suspended on chains." She shakes her head at the memories. "Loki is not always… welcome on Asgard, and Midgard is one of his favorite places. I'd always go into exile with him, though if he was in one of his moods I'd find an estate other than the one he was using to rennovate."

"Really?" Darcy asks, more than a little fascinated. After all, since starting to work here, she'd been reading up. It's how she found the Horse Story, and the Wedding Dress story, and the snake venom in his eyes story, and the sew his mouth shut… really, and the memes say that modern day people are easily triggered.

"Oh yes. If you had a private coach and were travelling a long distance, well, you did your best to pad everything or you arrived bruised." Sigyn smiles slyly, "So, more or less putting a mattress in it. And if you were shut in a box with your husband, on a mattress, for days at a time…" She laughs. "Things before the Victorians were a lot more… lively. The definitions of obscenity were different. Sexuality wasn't always profane, that varied from region to region, but taking the Lord's name in vain was a criminal offense in Christian nations."

Darcy ponders this a bit as she unlocks the car she has the keys for.

"Damn," she murmurs, tossing her purse into the backseat. She waits for Sigyn to climb in and buckle up before turning over the engine and pulling them out smoothly.

"Alright. I'm going to head to Best Buy in Midtown. I know the manager there. She said she'd hook me up with some tech next time I needed a thing, if I wanted," Darcy says, getitng out into traffic and not driving like a complete maniac.

Sigyn does wear a seatbelt, and doesn't seem bothered by Darcy's driving… in fact, she grins perhaps a little TOO much at times. "Loki and I aren't… typical Asgardians. Too much time away in my case, though most people mutter about my husband corrupting me so… back home I do my best to act a proper little Asgardian lady and stay away from court as much as possible. I'd rather read, keep house, and study sorcery." She casually flips off a driver who tries (and fails) to cut Darcy off when he blares his horn. "Now I just want to learn more about the internet, and do some cooking… maybe take classes on Thai cooking after the new year."

Darcy had been grinning a bit as Sigyn speaks of trying to be a proper lady, but the grin morhps into a cheshire grin when Sigyn flips off that asshole.

"Well, the most important thing to know about the internet is that for every amazing bit of thing there, there's an equal about of bullshittery and lies. Also, it's for porn; in that Rule 34: If it is on the internet, there is porn of it," Darcy replies as she navigates toward Midtown and the Best Buy.

Sigyn grins, "Oh, there's always been porn. Though I'm sure the internet makes it much easier. And the laws are a lot different now. As for lies and bullshit, I've got a more than healthy sense of skepticism… keep in mind who I'm married to." She chuckles a bit. "I love my husband, but there are times…"

Darcy laughs brightly at this, head nodding.

"He's probably forgotten that he got pissed off because he thought I'd lie about where I got my bruises," she quips, grinning at the red light they're at.

"Sweet, but God, Really?"

Sigyn grins, "He probably has forgotten. He's easily distracted. But don't judge him harshly on that subject, the two of us… have seen a lot of dark things down the ages. People romanticize viking raiders, but they were burning down towns and taking wealth and women for slaves. Hell, up until recently it was perfectly legal in most European for men to beat their wives. Women were -property-." She says the last word in a growl then forces herself to relax. "So much bullshit… thankfully things are improving on Midgard."

"Like I said," Darcy says, nodding to Sigyn's recounting of history. Political Science Major, after all. History is one of those THINGS.

"Sweet, but I dont need to lie about my bruises. I'm not ashamed of them, and I'm sure as hell not about to let anyone beat on me without my express permission."

Sigyn chuckles, "As long as it is consensual, it's fine." She looks over at Darcy with a grin, "We've been married over a thousand years. I can't say we've tried -everything-, but if one of us thinks it's interesting, the other is willing to try once. Twice if it's fun. Three times, you know, just to make sure… And our marriage vows said -nothing- about monogamy."

"Really, now?" Darcy asks, sounding rather intrigued by that very notion. Yes, Darcy has a boyfriend.

"I'm a Yes-Sexual myself," she adds, as if that's a thing. Maybe, in Darcy's world, it is.

Sigyn hmms, "I'm sure there's words for it now, they've got labels for everything. But handsome, beautiful… I can appreciate the looks like I appreciate a sunrise, it's not until I get to really know someone that I get attracted. Loki, however, is easily distracted by pretty or handsome, he sees, he wants. I wouldn't even try to count how many lovers he's taken… we just try not to bring someone home without warning the other."

Sigyn laughs, "For some reason, it makes most people nervous to stumble out of the bedroom in the morning and finding the spouse cheerfully asking how they take their coffee." She smiles sadly, "I… try not to fall in love with Midgardians. No offense, but… your lives are so much shorter, and losing someone -hurts-. I don't… move on the way Loki does."

