2020-02-07 - Commiseration and Muffins - A Talk in the Air


A meeting of champions in the air, no splody or anything!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Feb 7 02:41:02 2020
Location: Above Long Island

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Sometimes a girl just needs to get some air. She's been hitting the books a lot lately, Darkstar has, and training. And then there was that whole kerfuffle in Mutant Town with the Razors…truly, she's due for some decompression. So? Up into the sky, a portal from inside her apartment, and then she engages flight after free falling a few thousand feet and enjoying the brisk air and the view on the way down. That dome over a lot of Staten Island, that's not so great, but even that is sort of pretty from this altitude. A corona of Darkforce surrounding her like a halo - the Darkstar can' thelp but twist and turn in aerial dance, just for the sheer joy of it.

She's actually pretty good at it too!

Carol was flying on a regular patrol with the Avengers, when she noticed the unusual dark corona soaring through the air. With that, she launches up towards Darkstar, flaring brightly as she picks up speed and altitude. She doesn't get too close, hanging back a little as she doesn't want to startle whoever this is.

Though, she does offer a friendly grin and a wave as she gets closer, not saying anything just yet since… well, talking and going at high speeds aren't exactly compatible.

A little surprised to have someone join her, Laynia returns that friendly greeting, and shifts course after executing a perfect Immelmann turn. "Good evening, Captain." After all, Laynia is SHIELD and Carol is both SHIELD and an Avenger AND famous. Laynia's voice is a bit deep for a woman, a sort of husky-quality to it.

Hovering, she offers the other heroine a hand. "Laynia Servievna Petrovna, Tyomneya Svezda — the Darkstar, is good to finally meet you."

Carol grins and takes the offered hand, "Yeah, kinda figured it was you, Tyomneya Svezda." She nods, "And likewise, I've heard a bit about you, but just haven't had a chance to meet you yet. Everything does tend to keep me pretty busy these days." A bit of a wry chuckle with that… though, well, her Russian still sounds pretty good, considering she didn't mangle the pronounciation. Yet, anyway.

A soft laugh. "Da, I am not knowing of many flying women of darkness in the city." Laynia's handshake is solid, though not a challenge. "You have a good accent, Carol Danvers." Laynia's is actually rather patrician, definitely Muscovite. "So…were you busy, or just 'goofing' as I was?" She is REALLY hoping not to have to deal with a crisis - that said - she's a heroine, so, yeah, if there IS an emergency, she's there.

Captain Marvel chuckles at that, "Why thank you, I worked hard on it back in the day. But no, no crisis, was just on patrol when I saw you up here, so I thought I'd come see what was going on." She grins, "Nothing wrong with a bit of goofing off, I do it often enough as it is… of course, when you have the co-workers I do, sometimes you need to." She chuckles, meaning it in a good-natured way.

"I was going, what is expression — ah — 'bug nuts', is correct vernacular, da?" Laynia grins brightly and then makes a show of wiping (non-existent) sweat from her brow at the reveal there's no emergency needing their immediate attention. "Ah, goofing OFF, da. Sometimes one NEEDS some goofing off." A laugh. "And I share many of those co-workers, you know." So yes, she does indeed understand.

Carol snickers, "Well, after Thor wrecked the wall of my room in the mansion because he got overexcited with his hammer…" She makes a face, then shrugs, "Gave me an excuse to move in with my girlfriend, so I can't complain too much, but still." Yeah, sometimes a grudge is held, or at least remembered, as she doesn't seem more than just amused at the whole thing.

A wry smirk. "I do not need image of Thor hammering through your wall in excitement, nu tongzhi." She can't help but laugh a bit at that, cinnamon eyes bright with mirth. "Excuse was needful?" A shake of her head. "And you can complain all you wish, I even promise I will listen." Laynia says crossing her heart. "I have not had much time to play, I admit. Too busy getting my training updated, getting in touch with forty years of history and technological change. Is a great deal, but not a deal I would call great, da?"

Carol nods, "Yeah, definitely was very needful. I like the Avengers, which is why I stay with the team, but… sometimes a bit of distance is good." She grins, "Even if that means I don't get access to Jarvis' muffins for breakfast." Which actually is a reminder, swing by and pick up a couple on the way home…

"There must always be boundaries, separation between work and home, lines get too blurred." Yup, Laynia seems to get that concept pretty well too. "I have not partaken of such fare, in fact have not been to Avengers mansion or met rest of team besides the Widow, Captain Rogers and now yourself." The Darkstar is not hinting, just making an observation.

Carol hmms, "Well, if you ever want a tour… I mean, your SHIELD certs are up to date, so that shouldn't be a problem." She smiles a bit, "Personally, I love showing off the place. Even if I'm not living there. Jarvis does make the best muffins."

Warm laughter. "I would feel like tourist!" And then she laughs harder. "In fact, should dress in jeans and Hawaiian shirt, and carry big camera and wear straw hat, yes?" She can't help but twirl in the air, hands to her mouth at the /ridiculous/ image. "I can practice southern drawl, or perhaps /thicken/ Russian accent…"

With that, Carol laughs, "Actually, I should teach you how to speak with a Bawhstan accent, and then I can speak in Russian accent, yes?" She grins, "Really through everyone for a loop that way."

"Oh, that would be be most fine." Laynia says with a grin. "Boston, da? I have /heard/ the accent, but never practiced or studied it. Might come in useful." Laynia then smiles and strips away /all/ accent, leaving her with the sort of American accent one most often hears on the BBC. "I do enjoy learning new accents, or none at all."

Carol nods, "Well, it's not too hard, I mean, that's where I'm from, so." She grins, "As the saying goes, I'm from Boston, I only work in outer space. But anytime you want a tour, you can just let me know, it wouldn't be a problem at all."

"Then I will teach you proper Muscovite and Minsk, you teach me Boston and California? Do you know California?" Laynia nods about the tour, expression amused. "It sounds like you wish for these muffins you speak of, am I right?" And then she 'ohs' to herself, and takes out her cel. "We should 'exchange digits', in case of emergency, or worse, boredom."

Carol grins, "Definitely, and yeah, I can teach you all sorts of accents. Benefits of being an agent for as long as I was before getting Weird Cosmic Powers, you know?" She chuckles, and pulls out her cellphone, tapping it to Laynia's to download the information quick and easy. "And hey, if you had those muffins you know why I have a craving for them!"

Having exchanged contact information, the two Heroines end up parting ways prior to that tour, things just crop up! Happens, especially to super heroines and heroes alike.

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