"None taken," Darcy says, at ease with this notion of talking to a goddess as much as she's at ease with the fact that she is a squishy mortal and will die some day.

"Most people are prunes who'd be scantilized to know that anal plugs are a must if you're going for the full open casket burial.

Sigyn chuckles. "I see why Loki likes you. He appreciates blunt talk, especially when it will shock, scandalize, or piss people off. I'm the… more diplomatic half of the relationship. I can smile, murmur reassuring meaningless platitudes, and sound like I actually -mean- them. Loki could, he has the knowledge and the skills, but not the… temperament." She smiles softly, "Things really worked out better than he planned when he tricked me into marrying him."

Darcy uses the final red light to glance over at Sigyn, taking a moment to study that soft smile.

"It couldnt have worked out any other way, I think. He might be an ass, but he's an ass with a heart. He acts tough, but he's a sweety and he cares so much more than I think he wants anyone to realize. And you've got a rebelious streak he lets free. In my opinion, anyway," Darcy says, turning away as the light goes green.

Sigyn chuckles, "He'd accuse you of slander, but yes, he has a heart. He wouldn't get so angry or so depressed if he didn't care, and both of those are -very- dangerous moods for Loki. And… I was the only girl after a whole slew of older brothers. I didn't grow up at the palace, but in a fortress on Asgard's borders with my mother trying desperately to turn me into a proper lady and good marriage prospect. I probably would have been bored to tears and turned into a hovering mess like she was had my marriage had gone off as arranged. Loki makes me happy, he… encourages me to be myself, whatever that turns out to be."

"That's something worth drinking to," Darcy states, smiling again and pulling into the parking lot of hte Best Buy in Midtown. Time to computer shop. And see if there are any other fancy electronic things Sigyn might want. Admittedly, the idea of Loki playing Fortnite online against a bunch of trolls, and listening as he demolishes them has its appeal.

Sigyn is mainly looking for a laptop. Mainly. Loki doesn't even have a television set in their home, and she's not going to vex him by bringing one home. Yet. Of course there are accessories. A DVD drive for the laptop. Digital camera. Speakers. Printer. External storage/backup. She's pretty, well dressed, and willing to spend money not flinching at prices. That's like catnip to salespeople, but Sigyn double-checks possible purchases by Darcy. Anything small like cables or usb drives she buys at least two extra of. "I usually keep the luck in our favor at home… but all it takes is my being gone a day or two, and I swear that every pen will roll behind a counter, and small but vital items vanish to turn up wedged in the back of a drawer a week later."

Where Sigyn is the catnip, Darcy is the spray bottle. She's quick with her phone to get informatino on top of the line, as well as competitor's deals and making sure she's up on what exactly is needed for what Sigyn is wanting. Of course, she doesn't flinch at the prices, as long as the product is worth the cost. With it all being rung up, all that's left for Darcy is to sit back and chat. The notion that Sigyn is the Good Luck Charm of the pair makes Darcy giggle.

"That? Fucking adorable. I'm getting him a black cat lapel pin for Christmas now."

Sigyn laughs, "Loki's luck is.. chaotic. It helps in the worst way possible, or balances itself out in weird ways. So if you were short on money, and Loki gave you a bit of his luck… you might get hit by a car driven by someone rich and your arm get broken… but they write you a check for a half million dollars to say nothing about it. So money problems solved, but you still have a broken arm. Around the house without me, he can usually keep the big things going well, but the little annoyances pile up to balance them out."

And this, Darcy's dealt with already. She hadn't a name for it, a way to describe it, but little annoyances was a great way to describe the random bullshit that she's been handling.

"I'll make sure to keep you on speed-dial then, just to be safe," is quipped.

Sigyn laughs, "Please do. I've spent a -lot- of time untangling his luck and smoothing things out. I pretty much cast a spell to keep the house running smoothly first thing when I wake up every morning." She smiles, "Loki encouraged my interest in sorcery from the beginning. I don't just cast spells, I … analyze them, rewrite them to be better." She mutters under her breath, using Allspeak to work out the terms. "I'd be considered a magical nerd, I think would be the term." She looks curiously at Darcy to see if she got it right.

Right enough that Darcy giggles brightly.

"Oh, fuck. Imma hook you up with a D&D group, I swear to Jesus," she quips, leading the way back to the car so the customer service people can load up their haul in the back.

Sigyn looks curious, "D&D?"

"Role playing game. Buncha nerds pretending to be wizards trying to beat dragons and save the princess… unless you're in a group like my friend's, the Dum Dum Master? Those weirdos are all over the place. It's fun to listen in some times," Darcy quips, thanking the store employee and moving to get back in the car.

"Did you want to shop for anything else?"

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